Wife of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards Claims He Was Spending $10,000 a Week on Drugs

“Oh…you looked at the bank statements? Damn.”

Was Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards spending $10,000 a week on drugs? Well, according to his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, he was!

The season premiere of ‘Teen Mom OG’  kicked off with Ryan at a drug rehab in Dallas. And, naturally, MTV followed Ryan down to the Lone Star State. Mackenzie also trekked down to Texas, staying in a rental house near Ryan’s rehab.

During one scene from Monday’s premiere, Mackenzie told Producer Kiki that Ryan had been spending a small fortune to get “high high high!”

“He said that he was using three times a day,” Mackenzie told Kiki. “$10,000 a week!”

“That’s a s**t ton of money,” Kiki said. (Poor Kiki was probably wondering why she has to make a living following these teen drama queens around while they blow way more than her weekly salary on drugs.)

In June, Ryan released a statement that revealed he checked into rehab in May, one day after marrying Mackenzie the first time (after taking a drug-induced wild ride to the ceremony.)

On her just-launched blog, Mackenzie described how Ryan being in rehab affected her.

“I moved to Texas when Ryan went to rehab,” she wrote. “I was alone, I was scared, I was simply broken. The 11-hour drive to Texas was more than needed for my soul searching. I did a ton of praying, a ton of crying, but in the bottom of my heart I had a ton of hope…

“I keep reminding myself that when my house is dirty, I don’t burn it down and get a new one,” she added. “I clean it from the inside out and make it whole again, and that is what we have been up to for the past six months.”

During the premiere episode, Mackenzie also revealed that she thinks Ryan’s baby mama, Maci Bookout, has a negative effect on Ryan’s sobriety. (Maci and Mackenzie famously battled during last season’s Reunion special. Who could forget the infamous letter Mackenzie penned to blame Maci for “exploiting” Ryan?)

“We had to do one-on-one therapy,” Mackenzie said. “Oh my gosh. The therapist was like, ‘What do you think his triggers are?’ And I said one name and boy was he …”

“You literally said Maci’s name and he was already triggered?” Kiki asked.

“He’s pissed,” Mackenzie said. “Ryan feels like he’s been belittled and like he’s never been given any credit— which he hasn’t. And the more I think about it, the more mad I get. All of a sudden it’s, ‘Oh, I have no communication with Ryan.’ Yes, you do, and I watch you sit there and ignore his texts. Ryan is not a bad guy, and my blood boils because she literally does this for her own self, and it really is just pissing me off.”

Also in the premiere episode, Maci spoke with her best friend Keelie about Ryan’s recovery.

“I don’t know if he’s just looking to do 30 days and come home… or maybe go to a halfway house,” Maci said. “I have no idea. I hope those are the steps that he takes because I don’t feel like it’ll be fixed in 30 days.”

This was not Ryan’s first stint in rehab, however. Back in June, Ryan’s ex-girlfriend Dalis Connell revealed that Ryan had also gone to rehab in 2012, but did not end up completing his stay.

As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan’s most-recent rehab stint was less than 30 days, actually. His family has stated that he has remained sober, though, and at his recent (second) wedding, he looked healthier than he had in a loooong time.

(Photo: MTV)


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  1. Mackenzie and Ryan’s mother are misplacing their anger on Maci. She is used as a deflection because they can’t deal with their own feelings. Ryan is probably doing it too. It’s a shame because it takes the focus off his recovery. That’s number one. His resentment against Maci, enabled by his family will make him use again.
    His parents enabled him to act like a teenager for many years, and Mackenzie married him (!) knowing he stoned off his ass. THEY were all enablers. The fact it was his second time at rehab is telling but they sweep that under the carpet and blame Maci. it’s sad, it lowers his chance at success.

  2. Can I just say that I’ve watched my fair share of Intervention episodes and the most f*cked addicts they feature didn’t even spend $10k a week. Mack, do the world a favor and shut up. Nobody cares!

