Scary! Wendy Williams Faints While Filming Live Halloween Episode

Things got downright scary for talk show host and reality TV star Wendy Williams on Halloween morning when she unexpectedly fainted while filming her live show!

Wendy, who has appeared on reality TV shows like Dancing with the Stars and The Wendy Williams Experience, was dressed as the Statue of Liberty while filming the Halloween-themed episode of her talk show The Wendy Williams Show. She was introducing the day’s costume contest when things took a bad turn.

Wendy’s voice changed noticably during the segment, eventually even cracking. Her eyes then got big and she started to become unsteady on her feet. A few audience members can be heard laughing in the background, most likely because they thought Wendy was doing some sort of skit.

However, no one in the crowd was laughing when Wendy hit the floor and members of the production team rushed to the stage to assist her.

According to The Blast, Wendy returned to the stage later to let viewers know that her fainting was not part of the act. She blamed it on her becoming overheated in her costume. A source for Wendy told the site that she is “fine.”

Wendy has not yet mentioned the incident on her social media accounts.

Watch the terrifying moment below:

(Photo: FOX)


  1. Probably all of the plastic poisoning her fake ass body. And she is still dumb as all get out. I simply do not understand why people watch this idiot.

      1. Thanks Captain Obvious. It is a comment section. Feel free to counter with something intelligent Wendy Williams has done.

      2. Actually looking at the other comments on here, you seem to be in the minority and others share my opinion.

  2. Shit she jacked that scene from Fred Sanford! “I’m coming Elizabeth!” Ha ha. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google it.

  3. Sorry but that was the most fake assed fainting EVER!!! She overheated in her costume??!! There wasn’t much to that costume at all! She wears more on a regular day of work than she did with that costume! Such a dramatic actress. Completely for sympathy. Whatever.

  4. I think it’s her way of saying America is falling. Oh, that political programming we are being subject to! They just never stop hypnotizing us with their political opinions.

  5. I really like Wendy! She calls it as she sees it. I think she became over heated in that costume and makeup. Plus she was very dehydrated. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

    1. Definitely not a fan but definitely don’t think that was a fake faint… She looked terrified. Wishing her a speedy recovery… I think that’s a little bit more than a faint. We may or may not hear something serious soon

    1. agree it looked like a tia stroke. Her slurrying her words unable to say the correct word. She wasn’t sweaty that isn’t a heavy costume compared to what other things she has worn. My husband had one recently to me it looks like that not overheating

  6. I wonder if it’s for sympathy. After she said the girl that accused Nelly of rape should have known better, she got a lot of crap. Just like nene leakes saying she hoped an Uber driver raped a girl in the audience, she ended up saying she was going through extreme anxiety and having anxiety attacks. Just saying. Ovnviously I hope it’s nothing serious, but people do crazy things sometimes.

    1. If it’s from a fiery from attackers that’s horrible. I mean on this site we trash talk the teen moms for their bad behavior but that is in line and not directly plus we say what they should do. We say what is for the bettering of their lives and for their children’s lives.

      What Wendy said about that girl is her opinion she is not doing anything to them not for a she have anything to do with them. It’s just her thoughts. But then for people to harass her is not polite. I agree that that girl should have left and she knew what she was getting into. What he did was horrible and disgusting. But that doesn’t mean she was not okay with it. She only wasn’t ok with it until she wanted attention. Believe it or not people do those sort of things as a married couple but they approve of it. She might have been on board because of what she was getting in return. If she wanted out and he wouldn’t let her than that is totally wrong.

      The horrible thing with the cases that have been put is that there is almost no proof. Hopefully any of these guys and girls can get out of it but they can’t cry about it just when they don’t want it anymore. That industry has proven to have horrible situations. Thing before you just give your pride away.

      Bottom line people shouldn’t be attacked in anyway for speaking their mind as long as it is not hurting anyone further.

      1. I don’t know what fiery was supposed to be. Maybe words…either way I didn’t mean to say fiery in my first sentence lol maybe it was a stroke. Or just my phone

        1. If you look on crazy days and nights website blind item #5 or 6 it says something interesting. Also I think it’s weird that Wendy didn’t take off the ‘super hot’ costume after her incident.

  7. Other articles state it might me a stroke or a seizure and they are just saying she fainted just to keep it private

  8. I’ve never watched her show, but, I can understand why people thought it was part of a Halloween act.
    It’s probably just a one time thing. It happened to me once. I was teaching an ESL class and the students didn’t know what to do. Luckily, a student who was studying nursing happened to walk by my classroom and called 911.
    I woke up in the hospital 4 hours later. It was quite scary.

    Hope she’s feeling better.

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