‘Teen Mom’ Briana DeJesus Says She’s Still Dating Javi Marroquin, Confirms Her Mom is Worried He’s Only Dating Her “For TV”

Javi-ana lives!

Briana DeJesus is clarifying the status of her relationship with her Teen Mom 2 co-star Javi Marroquin, less than a week after her mother Roxanne DeJesus blasted Javi on social media!

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Briana confirmed that she and Javi are still together, and even told the magazine that they both see “long-term potential” in the relationship.

“We are making plans toward our future. Our relationship has been great thus far,” Briana said.

Last week, though, there appeared to be trouble in paradise, at least between Briana’s family and Javi. As The Ashley previously reported, Roxanne called Javi out for fishing for sympathy and using his possible Air Force deployments as a storyline for future ‘Teen Mom 2’ episodes. (Roxanne deleted the tweets not long after she posted them.)

Briana’s sister, Brittany, was also involved in the feud, as she and Javi unfollowed each other after Roxanne’s online outburst. Britt also called Javi a “raggedy ass” on Instagram live…as you do.

In her interview with Us Weekly, Briana insisted that Roxanne and Javi have worked out their differences.

“My mother and Javi are fine. There’s no issues,” Briana said.

She did, however, confirm that Roxy is still unsure if Javi’s in the relationship with Briana for the right reasons.

“She just wants to make sure Javi’s intentions are true and not just for TV. She’s my mother and wants to protect me but we are all fine,” Briana told Us Weekly.

That may be so but, at press time, Javi and Brittany were still not following each other on social media. Javi and Roxanne are also not currently following each other.

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  1. Really Javi!!! Him and Cole are the only days I truly trust. And Gary I didn’t trust him for a while but he’s got his head outta his ass! I like Javi he’s a good dad and gotta give Joe a shout out he’s really changed to and I think he’d defend Javi in this situation.

  2. No, your mom and sister are crazy bitches who have no idea how to be respectful. They are straight up trash. They will eventually run Javi off, no one would put up with that. Nor should he.

    I feel bad for the girls who will grow up around these harpies. A healthy adjusted relationship is getting slimmer and slimmer for then, considering the behaviors Roxanne and Britt have. Throwing shoes and standing on tables is rachet AF.

  3. You know what bothers me the most about Briana? Is her “poor me” I have to do “everything by myself as a single mom of two now”…your mother and your sister are your TWO BABIES DADDIES! You have NEVER done ANYTHING by yourself! STOP WHINING!

    1. Right, that and the fact that it is not difficult to refrain from getting pregnant, especially the second time when she is a full grown adult, even a dim bulb like her knows how.

  4. Roxanne is a another version of Deb, a narcissist mother who caused serious, and likely irreparable damage to their daughters growing up.

  5. Devon and Luis: deadbeat losers with no source of income
    Javi: “raggedy ass” hands on dad with two sources of income.

    I’m going to need someone to explain to Roxanne (and Brittany) that if they’re going to find issues with every man, maybe the men aren’t the issue.

  6. Roxanne clearly has too much empty couch space since Briana and her kids are gone — as well as too much time on her hands.

    For me, regardless of whether the relationship between Bri and Javi is real or just a bunch of made-for-TV bull crap, I’m happy that little Nova and her sister now have space to grow and hopefully an un-cramped ROOM at Javi’s house to sleep in.

    1. No. Roxanne doesn’t have any excess sofa space because her daughters and granddaughters still live there. They don’t live with Javi. This relationship won’t last. She won’t leave her comfy “sulking” sofa or her mother. And Javi won’t leave Lincoln.

  7. If I were dating Briana (or Brittany) I wouldn’t follow Roxanne on social media either, no good can come from seeing her toxic bullshit.

    I suspect good old Rox is just trying to plant doubts in Briana’s head about the relationship. Her own place on TV is dependent on Briana living with her. If things go “too” well with Javi, the gravy train stops making trips to Florida.

    Aside from TV, I think her sense of self importance relies on her girls being completely dependent on her. She would melt down if either of them became stable and self sufficient, and keep stirring up drama to get their time and attention.

    1. 100%!! Roxanne cannot stand the idea that her kids might not need her anymore. Anytime one of the baby daddies comes around, it is so threatening to her that she has to throw a fit and ruin everything. Briana and her daughters are Roxanne’s belongings and need to stay in her place where she can have them needing her all the time. This woman might be the sickest person on the show.

