Felony Past of ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood’s Baby Daddy Andrew Glennon Exposed: DUI & Drug Arrests Revealed!

“You’re not driving, hun!”

The skeletons keep pouring out of the closet for Amber Portwood‘s new boo (and future baby daddy) Andrew Glennon!

Radar Online revealed on Thursday that Andrew was once arrested on drug possession charges– and we’re not talking about having “kilos of marijuana” here! Apparently, he was getting HIGH! HIGH! on hardcore drugs (or at least carrying them around).

According to court documents, Andy was found to be in possession of heroin when he was arrested in April 2009. In addition, he was carrying MDMA (aka Ecstasy).

He was also charged for being under the influence of CNS stimulant, a controlled substance often found in ADHD medication.

Andrew pleaded guilty to the heroin charge (and had the other two charges dropped). He received three years of probation for the heroin charge. (This makes him a convicted felon.)

However, he went on to break that probation when he was arrested for possession of a deadly weapon and firearm in July 2010! (He pleaded not guilty to those charges and they were eventually dropped, according to Radar.)

Unfortunately, that’s not all of Andrew’s skeletons. In 2013 and 2015, he had two different ex-girlfriends file restraining orders against him. (Read more about those here!) In March 2014, he was arrested for drunk driving and was ordered to do 96 hours of community service for that crime.

Andrew told Radar previously that his DUI was the result of a struggle with alcohol and depression after his father died. He did not, however, mention the drug possession charges and arrest in that explanation.

This is particularly alarming, given that Amber is a recovering drug addict. She has yet to speak out about her new boo’s past drug bust or DUI charge. She did recently reveal, though, that the baby she is expecting with Andrew is a boy.

(Photo: MTV)

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    1. I was absolutely shocked when Gary called to see if she was up, and Amber was in the car on the way to Leah’s school. However, I doubt that will last too long.

    2. That will never happen, Amber is by far the laziest of the Teen Mom’s, she doesn’t even see Leah when she can. She is nothing more to Leah than a glorified once a month or once every two months babysitter.

  1. On a positive note….22,000 baby mama’s haven’t come forward claiming he owes child support. I guess that still make him a tad better than Matt lol.

  2. Here we go again, run Amber, run.
    She better not take drugs or use alcohol during her pregnancy. That little guy is innocent.
    Hope they test the baby when he is born.
    Why on earth did she get pregnant with the first new recovering addict she ran into?

  3. I feel like if Andrew were a black man, he would not be getting off with probation and dropped charged and community service. How do all these teen mom and teen Mom adjacent people keep getting away with stuff? Like Jenelle. And now Andrew. Multiple slaps on the wrists, never any major consequences.

    1. It’s shocking how none of these people ever experience real consequences. Both the legal system and child protective services are majorly flawed.

      1. Wow, one black man out of the thousands charged each year with drug related offenses got off with probation. Surely all black men who are targeted and racially profiled for non violent drug crimes will get off with probation as well!! I’d love to live in your fantasy world……

    2. That’s how systemic oppression works. White men who face the same charges as black men almost always face lighter sentences.

    3. My guess is that it’s less about the color of their skin and more about their ability to afford a good lawyer.

  4. social services should be contacted so they are there at the hospital ready to take the baby. Amber is a loser and always will be one. To be honest all the girls on both shows are losers. Name one that isn’t? With the exception of maybe Chelsea who was able to pull it together, the rest are lost sad disturbed people. MTV does not want people who have their lives together on their shows, that would be boring TV which would translate to crappy ratings and the show being cancelled. So they deliberately seek these losers out, the more of a loser someone is, the better their chances are of being the next MTV ‘star’.

    1. Agree. MTV has created this mess. Sending out all the wrong messages for young people seeking fame and fortune on a reality show. I blame MTV for continuing these shows and the drama.

  5. I guess it’s called taking one random dude with a shady past to a show about relationships — and hooking up with another one while you’re there.

    But with Amber it just seems to be a pattern. Like the guy she met years back at Walmart, who was just out of jail and living in a half way house she allowed to change Leah’s diapers when she was a toddler.

