5 Things The Ashley is Grateful For This Thanksgiving

“Um….I’m gonna need your pants.”

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Roundupers! Today, you will throw on your stretchy pants, sloth your way over to the dinner table after eating way too many appetizers, and stuff yourself full of turkey, stuffing and that weird, soupy green bean dish.

As you all sit down with your families to the Thanksgiving table (or open up that steamy Cup ‘O’ Noodles and sit by yourself on the couch), be sure to count your blessings. Here’s what The Ashley is thankful for this Thanksgiving…

1. The Duggar Girls’ Collection of Pants

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This year, the Duggar girls took a giant leap into modern day fashion (and out of the repressive fashion restrictions they’ve had since birth). The Ashley was thrilled to see fourth daughter Jinger Duggar become the first Duggar gal to dare to wear pants! Before this, the ‘Counting On’ stars only wore dresses and skirts but after Jinger dared to slip into a pair of skinny jeans, her older sister, Jill Dillard, eventually followed suit and rocked her own pair of Levis. The rest of the Duggar girls have yet to venture into the wonderful world of pants, but The Ashley is happy to see at least some of them coming out from their parents’ thumbs!

2. Debra Danielsen’s Rap Career

My new Rap just dropped. 22X is awesome and everyone can relate! Xoxo ?

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There’s nothing The Ashley loves more than a little “Debz OG” rap! While some may argue that Farrah Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen, isn’t great at spitting bars, she does seem to have a lot of fun doing it. Debz has already released several rap songs and has said that there are more coming our way soon. Watching Deb rap is like living in some weird ‘Teen Mom’ Twilight Zone. Who would have thought, when we were watching her on the first season of ‘Teen Mom’ in 2010 with her feathered hair and power suits, that we’d someday see Deb rapping her heart out in a tophat and pleather boots?

3. The Return of ‘Supermarket Sweep’

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‘Supermarket Sweep’ may not be a reality show, but it is the best damn game show ever to grace the television set! Earlier this year, it was announced that ‘Supermarket Sweep’ is being revived, which means The Ashley may finally have her chance to live her dream of throwing giant blow-up Nestle Quick bunny bonuses and blocks of exotic cheeses into her cart and running around a grocery store. (I mean…we can do that without the show, but it’s generally frowned upon. Go figure.)

4. Reality TV Wrapping Paper

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Nothing truly says “Happy Holidays” like a room full of gifts that are wrapped with ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ mugshot! The folks over at Shavs Paper are fighting the good fight by bringing us reality TV-themed wrapping paper! From the ‘Teen Mom’ crew, to the Real Housewives and even those Kardashians creeps, they have paper with all your favorite reality TV stars’ mugs on them! (Obviously, The Ashley is partial to the ‘Teen Mom’ paper. I mean…you can wrap your mother’s Christmas present in Butch Baltierra’s ab flex pic– COME ON!)

5. Her Readers! 

The Ashley is so incredibly thankful to those of you that read, enjoy and share her stories. She is living her dream by writing about crappy reality TV and it’s because of all of you that this is what she gets to do every day.

The Ashley wishes all of her U.S. readers a very happy holiday! To all of her international readers, well, happy Thursday!

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Happy Thanksgiving! And, as The Ashley always says, if you’re going out shopping for Black Friday… try not to be the person who ends up on the news!

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  1. I love this site and read it all the time. I just sometimes have a hard time navigating the site on my phone. Any help?

  2. I check your site every day for a new post! Look forward to them so much. Grateful for your hilarious reality recaps and the laughter they bring!

  3. 5 Things Mrs. Greenway Is Thankful For This Thanksgiving:
    1. The Ashley!
    2. The Ashley!
    3. The Ashley!
    4. The Ashley!
    5. The Ashley!

    You bring me joy, every day!

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