‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 7 Premiere Recap: Black Tears, Baby Predictions & A Bad Birthday Party

“Did all those rides in the Mamber Mobile mean NOTHING to him?!”

We’re all undoubtedly still recovering from the innumerable eye-roll inducing moments the latest season of Teen Mom 2 delivered (in addition to the innumerable amount of new humans), but MTV is determined to keep the merriment (aka money) rolling with the return of Teen Mom OG! #NoDaysOff

We can’t wait to see how much these girls have grown up and matured since the last time we saw them. HAHAHAHA!

This season kicks off… before the last one ended, apparently. They take us back to that fine day where Maci accused Mackenzie of having poop-filled eyes (or something), Mackenzie wrote a letter to Maci about the magic of time (or something), and Matt promised to deliver a backpack ‘o’ money to Amber (or something).

(In MTV’s defense, that last reunion was a kicker so we don’t completely blame them for milking it some more. They take us back in time to show us some of the footage we didn’t see at the last Reunion.)

The first OG we catch up with is Maci, who is feeling nervous about facing Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie, since the world found out Ryan had gone all “Jenelle and Kieffer circa 2012.”

(Apparently Ry missed that whole “No Hope With Dope” episode of Saved By The Bell…)

“Let that biotch say ONE THING about me at that Reunion and I’ll strangle her with Dr. Drew’s sportcoat sleeve!”

With Ryan in rehab, Maci is dealing with little to no communication on his status and she’s trying to handle the situation the best way she can for Bentley.

Naturally, Maci invites a friend over to her house to vent about the ordeal. (Of course, no crap-talking can begin until said friend has changed into the latest fashions from Maci and Taylor’s TTM clothing line!

“There, I put the stupid shirt on. Can I be in the scene now?”

(That Maci is quite the multi-tasker—she can hawk her weird clothes while bagging on her baby-daddy at the same time!)

Maci tells her pal that she feels Mackenzie is withholding info on Ryan’s rehab stay in order to hold it over Maci’s head. Still, she vows to refrain from charging at Mackenzie, Amber-style, once they both get on stage at the Reunion.

Soon, all of MTV’s favorite breeders have arrived in New York City for the Reunion. Even Farrah has dragged the latest incarnation of her face and body to participate in the festivities!

Something tells me that, somewhere in Austin, there’s a mini horse without a tail…

We watch (from a different angle) as Maci comes out on stage to chat with Dr. Drew.

As we see Maci on stage we also get to watch Mackenzie watching Maci backstage. This whole thing is getting rather ‘meta’ and kind of weird, and I don’t like it.

But why are there no pants…

Also…where is Butch in all of this? Why isn’t there a “Butch Cam” capturing the activities of Butch (Truman-Show-style) during the entire Reunion? It would be way more exciting watching Mackenzie roll her eyes and flip her Anna Wintour bob around.

Maci tells Dr. Drew that Ryan getting all hopped up on the happy pills has caused a lot of trouble for everyone around him. Mackenzie is not happy about that comment and she gets even madder when Maci tells Dr. Drew she didn’t want to “hurt” Mackenzie so she didn’t talk to her about it.

(Meanwhile, the rest of the ‘Teen Mom’ crew is sitting around, snarfing down pretzels and watching the live feed like it’s an episode of The Jerry Springer Show.)

“I’ve got five bucks that one of these broads throws a chair within the next five minutes!”

Mackenzie comes out, makes that set her slam poetry stage and ultimately storms off, feeling happy that she done gave Maci a piece of her damn mind!

It’s the footage we’ve already seen, but this time, we get a glimpse of some of the backstage drama that went on, courtesy of Amber. After watching Mackenzie read Maci the Riot Act on stage, Amber decides to stand up for her man for her friend. (Because, you guys, “that’s a real woman!”)

“I’m only gonna ask you this one time: Have you seen a backpack full of money?”

