Briana DeJesus’ Mom Implies Javi Marroquin Is Not Getting Deployed, Was Using it For ‘Teen Mom 2’ Storyline

“Don’t make me get my Easy Spirits and come at you, Javi!”

Teen Mom 2 fans have watched Briana DeJesus‘ mom, Roxanne, go after Briana’s two baby daddies (sometimes armed with footwear), but on Friday she seemed to be focusing her anger on her daughter’s new boyfriend, Javi Marroquin!

Roxanne’s cat claws came out in a series of (now deleted) tweets, one of which was clearly aimed at Javi, as it discussed deployment. (Javi recently announced that he is being deployed for the second time by the Air Force.)

In her angry tweet, Roxanne stated that Javi’s deployment is no longer happening– and that Javi may have just been using the topic to get himself more ‘Teen Mom 2’ airtime! 

“How many times can you say ‘I’m being deployed’ and not get deployed,” she tweeted. “Stop using deployment as a tool for sympathy. But it’s a good storyline… GTFOH.”

(That last part stands for “Get The F**k Outta Here” for those of you who are not up on your “cool kid” lingo!)

The deleted tweet

When a fan specifically asked Roxanne if this tweet was about Javi, Roxanne posted an emoji that seemed to confirm that it was. She then deleted the original tweet.

Fans will remember that Javi discussed a second deployment during Season 8A, telling his son Lincoln and former stepson Isaac that he may have to go on another deployment. His ex-wife, Kail Lowry, got angry at Javi for telling the boys before he was confirmed to go. (Javi did not end up getting deployed that time.)

So far, Briana (who is currently in Delaware spending time with Javi) has not commented on her mother’s outburst. Javi has also remained silent regarding his deployment and Roxanne’s tweet.

When fans brought the screenshot of Roxanne’s tweet to Kail (via Twitter), she chose not to comment…yet.

UPDATE! Briana’s sister, Brittany DeJesus is no longer following Javi on Instagram! It appears that things have soured between Brittany and Javi (who were once pals), and possibly Brittany and Briana, judging by a recent Instagram Live session that Brittany did.

Watch her call Brittany call Javi Briana’s “raggedy ass boyfriend” in the clip below!

(Photos: MTV, Twitter)


  1. Why am I not surprised. Brit has always been a bit jelly of bri their mom isstraight bitter over men and bri is too dumb for words.

  2. 2018 Javi and Brianna get married have a baby boy
    ( physic prediction lol)
    Javi adopts the other 2 girls which is ok with the sperm donors they don’t want to $ for them anyway.
    Will Briannas sisters move in with them?????
    Mother in law comes to visit
    Baby Mama drama with Kale and her flavor of the month.
    Brianna and Javi negotiate a raise with MTV

  3. As the spouse of a soldier, there have been many times that my husband has been on standby for deployment. Either as a replacement for someone leaving the deployment region early or as a whole unit. He’s had times where orders were canceled. It’s safe to say that any Active service member “might” be deployed at any given time, it’s their job for crying out loud! I don’t think this lady understand that!

      1. It’s only out for a couple of weeks. I don’t think the kids got out until just before Christmas. I live in Florida & work for a school. Most schools went until 12/21 and go back 1/2. I was thinking it was for the Winter Break, but they make it sound like she’s been up there for longer. Who knows!? LOL

  4. Here’s my elaborate theory for what might have happened. Javi gets a deployment notice. Says to Bri “why don’t you move in with me so we can be together as much as possible before I deploy!” She does. Deployment gets postponed or cancelled or whatever. Roxanne assumes he was just saying he was being deployed to get Bri to come live with him and now that she’s there he’s saying it was cancelled. Since he’s not being deployed, Roxanne says “hey Bri, you should come back home!” And Bri is like “um…i think I’ll stay…”

  5. Tired of these man hating women. They act like ghetto trash and I don’t understand what MTV was thinking. They are making Hispanic people look bad!

  6. Who films themselves being boring in a car? I watched 10 seconds and couldn’t handle it any longer.
    What is this world coming to.

  7. EVERYONE warned him about this trio of crazy. He chose this life. I don’t feel bad for any of this shit that’s about to go down with him. They get off on man hating.

    1. In all fairness Javi did marry man hating Jail. He even cried when Hulk told him she wanted a divorce. Clearly Javi has a type.

