‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Reveals Her Baby With Boyfriend Andrew Glennon Will Be a Boy

“You better change that shirt to blue, big boy!”

A new baby boy will be joining the cast of Teen Mom OG this summer!

Amber Portwood announced on Friday that the baby she is expecting with boyfriend Andrew Glennon will be a boy!

Amber, who started dating Andrew this summer after meeting him on the set of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, announced the news via her Instagram account. She posted a photo of an ornament that says “It’s a boy,” along with the caption, “Little baby Glennon is on his way!”

Little baby Glennon is on his way!!??

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Andrew also used Instagram to announce the news.

This will be Andrew’s first child and Amber’s second. (She shares daughter Leah with her ex Gary Shirley.) She announced her pregnancy last month.

This will be only the third baby boy born to any of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast. Currently, only Maci Bookout has two boys, sons Bentley and Maverick. The rest of the casts’ offspring are all girls.

Amber’s ‘Teen Mom’ family congratulated the couple via social media.

“YAYAYAYA!!! A boy!” Maci wrote on Amber’s Instagram post. “I’m so happy!”

“Beautiful! I’m ready to sing for him!” wrote ‘Teen Mom’ security guard Kevin Rosko. (He’s the guy who married Jenelle Evans and David Eason, by the way.)

“Wooo hooo! So happy for you guys,” Tyler Baltierra wrote in a tweet.

“So happy for the two of you!” Gary’s wife Kristina wrote. “Can’t wait to squish some baby cheeks and hold your bundle of joy.”

“Congrats girl! Boys are so much fun,” Jenelle wrote.

Amber has yet to announce what she and Andrew are planning to name their baby boy; however The Ashley would like to throw Gary, Kieffa (with an “A!”) and Ashley into the hat of name suggestions.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

29 Responses

  1. Because having a baby with a guy you’ve known a month, & has to restraining orders from past girlfriends is a fabulous idea! What could possibly go wrong?

    1. She can ask Jenelle who has a lot of personal experience with that. Looks like it’s all worked out fabulously for Jenelle ?

  2. I believe time reveals all. And only time will tell if Amber and Andrew will last. We’ll see.

    But for this new little life coming into the world, I think Amber is lucky to have the usual support of her mom and brother.

    As far as Leah is concerned, Gary seems to have an absolute GEM of a wife in Kristina. So I’m sure they’ll welcome Leah’s new little brother, and make him a part of their own lives for Leah’s sake.

    Wishing all of them the best.

  3. What would Jenelle know about raising boys?

    Didn’t and doesn’t raise Jace..
    And Kaiser is usually left screaming for food or put in his crib-prison or being reefed around by the arm by Lurch.

  4. I really hope that he’s good for her, Leah and their new baby boy. I hope she and the baby are healthy.
    I wish nothing more than pure happiness for her. Yes she was an idiot for playing into Matt’s skanky hands.
    But as I watch this new season, I love that she better late than ever, is calling him out for continually gaslighting her.

    The pic you posted @TheAshley of the two of them in the backseat of that car, the genuine smiles on their faces shows true happiness. I believe I really never saw her so happy. Yes it’s only one pic but I hope she finally found the lid to her pot in Andrew.

  5. Totally agree! I would have been devastated and angry at gary and kristina if i had been in that situation too. But, at the end of the day, it has worked out for the best. It was really nice of kristina to publicly congratulate them and that photo of amber and andrew is too cute….she looks genuinely happy! I really wish her the best.

  6. Sad she barely knows her child’s father. How well do you know someone after three months?!? Any man gonna be on his best behavior first few months so I can foresee amber bawling when she starts getting aquatinted with the REAL man she made a baby with. She got lucky with garbear

    1. I suspect Amber has been on her best behaviour as well, in this “lovey dovey” stage of the relationship. I can foresee Andrew in panic mode when he starts to know the “REAL woman” Amber is, with tv throwing and ninja stairs kicking and whatnot.

  7. Of course Maci is glad it’s a boy, she doesn’t like girls. At least she doesn’t seem to like her daughter as much as her sons.

    1. I have never seen Maci not being interested in her daughter, I don’t know how you got that? The show focuses more on Bentley, but that’s because 1) he’s the reason she’s on 16&P and TM and 2)Bentley’s dad is making some good drama for the show. If Maci’s segment would focus on the McKinney babies, it would be boring as hell (which is a good thing for the babies, actually). But that doesn’t mean Maci doesn’t love her other two children as much as her oldest!

    2. I don’t agree. She’s a busy mom trying to give all her children the attention they need…kinda like most moms.lol

  8. I was hoping that Amber would be single for awhile to clear her head and devote more time to Leah. Well, I guess that didn’t happen. I don’t know about this guy. I read that he was previously arrested for domestic violence of some sort. Will be interesting to see where all these people are in ten years and after MTV cancels the show.

  9. That’s nice. I like seeing Gary’s wife Kristina being so welcoming. I like her a lot. I hope things work out for amber.

    1. Kristina is a wonderful human being in my eyes, always putting those girls first. I don’t get why Amber was so hateful towards her, she is not stealing your daughter, she is RAISING her, sth you are not capable of doing! And this news would be far better if she was actually a stable figure in Leah’s life…….but she isn’t so……

      1. I think Amber had a really had time with Kristina because of Gary. Gary said they (Amber and Gary) would be together when she gets out of jail and the whole time he had Kristina. I mean Kristina had everything Amber wanted. Kristina was raising Leah and doing a good job and Gary and that “healthy” family dynamics. That would be hard for me as well. I think I’d have some misplaced anger at first as well so I can understand.

        1. This is exactly why I feel bad for Amber sometimes. People tend to forget about how Gary promised that they’d be together when she got out of jail, only to have kristina with him raising her daughter and knocked up. You could tell that she was upset and began dating Matt as more of a rebound who refused go away. She does have potential to become a good parent and I do hope things work out for her.

      2. Yep. That’s all it was, I’m sure. She thought she was going to be back with Gary and have the little family, and instead Kristina was there, in her place, so to speak. I think most girls would be jealous, and with all Amber had going on between getting out of prison, her mental health issues, the show, etc. I actually think she handled it all pretty well. Not saying Kristina deserved anyone saying anything bad about her, but I think Amber’s reaction to her was normal. To this day you can see she still loves Gary. He still loves her too. It’s clear as day in the current episodes. Not saying he doesn’t love Kristina too, and not saying either of them would get back together given the chance. But they still love each other for sure.

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