Mackenzie passes by Amber and Amber lets her have it, telling Mackenzie she’s a “f**king c**t.” (I’m surprised MTV didn’t wheel the ol’ lie-detecting machine out and have Drew tell the crowd, “And we’ll find out if Mackenzie really IS a c**t, right after this commercial break!” That’s TV gold, guys!)

“She’s lucky that I have self-control now!” Amber tells whatever random crew member happens to be standing next to her.

“Someone hold my Forever Haute earrings. I’m gonna finish this biotch!”

Mackenzie storms off backstage, demanding that the camera crew get out of her way.

Meanwhile, Catelynn and Amber commend Maci for keeping her cool. They continue to doubt the validity of Mackenzie’s claims that she didn’t know anything about Ryan’s drug issues. Amber keeps bragging about calling Mackenzie names.

Look at Amber, making her prison pals proud!

Speaking of issues, Farrah is backstage talking about her birthday party with her dad Michael and her plumped-up pal Paola (who for some reason is wearing lingerie to a TV show taping…as you do). Naturally (a word we don’t use often when speaking of Farrah), the conversation doesn’t end without making a jab at her mom’s fiancé, David. Despite not getting along with David (or mankind in general), Farrah says she’s invited Deb to her shindig.

Sophia asks Farrah if she can go hang out with Debz, but Farrah tells her no because Debz is with someone she “doesn’t like right now.” (It’s David, by the way…)

“I’m so over this crap.”

Debra is unsure if she should attend Farrah’s party. Deb’s having a hard time, and we know that because her voice has gone up about 10 octaves as she talk-cries about her strained relationship with her daughter.

Meanwhile, Amber hits the stage and we see (again) the whole Amber-Matt on-air phone call argument take place. The backpack of money is mentioned, but this time we get to see Gary’s reaction to Amber and Matt’s argument.

When you know you dodged a great big bullet…

He’s chuckling like someone just told him it was time to go run a 5k. You can tell Gary is sort of happy to see that Amber and Matt’s love train ‘o’ drama has finally wrecked.

Afterward, we see Amber telling the girls Matt needs therapy and that he should maybe try telling the truth occasionally. In other shocking news, the sky is blue and Farrah’s boobs are fake, people!

The girls stuff their faces full of free food as Maci talks about how therapy won’t work for Matt unless he can admit his faults. (This is, of course, rich coming from Maci, who has yet to ever admit she was wrong about anything, ever.)

“Otherwise therapy is just going to be icing on a cake of lies!” Maci tells the group.

(If I were Matt, I’d trademark that phrase right now to use for his inevitable “Life with Amber” tell-all book!)

“If I have to, I’ll put him in time out and take away the Mamber Mobile for a few days! That’ll show him!”


Once all of the girls have had their opportunities to cry/walk off the stage, the Reunion filming is over. This, of course, means… it’s time to party!

Farrah shellacs her latest face (and Sophia’s, of course) in preparation for her birthday party. She tells Paola she’s offended that Debra’s “fiancé thing” David didn’t sign her birthday card and Paola pretends to be sympathetic because that’s what her script told her to do.

“This is how I smile.”

After walking the red carpet for the birthday party, Farrah shoves Sophia in a car with a babysitter and heads off to celebrate her favorite thing—herself. The first to greet Farrah upon her arrival is David, who wasn’t even invited to the party. He says hello to Farrah and she responds with, “Are you being obnoxious or like, do you care?”

They then have a weird interaction about caring about each other and wanting to work on things. Farrah then immediately runs off to talk about how fake David is.

Also still in New York is Amber, who is having a mellow night in with her cousin/forever plus one, Krystal.

“I wonder if this would be a bad time to ask Amber if it’s OK if we order more mozzarella sticks from room service?”

Amber is struggling with the whole Matt thing and isn’t too excited to get back home to see him. Who could blame her?

Krystal and the random producer try to convince Amber to ditch Matt for good this time.

