Amber Portwood Reveals More Details of Second Pregnancy: Plus– Find Out What Her Brother & ‘Teen Mom’ Co-Stars Had to Say

“Did someone say they had an extra Nacho Bell Grande?!”

Amber Portwood and her newest baby-daddy, Andrew Glennon are telling Us Weekly all about their unexpected pregnancy, while Amber’s family and Teen Mom costars are still reacting to the big baby news.

Last week, Amber confirmed that she and Andrew are expecting a baby, and in her new interview with the magazine, Amber revealed that she is currently two months along in her pregnancy. She’s suffered a lot of morning sickness (so much so that she’s had to miss out on two major ‘Teen Mom’ events—the filming of ‘Teen Mom’ specials in October and Debra Danielsen’s wedding this past weekend.)

While Amber may be sick, she’s not too ill to feast on cheap fast food and other strange food combos. She told Us Weekly that she has been snarfing Taco Bell (which 16 and Pregnant fans will remember she ate while in labor with her first child, Leah). She’s also been making cheese, peanut butter and pickle cracker sandwiches (as you do.)

“But when I first found out I was pregnant, I really had a craving for that. My brother made it up when we were young. It’s probably the weirdest craving I’ve had. That and chocolate milk.”

Speaking of Amber’s brother, Shawn “Bubby” Portwood, he recently revealed how he felt about his younger sister getting knocked up by a man she’s only known for a few months.

“I want to say congrats. You know I love you and am excited for you,” he tweeted after the pregnancy news broke. “But one issue though… I still haven’t met your bf.”

Some of Amber’s ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars actually have met Andrew, when she brought him as her date to the MTV VMAs this summer. Many of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise stars took to social media to express their excitement for the couple.

The Baltierras were among the first to congratulate Amber.

“Congratulations babe I love you and can’t wait to see you a Friendsgiving,” Catelynn wrote on Twitter, while Tyler tweeted, “CONGRATS AMB! We are so happy for you & can’t wait to meet that little baby!”

(We have a feeling Amber and Andrew can expect a package of Tierra Reign clothing in the near future… whether they want it or not.)

“Congratulations to you babe!!! Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry tweeted.

Other ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars who sent their warm wishes included Leah Messer and Briana DeJesus.

“Congrats, hope it’s a boy! Lol,” Briana tweeted to Amber.

Debra Danielsen told The Ashley that she was thrilled for Amber and had no hard feelings that the morning sickness prevented Amber from attending her wedding. However, Debra’s daughter, Farrah Abraham, brought some major shade with her congratulatory message.

“I wish her all the best with her unplanned pregnancy and all of her bulls**t,” Farrah told In Touch Weekly at the wedding.

While Amber and Andrew have yet to announce the baby’s gender, Andrew recently told someone on his Instagram that they “will know soon.”

Amber and Andrew met while Amber and her ex-fiancé/father of the year Matt Baier were filming Marriage Boot Camp. Andrew, who worked on the reality show, reached out to Amber after production wrapped. (Click here to see what Matt had to say about Amber’s unexpected pregnancy.)

