EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Michael Abraham Answers Questions About Daughter Farrah Abraham’s Firing

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by 11th Street Productions…

The new season of Teen Mom OG premiered early this week, with curious (and confused) fans tuning in to see, in part, if Farrah Abraham was really given the boot, as she had stated last month in a series of social media posts.

Was Farrah really fired from the show? Did the ‘Teen Mom’ producers give Farrah the hook just to create more drama? Does anyone even still care?

The Ashley, like the other ‘Teen Mom OG’ viewers, was curious about this so she reached out to various people on (and behind) the show to get the scoop.

One person who responded was Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham, who was happy to explain what happened on the day of Farrah’s “firing” and share what may happen from here in regard to Farrah, her family and the show in general.

“Farrah was never legally fired; she was never in breach of her contract and she never cancelled filming,” Michael told The Ashley exclusively.

Michael explained a bit more how Farrah was fired by the producers, but is still employed by MTV.

“You have MTV– the network that airs the show– and you have Viacom, which owns MTV,” he said. “Then you have 11th Street Productions, the company hired to produce the show. Our contracts are with MTV and Viacom, not 11th Street. So, basically [Executive Producer] Morgan [J. Freeman] did not have the authority to do what he did [and fire Farrah].”

The day Farrah got “fired” by Morgan, a film crew was present to capture the Kodak moment. The resulting footage  is now part of an extended trailer promoting the new season. (Click here to watch that trailer!)

Michael provided some insight into how that day went down.

“They had scheduled to film [with us] all through November and they cancelled about seven times,” he revealed. “[The producers] called me and wanted to film that Monday, even though we were not scheduled to film until the next day, Tuesday, because it was the first anniversary of Sophia’s store. I was out of town, and they couldn’t get in touch with Farrah because she was busy with the store and wasn’t picking up calls. Finally, I got in touch with her and she agreed to film with them that day.

“They knew [my fiance] Amy and I were out of town, and they basically ambushed Farrah on-camera,” Michael said. “[Morgan] sex-shamed her on-camera and they did it purposely at a time when none of us were there.”

The moment the show’s Executive Producer, Morgan J. Freeman, gave Farrah the boot…

Michael said he was shocked and sickened that people he and Farrah had been working with for nearly a decade had done this.

“I was surprised that they would even attempt what they did,” he said. “I was disappointed that an executive producer would interject his bias and judgement into the show. It’s a show documenting these girls’ lives, and they’re trying to control and use their influence to change Farrah into what they think she should be. It was completely wrong.”

So where does that leave Farrah and her family? Will we never again see Michael and Debra on the show. (More importantly, will we not get to watch the new “Debz OG” rap video!?!)

“I can’t say for Debra but for me no, [I won’t continue to film for the show if Farrah’s not on it],” he said. “Farrah is the star/talent of the family on the ‘Teen Mom OG’ show, not her parents.”

The Ashley hears that the whole “firing” has left MTV and Viacom in a sticky situation. One source tells her that a lot of different things are being considered right now, including having a different production company filming Farrah’s segments for ‘Teen Mom OG.’

“There’s a lot of legal stuff happening now, so it’s too soon to determine how it will go down,” the source tells her.

Michael emphasized that Farrah’s recent participation in the adult entertainment industry did not violate any terms of her contract, as some outlets have reported.

“Farrah has always been complaint to her contract with Viacom,” Michael added. “She’s considering her options. She has many opportunities to work in the entertainment industry. It’s completely up to the network not Farrah [if she stays on ‘Teen Mom OG’].

“According to Viacom and MTV– which are the only ones with the authority to fire her – she was not fired.”

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Michael’s interview with The Ashley, where he will dish on Farrah’s ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars!

(Photos: WEtv, MTV)




  1. I find this woman so repulsive that the only way I watch the show is with my finger on the mute button. The sound of her voice is enough to make me gag. Please get her off of there!

  2. The show was started on the primos of ending teen pregnancy. Ok I’ll give you that mtv maybe it did help the first 2 seasons. What is the show for now? Multiple baby daddy’s, abortions,domestic violence,drug addiction,child abuse,child neglect,driving while intoxicated,and porn. Oh please it’s all about the all mighty dollar.

