‘Teen Mom 2’ Fans React After Jeremy Calvert Gives Five-Year-Old Daughter Guns For Christmas

No word if Addie received a Christmas stocking filled with Country Crock butter or not…

Get ready for the Teen Mom 2 version of “A Christmas Story!”

The show’s fans have had a lot to say in the days since ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Jeremy Calvert posted a series of photos to his Instagram account, bragging that he bought his almost-five-year-old daughter, Addie, not one but two rifles for Christmas!

Everyone all together now: “You’ll shoot your eye out!”

In the first photo, Addie (whose mother is Leah Messer) is holding a pink camouflage 22-caliber cricket rifle. In the photo caption, Jeremy also heads off haters by adding “yes Leah is aware of this.”

In the second photo, Addie is shown holding an all pink bolt action rifle. Jeremy followed that up with a selfie of him and Addie. In the post, he defends Addie’s right to defend herself…in his own special way, of course.

“God I love this girl so damn much she’s my everything.” Jeremy wrote. “Someone f**ks with her I’ll gladly dig a hole. She didn’t come into this world to be some man’s punching bag. Hints why she will learn to shoot a gun at a young age…don’t like it don’t follow my f**king sh*t.”

Fa la la la la, la la la la!

Not everyone agreed with Jeremy’s gift.

“This is all that is wrong in America,” one person wrote in the comment section.

“Your children are barely disciplined and now you let her hold her gun before teaching her how to?” another person wrote.

Others defended his decision to give his daughter guns.

“If you don’t own a gun by 5 years old are you really from WV? lol It’s like a rite of passage here, especially if your into hunting!” one fan commented.

“Raising her right. Lady that won’t take any crap… get her a custom made coach holster,” someone else wrote.

Although many fans of the show were outraged that Jeremy gave multiple weapons to a four-year-old, Leah apparently saw nothing wrong with the gifts.

“You don’t have to explain anything to anyone,” Leah wrote in the comment section of one of the photos, defending Jeremy. “She’s precious.”

Christmas gift-giving wasn’t made up only of rifles and bullets at the Calvert household. A few days before Christmas, Jeremy posted that he gave Addie some sort of treat from the Coach store.

“Shopping at Coach at 5 years old, unreal daddy is a sucker for a smile,” Jeremy wrote. “Love my baby girl… #shegetswhatshewants”

(Photos: Instagram)

75 Responses

  1. I live in the south and apparently this kind of craziness is normal. I was shocked to find out how many of our friends arm their kids, but are afraid that our autistic child will become dangerous. This is a show about the immature things that kids do, like have unprotected sex, and people are arguing that a 5 year old is mature enough for a gun.

  2. JesusGawd mom get me the frosting or I’ll pop a cap in your butt.

    Gracie quit yelling or I’m fixin to pop a cap in you.

  3. Relax, people!! It’s not like he bought her some high-powered rifle!! I think it’s great he bought her not one but two guns!! Better to teach them young, although he really should teach her to never put her finger on the trigger unless she intends to shoot. I grew up shooting with my dad. I didn’t start out on some pansy guns either. No, he taught me how to shoot anything & everything! I learned respect for guns, not fear! Maybe if some of you learned about them & how they can benefit, yoy’d learn to like them a little more. There’s nothing like the feeling of shooting a fully automatic weapon!!

  4. Okay.. Here we go. I’ll just say this, and people can downvote me if they want, because I can see a lot of sensible comments have been down voted all because our country can never seem to agree on anything about guns. This is a stupid idea. She’s not even 5, she’s ALMOST 5, and I’m sorry but no matter what that’s too young for a gun (let alone 2). I’m sorry but what does any ALMOST 5 year old need a gun for? Personal safety as Jeremy suggests? Isn’t it a ALMOST 5 YEAR OLDS PARENTS JOB TO KEEP THEM SAFE?! Therefore Jeremy’s reasoning is absolutely absurd which brings us to why he really gave her a gun. Attention. Jeremy gave Addie not 1,but 2 guns, so he could flex on Instagram and stir the shit. And when Jeremy put his want to rile people up online over his daughters safety, he really f*#ked up! Peoples opinions might be different if he said “got her a rifle to go hunting with me, teaching her how to hunt” instead of what he did which was “Look I save a 4 year old a gun, say something about it so I can call you a hippie while I put in a fresh dip of chew and go muddin!” Jeremy wants attention over his daughter’s safety and THAT’S why this is wrong. Then if Addie WAS to hurt herself or somebody it’d be another debate for this country of” gun good, gun bad” when the real debate is “good parent, bad parent”. And don’t get me started with all yall who “Jeremy will be around to teach her to use it” Jeremy is only around to pester Leah if even then. Jeremy is not going to teach her how to use a gun, he’ll let her shoot it willy nilly at beer cans while hooting “Look at my baby girl!”. Give me a break, you guys act like we haven’t watched these people on TV for years, like we don’t know how they are.

  5. I’m from a country that has strict gun laws so I’m just wondering is it actually legal for her to have a gun at the age without doing some sort of course? I think I’m more worried that it’s Jeremy who will be teaching her about using a gun and gun safety. The guy just seems dumb and aggressive.