  3. The infamous Ryan wedding ep was on this morning while I was getting ready for work. It still makes my blood boil that 1)Ryan would drive that faded and 2)Mack’s concern at that moment was the MTV cameras instead of the fact that she was sober allowing someone high off his ass to drive and be a hazard to herself and others. That’s so messed up.

    I loved the point made by other commenters—Maci has no responsibility to make Ryan’s life easier. He has plenty of people who wipe his ass. He ended the relationship with Maci so it’s not Maci’s problem. Her job is to protect her child. I’m not sure Ryan deserves a damn parade for being a parent but my guess is that mentality comes from having participation trophy parents.

    McKenzie, hon, I wanted to like you. I really did. I was rooting for you to help Ryan get his shit together but you are coming across super thirsty. I’m very curious what was happening with her child while Ryan was in treatment. Did you move him to another state for his stepdad (even though the kid didn’t know you were married), or was he left behind. I have no respect for anyone who chooses a romantic partner over their children. (Sorry, my own soapbox there) I could be wrong about your parenting and I would happily apologize if that’s the case. I hope Mack, that you could figure out that parenting your husband sucks and will make you resentful. Good luck to both of you, but my hopes aren’t high.

  4. She’s got no room to talk. Maci didn’t tell us anything we already didn’t know. But she can tell the world that he was spending ten grand a week to get high? Get over yourself Mack.

  5. If not for Ryan’s parents he’d be another adam Lind as a father. However, Maci needs to worry more about herself , she’s no angel. Last season she went to lunch with her son, her friend, and her friends son.. Maci sat there drinking a 22oz draft beer! I’m sure Bentley wasn’t driving home.

  6. If Maci is such a “trigger” for him, it has nothing to do with the situation with Bentley. He never gave two shits about that little boy, so obviously she’s a “trigger” bc he still wants to be with her. (Anyone with eyes could see that tho) And if you’re ready to be married to someone, one would hope you have some awareness of what they do with their time and how they spend their money. To claim he blew 10g a week on drugs is definitely her exaggerating for attention and the idiot doesn’t realize it makes it way harder for people to believe she “didn’t know”. I personally think she’s on drugs too. Nobody stone cold sober would ever be so impulsive to date and marry someone who is blatantly on drugs, especially a mother. She might not be on the hard stuff like Ryan was, but something’s not adding up.

  7. Amy, you nailed it on the head! I was just going to say he must have been selling it to be spending $10 000 a week!: Because at that rate each time he used (3x a day), there is no way he was shooting $476.19 worth of heroin, meth or Xanax at one time. More logically Mack is inflating the amount he spent , looking for sympathy or trying to make Ryan look badass. Even more logically if she couldn’t figure out he was high and he was using that freaking much…then how is she alert enough to take care of a child on her own? Somebody’s telling fibs , one guess who that is! Sadly I think being on Teen Mom OG has given Mack a swelled head and blurred her perception of what is real and what is not. And Ryan has no chance of remaining sober if his actions are blamed in someone else or swept under the rug again. That’s how he got in this pickle in the first place!

    1. Oh for sure. Mackenzie totally lied about the amount he spends a week as almost to brag about it. Like that doesn’t make him look like a bigger loser. Just shows how much stuff he can say to her that she believes. When they divorce she won’t exist. There might be a story down the road where she’s pregnant by someone else, but w out this show she’s nothing.

    2. As a recovering addict, sober for 25 yrs, I’ve heard every story and many addicts exaggerate their use. There are probably many reasons. In rehab it’s sort of a pissing contest-I used 20 pills a day, well I used 35! Not realizing how pitiful they sound. Then you obviously have people who minimize the problem!

  8. I honestly think the $10,000 figure is an exaggeration. Mac loves to be dramatic and saying $10,000 a week as compared to $1000 is more dramatic and will get her more attention. It also makes Ryan (and by extension her) seem like a super rich celebrity that can afford to spend money like that on drugs.

    Ryan needs to get his wife under control when it comes to Maci, though. Mac will single handedly ruin any shred of co-parenting ability that is left and it’ll be Bentley that suffers. I can’t imagine having to deal with Ryan’s lazy approach to fatherhood and then add Mac’s passive aggressive attempts to undermine Maci all because she’s jealous that Maci was able to let one of Ryan’s swimmers slip past the goal. A feat Mac has yet to accomplish.