Catelynn and Tyler head home from New York early because they are picking up the keys to their new house. They’re pumped to be moving into the house that kind of looks like a cookie jar, and so is Nova, who tells them the house has ghosts.

Catelynn is worried, though, because Butch hasn’t been seen in a while. That’s never a good sign, as an unseen Butch is often a non-sober one. Tyler tells a producer that Butch is off parole which may mean Butch’s sobriety is in question.

“I’m starting to think a live Butch cam wouldn’t be a bad idea…”

Tyler and Cate invite him for dinner in an effort to talk to him about his anxiety/sobriety and also to get eyes on him before the cops get handcuffs on him!

Back in Tennessee, Maci is driving with her kids and Bentley is trying to put Maverick’s shoes on in the backseat. He tells Maci the shoes won’t fit and asks her to look back so he can show her. Maci tells Bentley she can’t look back because she’s looking at her phone driving.

Seriously…no caption needed.

Maci, it’s been 104 episodes since we’ve watched you drive without having your phone in your hand…1123 hours since you’ve paid attention to the road….

Too soon?

Mackenzie is also driving, but she’s off to Dallas to go visit Ryan in the ‘hab. During the drive, Mackenzie talks to a friend (coincidentally named Dallas) about Ryan having learned his lesson about the dangers of drugs and whatnot. The cameras weren’t allowed to film inside the rehab facility so we are forced to go back to Mackenzie’s rented Dallas apartment to get the scoop on what happened there.

“I better start writin’ my next letter to Maci. There’s only 110 more days until the next Reunion!”

She tells a producer that Ryan was using three times a day and spending up to $10,000 a week on drugs, which is totally news to her. She also takes an opportunity to blame Maci for everything and goes off on a rant so heated that we’re just waiting for her retainer to fly out quicker than Ryan’s junk when he gets a hankering for some Food City stranger lovin’.

Again…too soon?

Mackenzie tells Producer Kiki that just hearing Maci’s name causes Ryan to “trigger,” and that Ryan feels like he’s never been given any credit for raising Bentley.

Um…probably because he napped through most of the kid’s childhood…just sayin’…

Back at Maci’s, she and her friend (still rocking the TTM gear) are still talking about Ryan and the whole rehab situation. Maci says she doesn’t know what’s going on post-rehab and doubts Ryan’s ability to get clean in 30 days.

Our faces when everyone keeps saying it will only take Ryan 30 days or less to get clean…

She says she’s standing firm (in her power—sorry, we can’t help it) with keeping Ryan at a distance from Bentley if he doesn’t take the necessary steps to get better.

In Michigan, Catelynn has apparently traded her trusty zebra hoodie (#RIP) for some sort of lavender Muppet fur sweatshirt that she’s been wearing the entire episode.

Which poor Fraggle did Cate skin to make this coat?

It’s a big day for Cate because she’s buying yet another farm animal to help with her anxiety. She arrives at the stables with an envelope full of cash (that she may or may not have had to wrestle away from Butch).

Does Gary have an Amish cowboy brother who lives in Michigan?

She gives the stable owner the money and is overjoyed that Callie the Horse is now hers.

“Horses is my passion,” Catelynn says. (Apparently the schools in Michigan “aren’t well” either?)

She sits down with Tyler (and a goat, naturally) and talks about how great life will be now that they have a new house and a new horse. Ain’t teen pregnancy grand, y’all!?

Back in New York, everyone is popping bottles in celebration of Farrah. Deb decides to get the attention of the packed room to introduce “her” guest of honor, Farrah.

“Oh dear Lord, here we go…”

She encourages Farrah to make a speech. She keeps yelling “Speech! Speech!” and assumes everyone will join in but… no one does. (Hey, they were paid to sit in the room and play “the friends,” but they were NOT paid to yell things!)

Farrah thanks everyone for being there “and all that jazz.” She’s clearly not thrilled with her mother’s outburst.