This will be Andrew’s first child, and Amber’s second.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. I really do like Amber Portwood. I empathize with her medical situation to the fullest. Even though I am considered “neuro typical” (meaning no known medical imbalance, my receptors fire in the brain typically), I do suffer with extreme “circumstantial anxiety” (meaning, dealing a life time with people very close to me with serious depressive disorders, such as manic depression, bi-polar, and other hard to deal with depressive disorders which 2 out of 3 of my kids inherited. The doctor explains it is as they are a light switch, when the switch goes up quickly and comes down quickly, no in between. However, because I don’t have that going on, I am like the dimmer switch. It takes a bit of effort to get me up and it takes a while to get me down. So when they are going up and down before I can fully get to where they are cuz our emotional timing is not the same, it messes me up and creates extreme panic attacks, etc….since I have been dealing with this for a very long time.) So I get her. And I do see her points and see why she flips so quickly and when the mood has passed, gets frustrated when others around her have not gotten to that happy place yet, which causes her to spin off again cuz then she feels attacked, etc….a vicious unhealthy spiral. However, I think there is way more to this pregnancy. I can see how she would be terrified to have Matt as the father cuz he abandons all his responsibilities and uses Amber for whatever he can get out of her and enjoys hurting her. You can see it in his eyes, he gets off on setting her off and uses her financially. So if he could knock her up, he would have never ending access to her money and he would take the kid using her illness to do so. But when she claimed she “met” Andrew, she was filming Marriage boot camp. While she was there, they showed clips of her and Matt having an intimate moment and days later she was puking and having obvious signs of a woman who just got pregnant. The symptoms weren’t in your face obvious, but it is obvious to any woman who has been pregnant multiple times such as myself. Then she and Andrew (who she “met” there) get together, without even that moment of shock, knew to take a pregnancy test and then they had their happy moment on the OG. Hmmmm…..I am terrified that if there is a chance this is Matt’s, its going to blow up in her face if she is not honest with him. But at the same time, he may know and doesn’t care and sweetly is stepping up and saying for sure its his so that Matt cannot have access to her life, her mental and financial stability. If so, that is a GREAT man, and the best thing for her. You can even see in Andrews face when asked about the baby, he is very uncomfortable and wants to get away so he doesn’t say anything to screw it up. Either way, I just pray that she and the baby can stay healthy throughout all of this.

  2. I’m seriously not an Amber hater (sometimes I’ve even liked her), but that said, this whole situation is going to turn into a hot fucking mess quickly. It’s already too much, too fast, too soon with a guy of questionable repute. Why do they always have to drag innocent human beings into their train wreck lives???

  3. This was not planned, she got off meds and he has 2 restrainingordrs against him. ? Welcome baby! If you’re a girl you will probably named Marilyn.

  4. I think it is funny as heck that Amber met her baby daddy while on Marriage Boot Camp with Matt. That will make for great stories to share with the kid someday.

  5. Let’s be real here. Farrah’s just salty because she knows she can’t get anyone to leave a baby in her used up fun-hole. That’d require dealing with Farrah for at least 18 years, and nobody on this earth is willing to commit to that.

    1. No. Amber just got knocked up and without her prescriped meds she will back to being 16. Hate to say it but team Farrah this time.

  6. Wait a sec, is Amber on the next Marriage Booth Camp season (which will air sometime next year I believe) with her ex while she is currently pregnant with a guy she met while filming the show that tried to fix her previous relationship?! Maybe she even gives birth before they start showing it, it’s just as ridiculous as current season with Kail and Javi while they are already divorced and moved on. (Weren’t people speculating she was actually with Chris’ child already at that time?!)

    1. Kail’s 100% pregnant on this season of MBC. Every scene, she is covering her belly and drinking water when everyone else is drinking liquor.

  7. Do we know that it was an unexpected pregnancy? It seems pretty safe to assume based on everyone’s history on the show, but I remember one of your other articles saying that she had weaned herself off her meds months ago, claiming that her bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder were more like situational depression, with the inference being that she was crazy because of her relationship with Matt.

    Could it be that once she got with Andrew, she got off her meds so she could try to get prenant with him? If so, whose idea do we think it was: hers or his? I vote for his idea as Amber seems to always take the road of least resistance, not ever actively trying to change the status quo, whatever it is.

    Also, I hate Briana’s comment. “I hope it’s a boy!” Comments like that are misogynistic and outdated. Not everyone wants or needs to have one of each, or to have a son. A boy is not more preferable to a baby girl, even if you already have 10 daughters. What a thing to say to someone you hardly know and who hasn’t expressed a wish either way for the gender of the baby. Briana seems like such a backwards person with backwards ideas about the world. I don’t understand how one can be so 1950s misogynistic in ones ideas about boys being preferable to girls and yet also so okay with making unplanned babies out of wedlock with any man one meets at the club.

    1. THANK YOU. “I hope it’s a boy!” – why??? She BARELY knows Amber so what a weird thing to say. But I hope people stop saying that about their own children as well. What if your son turns out to be trans? What if your daughter is a tom boy and doesn’t want to be feminine? Gender should have very little to do with your excitement or attachment to a child.

