‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell to Leave Rehab After Six Weeks of Treatment

Catelynn Lowell has spent the last six weeks in treatment, and, although the Teen Mom OG star was away from her family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it looks like she’ll be home for New Years Eve!

Catelynn, who has been at an Arizona rehab facility since November 18 to treat her anxiety and depression, made a rare appearance on Twitter on Friday to announce that she will be heading home to Michigan on Saturday.

“I’m going home tomorrow!” she wrote. “So excited for the future and seeing my family!! Six weeks of treatment and I feel good! Gotta work it when I get home thanks for all your support.”

Catelynn’s husband Tyler Baltierra, their daughter Nova and Catelynn’s parents have visited Catelynn in Arizona throughout the course of her treatment program. On December 11, Tyler wrote on Instagram that Catelynn was about to get out of rehab, but it appears that she decided to stay in the facility for an extra couple of weeks. (It’s not known if she left and came back, or never left at all.)

This is the second time Catelynn has sought treatment for her anxiety and depression. In March 2016, she stayed at an Arizona facility to treat her mental health issues. Catelynn’s anxiety and depression issues have become a big part of her ‘Teen Mom OG’ story line over the past few years.

In November, Catelynn posted a startling tweet, explaining why she had chosen to go back into treatment.

“Well today I thought of every way to kill myself…so I’m going to treatment,” Catelynn tweeted, using the hashtag #MakeChesterProud, a reference to Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, who committed suicide earlier this year.

It is not yet known if MTV cameras followed Catelynn into her treatment facility.

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. Isn’t all this suffering related to the huge sense of emptiness when thinking about Carly?
    I think it would be more human if both Ty and Cate admit their increasing feeling of having made a big mistake by letting their first child be adopted. Even if at that time it seemed the best, it wasn’t…and that’s something every mom knows.Of course they are trying their best though it is not healthy to cover one’s real feelings…just say it out loud, maybe it will help them both since all this therapy has not resolved a thing so far..humble opinion of a mother to a mother.

  2. Everyone’s got childhood traumas, but if you’re using negative coping habits then it’s no shocker to be suicidal. I’ve watched her for years be unhealthy with food and no exercise and smoke weed. All that combined on top of depression and anxiety is just a recipe for disaster. Once her daughter came into the world she should’ve put the weed down and got with a trainer and a weekly therapist. Until then she’s gonna be miserable.

  3. You don’t need to “hit the gym” to exercise. The simple act of getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine and taking a walk with your family does wonders for your mind. It’s such a simple and free activity, I don’t know why more people don’t just get outside and do it.

    Wish C all the best – mentally and physically.

    1. I say trainer only because she’s obviously someone who needs to be held accountable and to be motivated to actually get up and go. I think once she has the tools then a simple walk for you and me would be so much more attainable and enjoyable for her. She really just needs to stop the weed and self pity and just make a change once and for all. It’s hard but I think leaving nova for weeks is harder. She needs to just get it done

  4. Catelynn is so lazy cant even complete rehab…She just wanted an MTV paid vacation from her child! Its sad some people are actually suicidal and can’t afford treatment….

    1. Before you come at me just remember Catelynn sold her story to magazines before she went to rehab. And according to radar online she left early against the rehab advice to go home for awhile….I’m done with Catelynn!

  5. I am not being mean, but Catelynn is on track to becoming morbidly obese. And it dangerous on the health at such a young age. She keeps gaining weight every season, and baby weight is not an excuse. Novalee is like 3, I think she has low self esteem and I don’t think Tyler is supportive in a constructive way that motivates her.

    He is gaining weight at an alarming rate also, so I hate when he brings up Cate’s weight. It’s like ‘look in the mirror guy maybe uh focus on yourself pal.’

    Anyways, I think if Cate got a personal trainer and got back to a healthy weight – it would completely change her outlook on life. She would value herself more, be active and happier.

    I know that her weight isn’t her only issues going on, but I think it is a huge factor in her depression. The way Tyler talked about her weight (even though he loves her) really would affect anyone’s self esteem.

    1. I would say that her depression and anxiety have contributed to her weight gain more than the other way around. I also think that commenting about her weight at a time like this, and saying that she’s on her way to becoming morbidly obese, when she is literally just leaving a 6 week stint in a mental health facility due to bring suicidal is maybe not the most appropriate or constructive thing to say.

      I feel like I’m going to get a lot of downvotes for this bc people like to be able to freely comment on everyone else’s body no matter what in the name of “telling it like it is”/not being “politically correct”/“just being concerned” but I just felt like I had to say it. What if these are the first stories and comments she reads about herself after just coming out of treatment? It seems like the wrong time.