Deb later comes to sit with Farrah to talk about how crappy it is that Farrah hasn’t talked to her in a while. Deb’s breathing basically a whole bottle of merlot all over Farrah, and Farrah’s not having it at all. To the surprise of no one, the conversation ends with Farrah telling her mom she’s “got a f***ing problem with some fake s**t.”

It’s such a Hallmark moment.

Um…are they drinking champagne out of test tubes or…?

Meanwhile, Michael and David take a moment to chat, which quickly goes south when Michael attempts to offer David some advice… that advice being not to speak to his daughter a certain way. David (who, in case you haven’t heard, is a doctor) tells Michael he doesn’t need his advice and furthermore, that his daughter needs therapy.

Well, tear out the front page, Doc! This is totally new information!

Security steps in and basically tells the men that the hall is rented and to not shed any blood on the rug, so they move their argument outside. David again tells Michael he needs to encourage Farrah to get help, specifically because of the things that went on in her parents’ marriage, including Michael’s affairs.

The security guard (who was the one who married Jenelle Evans and her latest soulmate, by the way), just stands there hating his life as Michael attempts to continue the conversation. David decides to instead throws some jazz hands up and head back inside, calling Michael a “f***ing son of a bitch” in the process…as you do.

“Never underestimate the power of jazz hands, Michael.”

There was truly a missed opportunity here. How easy would it have been for someone to go get a blow-up pool and a bunch of Jello from a Walgreens and let the Men of Deb’s Boudoir fight it out to the death?

Next we head to Gary’s house in Indiana, where Leah has gotten wind of her mom’s old habit of throwing TVs at Gar, and kicking him down the stairs. (Darn those Interwebs!)

“Leah found out that Amber used to beat me up a little here and there,” Gary tells his wife.

He’s trying to handle it the best way possible. On top of that, with the confirmation that Matt had relapsed, Gary is going full protection mode with his daughter. He is refusing to allow “Matthew” to drive Leah at all. (I suppose poor Leah can kiss those rides in the Mamber Mobile goodbye!)

While Gary discusses his daughter’s safety, Amber visits a psychic podcast to get some insight on her relationship from the other side.

“I’m seeing that you have a child, I’m hearing a daughter,” one of the psychics tells Amber, the girl who is on the show called TEEN MOM, mind you!

Just when we start to believe these psychics are complete hacks, one comes through with an eerie prediction. She says that she sees Amber having a second child (this is months before Ambie got knocked up by her next soulmate, Andrew, mind you.)

The moment Amber thought she might become Matt’s tenth baby-mama…

That may have been a lucky guess though, because another one of the psychics then predicts that Amber and Matt will get married. Well, they will…but just not to each other. (No one looked into their crystal ball and saw Matt marrying some rando Vegas waitress a few months after getting the heave-ho by Amber. Go figure.)

Meanwhile in Michigan, Butch has arrived at Catelynn and Tyler’s. He’s got a confession to make. He reveals that he has been using drugs again, and tells Tyler that he needs to get his spiritually right and compares his desire to do drugs to a person’s need for sex.

Butch is bringing the Guy Fieri vibes hard with those backward shoulder sunglasses…

After Butch leaves, Tyler and Cate talk about what they can do to help. Then Cate licks his nose, because apparently she’s fully committing to this farm animal thing.

Over in Texas, Farrah and Michael sit down to talk (at Froco, natch). They chat about what went down in New York between Michael and Dr. David.

(Meanwhile Farrah leaves Sophia to hold down the fort inside FroCo while this conversation is happening, which makes total sense.)

Michael tells Farrah about the “little talk” he had with David and how things nearly got physical. Farrah says that David is a weirdo and a freak and she wishes him and Deb good luck “on their rings. (??)

Uh-oh…it looks like someone’s been raiding Debz OG’s closet!

Farrah says she feels bad for her mom for being with someone like David and again calls everyone fake.