  8. I’ve been a Marine military wife for 18 years and counting, and deployments don’t happen overnight. Once we find out about an upcoming deployment, it’s almost a year before they leave. I’m sure the other services don’t up and leave a day after they find out either! Geesh!

    1. Chiming in to agree!
      Different branch. But we found out about our deployment in spring 2017 and won’t leave until late 2018/early 2019.
      We know it’s coming up. 18 month wait. Nothing in the military happens overnight unless we go to war. I’ve known guys who find out 72 hours in advance that they’re leaving. It sucks.
      Some deployments are known far in advance, as ours was. Dates have been changed within a window. But we had an idea of when long in advance.

      1. Isn’t that so you can have a chance to get things together before you leave, on what could be a years-long deployment?

    2. I wish we would have had that long. My husband was sent as a replacement. He was told 2 weeks before he left. He had to quickly go through the process and was gone quick! Also, there are times where the deployment isn’t combat and they might only have a month or two. I wish we had a year to plan for it!!

  9. This whole family is crazy and that makes Javi crazy too for hooking up with Briana. Oh, I’m sure a baby is coming in 2018.

  10. Since javi jumped in head first with this family, maybe this will give him pause and consider any real future with Brianna. This is the woman Brianna learned from and it isn’t pretty. Imagine the holidays ? Run javi

  11. It would be great if Roxanne focused more on her reported debilitating disease (lupus), than she does cussing, fussing, jumping up and down on restaurant tables, and throwing shoes and shade at her daughter’s boyfriends — past and present. (One would also wonder where she even gets the energy for some of this wacked out foolishness.)

    Let Briana go, Rox. Preferably somewhere that her daughters can hear words that don’t begin with the letter F, and their fathers are not constantly decimated by your sometimes unsavory and man-hating mouth.

    Just a thought.

    1. Lupus is a serious disease. I knew a girl in high school who had it. She’s not here anymore. Does Roxanne even have it? Talk about using something for a storyline.

  12. Ugh. Roxanne. Ugh, you are immature trash. Like how ******** old is she? 60?

    For such a petty outburst, I wonder if Briana floated the idea of moving north to be near Javi. He’s got a swank little home that she can decorate without having to share a couch. Nor are her babydaddies really going to fight her like Javi/Jo would for their kids. She really doesn’t have anything tying her down to that location. So I bet Roxie flipped out, I mean that would limit her screen time.

  13. Hum… as the wife of a Navy Veteran, and most of my family served either Navy or Army, I honestly can’t see being “deployed” as a shock. I don’t keep up with Javi’s service, but if he signed up for additional years (and I’m not sure if he did with having TM appearances to make) or is just serving out his contract, but either way, if he’s actively in the Air Force, they certainly should have notified him of a possible deployment. So… the *shock* is suspect.

    Am I *shocked* the queen of the man hating coven attacked Javi? Pssh, of course not. But Javi should have noticed a pattern with the DE Jesus women… you had footage bro!

    1. Thank you to ALL military families. Your sacrifices are deeply appreciated, and they deserve full recognition.

  14. My husband is retired Air Force. There were times that he was supposed to be deployed 3-5x in a row and they would each get cancelled.

  15. She’s pissed her daughter’s in another state and not with her as usual especially since it’s the holidays.
    Here we go!! I never thought of this Mama doesn’t want her daughter’s to move out!!

  16. When Briana’s sister is the reasonable one in the room that has got to be one f#$*ed up situation. And what the hell is Briana doing up in Delaware, this chick is just cruising for another oopsey baby.

    1. Well Javi has his own home, Bri been rooming with her mom and sister for like ever. And long distance is a pain in the ass, so i bet the idea of moving in with your boyfriend is enticing for her and she has valid reasons. And it’s exciting moving in with your significant other. Probably a first for that girl.

      Also air travel is a pain in ass and costly. And she definitly would be firmly secure in joining the TM2 cast. Their segments would definitely get more air time since the producers are chomping at the bit at what drama this will bring.

      Vee/Jo/Javi/Bri/Kail are all intertwined now. At least if she does move Nova will be away from the coven and Javi is good father material. Nova and Stella would have a positive male role model.

  17. Am I shocked Roxanne is going after Javi? Absolutely not. You could be Jesus and that mother will find something to hate you for. It literally doesn’t matter if you are a deadbeat or not. She hates men in general.

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