Moment Farrah Abraham is Fired, Amber Portwood Announces Her Pregnancy Shown in New ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 7 Preview

“Well, crap…”
Sky-diving, sex-shaming and (another) surprise pregnancy, oh my!

MTV has released a new extended trailer for the seventh season of Teen Mom OG which premiered Monday night, and, after watching the minute-long clip it’s clear that this season is going to be a doozy!

With Ryan Edwards finally coming out of his seasons-long, drug-induced fog, Amber Portwood discovering she’s pregnant with an oopsie baby by her new soulmate, Andrew Glennon, and Farrah Abraham (seemingly?) getting the boot from the show for showing her infamous backdoor on camera (again), it’s clear that Season 7 is going to full of fun stuff for The Ashley to recap!

Watch the new extended trailer below!

(Photo: MTV)

4 Responses

  1. I think they should get rid of most of them and Combine the two shows. I would keep Chelsea and Leah. Kailyn is nasty can’t be true to anyone 3 Babies all diff Daddies same with Jenelle. But they MUST KEEP Barbra and Nathan just to burn Jenelle and David’s ass.?

  2. Farrah is nothing but a Pig and has been nothing but Rude, Disrespectful and Immoral and she wants to Sue now that she’s been Fired? So sorry smart ass go lay on your back and make some more money that your PARENTS can be proud of you for. NASTY ASS

  3. They won’t fire Farrah, she’s been “fired” before. She brings too much controversy and drama to shut down her sh$t show for real. Sad, because their stated purpose is to “prevent teen pregnancy”. Having a poster child for borderline personality disorder/porn star/plastic surgery addict is hardly setting a high standard for behavior. Their excuse will be “well, we need to show ALL sides of the struggle and how different teen moms (with crazy money from the show, hardly representative of the typical teen Mom experience) handle their challenges.

  4. I haven’t been excited for OG in years. This season might actually be the one that surpasses Duhnelle and TM2.

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