    Way to be a solid role model for your daughter, Amb. Thank goodness Gary at least did one thing right by making Kristina her step mom.

  6. I have a feeling she moved on so quickly with him cuz at least he doesn’t have children yet and she doesn’t know if he will be a deadbeat like Matt is. But in every other way, red alarms are ringing so she got herself a real winner here, almost beating Jenelle, good job Amber, Leah and future baby boy will be so proud.

    1. I’m sorry. I’m in my forties and don’t have any social media accounts. What does being verified on Twitter mean? Like Gary said, I don’t think that matters.

      1. I dont think it’s a real thing. I believe “verified on Twitter” is an ignorant amber-ism.

      2. 100% an Amberism. I have no idea why a check mark beside your twitter handle means you should pop out babies together

  7. This is not surprising. Decent men do not get together with women like Amber. Sensible people do not procreate after knowing each other a handful of months. Trash sticks together and I would bet they do drugs together still.

    1. I was rooting for Amber, but I’m afraid you’re right. Just like no decent guy would ever date Janelle. Fortunately Leah has Kristina in her life – good thing Gary found a good woman.

  8. Amber is beginning to make Jenelle look like ‘mum of the year’. Jenelle at least had Jace more than twice over the summer, even if it was just to play mum for the cameras and social media, Amber is too lazy to even pretend to care about Leah. Andrew is showing as many red flags as Matt did. I feel sorry for their unborn son because he has two losers for parent’s. Leah at least had Gary and now Kristina. Amber needs to stop using depression as an excuse to be lazy, most depression sufferers with kids still raise them often while working.

    1. It’s probably for the best. She doesn’t need to be dragging Leah around every new guy she’s with – especially someone with such an EXTENSIVE criminal background.

      Although it may mean she’s on drugs, which is a scary thought considering she’s pregnant.

    2. With major depressive disorder, sure — even the prospect of leaving the house can feel like there are 10 miles of unpassable invisible obstacles between you and the front door… BUT, most of us have this thing known as “empathy” that at least pushes us to take care of those who depend on us. Hell, doing the things I need to do for myself often seem expendable, but at least my 2 freakin’ rescue cats always have a clean litter box, they’re fed healthy food at the same times each day, and I’m always there for them when they ask for love and attention.

      We may not make for ideal parents, but if her MDD is so severe that she neglects her own offspring, well, maybe Amber’s need for hospitalization is as urgent as poor Cait’s.

      1. Well in Amber’s case she’s too depressed to spend time with Leah, but not too depressed to fly off to LA for 3 weeks to shoot “Marriage Bootcamp” and not too depressed to go get a massage with BFF of the week, and not too depressed to go get fake eyelashes done, and not too depressed to post on social media, and not too depressed to get her fake nails done, and the list goes on and on unfortunately.

        1. Exactly. I might buy her depression/mental illness bullshit if it was all encompassing. But somehow it only seems to affect her ability to be a mother and see her child? She still has her nails done, hair done, goes to her boxing classes, takes trips, participates in Marriage Bootcamp, “runs a business”, and sits in her bed talking down people who are supposedly suicidal, right? Somehow she manages to do ALL of those things but can’t make time for her daughter? She’s a shitty ass mother and I feel sorry for this new baby, at least Leah has Gary and his wife.

  9. I still watch too, and my kids are these mothers age. Lol… She needs some serious help. Not just pills for her bipolar. Horrible for leah, and the new baby.

    1. I hope Leah puts the baby in her overnight bag on her biannual visit to Amber’s use. Does everyone remember what a wonderful mother Amber was when Leah was a baby? Yeah, I think she’s even lazier now.

    2. It’s possible for an addict to get and stay clean but I think the chances of that go down significantly when they’re living with another addict. Even another recovering addict. One of the other can have a weak moment, a craving, and they can bring it up to the other one who then shares in the craving or the weak moment. Two addicts talking to each other about using can justify anything between themselves. And when one is using, they’re most likely going to bring the other down, too. I’m not saying it’s impossible for two recovering addicts to live together in recovery, but it makes it much harder.

