Former “16 and Pregnant” Star Aleah LeBeouf Gives Birth to Second Child

Aleah welcomed her second child last week…

The 16 and Pregnant baby boom continues!

Aleah LeBeouf, who starred on the fifth season of the MTV show, gave birth to her second child last week. The former reality star welcomed son Julius Drake on December 16 and took to social media to announce her happy news.

“My sweet baby boy. I’m tired as hell, if you couldn’t tell,” Aleah wrote in the caption of an Instagram photo of herself and Julius. “But I’m so happy my baby boy is finally in my arms.”

Julius weighed in at a whopping 10 lbs., 10 oz.!

Aleah gave birth to her first child, daughter Peyton, in 2013. The birth was featured on Aleah’s “16 and Pregnant” episode. Aleah is no longer with Peyton’s father, Shawn Burke. The father of Julius is her boyfriend, Drake, whom she’s been dating since October 2016.

Aleah is the third girl from her season of “16 and Pregnant” to give birth to her second child this year. In November, Millina Kacmar welcomed a daughter named Scarlett, while Courtney Ames had a son, Porter, in October.  Several girls from other seasons of the show have also given birth this year.

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19 Responses

    1. She posts pictures of her and Noah every once in a while on instagram and she said she still spends time with him.

    1. Me too, I would love an update on that crazy girl! Remember those ugly ass boots she wore to her wedding?? That’s always what I picture about her lol

    2. As far as I know, she had another baby a few years back, but I haven’t heard anything before or since her Where Are They Now segment. I just know if I were her son, I’d be mortified.

  1. So the show “supposedly” has some impact on the teen pregnancy rate according to the drivel Dr. Drew spews, I’m not buying it!

    1. Poorly controlled diabetes while pregnant can lead to babies overweight at birth, so that would make sense.

      P.S. It is totally possible to have diabetes and a healthy pregnancy, it just takes a lot of effort and work (and knowledge).

    2. Yes, this was her. I’m not sure if it was poorly controlled but on an update episode she said she shouldn’t have more kids due to liver function issues following her pregnancy we saw.

      1. I remember that about her as well and was so happy she was making such a mature decision for being so young. I wonder what happened to change her mind. She actually seemed to do her best to manage her diabetes as opposed to Mack.

      1. @Heather I don’t think the issue is them not being married. You can get married within a month of knowing each other (looking at you, Matt and New Amber!) and you can have serious relationships that last for years without a marriage. I think it’s more important to focus on the time you’re together, and not the legal status. (And I do agree Aleah got pregnant REALLY soon after dating him!)

    1. Yeah Corky, basically she was pregnant a few months after they started dating. Like three or four months after they started dating.

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