      1. I don’t think it was intended to be a mean-spirited comment In all honesty I feel the same way about Gary it is not good to be that heavy for anybody those children are entitled to time with their parents and I would hate to see them taken way way too early for something like needing to lose wight or diabetes

      2. Look my mom is morbidly obese and is a nursing home because of it. It’s not meant to be mean spirited but you can’t skirt around the issue. It obviously is factor/affect/effect of her depression.

        Frankly she should not be on social media at all, if you think this was mean then you should stay away from twitter. They go for the jugular.

    2. While I completely agree that living a healthy, active lifestyle could significantly benefit her mental health, please keep in mind a few things- First, antidepressant/antianxiety/antipsychotics almost always cause weight gain. Secondly, severe depression can deplete any motivation that you have to exercise, function or even get out of bed. It’s very easy to tell someone to hit the gym; when you hate yourself and you’re paralyzed by the darkness of the disease, this is beyond difficult.

      1. Well of course, medication can affect that. But none of us know what she is using or even IF she using prescribed medication. Other than marijuana – which if you read medical studies on marijuana/depression it is pretty divisive.

        And i agree on depression, it is like a cloak that you can’t shake off and covers you. It is suffocating.

        As far as getting active and exercise, it is univerally agreed that it helps combat depression. Research has shown that being physically active has psychological and physical benefits that decrease anxiety and depression. Plus you don’t have to rely on a pill, which i feel that (in America) we fall back on too often.

    3. Lol wow. Getting started is probably 80% of the battle. She’s also likely on anxiety/depression medication, which causes you to gain a significant amount of weight

      They also probably don’t eat healthy. However, I don’t pretend to know what goes into their stomachs, but I do know everything you said is much easier said that done

  6. I was thinking the same thing. She doesn’t do anything. She just sits and dwells on or talks about the negative in her life. I give her props for what she did in giving up her daughter. That was a difficult selfless act and I do t know if I woukd ever be strong enough to do that. However she needs to give up the misguided notion that she is entitled to Carly. I dont care if B and T set it as an open adoption in the beginning or not but things change. Look at how Tyler and Cate swore and declared that they were going to make Carly proud and go to college and have careers and whatnot. What happened? They sat on their lazy asses while the MTV money machine cranked out the benjamins and did nothing but brood over their lost daughter. Now I feel as though they are counting the days until she is 18 so they can have their daughter back. If I were B and T I woukd be scared. Especially when Cate and Tyler have no respect and feel as though they’re entitled to talk about Carly. They don’t. They have no legal rights whatsoever to that girl and their lucky B and T don’t give them a cease and desist. So those two need to stop trying to procreate for the time being, throw out the weed (what are they teaching Butch for goodness sakes??) get off the sofa before they end up with bed sores and get real jobs or even an education would be nice. None of those teen moms are very good on consistent follow through other than sofa surfing.

    1. I respectfully disagree. I don’t think Care feels entitled to Carley at all. I think she desperately wants to maintain contact and I think she’s sorrier than words can describe, that she gave her up, but entitled to Her, no. Tyler, on the other hand thinks he’s entitled to many things and at some point, he’s going to ruin any chance of maintaining contact with Carley for Cate with his attitude. That’s why they didn’t get a visit last year. That was a warning shot from B & T. His dumb ass comments about them at the rental, waiting to see Carley is a prime example

      1. Yes, Tyler is the main issue, but Cate also blames the rift on B and T, ignoring Tyler’s antagonistic and entitled behavior. She publicly ties about how she’s tried to reach out to them and they ignore her. She knows exactly why they’re avoiding her and she pretends like she and Tyler are totally innocent. She needs to wake up and realize that Tyler is one of her biggest problems. I feel for her. I really do. But, Tyler is toxic and entitled. She would be far better off without him.

  7. I wish she would remember to follow through going to treatment is great but making sure that you have a good support system and are willing to go to therapy on a weekly basis is unbelievably important in this situation and she seems very reluctant to keep it up wishing her the best of luck

  8. I hope she gets involved in a lifestyle change when she gets back- I think if she ate healthier and worked out it could really help her depression. She would gain some confidence and start feeling better in all aspects. Also all the weed she smokes doesn’t help.

    1. I feel like a lot of her issues are very situational/environmental. If she had to get up every day and go to work I think her life might be a lot easier than sitting on a couch reading social media comments about yourself.

      1. I can totally see what you’re saying here, and agree with you 100%. During one of my worst bouts of absolute soul sapping depression/suicidal thoughts I was out of work and had isolated myself from nearly everyone. It was a fucking challenge, but once I finally landed myself another job and felt like I had a purpose and was worthy of existing again, shit started feeling less desperate quickly. Not perfect, but less “I don’t have the energy to shower, much less kill myself even though I’d like to” YKWIM?