  8. They are BOTH in it just for TV, not just him, remember Roxy, he was on the show long before she came because he is a Teen Mom 2 FATHER. (and ex-husband) So if it gave him anything, is more screen time but I have a feeling she’s in it just for media attention, at least more than him.

    1. If The Ashley ever does a poll for Best Teen Mom Pun of All Time, I hope to DeJesusGod this one is in the running!

  9. He was still on tv when you and your fucked up family were not, I really hate Roxanne, she’s only on tv because her moronic daughter got knocked up AGAIN!!!!

    Please mtv get rid of tho man hating vile loud mouthed interfering ghetto mouthed bitch

  10. A. Are these jackals aware Javi has a teen mom anchor baby? He’s got a locked in story line

    B. Isn’t the head jackal a little old for social media?

    1. Like I’ve said before, I’m in my mid-forties, and I have no social media by choice. How old is Roxanne anyway?

  11. When Bri does that weird smile, I can almost see her morphing into Roxanne before my eyes. Gird your loins and all the tables, Javi!

  12. Ummm if anyone’s dating someone for more tv time it would be this raggedy girl dating javi. You have to be a dumbass to think otherwise. You don’t see javi living in a cramped ass apartment with all his family like Charlie bucket. Run javi, this girl is fertile and desperate.

    1. I’m hoping Javi’s family will wakes his ass up and get him away from that nasty toxic family of bitches.

      Rox and Brit are constantly interfering, as much as the two baby daddies are fkd up, I understand why they don’t want to be involved, those lot are enough to drive anyone away, they are partly to blame for the co parenting situation, or lack of co parenting.

      Brianna is a Grown ass woman, who is still being treated like she’s a child, Roxy news flash Brianna isn’t perfect she is as much to blame for getting knocked up again as Louis is.

      Maybe give her the hard time that your giving to your granddaughters fathers.

      These guys could prove us all wrong, if you were not such a nasty motorMouthed man mating twat

    2. “Cramped ass apartment…..like Charlie Bucket.” LOL, yesssss!!! Thank you for this. I always have this feeling of déjà vu during the scenes with Briana and her family, now I know where it comes from.

  13. I get Roxanne’s concern. They start dating only AFTER she was on television. He was friends with them before she was added on. I recall him meeting up with Brittany a few times. Would Javi have gotten with Brianna if she hadn’t been cast on Teen Mom 2? Especially since he was dating another reality star. Would Kail be as jealous if he had dated Brianna if she wasn’t added to the show? Some interesting questions to consider.

    1. You could say/ask the very same thing about her. Javi’s already tied to the franchise too. They did claim they were “really good friends” long before she was invited back
      (of course, we all know what “really good friends” actually means to this crowd, lol)

      1. This is true too. It goes both ways, but I can see why Roxy would be a bit suspicious about the relationship. Especially when he dated another reality star. The whole relationship just reeks of publicity and revenge.

        1. She has *no* reason to “be suspicious” of him, when it is her own daughter that sought out a relationship with a fellow reality show persona (none of them are stars, lol) after she was no longer tied to the franchise.

          She simply hates men, all men.

  14. We all know that all of this is just to get back at Kailyn, but come on, people, there are kids involved here.

  15. Why would ANY man want to get involved with this trio of crazy? They are all 3 a hot ass mess – Roxanne the worst of all. She will find a problem with A-N-Y-O-N-E, and the 2 daughters are a few marbles short of a full set so they go along with whatever scheme she makes up.

    And he’s not with Briana for TV Roxanne..he’s with her to make Kail jealous. Get with the program. I hope Javi drops Briana’s trashy ass soon.

      1. I think Javi is attracted to abusive fowl, trashy, promiscious, freaky,emotionally stunted, women with dysfunctuonal families. I would have expected him to hook up with Farah. Farah vs. HULK kailyn would have been tv gold.

  16. Ok, I’m confused, didn’t Javi get with Brianna when she had just one child?? I saw a teen mom2 show today that said she has 2 children?? & javi was in the same interview saying it is still possible him wanting to be back with Kail ????

    1. No, Brianna met someone at “Da club” and proceeded to conceive his child. Javi and Brianna got together after she had #2.

  17. Long term potential??? LMAO, not a chance in hell this will last the distance.There will however be an engagement & baby before a nasty split. It will make his split with Kail look like a fairytale.

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