Josh Duggar Wins in Court: Judge Dismisses Stolen Photo Lawsuit

“Soooo….can I be on the show now? How about…now?”

Score one in the win column for former 19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar!

The disgraced TLC star and father of five saw the lawsuit filed against him by a DJ whose photo Josh used to create online dating profiles, thrown out last week by a Los Angeles judge.

Earlier this year, LA-based DJ and photographer Matt McCarthy sued Josh for defamation, stating that Josh using his photo to create dating site profiles to cheat on his wife, cost him jobs and other opportunities and caused him “prolonged pain and embarrassment.”

(He also claims that when the news broke people began referring to him as “DJ Duggar” and “Duggar’s boy toy.”) Matt first filed his legal papers in Los Angeles in 2016.

It’s been rumored that Josh found Matt’s photo via a Google search for “random guy.”

“Initially, I just kind of thought it was funny,” Matt told Gawker in 2015. “But then I started reading. Now that I’ve found out that this guy’s a child molester, and he’s been unfaithful and all those other things-it’s awful! Especially since he’s supposed to be this stand-up religious guy… [I’m] basically the exact opposite of him and now, this maniac is using my pictures online to try to get laid. It’s just crazy-it’s surreal.”

Matt cited Josh’s 2013 and 2015 trips to California as his reasons for filing the case in California. However, Josh demanded the case be tossed out since he wasn’t actually in California when he created the profiles. (He was living in Washington DC at the time.)

Judge Teresa A. Beaudet agreed with Josh. She ruled that Matt he would need to file the suit in the correct state, and dismissed the case.

Josh’s philandering ways (and the discovery of his molestation of four of his sisters and another young girl while Josh was in his teens) have led to quite the legal headache for the eldest Duggar son.

As The Ashley previously reported, Josh lost a case in October surrounding a 2015 story in In Touch Weekly that broke the news of the molestation. Josh sued the publisher of the story, as well as members of the Springdale, Arkansas, police department and the city itself, among others. (His victim sisters- Jill Dillard, Joy Duggar, Jessa Seewald, and Jinger Vuolo also sued the magazine’s publishing company, the city and others, stating that the authorities should have redacted identifying details from the documents before releasing them to the magazine.)

Josh tried to join his sisters’ lawsuit, but was denied, so he went solo, filing his own court papers. In his solo lawsuit, Josh stated that his “right to due process was violated” and his privacy was invaded. He sued for $75,000 in damages, lawyer’s fees and a jury trial.

Josh didn’t have any luck with this case, however. The judge stated that the article was protected under the First Amendment and the Freedom of Information Act, and ruled against Josh and the Duggar sisters.

As for Matthew, he’s currently spinning tunes in gay bars around West Hollywood under the DJ name “MVRK.” It is not known if Matthew will re-file the case in another state.

(Photo: TLC)



  1. This guy is a scum. I mean, who does all that, even tho, APPARENTLY he didn’t sleep with anyone (he just wanted to cheat on his wife REALLY bad but no one took the bait I heard) but he’s still a douche and fondling your sisters is his biggest crime anyway. So SCREW YOU JOSH DUGGAR!

    Also, that Duggar curriculum taught him well, who literally Googles for a “random guy” lmfao. I feel bad for Matt, he always will be associated with this asshole. Don’t worry tho dude, you look miles better than this blob anyway.

  2. This guy’s lawyer should have known that jurisdiction in CA was tenuous, at best. Maybe they thought they would get a more favorable outcome there? Anyways, hope he re-files in DC because he has a legit bone to pick. A known child molester and public figure used his face to cheat on his wife. I wish Matt the best of luck and hope he gets a better lawyer.

    1. Cause daddy and mommy did not want people to know their family is not what it seems to be and had the means and the power to make everything go away.

      1. He wasn’t a minor anymore when they told the police tho. Just became 18 years old so that’s why his name wasn’t redacted from the report.

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