        1. Hit the nail on the head for me at the moment. Was fired from my psych unit job when I had surgery for a terrible triad in my knee. I am far too much of a liability on a psych ward ?. I feel so depressed, unmotivated. It’s been literally months and months of not finding a decent job. I suppose I could have took a few others but with my now permanent knee pain, I am limited as an RN to what I can do without hurting or getting injured again. I know ? I will feel so much better once I land a good job, but damn, when’s it gonna freakin’ happen? Blah. Sorry just felt like I wrote the comment you did! Glad I can relate to someone else!

  9. Great that she’s getting help but why not do it like the rest of us? Most people with severe depression end up in their local hospital for a couple of days then are in a strict outpatient program. Maybe if she’s away in a rehab she has some sort of drug issue and uses depression as a cover.

    1. Yeah she is taking the Hollywood path vs our normal “shop at Target” readership. After several years of this, the horse, and just from what I have seen on the show, it seems like she is avoiding motherhood. It always seems like Tyler is dealing with the kids these days, which sucks because he has been a “parent” for a long time with Butch and could probably use a break. I am sure my opinion will be a bit unpopular but her deadpan mom delivery and her body language suggest otherwise. I hope she got the help she needed. Probably best to steer clear of the Michigan maryJ till her meds get fully cycled in 😉 If she can get past those initial jitters, hopefully things will gradually merge her into the parental role a bit more.

      1. Really couldn’t agree more with your comment. Although I may or may not be a little more sympathetic and empathetic (I say or not because I in no way know you or your struggles- I just tend to try to only point out the positive) as a mental health RN, survivor of MDD, daughter of completed suicide victim(s), blah blah blah….I deep down inside agree with everything you said. I’ve never been privy to “attend” and lavish rehab and Unless my patients were truly psychotic, they never stayed more than a week on the locked floor of a dingy hospital. And she truly has been avoiding motherhood since jump. When I had my daughter, all was right in the world. Have to admit now, it’s much different as she is 7 and I don’t have to care for her every need. At times, I feel lazy and like I’m not seizing the moments enough. It’s my own struggle. Maybe Cait doesn’t have a maternal instinct/bone ala Jenelle. Maybe it’s the adoption and other things that are not allowing her to experience the true joys of parenthood. Who knows, could be a combination of all that and the drugs too. I hope whatever it is, she figures it out and Tyler finds a way to help her in a more therapeutic way. Emphasis on more therapeutic. I realize this comment may come off as rude, snide, judgemental, etc and I in no way intend it to, just couldn’t find the words for what I wanted to say. I’m grateful mental health issues are no longer hidden in the dark as much as they used to be. It’s very sad it’s such a epidemic. And I will call it that being a sufferer myself.

    2. Well she has used marijuana on camera so why wouldn’t it be possible for her to seek “rehab” for that and depression?

    3. I completely agree! There is so much that people cover up for both Cate and Tyler I am sorry she’s depressed. It really is an unbelievably hard thing to climb out of but It can’t be helpful to be getting high all the time and I think that’s the least of it

  10. I think she’s always going to be haunted by the adoption, but she’s going to be very troubled as long as MTV is involved in her life. I’m sure she never would because they all make extra ? from social media promo, but this girl needs to step away from social media. I’m sure it only worsens her mental state to hear the relentless opinions of strangers who know a sliver of her life, yet they feel they know her personally.
    I understand the animal thing and what she’s doing there. But I hope and pray she focuses on her businesses when she gets home and Nova. Let Tyler handle the social media and drama. He loves that ****

  11. For her sake I hope Tyler treats his wife like a queen now. And yeah, please don’t knock her up yet, she’s prone to PPD. Good luck Cate!

  12. Don’t worry I think about how to kill myself every other day
    Since my brother died he passed 3 years ago it’ll be 6 years to the person I was engaged to it’ll be 1 year and only a few months for my best friend who was my 1st cousin
    I’ll just think about it and I’m sicker than all of them Healthwise except my cousin He will take you when it’s your time
    I gotta stay for my parents I gotta stay for me and that’s it
    Always passes those feelings
    There can’t be a hell and there is a Heaven and it’s Beautiful and peaceful

  13. I’m so happy that Catelynn has gotten the help she needs. Also glad to see someone who is a “celebrity” so candid about getting help for mental health. Wishing her all the best!

  14. These girls and guy are lucky that through mtv they have access to all these facilities. Wonder how much they have spent on rehab for the teen mom cast.

  15. Wish Cate the best. I’m glad she stuck it out for a full 6 weeks. At least she is showing her fan base that she is not afraid to seek help when needed. With as many people as there are who deal with some sort of depression or mental health issues, this is really a topic many can relate to. I just hope she continues to do what she needs to in order to take care of herself and her family.

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