‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie Standifer Reveals What Hubby Ryan Edwards Does For a Living & When They’ll Have More Kids

“You best be about ready to start makin’ babies!”

There may be (yet another) baby joining the cast of Teen Mom OG sometime soon!

Now that Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer have had their re-do wedding, it seems that the couple is considering adding another kid to their family. In a new blog post, Mackenzie revealed that she and Ryan have adopted theDuggar Mindset” when it comes to family planning.

Mackenzie revealed that she and Ryan (who each have a son from previous relationships) are considering procreating again.

“We both want ONE more,” Mackenzie wrote. “God’s plan is good enough for us. We will have one in His timing!”

In the blog post, Mackenzie also talked about how she’s adjusted to becoming a stepmom to Ryan’s nine-year-old son Bentley (whose mom is Mackenzie’s sometimes-Reunion-screaming-partner, Maci Bookout). She discussed how she parents her own son, Hudson, and Bentley.

“That is a new one that I’m figuring out day by day,” she wrote. “I love these two little guys equally. They are both so unique and so special. It is really cool to be able to plan fun things for us all to do that suit everyone’s needs. I treat [Bentley] no different than I do my own son. When B comes over, he knows that there are rules to abide by… as does H.”

It seems that Mackenzie has had a sudden change of heart regarding having more kids. Back in August, she told fans on Instagram that there would be no pregnancies any time soon.

In addition to answering the questions about parenting, Mackenzie answered a question about the jobs she and Ryan hold. (“Job” tends to be a four-letter word for the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise cast, so this is kind of interesting to read, in The Ashley‘s opinion.)

“I am going to school for nursing!” Mackenzie wrote. “I unfortunately had to put college off for a bit because HELLO!! BABY!! WORKING TO SURVIVE HERE!! Ryan is a lineman as well as a diesel mechanic. He went to school for both. (YES… he actually went to college.)”

Our faces when we read that Ryan went to college…

As ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans know, Ryan spent some time in rehab earlier this year, so it’s unknown if he is currently working, or if he had to take a leave of absence from his job to get himself straight. We can assume that Ry was working to support his drug habit, which Mackenzie recently revealed was costing him up to $10,000 a week! Of course, those hefty ‘Teen Mom OG’ paychecks probably helped fund the habit as well.

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  1. Thank you for your honesty. i’ve been in AA for many years. You’re writing indicates that you really work on yourself and your sobriety. Good for you.

  2. P.S. Please don’t have a child while Ryan is still “getting sober” I found out I was pregnant while I was in rehab & while I love my baby with all my heart, I certainly wish I had been sober for at least a couple years before I had another little one. My husband & I made the best of a difficult situation & I’m glad that I was at least committed to being & staying sober but there were some joys of pregnancy & having a new little one I feel I missed out on because I had to focus that much harder on staying sober. Yes, let God’s will be done but he also gives us ways to protect ourselves from things we are unable to handle. Sometimes God’s will is that we get on lifeboat he sends our way.

    1. Thank you for your honesty. i’ve been in AA for many years. You’re writing indicates that you really work on yourself and your sobriety. Good for you.

  3. As a drug addict (currently rehabilitated) I wonder why none of these addicts take control of their lives again by counseling & suboxone (for heroine addicts) why do they think that they can just spend 30 (21) days in rehab & then they’re all better? It takes a lot to get sober & to stay sober & with all of the advantages they have at their disposal they should be. Suboxone has changed my life in a way I never thought would be possible & counseling reinforces the choice I made to get sober to stay on the right path. I have also recently started whole body cryotherapy which has helped immensely with the damage I did when I broke my back at 19yrs. I can confidently say that I would rather do a week of WBC over taking prescription opiates for a week but I don’t believe I would be able to make that choice if I didn’t have a stable support system keeping my life on track. Drugs do change your brain wiring to only think about your next fix even while you’re currently getting high, suboxone has blocked those desires & counseling has helped addressed the emotional issues of why I became an addict in the first place. As a “regular” person if I am able to take advantage of the many different aspects of getting sober I have to wonder why these “stars” can’t or more likely won’t do anything & everything they need to in order to live healthy sober lives for themselves & for their children. I’m sorry but NO Ryan, you have no right to just start becoming a dad again because you completed a stint in rehab without showing that you can stay sober & take care of yourself, let alone your son, just because you FEEL like it is your right. Without regular counseling & doing whatever helps to keep you sober & being able to pass routine, random drug testing, at best you’re allowed to have supervised visits with your son. It will only benefit the both of you to be able to create a connection & bond that was lost during your time on drugs & in rehab. Watching the episode I saw signs of addict behavior in Ryan by demanding to see his son, being cruel to Maci about it, & not considering how his behavior affected his son, only thinking of what RYAN wanted. I’m sorry Mackenzie while Maci’s “name” may upset Ryan & bring up bitter memories she is not the trigger for Ryan’s drug use, his inability to let go of past hurt & anger & unwillingness to deal with those feelings are what triggers him. If Maci is such a HUGE trigger then she should be a part of his rehabilitation because she will always be Bently’s mother & in order to have a healthy relationship with his son he needs to have a healthy co-parenting relationship with Maci. There are many issues to be dealt with in order for Ryan to be ready to step up & be a dad & blaming Maci only impedes any progress Ryan may have made. However from what I can see he hasn’t taken responsibility for his drug use & will fall off the wagon, if he hasn’t already.