  3. Hop she is fired. He is an asshole. Dude your daughter is a delusional skank and the show will go on without her. I️ for one will enjoy not hearing the disgusting shit that flies out of her mouth whenever she opens it. And I️ noticed all of the sudden she went outside to talk about her mother instead of in front of the demon seed I️ would hope it’s because a therapist or higher authority made them stop trashing her in front of kids. Now they need to stop Brianna and her pig mother and sister from doing same stuff.

  4. I’ll be honest….I don’t really give a shit what the “reason” is for firing her, they have more than ample reason. I’m not “sticking up for mtv”, or anyone else, by saying that. Any employer that had to deal with a twit like her, would’ve fired her years ago. She’s a horrible person, a terrible daughter and sister, and an even worse parent (yes, she IS abusive and a terrible parent..other people being worse than her doesn’t negate her own evil people..the world doesn’t work that way)

    Yes, the rest of the world is equally disturbed by the fact that the show continually allows things that are A-illegal in every state in the US, and B-beyond harmful to the children involved. We’re not idiots, and we realize that MTV/producers/powers that be, should *also* be taking care of those issues. No one is saying otherwise. But using those other examples as a reason to explain why Farrahoe shouldn’t be fired, is just stupid, and makes people sound like morons for saying it.

    Yes, she should, as should all of the others. Not because it’s immoral, or because their chosen life activities are not kosher, but because they are *harmful* to the children involved. I don’t give a shit what damage they all do to one another, they’re all adults. MTV can glorify that all they want-the world isn’t *truly stupid enough to believe this is how grown adults should behave, much less parents. Anything that puts children in harm’s way, is abusive, even slightly damaging to them, should be an immediate boot, though.(I have said this from day one, I still stand by it).

    So yep, I stand by her firing, and I have no doubt whatsoever that her contract has enough loopholes in it that they don’t even need a valid reason, much less the need to use a morality or ethics clause because Farrahoe still doesn’t possess a firm grip on language comprehension (ie..she’ll sign anything, she’s an idiot)

  5. Maybe this is where they start to set their example, keep walking off filming David! They pay these girls all this money and yet some have no appreciation for what they have. It’s sad that they just may ruin a good thing for those who do comply. Farrah needed to go, jenelle and David next, and for sure kail.

    1. And how could I forget Amber! All these girls are so stupid, They can find new people with messed up life’s ( look how fast they brought in Brianna) who ate they going to find to film them??? They keep biting the hand that feed them, all good things must end.

  6. yes farrah is an horrible person. But how about enabling jenelle and his dick of the week abusing children, rhine putting lifes at risk while driving super stoned, farrah has veing the only one making real money ( and i dont judge whete they come from)

    1. I do agree with some of your points….but your post still screams “farrah speak” to me, lol

  7. I don’t know why they used the “you put stuff up your butt and live stream it on a webcam” excuse, instead of the “you’re a really awful person, and truly a nightmare to work with” reason. I feel like being a giant asshole to anyone and everyone you’re supposed to work with is enough to get you the boot. I’ve terminated people for nasty attitudes/ viciously verbally accosting other employees without any provocation. MTV should have just owned the fact that they don’t like putting their film crews in situations where someone will start screaming profanities at them and others, and even become physical with them. I think she should have been fired when she shoved Larry.

  8. It pains me to say that Farrah and Michael are right. The production company firing her is unfair and she is being slut-shamed. This is especially true in light of the fact that 11th Street producers coddle Jenelle despite the fact that she neglects her children and allows them to be abused. The fact that they would actively conceal an open CPS investigation stemming from drugs in an infant but then turn around and fire Farrah for doing porn is twisted. Farrah deserved to be fired, but not because of porn.

  9. It’s not really fair to fire Farrah for being a sex worker and not fire Jenelle for abusing her children on camera (and we can only imagine how much worse it is off camera).
    I used to really hate Farrah but you can see she actually loves Sophia and she also loves the rest of her family but I don’t think she’s ever understood how to love in a healthy way. She wants to be a good person but has no idea how.
    Farrah showing her vag on camera is way less disturbing to me than watching the irreparable damage Jenelle inflicts upon her children.

    1. I don’t think that Farrah cares about anyone but herself. Sophia is just a possession to her and a reason for attention.