  9. “I keep reminding myself that when my house is dirty, I don’t burn it down and get a new one,” she added. “I clean it from the inside out and make it whole again, and that is what we have been up to for the past six months.”

    Girl, please. You MOVED INTO a damn dirty house with this one. And I say that, because you knew exactly how effed up Rhiiiine was the moment you met him.

    From watching Teen Mom episodes half the world did.

    Again…girl, please.

  10. So now Mackenzie is blaming Maci for “triggering” him into using drugs??? Wow.

    So Maci triggers him into using, she exposes his problem on national television and she flat out almost killed him because she didn’t tell you that Ryan was a drug addict. Ok, got it. Mackenzie, jealousy does not look good on you. It makes you look like a complete psycho.

  11. I’m curious to know WHAT he was using, since we never got a clear answer. Mack said he was using 3 times a day and spending $10,000 a week. Either he was using way more than 3 times per day or he was using some expensive drugs. As someone who was engaged to a man who got addicted to pain meds, there’s seriously no way you can spend all day, everyday with someone & not eventually figure it out. I wanna know how Ryan’s addiction is still being blamed on Maci. Is it humiliating that he got called out in front of the world? Obviously. But, he would’ve never sobered up had she not. They’re both such perpetual victims, I’m surprised they don’t carry around their own body chalk.

  12. Note to self: drop out of school and become a drug dealer. $10k a week sounds like a nice income.

    But I also think Ryan’s wife and mother are the dumbest people in Tennesee.

  13. McKenzie is McWhiteTrash. If she only knew how stupid and uneducated she looks. She probably thinks she has to remove her tampon in order to pee

    1. Well… If you don’t, the string gets all wet. Ew.

      On that note… Mac is seriously delusional – and Rhine will have zero chance of staying sober with her and his parents forever enabling him AND blaming Maci for his problems.

      The boy ‘never gets any credit’ and that’s why he turned to drugs? Are we to believe BigMac didn’t watch a single episode of Teen Mom prior to wooing Rhine? She truly believes he was a “great dad” and that “poor Rhine” never got any credit for it? Jesus F Christ. That shit is painful to type, let alone to think that anyone believes it.

  14. Let’s assume Mac is telling the truth. $10000 a week on drugs and you didn’t know he was on drugs.

      1. Her very legit blog says she has primary.. or 50/50. I didn’t read too much because my 8 year old could go a better job writing diary entries….

  15. Mackenzie thinks he deserves credit? For what? The only thing he’s ever done for Bentley is provide the sperm that created him. He’s a sperm donor.

    1. Ryan has been in Bentley’s life so he’s more than a sperm donor but one could see that he definitely has not been the best father. Ryan’s mom took over all the responsibilities for him so she is also a bit at fault too. I think Maci once described Ryan’s relationship with Bentley is like a big brother and little brother. I would agree with that from what I’ve seen on the show.

  16. Maci is his trigger because she doesn’t give him enough credit?! What a pile of ?. What exactly is Maci supposed to give Ryan credit for? Existing? He hasn’t never been a consistent parent to Bentley and happily lets his enabling parents co-parent with Maci. But, anything to blame Ryan’s problems on Maci. Ryan is not Maci’s priority, but Bentley is. That poor kid knows how’s unreliable his dad is and it’s just sad. Maci has had to do all the heavy lifting and doesn’t owe Ryan anything.

    Also, it is hilarious how she is still trying to pretend like Ryan wasn’t cheating on her before and after rehab and that they actually have a functional relationship.

  17. If saying Maci’s name is a “trigger” to Ryan then it’s only because he’s not over her. So many signs over the years have shown that he is still in love with Maci. Why else would MacKenzie have to ensure that Ryan was drugged up to marry him? We all know that once he became sober he was talking about divorcing her. He cheated on her after rehab and everything! He wouldn’t do that shit if he really loved Mack. I think it’s a good possibility that Ryan has used drugs as an escape from how he really feels about Maci. But that’s just my opinion ?‍♀️

    1. Signs? Like the time he described in detail the type of wedding dress he dreamed Maci would wear? ?

  18. Mackenzie is not a really bright bulb. She is also, apparently, not a mathematician. $10K a week is wrong. If he was taking Xanax which seems to be the case (she mentioned it HERSELF) a couple of prescriptions would keep him high all week.

