EXCLUSIVE! Amber Portwood’s Ex-Fiance Matt Baier Got Married Today

Sorry ladies, but it looks like this stud is off the market…

Amber Portwood almost married her fiance, Matt Baier, in Las Vegas last season on Teen Mom OG but backed out just in time. The couple went on to break up soon after, but it looks Matt got his Vegas dream wedding after all– just not with Amber!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Matt got married today in Las Vegas!

He’s been living in Sin City since he and Amber split up this summer.

The Ashley hears that a marriage certificate was filed for Matt and his new bride earlier today in Clark County, Nevada. According to the County website, a marriage certificate “is proof that a marriage ceremony was performed in Clark County.”

They applied for their marriage license yesterday. The Ashley is not sure (yet) where the ceremony took place.

As for Matt’s new bride, her name is Jennifer and she’s a 35-year-old waitress at a Vegas restaurant. She’s also (of course) a single mother.

The Ashley is not sure how long Matt and Jennifer have been together; however, according to online records, they’ve been living at the same address for at least a few months.

Matt’s walk down the aisle may surprise his famous ex-fiance.

“Amber is not aware that he got married,” a source tells The Ashley.

Of course, Amber wasted no time in getting serious with her next soulmate. As The Ashley previously told you, Amber is currently dating Andrew Glennon and became pregnant with his baby soon after they made their love official.

This is (at least) the third marriage for Matt.

Stay tuned– The Ashley will have more info on this soon!

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  1. This is fascinating to me… the fact that 5-8 different women have made babies with him, Amber wanted to marry him, and then some lucky winer in Vegas did marry her?? How? How is this possible? He is clearly a manipulator. I think his game is to make everyone feel super special, but knock down their self esteem over time. Make the women think they can’t live with out him… Ugh.

    1. Imagine that show. Watching him sit on the couch and check the mail daily to see if any of his other kids mothers are asking for child support lol

    2. Funny you mentioned that, it was reported on Starcasm yesterday Matt and new wife made statements to E! That guy is trouble, the new wife sounds just like Amber did in the beginning. Linked Starcasm in my name

  2. Can we talk about the cease and desist letters Jenelle has been passing around instead of Christmas cards.

    1. LOL right! I’m looking for answers….Jenelle is so jealous of Chelsea, and instead of trying to better herself like Chelsea did, shes trying to bring Chelsea down to her level by tarnishing her record lol

    2. LOL right! I’m looking for answers….Jenelle is so jealous of Chelsea, and instead of trying to better herself like Chelsea did, shes trying to bring Chelsea down to her level by tarnishing her record lol…pitiful

      1. Same. I laughed so hard that she sent out cease and desists, let alone that she cried about her mom selling a few stories about her, mean while she’s been asked hundreds of times by literally all of her castmates to stop writing sulia articles about them, including Kail who bailed her ass out of freaking JAIL at one point. Girl is out of her mind, and so painfully, and obviously jealous of Chelsea.

        1. Did Amber get custody of all of the pets? I’m pretty sure she did because I can’t imagine him supporting anything

  3. Times like these I sit back and wonder.. how the hell can this smelly douche bag get married (again.. and again) and I’m still single?


  4. This just proves to me some women have no self-respect whatsoever. At least it’s someone closer to his age. But this just looks to me like a dig to Amber, real mature dude!

  5. I guess this poor victim will be complaining soon about how he scammed her out of her waitressing tips.

    Honestly, the mass appeal this sleazoid has on women —is staggering.

    1. I am always wondering what appeal does he have. Cuz he looks gross. Is he hung?! I know, ew, I feel like throwing up just thinking about him naked but is he?! Otherwise I have no idea why all of those women are so into him. He is a sleezy old greaseball.

    1. Yeah, I have a feeling he is still bitter. Amber might not be engaged to Andrew but MATT BEAT HER TO THE ALTAR NOW! A baby will follow. At least it’s someone closer to his age.