    2. No loving parent would let their child play with sex toys, say she’ll let her watch HER porn tape(s) when she’s a teenager (sorry, her words.”a little bit older”, said when her child was barely a preschool aged kid), or read her “book” to her.

      No loving parent would treat their child like something they own, or put the world’s worth of weight on their shoulders before they’ve even reached puberty..((hello…a child, running a business, or any aspect OF it..are you insane?). No loving parent would dress their child like a prostatot constantly and encourage such once the child can dress him/her self, or encourage the behaviors Sophia already exhibits towards other people. No loving parent would react the way she did when the school informed her that her child’s makeup was way over the top. No loving parent would act the way she does in front of her kid, or allow others to act the way they do around her in that family.

      Yes, other parents(I use that term loosely) on this show are worse, and do far worse things to damage their child(ren). But that doesn’t negate the fact that Sophia is an accessory for her, not a person, or the fact that she’s flat out a bad mom in ways that won’t likely rear their head until Sophia reaches puberty…..when we’ll see the next installment of Teen Mom….TM-The New Wave.

      She doesn’t love her, anymore than Jenelle loves her kids…she’s just stuck with her..for now.

  10. Not a fan of Farrah Abraham, just let me make that clear.

    But I do agree with other posters here that we have yet to hear of Sophia being punched in the head by some drugged up POS whose history of domestic violence earned him a restraining order from seeing one of his own children. We’ve also never heard that Sophia was born high, or lost in the woods for several hours, or locked out of the house in the blazing hot sun while Farrah was holed up in her bedroom toking weed like it was all okay.

    MTV, getting rid of people because of their vile behavior is one thing. But do it fairly — and do it ACROSS the board.

  11. Okay, I don’t like Farrah like everyone else but their excuse is laughable cuz she did porn before. I still don’t understand how it was such a big problem for Maci to be on the same show as her but showing her ex driving while high was totally okay to share on TV. (OK, maybe she had no say in this but still, to me it’s far worse) Tell a different reason, MTV. She is hard to work with (which I’m sure she is, just remember porta-potties), she is a vile person (again true), there are so many reasons you could have named besides just being a sex worker.

    1. This is a show that is supposed to document the struggles of being a teen mom. They’re not really showing the finicial struggles anymore but they are definitely showing the psychological struggles. Many teen moms do end up being sex workers. It’s something that happens. They’re showing drug use and abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, multiple unplanned pregnancies, multiple baby daddies and baby mommas, people going to jail and prison, claiming that those are all the real risks of being a teen mom, and they are. But so is being a sex worker. They claim that these girls and the show are like a big PSA for not becoming a teen parent, that they’re a “cautionary tale,” of what can happen when a delusional, immature teenager has a baby. I think the fact that Farrah has become a sex worker is actually a really important story to tell. Fire her for her horrible attitude, for the fact that they can’t find a production crew that wants to spend time with her, but don’t fire her for showing that some teen mothers end up falling into sex work as a way to pay the bills, build their self esteem, and seek the love and validation they feel like they need and never got growing up—not so coincedently that’s probably the reason they ended up pregnant as a teenager to begin with!

      1. I find a teen mother becoming a sex worker a lot more relatable than a teen mother having Gucci bags, new iPhones every year and multiple vacations every few months….

        1. Agreed. There is so much more support on the show than most folks get irl. It would be great if MTV donated the proceeds to a shelter or something. Filthy lucre

  12. Farrah is no saint, but I’m far more troubled by Jenelle and her abusive behavior towards her children. If they were going to fire anyone it should be her, not Farrah.

  13. Somewhere in that cult like interview, Farrah will find some fault and bitch him out anyway. I feel like she beats him off camera ?

  14. I get that he has to defend his daughter, but this man is so delusional. He seems like a decent guy, but he loses all credibility by saying she’s the “Talent” in the family, when he has another daughter. Exactly what is her “Talent”? It would be better if he just stopped talking because she is a vile human being any way you slice it.

    1. I also dont understand his whole “they ambushed her,” thing. She agreed to film. She is a grown up adult woman. She doesn’t need to always have her parents with her while filming. And of course they would want to fire her privately (as in not with her family and friends around, bc they were filming it all so it wasn’t completely private). When you work a normal job and you get fired, your boss doesn’t make sure you’re surrounded by friends and family while they’re firing you. That’s ridiculous. Is Michael really trying to say that important conversations about Farrah’s job need to be supervised by her family? That whole family is so codependent and weird, weird, weird.

