‘Counting On’ Star Jill Duggar Dillard Takes Another Fashion Risk with Facial Piercing

“It’s getting crazy over here, y’all!”

First pants….now piercings?!

Jill Dillard is quickly becoming the most fashionable Duggar daughter. (Now that’s something we never thought we’d type!)

The married mother-of-two—who just weeks ago was spotted daring to wear pants in public—debuted a facial piercing at the Duggar Family’s annual Thanksgiving bash!

That’s right, kids, little Jilly Muffin got her nose pierced!

In photos posted to the Duggar website, Jill can be seen sporting a tiny stud in her nose. Normally, it’s no big deal for a young woman to get her nose pierced, but when you’re a Duggar it certainly is!

Patriarch Jim Bob Duggar has made plenty of comments about “treating your body as a temple” and “properly adorning your body.” While most of the Duggar girls have their ears pierced, none of the girls (or guys) has any other piercings that we know of. Tattoos are also off-limits (although Jinger Vuolo’s husband Jeremy does have a tattoo that he got long before he met Jinger.)

The Duggar clan has not made any statements about being against facial piercings; however the Bible does kind of state that body mods are not cool.

Leviticus 19:28 states, “You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead nor mark any tattoos on yourselves. I am the Lord.”

(For the record, The Ashley is not posting this to judge Jill. In fact, we think she looks great!)

Jill was happy to show off her nose stud in a photo posted to her Instagram account on Monday. Based on the comments the photo got, it seems that the majority of her fans are thrilled to see Jill breaking out of her family’s conservative dress code.

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“She is becoming herself, which is great!” one person wrote.

“Love the nose ring! Keep doing your own thing,” another fan posted.

So far, none of Jill’s sisters (other than Jinger) have gone outside Duggar dress code and tried wearing pants (or body jewelry) but perhaps it’s just a matter of time before Jana Duggar gets her belly button pierced!

(Photos: TLC, Instagram)

32 Responses

  1. Some places she might go to for missions consider it a religious act I think it’s subtle and less painful then getting a tattoo removed!

  2. I really feel sorry for him Bob, I think it’s horrible what jinger and jill have done dont they think about all the young girls who follow them, I hope they come back to the lord soon before they go to hell, I’ll be praying for them

  3. It’s probably fake to hide a zit. Or maybe it is silver sharpie on a zit. Because no way is that so healed looking without seeing it in other recent pictures.

  4. Dear Jill – NO. Just no. Seriously, is this how you wish to remembered…? As resisting the will of Jehovah God and as pleasing hedonistic social construct? I can’t even show my husband this post, I’m that disappointed. Don’t even know what to say. My God bless you.

    1. ….Moreover, this is evidence of Christians being influenced by heathens. Go to bed with dogs, you’ll wake up with fleas, hon.

      1. Nope. You see, Jilly, I have you in a nutshell: You’re trying to distract. But Jilly, there are MANY of us who support Derrick and all that he is standing for as a Christian. Don’t play secular games, honey.

  5. She looks good. Now, if only she could get a new husband, birth control, a job and some real education. Therapy wouldn’t hurt either.

  6. Jill is an idiot. Having her nose pierced does nothing to change that. She is married to a lazy, hate-filled loser who refuses to work. She should dump him, get a job and some self respect.

  7. It’s a distraction from derrick. These people are crazy, but they aren’t dumb. Next stupid tweet from derrick, I bet she chops her hair.

  8. If this is legit I am totally shocked. She must be going through some sort of identity crisis and trying to break away from everything.

  9. Yeah, I’m sure all of this positive publicity is just to make her more likable after “Transgender is a myth” hate her husband spewed. Heck, maybe he even made her do it, he’s the patriarch of the family. She isn’t really breaking free guys.

    1. Oh hands down: she is just trying to keep a spot on the show for her and her boys. If she’s the “rebellious Duggar” they won’t fire her from the show – regardless of whether the piercing is real or fake.

      1. Don’t forget her husband was recently fired. So she prob wants to stay interesting to at least keep her in it wothout him included.

  10. The bible. Jesus got pierced 2017 years ago. Animals get killed for trophyhunting. Parents get arrested for abusing their kids.
    Worst show ever, I never watch. Just 2 episodes made me think the parents needed help. O..and one of their kids and his dr Miamiwife. Duggars; god doesn’t like you. Pretty sure! Tlc; stop giving idiots a platform.

  11. Errr umm… Can I be the first to say I think it’s either fake or magnetic… I would absolutely LOVE to think these girls and guys had true minds of their own but something tells me this is mini ‘publicity stunt’ to attempt to be relevant and her yuck husband out of the negative spotlight. #games

    1. Second that! It’s totally a magnetic one. She saw the pants got picked up by several sites. So a new way to up the ante enough to try to see if TLC will change their mind due to interest of the public.

    2. I think it’s either fake or she would have had it done months ago. I don’t think your piercing can look that good after just having it. If will have to be red around the piercing for the first few weeks at least. Your body is trying to close that hole and that causes irritation before it makes a tunnel around it.

  12. Why is hers looking not irritated at all? My nostril was Rudolph the Reindeer red for 1,5 months! I still can’t wear a ring yet, even though it’s been 3 months now.
    Have to be honest, didn’t expect this from Jill of all Duggars.

  13. im surprised they are wearing jeans..jeans tend to show off your butt-at least thats why i buy them..the face piercing ..im totally shocked.i wonder who willl be the first to get a tattoo..?

    1. Depends on the cut of the pants or dress/skirt I guess. I have dresses that are very form-fitted (also don’t always rock the confidence to wear them due to people calling my butt a Kim K butt) and jeans that hide my butt a little.

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