  6. Honestly Matt was stupid not to get Amber pregnant. Then he could have kept riding the Teen Mom gravy train no matter what happened between them.

    1. I’m sure if it were up to him, he would’ve. She was on birth control though. Amber made one of the few smart decisions she’s ever made by not getting pregnant by that guy.

  7. Good scoop, The Ashley!
    Somehow I imagine Matt’s reception having a Chex Mix of Cheetos, Somas, and those Chocolate gold coins from the Dollar Tree. Who knows though. There may be a Redbox kiosk across the parking lot that the kids can play with. Could be a good time. Plus, I have never seen a frozen Four Loko ice sculpture in the shape of the 1984 Green Bay Packers defensive line. I need to live more like Matt I guess and get outta this rut.

  8. Amber’s pregnancy and the premier of Teen Mom OG spurred this hasty decision. You can bet that! Honestly though, Amber didn’t dodge any bullet if all she did was jump back in the fire pit. Pregnant after knowing someone after only 2 months? But this is a Matt article so I’ll stay on topic lol! I can’t imagine who in the hell would even want Matt, let alone marry him

  9. Go Amber!!!! Anyone would be better than that old dead beat dad. And couch potato ? lazy , controlling old man. Congrats ? on moving on to some one else.

  10. Everyone knows why he got married. Think about it, the premiere of OG was yesterday and he knows that after these next few episodes he’s irrelevant. Poor ol’ Matty is thirsty for attention.

    1. See, I know why he got married. The part I don’t understand is who would marry him. Like I told myself that Amber’s denial had a lot to do with stubbornness because she was all in before she found out about his real past. Somewhere around the 7th or 8th kid or that time that lady came out and straight up said “he saw me on tv and love scammed me” I thought his game was done once Amber got over whatever it was holding her back. The world continues to surprise me.

  11. Can we please just let this dbag fade into obscurity already?? The only reason he targeted amber, and prob the only reason he married this chick is for publicity. FameWhore city… he doesn’t deserve any attention, negative or not. BYE FELICIA

  12. Can you say he will not seriously become a gambling addict if he isn’t already and I doubt “her” salary is going to support any of his habits I feel sorry for her children

    1. At least amber had enough money in the bank not to notice his stealing right away. This poor girl, working as a waitress and raising a child, prob doesn’t have that much. It will be so sad when he takes all her money to gamble or to use on other women. She won’t be able to bounce back as fast. When Matt was seeing that cancer chick on the side and lying to both of them it was creepy. Those recorded tapes of him and reading those text messages was gross. For him to mess up things w his money bank, amber, it won’t be long before he screws This up. I’m most shocked that the new girl isn’t named amber to go along w his Amber tattoo. Then he could put his Mamber license plate on their car…lol.

  13. WOW. Just wow. I can’t believe people (older then teenagers) move on so quickly! Both of them! I mean come on they were together for a decent amount of time! To just move on and get married or get pregnant…. I don’t see either situation working for either of these 2 I mean 4 clowns….??.

  14. Ahhh Teen Mom, the gift that keeps on giving.

    The really crappy, unwanted gift that serves no other purpose than to be mocked eternally…

  15. And of course it will last forever. Every single person associated with this garbage can of a show has a f***ed up, distorted vision of what love, life, hard work and just reality in general. They are all going to run into the brick wall of reality at a hundred miles per hour once the show ends and the money dries up.

    1. Yep. Getting pregnant from a guy that actively has 2 restraining orders out on him after only being in a relationship 1 month is far from dodging a bullet.

    1. Emotional detachment, acceptance that it’s over, dead feelings, etc. I started dating three weeks after I left my ex-husband, because I’d long fallen out of love.

    1. I think Amber always knew they were never going to get married I don’t know why she dragged it out so long Other than she was afraid she wouldn’t find anyone better

    2. Amber has dodged no bullets. She went from this creepy guy to a guy she hardly knows and is having his baby after basicly a couple months. She keeps standing in front of a loaded gun in my opinion.

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