Finally, we head to Indiana. Amber is back from New York and trying to brace herself to face Matt (or for Matt’s face, same/same).

Jesus God Leah, please tell me Matt bought Amber an “I’m sorry I cheated and spent all your money” card!

Their reunion has more tension than Matt has children. Amber says she has trust issues and gets defensive when Matt says he does, too. She asks him if he’s high and he tells her he wishes he were, trying to make a joke. He then tells the camera that he relapsed hard this year.

Things are not going well for Matt.

Enjoy that title while you can, Matty…

They both agree the wedding needs to be put on the back burner, but then Amber takes it one step further and tells him the engagement should be done as well. Matt’s jaw drops like he didn’t see this coming… but then again, he didn’t go on the psychic podcast so how could he have known?

Matt tells Amber that they’ll go to counseling and get back to their lives together. Amber doesn’t seem so thrilled with Matt’s plan.

Good luck with your rings, Matt and Amber!

The episode ends with Catelynn bottle-feeding a baby goat and plenty of shots of Gary in a tank top.

Damn…I’m so glad these knuckleheads are back in our lives!

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(Photos: MTV)

44 Responses

  1. Sorry he is still using something from the look on his face when he just went blank to the point his wife and mother asked what was wrong. Also what big dark secret does the dad have on maci all of a sudden? The whole family has issues mom can’t let go of him, dad who swore maci was a life saver and good mom now has a secret to tell that will show the truth including bentley knowing it? Like wtf that family is so messed up and if not for maci he would never see that kid. Delusional I’ll just go out and get every lawyer possible (sure with what money) and I’ll fight it in court. Well good luck with that when you drove hopped up on drugs to your shot gun wedding. Yes maci can be a witch but she is right he is only getting time with ryan because she allows it she didn’t have to with this whole mess. I hate that entire family so sick of any show applauding a bunch of doped up idiots

  2. I know it’s not from this episode but:
    Ryan sitting around a fire, saying how he’s fine, 21 days out of rehab for a years-long opiate addiction, Coors Light in hand…. that entire family is Soooo far in denial it’s sick.

  3. With Matt gone, hopefully for good, Ryan has officially become least tolerable male cast member of Teen Mom OG. The only good girl he ever met, Maci, was smart enough to move on from him. He’s got absolutely no perspective, didn’t know what to do with his life, felt like the victim and turned to drugs, while Maci, even though she’s no saint, somehow managed to build a life for herself and found a family.
    The only two reasons I can imagine him pushing so hard for custody at this point are
    1) because he no longer subdues his pain/failure with drugs, he becomes violent/lashes out and wants people around him to “hurt the way he does”
    2) Mack’s pushing him hard, because Rhine not having custody or visitation with Bentley lessens her chance of a better custody deal with her ex baby daddy. If her ex has got any common sense, he won’t allow his kid to spend any unsupervised time around a “former” drug addict fresh out of rehab.

  4. @The Ashley- you couldn’t have summed up this episode any better!!!!???❤️ Hilariously true! Keep up the good work!!

  5. Whoa whoa whoa…. did anyone watch the second new episode that came on last night. Ryan’s part where maci came over? Wtf. Ryan’s dad kept saying ‘one day you all willl know the truth and so will Bentley.’ And Ryan was bitting his nails, saying ‘don’t say anything, talk to me about it later’ and it seemed to be about maci and her husband. What is that about. It was intense. Ryan’s face was red and Mackenzie kept asking him ‘what’s wrong, what’s wrong’?

    Ok could it be that Ryan and maci had been seeing each other?
    Something about drugs and maci… or alcohol related.

    Eek I can’t take it.