  6. I agree with this part of his caption: “unreal daddy…” He is correct, he is not a real daddy. He is an “unreal” daddy. Daddies show up every single day that they can. Daddies do not promise to come see their baby girl and then cancel. Daddies do not make their baby girl cry with missing him bc daddy has decided to spend his days off with his girlfriend. Daddies do not exploit their children on Christmas by throwing a gun at them, saying “say cheese!” and taking their picture so that they can post it online and make their little girl the unwitting face of the NRA at age 4. Daddies do not just buy a bunch of expensive, age-inappropriate gifts for their little girl to make up for all the time they wasted throughout the year by not seeing her when they could. Daddies do not endanger their little girls by buying them guns and letting them pose with them before having any conversations about or lessons in gun safety (as seen here where Addie has her finger on the trigger).

  7. Safety, in any form, is a foreign word to these people, gun safety is no exception to this. Children can absolutely be taught how to use weapons, including guns. They can be taught from a pretty young age too. It’s not an unreasonable thing to do, nor necessarily a bad thing to do(dependent *entirely upon the child, and the purpose for giving the child the gun in the first place). However SAFETY should always be first and foremost, so simply handing a 5 yr old a gun, loaded or not, is a bad idea. Teaching gun safety needs to start *before the child is handed any gun. It should never be seen as a toy(and gifting it for Christmas in this manner-as in, the way he did, kinda defeats that).

    A gun, loaded or not, should always be treated as a pure weapon, even in the hands of those with years of experience, training and knowledge. She is five and knows nothing of the dangers that guns pose. Jeremy doesn’t even seem to know enough about them to properly teach her. He didn’t bother trying to educate her before handing them over. To her, they are toys, she may see them as toys that can do damage, but she still very much sees them as toys, right now.

    So, yes, giving a child a gun can, in some instances, be perfectly acceptable. I don’t believe this is one of those instances though. As it was done for a matter of show, and there is little to no respect given to the gun(and yes I realize exactly how that sounds…but ALL weapons should be respected, if only for the damage they can do). No, I don’t think she’s just going to go off half cocked(no pun intended) and shoot people. I still believe there’s a level of irresponsibility shown here, for the sole purpose of showcasing his arrogance, rather than a desire to teach her about guns, gun safety, when why and how they are to be used.

  8. She ain’t going to be no punching bag! She’ll learn self worth by observing how I lie to and cheat on my on-again off-again fiancée. That and the gun will teach her!

  9. When my daughter turned 6 i bought her the exact rifle. We live in Texas. He’s doing the right thing as a father . “Opinions are like asswholes,everybody has one and they usually stink”

    1. “Asswhole” here and “your” instead of “you’re” from one of the the other Jeremy supporters in the article. If you can’t even spell properly, you are probably not smart enough to own guns. If you can’t figure out grammar and homonyms, you are not educated enough to figure out gun safety. It’s just really telling that almost all of his supporters are so ignorant and uneducated that they can’t even spell properly.

  10. I’ll defer to Jeremy & Leah, since they know their daughter and I don’t. But that deference comes with a big lump of skepticism. I’ll be teaching my daughter to shoot, not now at 5 years of age. She needs to be able to follow instructions, obey multiple rules at the same time, and maintain concentration for extended periods. Right now, she still thinks “but I don’t want to” is an acceptable reason for not doing as she’s told. Maybe their daughter is unusually advanced for her age – but I doubt it.

  11. Oh, Germy, you’re such a divorced dad! Why don’t you just man up and make plans to spend more time with your kid?? That’s what’s SHE really wants!

  12. Make sure the child is rasied with selfworth, and she will Never be anyones punchingbag, you don’t need af effing gun for that … Twatass

    I’m from Denmark, guns and even gunlicenses is really hard to obtain, I don’t understand why people (Americans) need a gun to protect themselves – god knows I never needed one. But I guess Denmark is just a safe place to live. Because we don’t give guns to any hillbilly out there …

    1. Same here, I’m from Ireland and I genuinely cannot fathom anyone thinking it’s ok to give a 5 year old baby a weapon. It’s mind boggling

    2. You must not be from Indianapolis, IN where armed robberies and murders are committed multiple times per day! Yikes. A well-respected doctor was gunned down in his own home recently when he walked in on a burglary in progress! I carry because I’m a petite woman who works in the most dangerous parts of the city & needs self-protection.

      That being said, I wholeheartedly agree with the majority- this is inappropriate. I can’t fathom why a 5 year-old would need a weapon to “protect” herself. Germs is what I call a pop-in daddy. Pops on in for special occasions & photo-ops. Lahooo-saaaher!

      1. I have absolutely no idea… I have been trying to get a cartoon alien avatar for about the same time and every attempt has failed.

  13. I mean just for the simple fact she’s a child and probably still can’t wipe her ass 100% correctly.. it’s not a great idea. I agree with the comment that they are barely disciplined. This little girl with lipgloss and nail polish is scary, imagine a gun. ??‍♀️

  14. For me as a person living outside of W. VA, although this comes across as a bit scary and irregular, I look at it as perhaps more “cultural” than anything else.