    1. I’m in recovery too and I noted the same exact thing about Ryan’s behavior. The word, “ENTITLEMENT” came to mind (in all caps-obvi!). His attitude sucked. He took no accountability for all the years he wasn’t present for his son and his parents watched his child. He has been on very serious drugs for a long time but now that he wants his child-he assumes he can snap his fingers and bam! Bentley better be there or Maci’s gonna pay! He was actually threatening her. He has no insight into his behavior-most likely because 3 wks isn’t enough time to clear one cob web from your brain. He may be clean but he’s definitely not sober. He left rehab early-a VERY bad sign. He should have gone to after-care and probably a half -way house. He’s doing it his way and that usually doesn’t end well. It’s too bad his parents continue to enable him. You can see McKenzie gunning for Maci now and egging him on-urging him to make resentments (the worst thing for an addict).

  4. Ryan was just in rehab a few months ago, shouldn’t he be sober/clean for at least a year before they even make a decision like that?

  5. Jen please do NOT SLEEP WITH BENTLEY! He is far too old for that and you will psychologically damage him. Maybe that’s what happened with Ryan.

    Larry I always loved you as the voice of reason but you’re going off the rails lately. Maci is not in love with Ryan. Lol!

    Kyle: is it true you’re Bentley’s bio dad?

    Taylor: you are NOT the father. Back the f up.

    Mackenzie: what can I say? You need to grow up and start working with Maci for the sake of Bentley and Ryan. You come across as a jealous wackadoodle.

  6. Not defending Rhine at all (and especially not Mackenzie), but if I remember correctly, Rhine was working as a diesel mechanic during Maci’s 16 & Pregnant episode. I think he got fired from that job in the first or second season of Teen Mom and I can’t remember him ever working after that.

    I used to follow him on Twitter a few years ago (he WAS funny for awhile), and I do remember him talking about lineman school around the time he wrecked his Camaro (when he was still dating Shelby). How the hell would he ever pass or get a job when he’s on drugs?! I know a few linemen in my area and it’s a very competitive field; power companies around here regularly drug test, as they should for such a dangerous job, and they don’t hesitate to fire people for what some would even consider to be minor infractions. No way Rhine has ever held down a job as a lineman, even if he managed to finish school. And even if he IS able to work as a diesel mechanic or a lineman, I wonder if Mackenzie realizes that it’s even more pathetic that Rhine has two rather well-paying trades that he could be working at but he makes a CHOICE to be a drug addicted bum.

    1. not to mention Ryan hasnt worked at those jobs in years and those jobs need to be kept current in order for you to be hirable. mackenzie once being enrolled in nursing school means didly squat. do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

  7. I object to the use of the term “star” in this headline. She is the current partner of the ex of a reality show personality. She’s a side-car at best.

    She may one day star in a spin-off titles “X Squared” the exes of Teen Mom exes.

  8. Watching the episodes tonight, I gotta say, I liked Stoned better than “sober” Ryan (which PS, I don’t buy for a second that 21days of rehab sobered him up or that he is currently sober). I wanted to reach through my tv and slap his immature ass. How dare he make entitled demands to see Bentley?! Props to Jen for being the voice of reason tonight but we all know Mack sure as hell isn’t.

    I have never had to experience detoxing but it would seem to me that if it takes 9 days to detox, you are clearly using a lot and for a long time. Can anyone shed some information on typical detox timeline, please? I’m sincerely curious. Thanks.

    1. I was recently in hospital for 9 weeks as I have chrones disease. I was on the gastro ward, which also treats people with liver problems- mainly alcoholics! I learnt a lot about alcoholism and detox! A detox, medically, takes 5 full days of drugs and infusions. However, mentally is takes months to retrain your brain and body to recover fully xxx

      1. Lauren, thanks for your reply. That’s interesting about the detox timeline. Sorry to hear you spent so long in the hospital with Crohn’s. I have UC and 9 weeks (over about 4 months)in the hospital when I was first diagnosed. The rest of that time, I spent bedridden at home. I feel your pain. I hope you are able to get the illness until enough control to avoid lengthy future hospital stays. It’s always nice to meet (well, cyber-meet)someone in a similar situation. Good luck and best wishes.

  9. How are you a lineman AND a diesel mechanic? 20 hours at one and 20 at the other? WTFever Mackenzie.

    Of COURSE she now has a change of plans and wants a baby to prove to all of Twitter that SHE is his woman. Ignore all those weekly hook-ups behind the curtain folks, SHE has that ring on her finger so SHE is the one he loves. GAG. Desperation, thy name is Mackenzie. What a joke. A few weeks in rehab and he’s suddenly doing fantastic….he’s got 2 careers, an expensive wedding, a real commitment to a girl that looks old enough to be his mom, and plans to start the perfect family just like Mimi Jen. Congrats Mackenzie, you showed US. Give me a call when you need the number of a good therapist, you moron.

