The First Promo For ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Season 7 Is Here: Watch It Now!

Those Duggars better catch up– the Bates Family is clearly winning in terms of the amount of weddings/pregnancies!

The Bates are back!

The fate of the Duggar clan’s show, Counting On, is still unknown, but the reality series featuring the Duggars’ pals, the Bates Family is “Bringing Up Bates” is once again heading our way!

UPtv announced a few months ago that the show would be back for its seventh season and, in a new promo for the season, we see some of the exciting things the family has in store.

“For the biggest family on television, it’s a season full of moments to live for,” according to the Velveeta-level-cheesy promo video.

The new two-minute promo video shows Tori Bates planning her wedding to Bobby Smith, the family going on plenty of outdoor adventures and Lawson Bates working on his musical career.

In case you need a refresher on all the Bates kids (there’s a lot of them), we’ve mapped them out below:

Zach:  He is married to Whitney and they have two children, Bradley and Kaci Lynn.

Michael: She is married to Brandon. According to the family website, the couple is “struggling with infertility.”

Erin: She is married to Chad and they have two children, Carson and Brooklyn. They recently announced that they are expecting their third child in April.

Lawson:  He is a musician who has released two albums.

Nathan: He is an EMT, firefighter and pilot.

Alyssa: She is married to John and they have two children, Lexi Mae and Allie Jane, and she is pregnant with her third.

Tori: We will see Tori get engaged to Bobby this season.

Trace: He is a college student and works in the family business.

Carlin: She is currently a music major at Crown Bible College.

Josie: She just finished her first semester of cosmetology school and we will see her begin a courtship this season.

The younger children: Katie, 17; Jackson, 15; Warden, 14; Isaiah, 13; Addallee, 11; Ellie, 10; Callie, 8; Judson, 7; and Jeb, 5; do not have biographies on the family website.

The new season of ‘Bringing Up Bates’ premieres January 4 on UPtv.

Watch the new season’s promo video below!

(Photo: UPtv)


  1. In regards to the caption: Aren’t the Duggars winning in terms of weddings and babies? (for the record, I’m ashamed that I’m asking this)

    Duggars – Josh, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joy-Anna, Joseph (6 weddings)
    Bates – Zach, Michael, Erin, Alyssa, Tori (5 weddings)

    Duggars – Josh (5), Jill (2), Jessa (2), Jinger, Joy-Anna (1 on the way), Joseph (1 on the way) (11 babies)
    Bates – Zach (2), Michael, Erin (2; 1 on the way), Alyssa (2), Tori (7 babies)

  2. Two things, Alyssa is also pregnant with number 3, another girl. And I assume this is a typo but Katie isn’t 7….

    I’m ashamed I even know these things.

  3. Tori and Bobby just got married yesterday tho so they are behind the times just like Duggars SURPRISE! She’ll prob be pregnant by the time they air their wedding.

  4. Let me guess! There is a proposal, while Gil and Kelley spy from the bushes. Then, they jump out and pray and say they’ll have as many kids as God will give them. The groom will be a tree trimmer, firefighter, car salesman or work for the church. They will want to live near momma and daddy. The brothers will make him play football, baseball or wrestle to make sure he’s man enough to join the family. The wedding will be in two weeks. It will cost fifty dollars. The bride will sew her own dress. They will serve koolaid and licorice at the reception.

    1. I’ve never watched the show and have zero plans to, but your comment probably provides me with all the color I need. Can’t there be a happy medium between kooks like the Duggars and Bates on one end of the spectrum and the trashy baby machines on Teen Mom. The one thing they have in common are high fertility rates. I guess the middle ground isn’t interesting enough for TV since that would constitute most normal people’s lives.

    2. Wait a minute! You’re thinking of the Duggars. No. No, maybe you’re right. Duggar husbands don’t have jobs. My bad!!

        1. Yes and I’m shocked that the one girl is allowed to go to cosmetology school. That would not happen in the Duggar home. Although it could be a benefit that one girl could share with the rest! Just sayin…

          1. I think the difference is that Whitney wasn’t fundie before she met Zach (they met while she was working) so she doesn’t only want to be a wife and mom cuz she saw women having jobs (including herself) all the time. They even kissed while they were courting for crying out loud, that’s a huge scandal for fundies LOL. I’m glad he didn’t let others influence him, I’m sure Gil and Kelly weren’t happy about it and wanted him to rather marry a girl from the Reith family he courted before.

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