Dr. Miami Talks ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Briana DeJesus’ Next Plastic Surgeries & Kail Lowry Offers Her Thoughts

“Who’s ready for more plastic surgery? THIS GIRL!”

Snapchatting plastic surgeon Dr. Miami has announced that he will be carving on Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus once again!

The WEtv reality star told Radar Online that he will be giving Briana yet another brand-new butt, belly and boobs! Briana checked in with the good doc earlier this week and has confirmed that she’s excited to get another new body in February.

“She wants to correct some of the baby damage that was caused by her latest pregnancy,” Dr. Miami told Radar. “Her butt got too big during her last pregnancy so we are going to narrow out her booty and shape this time around.”

And that’s not all: Dr. Miami also confirmed he’s giving 23-year-old Briana some Botox as well as another tummy tuck and a breast lift.

As The Ashley previously reported, Briana, her sister Brittany and Briana’s now co-star (and feud partner) Kail Lowry all went under Dr. Miami’s knife in January 2016. They allowed the doc to broadcast the procedures on Snapchat in exchange for having their surgeries comped.

While Briana seems to be on-board to be snapped while being tucked and sucked for a second time, her former surgery partner, Kail, is not.

Kail confirmed to The Ashley that, while she doesn’t regret getting plastic surgery, she does regret putting herself on display while getting surgery last time.

“I had such a great experience with Dr. Miami and he did a great job, but if I choose to have any more procedures done in the future, I probably wouldn’t have them filmed,” Kail told The Ashley in an email. “I am more conscious now of how everything I do has an effect on my kids, so I would probably choose to keep that kind of thing private going forward.

“It was hard being so exposed the first time and if the time comes when my kids are asking about it, I’ll talk to them about it,” she added.

Briana, though, seems thrilled for her second trip to Dr. Miami’s Snapchatted operating room. In May, she revealed that she had Dr. Miami on speed dial to help her fix her body after delivering her second daughter, Stella. (It appears that Briana is going to leave her baby chute alone this time around, though.)

Briana’s surgeries are comped, (although The Ashley has heard that the girls who go under Dr. Miami’s knife do have to pay their own anesthesia costs).

For those of you trying to follow along at home, that means that by next year, 23-year-old Briana will have undergone three breast surgeries, a labioplasty, liposuction, a Brazilian Butt Lift and a tummy tuck. She is about to give her fellow ‘Teen Mom’ co-star (and plastic surgery enthusiast) Farrah Abraham a run for her (MTV) money for most plastic ‘Teen Mom!’

Here’s a photo of Briana during her latest visit to Dr. Miami’s office!

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  1. Oh Kail, I dunno if you should give someone plastic surgery advice.
    *cough cottage cheese cough*
    This triangle is proving to be quite fruitful for ridiculousness though.

  2. Instead of posing with Dr. Miami, can’t wait until she poses with the real estate agent who’ll be putting her in a decent home for her and her two daughters.

    Beyond boob shifting and butt slicing, getting out of that overcrowded, man-hating apartment she shares with her angry mom and sister “should” be PRIORITY # 1.

  3. I have issues with plastic surgery. Ive had 23 surgeries and they all took a toll on me. I can’t imagine having surgery simply to alter my looks and I am visibly deformed. These girls do get a lot of hate and some of it is about their appearance, but who cares? They need therapy, not silicone. I also wonder why someone would want to have surgery with a small child. How will she hold her and care for her while recovering? I delayed 2 surgeries for over a year so I could continue breastfeeding. It’s not like I was forced to, but nursing him was important enough to me to deal with the pain. I also think it is extremely selfish to do it now while her baby and her mother are ill. A baby with a swiss cheese heart is the priority, not her butt. I ‘m also annoyed with the healthcare system. Before they got rid of lifetime caps, I would have been dead years ago. Even though we are government employees and have great insurance, it is still incredibly expensive to be a wheelchair user. I know people who can’t even use their bathroom because it isn’t accessible. Apparently pooping in private isn t a medical need. Meanwhile fools like bri are going under the knife for fun every other year. If you are reading this, Brianna, your body is fine, but you do need to put a bag over your personality.

  4. Um lol @ Kail for acting like her publicly having plastic surgery is more damaging to her children’s psyches than the rousing game of ride as many dicks as possible that she’s been playing in recent years. They probably care more about having a decent dad in their life everyday…just a guess.

  5. Dr. Miami needs his license revoked! Both Kail’s & Bri’s surgeries look hrrendous! The lips on Kail & asses on both are mind-boggling to me!! No wonder the surgeries were free!! I’d sue him for malpractice!