  10. This girl is more delusional than Jenelle thinking that a Ke$ha concert is more important than court….It’s like shes trying to prove to everyone that her and Rhine are perfect….like if she says it enough it’ll come true.

  11. She has such a punchable face.. She reminds me of Jenelle trying so desperately to show the world a fake image of their relationship. Trying to act like they are so happy and in love.. Bitch please. Go the hell away.

  12. Well, if there’s one thing we have learned from this show it’s fhat a trap baby definitely fixes everything!

  13. Also, FYI, it’s up to YOU to prevent or plan a pregnancy, not sky daddy. (not at all meaning to hurt anyone who is trying unsuccessfully)

  14. …what? Is she saying she had to put off college to have a baby? Or is she calling Ryan a baby? I don’t understand this girl. Please do not have another child.

    1. I’m almost positive she got pregnant in high school. I remember reading (I no longer watch the show) that she and Maci bonded over the fact that they both got knocked up as teenagers and were planning weddings before they even graduated.
      I’d assume from that, she’s meaning that she took off time to raise Hudson.

  15. Yes, I’m sure a couple of multi-year apprenticeships and years of full-time work went completely unremarked-upon on the show. Also, I’m sure he managed to hold down these jobs while he was high enough to look down on the International Space Station.

  16. I think if Rhine actually went to school, we’d have heard about it at some point in all these years. I think his job is Teen Mom but Mack wanted to hopefully make us believe he’s employed elsewhere.

    1. I’m wondering if it was a vocational school of sorts. Would make more sense than college with the jobs he supposedly holds.

      1. It probably a vocational school. But she said he went to “college.” Those are two different things. She’s just a liar.

  17. Once again, she is full of shit. They’ve discussed the fact that he hasn’t had a job in years on this show more than once. Girrrrrl….I hope the kids don’t look anything like you, and I hope they are better liars.

  18. I’d take everything this girl says with a grain of salt. She puts on an act for the public (that’s why he turned the camera off when Ryan was driving in the car) to make it look like their life is all fine and dandy.

    1. Nah. She’s going to blow up like Gilbert Grape’s mom. Instead of just looking like a nutria rat, she’s going to look like the nutria rat that ate ALL the cheese.

  19. Ryan is only a few months Ito his sobriety, why on earth would you be trying to have a baby now. Give it a year. She’s so desperate to stay on this show it’s sad.

    1. They will get a baby bonus from MTV of $20,000., sell pics to Radar online, interviews. They would sell their soul to the devil, these parents already sold out their kids future well being.

    2. I highly doubt Ryan has been sober for the past few months. You don’t go from where he was to completely fine in a few weeks of “rehab”. He didn’t even stay the whole time, and the day he got out they were on their way to a party on a boat with a beer in his hand. More fakeness and cover-ups from Mimi Jen 2.0.

  20. Ryan was on drugs the first time he married Mac,no job,cheated (while married), and $10000 a week on drugs. Why is she acting like her life is so happy? Why would you bring another child into the world knowing all this? Mac is Delusional!! Maci, Maci, maci, maci trying to trigger Ryan. I think is trigger is children because everyone knows he doesn’t want to raise them!!

  21. The Mack definitely knows how to secure her money, then… smart woman. Calculating, shady and absolutely no fan-favorite, but still smart enough to make sure that she’s eventually getting paid one way or another. Either that, or Rhine’s brain is so far down the drain due to his drug abuse that he’s simply too stupid to see right through her.
    Also, wasn’t Rhine the one who, at one of the reunions, was confused as to why he ought to get a job? Who would want somebody as irresponsible as Rhine working for them?

  22. This girl is so easy to read. All she wants is fame, money and attention. I also hate how fake she is. She tries to act like her life is all rainbows and butterflies with Ryan when we all know that is so far from the truth. For crying out loud the guy was high as a kite on their wedding day hunting down vagina on tinder right after he got out of rehab. That doesn’t at all sound like the perfect life she tries to paint it out to be. My life certainly isn’t perfect and I don’t try to act like it is.

  23. I don’t believe a word this girl says. Neither one of them are working or going to school. I also don’t believe how much he spent on drugs in a week. He doesn’t make that much from MTV. She is a pathological liar and probably an addict herself.

  24. Got to have a baby got to keep that Teen mom money coming
    one way or another I’m sure it’s also crossed her mind that she is so entertaining she will get her on slot with a baby

  25. I read on another website that David manages janelles money and they do so much drugs that she is close to going broke.

    1. I saw a blind item on Twitter saying that…people were assuming it was Jenelle. I can see why, wouldn’t be surprised.

  26. Haha what he does for a living is drugs. And he may have a degree but he doesn’t do anything as far as a job.

  27. Ummm…let me guess…his own truck is a diesel, so he’s a diesel ‘mechanic,’ and the lines going up his nose make him a lineman?

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