  10. The problem with these girls is the way they behave. They cannot have a stable relationship because of how they act. Farrar, Amber and jenelle all are horrible people in general. No man who is sane would be with a woman like that. That is why they get these poor excuses for men as partners and baby daddys

    1. Yeah, that’s why Chelsea got a great man cuz she kept her life on track. I hope Leah is following her path, she’s single since she left that deadbeat T.R. so I hope she finds a decent guy when she’s ready, she already isn’t rushing in a new relationship and her girls are happy just having a clean and sober mom.

    2. I personally don’t think Amber is as bad as Jenelle, or as rotten as Farrah, but she’s definitely still unstable. I think it would have been wise to avoid dating after Matt for a while, but here we are. I honestly think these girls are just terrified of being alone for the most part, and that’s why they end up dating any dude that comes along. Super happy for Maci, Chelsea, and Catelyn for finding and marrying supportive partners without dragging every dude the date around their children. Super happy for Leah for finally realizing that she doesn’t need a man to exist in this world, and super disappointed in the rest for the choices in partners, multiple “unplanned” pregnancies with random guys, trap babies, and just the way they carry themselves in general, knowing that there are girls in this world who look up to them.

  11. That new “friend” of Amber’s was driving and looking all cracked out. Then she had all summer to see Leah but flaked out on her. Amber says, “all Leah wants is me to be happy”. Really? What Leah told her is I want to spend time with you. Amber is a selfish, shitty mom, sorry to say. This relationship will end up in the dumpster like all the other ones. But her daughter will always be there for her. I feel bad for Leah and this new baby.

    1. No parent should be having a conversation with their child that leads to THE CHILD saying “I just want you to be happy.” Amber is either emotionally dumping on Leah so that Leah feels like she needs to play counselor and be the emotional support and encouragement for her mother, or she’s.coming up with excuses to not see Leah or to get out of certain things and is then leading the conversation with questions like “but you want me to be happy, right? You’re okay with me missing out on this if it makes me happy, right?” and Leah is then forced to agree with her. Either way, bad bad bad.

  12. Amber keeps picking these losers because she’s delusional and always says You can’t blame someone for their past…..this is true, but when is enough enough. Every single dude she has dated since Gary has a record that makes any one of Jenelles soul mates felonious records look like child’s play. It’s like her and Jenelle are going tit for tat and trying to see which one can have a baby with the bigger scum bag.

    1. Gary is definitely the best place for Leah. Kristina is really good with her. I think she deserves to be called Mom, because she is doing everything a good mom does.

      1. I always thinking of Leah telling Kristina a couple years back, “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”

    2. Yeah, she doesn’t consider Leah’s well being, she is only thinking about herself. She was on meds at the start of the year then she gets a new guy and suddenly she doesn’t need them anymore and he knocks her up? She’s the oldest of these girls, you would have thought she is the smartest too.

    1. I wouldn’t go THAT far. Matt is a con artist, a pervert, and probably something much worse.

      This guy doesn’t seem like a peach, but I haven’t seen anything *yet* indicating he’s worse than Matt.

  13. I’m just gonna say it Amber hasn’t come across to me sober in a very long time maybe now it’s different because of the baby but previously I have questioned how clean she really is

  14. Well, thankfully, being a felon ain’t illegal!
    jk, this is super shady and looking worse and worse by the minute.

  15. Sounds like a perfect match. I mean really did we expect her choice to be any better? I was disgusted with her after the last episode when Gary revealed she saw Leah twice over the summer. She tried to use dealing with Matt issues as an excuse. Grow the hell up. I am so over these lazy slobs and poor choices.

    1. I still watch too, and my kids are these mothers age. Lol… She needs some serious help. Not just pills for her bipolar. Horrible for leah, and the new baby.

    2. How the hell will she handle a screaming/needy baby boy when she can’t even handle her 9-year old?! Does she think he will sleep all day just like her and wake up for food? (Tbh, I was a baby like that so maybe she gets lucky but still I don’t believe she can handle a new baby at all, PPD is highly likely too considering her past)

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