  6. Well maybe she is considering doing porn again. Got to keep that five minute of fame going some how.

  7. Briana’s got more than a few screws loose…all she’s going to do is accidentally get knocked up again and ruin all the free work Dr. Miami put in…

  8. What’s the point of going through all this pain to just throw on sweats and a messy bun?
    I don’t understand why you’d put yourself at risk for something so dumb when you have 2 children to care for.

    1. Gotta get that poonanner ready for its close up at the next birthin’ I guess lol. I know my baby didn’t care about boob sagginess or sore, oversized nips ;(

  9. Dumb dumb. Wait until you are 100% done having kids. Or, I don’t know, eat healthy and exercise like everyone else? As a mother of 3, I can’t see myself ever having elective surgery. My kids need me, why would I put myself through that.

  10. Even if their surgeries are comped anesthesia is still expensive. I certainly hope these girls are putting some money away for their children’s education and expenses since getting knocked up is the only reason they’re able to undergo these plastic surgeries in the first place.

  11. Does she ever look like she is dressed? It seems like she always has that “just jumped outta bed” look. I know she has two kids, but besides the reunion special, was she ever in something other than a tank top and bed head?

    Speaking of the reunion special…what was with the red, leather jacket being worn as a cape?

  12. So everyone who said “you’d better spend your money on your children” got the reply from Briana that she is getting this for free. The juiciest bit of this article was the fact that they have to pay their own anesthesia costs, meaning Briana did have to pay for it! My boyfriend had a surgery where he had to pay his own costs for anesthetics and it was 1100 euros for 2 hours. So it’s either dirt cheap in the US or Briana is spending a lot of money on her surgeries that she could better spend on having her own apartment where she can raise her children!

  13. So that means she will get surgery after every succesive birth then?! So if she had 4 girls and saying she hopes it’s a boy for Amber, she’ll want one too so that makes it at least 3 more times! Ugh, as someone who doesn’t stand unnecessary pain, it just pains me (pun intended) to think how much will she go through just to get the ‘perfect body’!

  14. Honestly she is probably just going to have a baby with Javi in the next year so why bother? Wait until you are done having babies and then get the surgery otherwise your body will just look like a roadmap of scars.

    1. it also irks me that he calls it damage! She brought a human being into life, that’s hardly damage except if she thinks her baby was a mistake.

  15. Elective surgery is still dangerous. I wish she’d put as much thought and effort into surgery as she does co-parenting. #parentalienation

  16. Why even bother? Unless she’s been hosed down and styled by MTV for a reunion special or awards show, she will continue looking like the filthy ass grease ball she is. Seriously, the desperadoes in da club will still hit it, not because she’s hot, but because she’s easy.

  17. I honestly think that Doctor should be Investigated his work does not look like it’s well done in any way shape or form I have no specific examples but it looks like he cut corners On both of their plastic surgeries they both got pregnant after having their make overs that decision is on both of them however I think the plastic surgery would’ve just continued to look bad and disintegrate as time went on regardless of the Pregnancies

  18. i’m sooo glad she’s using her money wisely…while bitching and gripping about her baby daddies… ughhh.. disgusting…..She needs to spend her money on freakin birth control..!

  19. Kailyn is worried about how her plastic surgery will affect her kids?? But it’s fine to have a kid with everyone on Earth, and have different men/women in her bed every night? No slut shaming here, but her concern for her kids has gone out the window.

    1. I honestly have to say I thought it was odd as well because I just felt like that should not be your biggest concern when it comes to your kids I wish she could try to focus on being a family of four before adding any man or woman (To each his own) to the Family dynamic

      1. It’s not her “Biggest cincern” she was asked about how she felt about having surgery now and she answered it. Kailyn is an Amazing Mom. She has accomplished more than any other Mom on any Teen Mom show by achieving her degree while raising her boys and during a pregnancy ! This Beautiful Momma deserves to be praised, not criticized for how sweet & well-mannered her boys are. Does she struggle with relationships ? Absolutely. But with the way her own mom treated her, I’m Really Proud of the type of Mom that Kailyn is.

        1. You’re really proud? Who cares! Pregnancy is not a disease, plenty of women attend college while pregnant. Big deal. How many years did she spend on a degree she can’t even use for a career? At least 6 not to mention her community college days. This girl is damaged and needs intensive psychotherapy and probably medication. She cannot make a healthy relationship decision to save her life, yet her concern is that her boys will grow up and see her getting her ass carved up on an old Snapchat vid? COME ON!

          1. Yes thank thank you for saying this! She had every opportunity not to welcome a third child into this world she decided to go ahead and do that that decision was on her she knew at the time she was going to school to act like her decisions had no affect not only on her children but on the fathers of her children is just kind of ridiculous yes she’s done great things but she’s made very very questionable choices

  20. She has two children with two fathers, no education, lives in an apartment with her mom. All she worry about is plastic surgery…What a joke!

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