  15. As rude as farrah is, in my opinion I don’t think they should have fired her from the show. How are they okay with someone (leah, ryan, and janelle) nodding of on camera from drug use, but farrah doing a porn is immoral?

    Also, farrah is an open book. She puts it all out there. Meanwhile the other girls refuse to talk about anything that they don’t want in their “story”. That really bothers me.

    1. Being an open book does not excuse her nasty vile behavior. And addiction is very different than being a horrible human being who treats everyone like shit. She needed to be fired. Her only purpose for being on the show was to promote herself, not to share her experiences to help others. MTV did not need to be a platform for her benefit . Farrah is TOXIC.

      1. what about Maci and her friend wearing Maci’s silly shirts during her segment, that looked so staged and fake, the show is just ridiculous now!

        1. LOL that is so funny that you say that because I was just watching the show and thinking the same thing you know as soon as that camera crew leaves they take off whatever sweatshirt or T-shirt they might be wearing and replace it with their actual clothing that they wear… The product placement is just getting ridiculous

      2. But she wasn’t fired for her rude, nasty attitude. That’s the problem. They were clearly looking for an excuse to fire her, but the fact that she’s doing porn is a ridiculous reason. Especially when we’ve watched Jenelle, Leah, and Amber neglect their kids while on drugs (not to mention the abuse on The Land).

    2. She’s completely rude and impossible to work with, but I totally agree with you. They can’t start judging the actions of one mom while simultaneously accepting the acts of another. If Farrah wants to do porn, it’s legal and so be it. It’s vile, but firing her for it bothers me as a woman.

  16. Gonna get downvoted but ??‍♀️ Eh.

    I think Farrah and Michael are completely in the right here. Her attitude aside, what Farrah is doing is completely legal. Regardless of how anyone feels about it. It’s completely fucked up for MTV to allow drug addicts attempt to raise a child and allow neglect/abuse while shaming Farrah for being a sex worker.

  17. Why is everyone sticking up for Mtv?!? Let’s be real here. They have absolutely NO morals, yet pretend they do. They fire Farrah for being a sex worker, yet defend drug addicts, domestic violence abuse, child abuse, and an INFANT being born on drugs.. it’s ridiculous. If you’re going to start having morals and firing people, then you have to fire the other cast members who are just as bad, if not worse…

    1. I completely agree with you. Maybe it has sth to do with “this show teaches young girls about being a young mom” and apparently being a sex worker is a bigger no-no than all of the thing you mentioned. Which is laughable. Jordan Cashmeyer was working as an escort, Valerie Fairman died cuz of drug overdose and there are many 16&p girls who had problems with the law and/or abuser as an ex. WAKE THE F*CK UP, MTV!!!

  18. I really hope she gets canned. Not because she’s a terrible person who sets a horrible example (i mean, she is, but if everyone who fits that description was booted from the show we’d basically be left with just the kids, a handful of the grandparents and maybe like two or three of the moms) but because her segments are SO. FREAKING. BORING. And rarely if ever have anything to do with parenting.

  19. It’s a show documenting these girls’ lives, and they’re trying to control and use their influence to change Farrah into what they think she should be.

    Their influence completely changed the girls’ lives the moment the paychecks became large enough to comfortably live off of. They stopped documenting the lives of teen moms and started documenting the evolution of a bizarre breed of celebrity.

  20. This family has an amazing ability to try to explain away logic it’s never their fault it’s always everybody else

    1. And they continue to call themselves Christians. I am not a Christian but I find it ironic that they find a way to excuse their behavior where money is involved

    2. I totally agree. Mykol sees Farrah doing no wrong…the perennial victim. I don’t believe anything he says. I hope beyond hope she’s gone.

  21. That poor little child that’s all I can say . Farah you a damn disgrace . Your disgusting . Your daughter and her fathers family will turn there heads in dusgust of what you have become. MTV this is what at 17 year old turns into when money is her only thought. Sold her soul to the devil with your life you will in time find out just the damage you caused. Great job farah !!!

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