    1. That freaked me out, as well! I got the impression that Ryan was upset, though, he seemed to be tearing up or something. He clearly didn’t want to talk about it in front of the cameras. At this point, it’s no secret that Maci cheated on Ryan during their engagement and took that as a sign not to marry him. Perhaps that’s what Larry Monster Merchandise Edwards was referring to? That it’s Maci’s fault Bentley’s parents are no longer together? But what would be the terrible truth about that? Or that Maci only had Bentley because of MTV/Sixteen and Pregnant and would have had an abortion otherwise? Idk how much I trust a guy who’s f***ed up his son’s life and is now pulling the same sh?! on his grandson.

      1. Yes or it’s some messed up lie Ryan told his dad about maci and he didn’t want it said on camera. I mean, I can’t believe he got that far in spilling the beans and Ryan told him to stop. It seemed like whatever it was he didn’t feel comfortable talking about it in front of Mackenzie either. Gulp.

      2. Lol…Larry the Monster Merchandiser…nice!! I thought about this scene and came to the idea that maybe Maci and Ryan started doing drugs together…and Maci didn’t want that life and moved on…leaving Rhine behind looking all f’ed up….just an idea!!

        1. I cannot wait for the Reunion, when Dr. Drew asks about this. Hopefully, they’ll have one of those backstage cameras filming Maci, Taylor, Rhine and Mack when Larry does the big reveal.

      3. I don’t remember her cheating on him at all the reason she broke up and called off the engagement was he did nothing to help her with bentley even with living together. She was taking care of bentley trying to do home work and as usual ryan only thought of himself and him going out go back and watch he was the same horrible prick

  6. Posting my fiance’s thoughts on this episode because it was interesting/comical to hear an outsiders opinions on this show.
    -“WAIT. THAT’S FARRAH!?” (He hasn’t watched an episode of this show since the early 2010’s and didn’t even recognize her.)
    -“Who’s the bird…?” (Upon seeing Mackenzie)
    -“Butch is still alive! My dude!”
    -“So, who takes care of Farrah’s kid?”
    -“Maci really pumped em out, huh?”
    -“I always kind of figured this is where Amber would end up. I mean, I expected a little more jail time over the past few years, but hey, she’s doing good for Amber I guess.”
    -“Since when did Catelynn and Tyler become farmers? Also, why did they name the goat Heihei. Heihei is a chicken.”
    -“Can we please watch something else? Anything else? I’ll watch AYTO with you if you turn this off.”

  7. Watching Mackenzie when she was backstage was so awkward. Her reactions looked sooo fake and like she was trying really hard to look like she cared. Mackenzie the Scammer

  8. Nobody can deny that Maci she has always been a good mother. Since the day Bentley was born, she has taken care of him. Ryan was at best a half ass dad that left practically all his responsibilities as a parent to his mom and dad (who just enable him to the extreme). So what kind of “credit” does Ryan deserve? For showing up to a few of Bentley’s birthday parties or playing catch a few times? That doesn’t deserve credit. Those are just things a real father is expected to do. And Mackenzie wasn’t even around for the first 7 years of Bentley’s life. So who is she to act like she knows all the facts? Mackenzie, you didn’t even know your husband was a drug addict, remember??? You are completely oblivious! Now you are contradicting yourself! Make up your mind.

  9. Amber did it all to herself dating someone like Matt. She must be glad she didn’t end up being knocked up by him at least. (Although we still don’t know Andrew well enough and from what we know…..he is not a good guy)

    Mack, stop enabling Ryan! If you wish him well and that he stays sober for real this time, stop blaming his ex for all his problems! Maci is only protecting Bentley and what are you doing meanwhile, moving somewhere meanwhile Hudson (isn’t that her son’s name?) was prob with his dad. That’s the difference between you two, one puts the child first while the other one being on TV and blabbing about someone you have been married for A DAY.

    Farrah, we will and won’t miss you. LOL, mixed emotions here, she is a trainwreck you can’t look away from.

    I hope Cate gets her mental health in check before having another baby. Tyler is posting all over social media how they wish to have another one soon. (Dude, YOU wish that because you deseprately want a boy. I don’t think Catelynn is ready yet.)