    1. Agreed. That is a lot of coin. Maybe he also has a gambling addiction or sidepiece?
      One of my friends from college ended up on coke and probably blew a grand a week at his worst using times.
      I hope he recovers, but kinda doubt it will stick.

      1. And they’re so ignorant that they think claiming “xanax” doesn’t sound as bad as heroin/meth. They need to educate themselves on addiction. Morons.

    2. Well… If you don’t have prescriptions, it’s going to cost a hell of a lot more than it does at the pharmacy.

      I mean, we have one of our dogs on alprazolam during storms (the generic for xanex) and its super cheap (because we don’t have insurance for the dog, we pay cash at the pharmacy for his scripts).

      But even so – I’m a retired police officer, and I’ve never seen anyone spending anywhere NEAR 10k on xanex. We saw track marks on his arms. His nodding off looked a hell of a lot more like opioids or heroin than xanex- people generally don’t nod from xanex, they just fall out completely. I’ve never seen anyone on xanex only that was nodding out and coming back like he was during that car ride. Everything about his eyes and his behavior screamed opiates.

      It comes down to this : clearly it was an exaggeration or a flat out lie. Why Mac would make up something so f’d up is beyond me but she clearly lives on a different plane of existence from the truth and anything resembling reality.

      Rhine has zero chance of staying sober as long as Mac and his parents are around enabling him and blaming Maci for everything he’s ever done wrong.

  19. So she left her own kid behind while she followed her husband of ONE day to rehab? After he drove them while high as a kite? Good lord. What pills is she taking herself?

    1. Big Mac and Ryan are perfect for each other. Both of their kids don’t come first…
      White trash, narcissistic parenting at its best. KARMA..

  20. Mackenzie needs to have several seats as far as the discourse between Ryan and Maci is concerned, because he has done nothing for his son and no one has held him accountable. This chick is trying to play this babe in the woods routine when there is no way she could have been in the dark about his drug use. I don’t believe it was 10k a week (they are one of the more well-off teen mom families, but they’re not that well-off) I think this is just another ploy for drama, but there’s just something about he that seems really disingenuous to me. And another thing, I get that you love your new paycheck, I mean husband, but how is she going to move to another state to follow him to rehab when she has a child of her own to tend to (I’m not even going to speculate that she has a job she’s leaving), wth is going on with these people’s lives?

  21. Mackenzie sounds like an awful enabler. All this stuff about Maci being one his triggers and how when Maci says she has no contact with him she’s lying bc she’s really just ignoring him. ANd how Maci is only doing what’s best for Maci. She’s allowed to do that. She’s allowed to decide who she talks to and when. She’s allowed to make boundaries and cut people off who are spending $10,000 a week on drugs. Maci isn’t in charge of making sure that Ryan’s life is as stress free and happy as possible. Maci is allowed to do things that are good for her mental health but that might piss Ryan off. I can imagine that the texts she was getting from Ryan were all either demanding to see more of Bentley or were blaming Maci for his problems.

    Being the wife of an addict is difficult. Mackenzie needs to do some serious research and probably get some counseling of her own so that she can understand how drugs affect someone, why people do drugs (not because they’re mad at Maci), how best to support someone in recovery (not feed into the idea that it’s all Maci’s fault), and how to make sure that she’s not an enabler or becoming codependent. In the meantime, she might want to step off her high horse and quit attacking anyone who dares to distance themselves from a man who is in the middle of battling a MASSIVE drug addiction. $10,000 a week! He must’ve been buying for other people too, or he must’ve been getting a horribly ripped off, or both.