      1. With Leah saying that I have no doubt she will be pregnant again when she finds a new man. And hope for a boy.

        I don’t understand it too.

    2. Thank you Amy and Regina, I couldn’t agree more! In a world with plenty of women who cannot conceive, or cannot give birth to healthy babies, it is absolutely ridiculous that people take for granted that they can and start nagging about a preferred sex of the baby! Also, gender and sex don’t have anything to do with each other, as Regina has mentioned. Just be thankful when you get healthy babies, people!

      (Also, my mom was shocked when I came out a girl and not a boy. She even told me she felt like I wasn’t hers, that a mistake has been made. At a home birth. Yes… She thought my brother would have been a girl and was shocked again. However, I’m quite a tomboyish woman now and my brother is a quite feminine man. So again, sex and gender are two different things).

      1. I agree with most of what you are saying, but it is a bit problematic to say “justbe happy when you have a healthy baby”, Disabled children are just as precious as healthy children. I know that you didn’t mean any harm, but it is hurtful to hear if you are not able bodied.

          1. Ableism like this is just kind of accepted as fact. I don’t think that people intend to be hurtful so I think it is important to correct it. If you replaced “healthy” with “pretty”, “white”, “intelligent”, or “male” then it would be called out. I was downvoted so apparently people think I am being too sensitive. But I thought it was particularly bad to say “I don’t care what it is as long as I get a healthy kid” when they complained because she said “I hope it’s a boy”. If it is sexist to imply that male children are better then why is it okay to say that you only want healthy kids? It’s the world that is ugly, not us.

      2. Couldn’t agree more. I’ve been one
        Of those women who prayed for another child and no more miscarriages. I didn’t care then and wouldn’t now, the sex of the baby. Give me a healthy and happy baby and I’m 100% grateful. Also, same with my mom. Born before ultrasounds, doc told her I was a boy because I had a low heart rate and was “lazy” in the womb. Everyone was surprised when I came out a girl!

      1. I did, actually! Her new store “Fun Cooking With Farrah” has released a couple of bbq herbmixes, one is called “Backdoor munchies”, the other’s called “Salty delusion”. They are YUM. But that’s not surprised, coming from one of the top celebrities in the country!

        Coming to a shoppingmall near you, soon!

  8. Hmmm. Ah well. It was pretty fast…

    Chelsea is only one who went about it the right way, Even Maci got a little cray with Taylor in Vegas. But Chelsea and Cole are stable, neither are alcoholics. And they bring out the best in each other. Maci and Taylor seem cool and I get drinking casually but seriously they drink ALOT even though they aren’t getting drunk. It sets a bad example and having a drugged out dad like Ryan…

    1. Would Amber become “right” like Chelsea if her and Andrew went and got married while she’s pregnant? Because that’s what Chelsea did. How is that the “right way”?

      1. Chelsea had been with Cole a year or two and they were engaged and I think had a date already set when she got pregnant.

        1. Also, wasn’t Watson planned? I don’t see anything wrong with someone choosing to have a baby if they know their relationship is stable regardless of marital status.

    1. But they’ll know pretty soon. There are blood tests a lot of people take now which includes gender information, I found out at 10 weeks.

      1. Did you watch the Being Simon special? She seemed ALMOST normal.
        Lately I’ve come to feel bad for Farrah rather than hate on her – she clearly wants to be a good person and wants to be positive but she is so broken and just has no idea how to do it. So she lashes out and sells her body and makes absolutely no sense. I mean… you can see where she gets it. Deb is straight up fucked, and she passed it on to Farrah who will now pass it on to Sophia. Really sad but I feel like there’s a normal person inside her if she could just go through enough therapy to get there.

        1. I agree that she seemed a hell of a lot less demonic on Being Simon. She interacted like an actual human during the dinner party at Simon’s friend’s house. Sometimes I wonder if she mostly has that “anti-Christ attitude” when she’s around her parents. Ugh, a dad that escorts you to sign your Vivid contract, and rapping DebzOG, the deranged HAG! It doesn’t excuse her behavior, but it explains a lot. MTV had a hand in that shit as well.

  9. I wish her all the best with her unplanned pregnancy and all of her bulls**t
    LOL that literally made me choke on the cupcake I was eating.