    1. Caitlyn is currently at a treatment center because she was having suicidal thoughts so I think it’s safe to say it’s wayyyy too soon for another baby.

  10. Ugh I hate Rhine. He’s such a brat. How he complains that Bentley has chores. That’s a good thing. And Rhine telling him he shouldn’t have to do that stuff just to spite maci. His moral compass is jacked. Rhine needs to earn back trust. Every clean addict has to do this. He thinks he can come back from rehab and go right back to the same friends and hang outs and routines and be fine. That does not work. Any mother in their right mind would make sure Rhine is ok before letting a child be in his care. It’s so crazy to me that he can blame any of this on maci. He only went to rehab bc that’s what he had to do at that moment. I don’t think he had his heart in it. Watch, he will be using again, if not already using.

  11. I feel like as a successful businesses owner and top celebrity in the nation, Farrah should be able to afford better wigs.

    I also kind of admire Mack. It’s quite a talent to somehow come across as the most delusional person on a show like this. After so many years of the TM girls, we thought our expectations were as low as possible. She proved us wrong. Bravo.

  12. I wish I knew if Matt kept that corvette and that’s how she got his new girl. I need to know. Ugh the nerve of him acting like he never messed w that chick w cancer.

  13. Is it terrible to not believe that Matt is an addict?? I think he’s just a terrible person who pleads addict when he’s called out on his bad behaviour.

  14. Real classy to call another person the c word. I don’t think maci cared that Amber did that, looked like she didn’t like it at all but she was humoring her

  15. The picture of Amber and Mackenzie backstage..

    That caption though! LOL!! Have you seen a backpack?!?! I’m dying ?

  16. Ps I used to think Farrah was Farrah because of Deb and Michael but I’m starting to think more Michael and wonder if they both
    wouldn’t have benefited from a good ole butt kicking once in their life instead of everyone kissing them

  17. I want to know where Michael bought a set of balls from because he never had any before and Farrah said Sophia told her SHE couldn’t go to the wedding.
    Bullcrap Farrah that little girl would have loved to have been in her grandma’s wedding no matter how weird she is.
    Shame on you Farrah shame on you

  18. Just sitting here contemplating how we got to a place where out of all the kids, Leah Leanne has the most stability and normalcy in her life.

    Also contemplating what kind of environment a little girl grows up in to end up being a Paola.

    1. The kind of environment Farrah has provided. Paola is like looking at a better adjusted, less hateful version of what Sophia is doomed to become.

    2. I think we can safely thank Gary’s mom and Kristina for Leah’s normalcy. And Gar-Bear to an extent. But things coulda gone waaaaaay differently without these stable influences.

      Poor poor Paola. There are no words.

  19. Why is Farrah wearing such ratty wigs? She’s slowly transitioning into Kim Zolciak who, oddly, is transitioning into Michael Jackson. I can’t wait to see where this failed science project ends.

  20. Butch’s moments were tough, and probably one of the “realest” moments on this show. I wish you the best Butch, and i am rooting for you to overcome your addictions and demons.

    1. Omg I love butch. No matter what, he’s always true in his words. I also wish he could get clean for good.

      Also, Matt is such a dick, lying in ambers face over and over. ‘Uh what did I do wrong?’ I’m glad he’s gone. Little twerp. Amber is also another one that is true in her words and I really like her. She just has awful taste in men.

  21. Amber looked liked like a 16th century librarian in that garage scene with her prairie dress. Give me back my library book!

  22. I was just the opposite and thought same old rude and crude Amber, only without a tv to throw or stairs to shove someone down.

    1. so sick of her wearing non waterproof mascara and letting her two black streaks run down her face for sympathy hope she doesn’t sell makeup in her crappy online store after seeing her look like a clown who would buy it poor poor amber the victim please

  23. I would just like to state that Amber is a SAVAGE, and I am HERE for her giving the business to Mackenzie. I had to rewatch that part 3 times to revel in the satisfaction of that moment.

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