    1. Oh I guarantee he was buying drugs for his friends too. Plus he was prob spending money on other hos. I still question his recent sobriety. How do you go from partying so hard w $10,000 worth of drugs a week, to getting sober after barely 30 days of rehab. Then immediately after rehab he was pictured w beer in his hands. People w addictive personalities like that have a big chance at getting addicted to other vices so easily. This is weird but after I got clean of pills, I turned into a huge couponing addict. Seriously. It got intense..I do that w everything I like. Bc of that I know I can’t drink and have to be careful, of who and what I’m around. FYI I’m off couponing now..

  22. Hahahaha… I don’t even know where to start with this idiot. Congratulations, Ryan, you’ve married someone so awful, you’ve made Maci likeable again.

    1. I’ve always liked Maci. Her and Chelsea seem to be the only ones that completely have their shit together and are great mothers.

  23. There is no reason she should be blaming maci for her husband’s major faults. Maci can help yes because he is Bentleys father. There is so much you can do though. Mack is the one who is his wife who should be there 24/7. Yes maybe contributed to his problems because maybe Ryan saw that he could have had a nice life with maci. He sees she’s married with multiple kids and they are doing farely well. Maybe he is jealous but there is more than just being sad about what happened. He didn’t have to do drugs. There are more people and things involved in someones drug use. He should have had help long ago.

    Here’s hoping Ryan gets help because we don’t need another let down as a father for these kids. Even if that person is shitty at times you shouldn’t wish I’ll on someone when they have people who love them. Hopefully Mack does love Ryan though since it was through being a “celebrity she probably wanted him in the first place

  24. Mackenzie is a total moron. Your man is spending $10,000 a week on drugs you still claim that you had no idea he was a drug addict??? Bitch, please.

    And WTF was that whole thing about Maci being a “trigger” to Ryan??? That statement alone just proves how insane this woman is. She is using every excuse in the book to hate Maci and blame her for everything. Mackenzie, we get it. You are so frickin’ jealous.

    Also, Bentley IS NOT HER CHILD! The co-parenting between Ryan and Maci is none of her damn business. She is crossing boundaries. And she claims Maci “ignores” Ryan’s text messages lol. Does she even know how many times Ryan ignored Maci’s phone calls and texts for all those years Maci actually tried to get him to be a father??? After awhile she gave up and let his enabler parents take over for him.

  25. $10,000 a week-NOWAY! He couldn’t afford that I’m sorry but no way no how! Clearly they had enough money for her to move into a rental in Texas to be near him…. I just don’t believe he spent that much! He was definitely doing heroin at the end. He had track marks and was nodding out in the car! I’ve been there and done all the pills and heroin I could for years and I can clearly tell what he’s been doing! I’ve been sober for over 3 years now and I’ve been to inpatient rehabs and did intensive outpatient programs. I relapsed so many times. You have to want it for yourself. Even after 3+ years I still take medication daily to keep myself sober. I hope he can do it! I just don’t see it happening. He should never have gotten married and what not. He needs to focus on himself and himself only! I really think after seeing last nights episode that Maci is a trigger for him an in my opinion it’s because he still loves her. I don’t know how Mackenzie doesn’t see it herself. Maybe she does but can’t admit it to herself. She’s so young and immature.. sad situation for Bentley

    1. Congrats on your sobriety. I myself am over 7 years sober. It’s a daily struggle for sure. Keep on keepin on.

  26. $10,000 each week on drugs, BUT YOU “Didn’t know!” HE HAD A PROBLEM???? Mack is either too stupid to remember her own lies, or too stupid to live, period. Ryan isn’t a good father. He doesn’t deserve credit. And you have no business talking about how Maci chooses to parent HER child, just because you married his deadbeat sperm donor.

  27. I’m sure a ton of money is gone from his bank account, and it wasn’t all spent on drugs, which I am sure she is trying to convince him that’s where it all went. This bitchy little nutria rat is all about money, demanding MTV pay her for this and that, and she’s pilfering from his wallet, no doubt. Nice braces. Next, she’ll get a chin implant, boobs, and nose job.