    1. Ignorant and jealous?! Usually two words that describe Farrah pretty accurately, but in this case she seems to have nailed it!

  10. A bigger question is how is the baby developing and how is her mental heath considering she was supposed to be on heavy medication for her bi polar.

  11. I feel that Amber really does want to get better, but she is an absolute expert at sabotaging herself and her co-dependency is at the root of it all. This is not an “unplanned” pregnancy; I think she knows how to go about preventing this, it is clearly a feeble attempt at guaranteeing someone will have to love her (ie. new baby and Andrew) because she doesn’t have custody of Leah. This is so very sad and I don’t see it ending well at all.

  12. Does anyone remember Farrah ever actually saying something nice about any of her cast mates, ever?? She’s so bitter and full of hate all the time and her comments say everything about her and nothing about the person they’re aimed at.

    1. Farrah is mentally ill. Even if she was on good terms with Amber, I’m sure she still would’ve taken a shot at her. Farrah is so insecure and unhappy that she feels like she has to bring others down to her level.

    1. I mean she’s the only teen mom OG girl who hasn’t had a second illegitimate baby with a random flavor of the month so you gotta give her at least some credit there. The bar has been set very low for these girls lol

      1. this is a second “illegitimate baby” with a “random flavor of the month” She knew him what a week when she got preggo. I feel sorry for that baby already. At least Leah has Gary who turned out be a great father. This Andrew creature has a horrible record of violence, stalking, DUI, bankruptcy, etc. So these two will be together until one passes away???? No way, Amber should not procreate period end of story!

          1. Illegitimate is a legal term for babies born out of wedlock. It is an antiquated and stupid and morally-loaded word, but like “bastard,” it has a definition that is true and applicable in some cases. I think we need new words to express a baby born to unwed parents and a baby who does not have it’s father in it’s life. These words have become too loaded and negative, even when one is using them just to convey information about marital status or the presence of a father, and not as a way to pass judgement or connote immorality.

          2. Yet marriage often means two people have thought things through to be committed to one another and to a life they are bringing into the world. It’s irresponsible to get knocked up when she barely knows this guy. If a couple (or even a single person) chooses to get pregnant when they are in an emotional and financial place to do so and don’t wish to get legally married, that’s absolutely fine.

          3. I cringe when I hear people talk about children born without their parents being married. However, I grew up in a quite new wavy environment where people don’t necessarily get pregnant but stay together forever (at least, up until this point). Or they get married purely for legal matters, but no wedding and they keep their own last names. I do feel marriage is unnecessary to raise children, but there’s no word to describe people who go from meeting someone to getting pregnant with them within a year (or in the case of Teen Mom: 6 months). I just feel it’s unfair to people who have been together but unmarried, who have raised children and after 30+ years are still happily together.

        1. Also forgot to mention: some people do whirlwind relationships and get married within a couple of months of knowing the other. When they get children, they are legitimate, even though many people who marry so quickly divorce even quicker. I feel we should look more at how long people have been together before they live together, get pets together, buy a house, have a child etc. rather than if they have signed a document.

          Just a reminder, a person like Jenelle could be pregnant now and have a legitimate child. JENELLE. LEGITIMATE. No, those words don’t mix well in my mind…

      2. Caitlyn is still with Tyler but I totally understand what you are saying. I think she used this as a way to get over and away from Matt.
        She just had all of that surgery done and now get pregnant?
        And as far as Farrah not having another unplanned pregnancy no she hasn’t but she is no moral compass to strive for

      3. You can’t get pregnant when you take all your business in the back door…and can’t find anyone willing to come in the front.

        As for the “illegitimate” commentary…are you stuck living in the 50s or something? Seriously…born out of wedlock, or within…a baby is as legitimate a human as anyone else. It would do the world a hell of a lot of good to remember that, regardless of their “feelings” or “opinions” about the parent(s).

      4. She hasn’t had a second with a random flavor of the month because no one can stand being around her long enough to have sex without a condom. Trust me — if they could, she would’ve been pregnant already. Don’t you remember that every guy she dated, she brought up marriage and kids within 10 minutes of meeting them?

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