  28. She claims that she didn’t know, nor did her family. She blames Maci for not coming forward. He’s getting high 3 times a day for a $10,000/week, and no one knew? Come on. She’s angry with Maci saying that she never gave Ryan any credit. Credit for what? He is an absentee father who lets his parents have his parenting time. This girl is out for fame and money. No self-respecting woman or mother would have went through with their quicky wedding after seeing his high while driving the car. She is out for herself.

  29. Ryan is not a bad guy

    The problem is he’s never really put in the work to be a good guy. He literally peaked in his late teens, never pursued his education, never furthered a real career, and just didn’t really step up as a father.

  30. WTF kinda drugs was he doing that were $500 a pop??? 3x a day for 7 days at $500 equals out to that $10,000 number. Should have went for one of the bargain drugs like Meth or Heroin, much cheaper than whatever he was doing hahaha.

    1. I have some experience from about five years ago. I lived in a Midwest state. I could get an 80mg OxyContin for $60-80. I would buy two to have a really good time. 100mg morphine for about $50. Again, 2 for extra special times. A gram of heroin (had to travel to the big city for that) would be $120 and lasted the day. I cannot even imagine the amount of drugs he was doing to spend that kind of money unless he was being ripped way off or had to buy for a friend or two who had acres to the dealer bc he didn’t have any contacts of his own. Maybe he also got ripped off a lot and bought fake drugs and would then have to buy again. Maybe he was literally flying across the country a couple times a week to stock up and the $10000 includes plane tickets. I just cannot fathom how he could spend that much and not have overdosed.

      1. Agreed when I was the deepest in my heroin addiction using three times a day I was spending maybe $1000 a week. Xanax is not that much probably $5 max a pill and roxys about $60 to $80. So he was either getting super ripped off or over exadurating.
        But even though I hate Mac I do have to come to her defense about her possibly not knowing. When I was addicted to heroin my live in boyfriend had no idea at all. Addicts are professional liars. My ex still to this day had no idea I was doing heroin. Towards the end he kind of suspected it but had no clue.So from expirence it is possible she didn’t know for awhile.

  31. When your house is dirty, clean it and make it whole- Mac Logic
    And when your “fridge” is empty, head down to Food City for your local Floozy – Rhine Logic

  32. @TheAshley – are you going to be covering the new Jersey Shore show? Not Floribama, but the new one in 2018 with the original cast!?

  33. But again she did not notice? How is she going to blame this one on maci? Where was he getting that kind of money to begin with? Off-topic but excluding maci from Ryan’s recovery will only hurt Bentley

      1. You’re right they do get a lot of money for appearing on the show but if you think about it we maybe got one or two scenes with Ryan every three or four episodes so it would be nowhere near the amount he would need to sustain his drug habit

    1. Yeah, now she’s like “poor me, my husband is a drug addict” but she let him drive like that, she couldn’t possibly think he was just sleepy!

      1. In the very last scene of this episode that showed Mackenzie, she looks like she’s craving or withdrawaling. She’s clammy and a weird color. There’s no way she doesn’t/hasn’t been using. They have so many problems in their relationship, that she deflects towards maci! She thinks she’s been humiliated by Ryan’s drug use before, just wait. I read on another website that he’s been sleeping w his ex for a very long time. So…. blame that on maci. Also I loved when she walked off stage from the reunion and Amber was all in her face.. so funny.

        1. Did you read that on CDAN? I saw it earlier and it’s got me stumped as to which ex they were talking about. Lots of people where saying it’s Dallis. But i can’t imagine anyone wanting to rekindle anything with their loser ex who was busy banging rando’s while they were at hospital with their mother because she’s on her DEATH BED! Seems like a deal breaker, no?

          1. Haha yeah that’s where I read it. But I’m thinking it’s This Shelby Woods girl. I read in 2015 they owed $7000 back rent on an apartment. Suspicious. So if they had partied together to where rent couldn’t be paid then she seems like an ex he would cheat w and he could use w. It was on the inquisitor. So idk. But it was interesting.

          2. Oh I’d forgotten about her, that definitely makes more sense.

            Sidenote, how crazy is that site? I just found it recently and I’m addicted.

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