    But then again I also felt that way about episodes where Addie was gulping down cake frosting, and the sugar packets from a local diner that Leah cheerfully opened for Addie while she sat there casually chatting with a girlfriend.

    Anyway, who knows?

    Either way, for me Addie is an adorable little hoot, a total “scene stealer,” and I enjoy this show 100 times more when she’s featured. So let’s just hope the absence of bullets in or around this Christmas gift —keeps this little cutie pie SAFER.

  15. I’m from a rural area where hunting is the norm and a lot of people get their first rifle very young … followed by a gun safety course.
    AND I have never been a man’s punching bag and surprisingly didn’t need a gun to accomplish that. Getg her her gun, get her a gun safety course and be the type of man you want her to be with.

  16. They’re from West Virginia, so this doesn’t surprise me at all. I just worry that neither Leah nor Jeremy is responsible enough to teach Addie proper gun safety or make sure the guns are stored in a secure location. Addie is a handful, Jeremy is barely around, and Leah is…Leah. Also, Jeremy (as usual) was looking for a fight with this post. For someone who wants no part of Teen Mom, he loves the attention.

  17. So are you saying Jeremy that your daughter is at lower risk of domestic violence later in life due to exposure to guns at the age of 4? I would love to see the statistical evidence behind that statement, but sounds like total bs to me.

    Maybe teaching your daughter what a stable relationship looks like would be a better place to start, rather than turning up sporadically with a bag of gift-wrapped weapons. But, hey, as long as they’re “pinkkkkk” ?

  18. Maybe it would be a different situation if the girl didn’t live in a dysfunctional home with a pill popping mom. The girls just run free.

  19. I feel that Addie would’ve been even happier to receive a Walmart gift card or a years supply of chocolate frosting. I don’t agree with gifting a child a gun, but to each their own I guess.

    Jeremy likes to stir the pot to get people riled up so that he can clap back at people who don’t agree with him and starts name calling. Anything to stay relevant!

  20. This is a tough one for me personally. I was given my first gun at seven years old. I grew up in Alaska (I promise we’re classier then WV and I’m not from where the Palins live) but I was taught proper gun safety. I took classes every couple of years to update on gun safety and laws. I’m 31 and still go hunting with my dad every couple of years. It’s just the way we live. However, I do think bragging about giving Addie a gun, throwing it around all over the internet and basically saying don’t fuck with my daughter or you’ll end up in the ground is tacky and bad parenting. Buying lots of gifts doesn’t make you a good dad.

  21. As long as he teaches her to sue them responsibly, I see nothing wrong with the gifts. While I never gave guns to my children, some people use guns correctly for hobby or sport. Free country and all that.

  22. So he gave her a BB gun. Big deal. I had one when I was a kid. My brother and I would line up cans and shoot them in the back yard. They live in the country and there are a million safe places she can shoot.

  23. Jeremy has just become a very unlikable person. He loves the game but insults his followers every opportunity he gets. Even Adam and Ryan aren’t this thirsty.

  24. Let’s be realistic here. Addie is not going to be walking around with this gun, under no supervision for fun. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her learning proper gun use and safety, and it’s actually better that she learn about gun safety from a young age. I grew up in a hunting house hold, myself and all of my siblings (there are six of us), grew up understanding how guns worked, how they needed to be handled, and all of the safety measures that need to be taken when there are guns in the house. There was absolutely no unsupervised use, nor were there attempts made by any of us to try using one without our fathers supervision. If Jeremy wants to share this with his child, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s much better than she be educated, than try fiddling with one ten years down the road from now and hurt herself or others.

    1. But, is she learning gun safety? Her finger is on the trigger in the picture. Loaded or not, the first and most important gun safety rule is never put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot. That is basically gun safety 101 and Jeremy apparently didn’t notice and/or care since he took the picture and posted it on the Internet.

      1. Agreed, her finger shouldn’t be on the trigger. But this is also a small child on Christmas morning with an unloaded weapon. Jeremy was probably just excited that she was excited and snapped the picture. Realistically you can’t teach a child gun safety in the .3 seconds it takes for them to tear open gift wrap. I seriously doubt he would have purchased this for her if he didn’t intend to tech her proper use of safety. Guns aren’t toys.

        1. Guns aren’t toys and yet she unwrapped two guns on Christmas as if they were toys and they were placed in her hands before teaching her how to hold them. Seems like basic gun safety should have been taught before ever purchasing guns for an undisciplined 4 year old. Just because your parents were responsible about gun safety doesn’t mean Jeremy and Leah will be (history would indicate they are not). Unfortunately, a lot of parents buy their kids weapons or keep weapons in their homes without teaching proper safety and use. At least one kid dies a week in this country from an accidental gun shot. The most common situation is a child around Addie’s age accidentally shooting themselves. I sincerely hope Jeremy is responsible enough for this.

          1. Again, I agree, it really is up to Jeremy and Leah to monitor and teach here. But if what I’m guessing is right, then the guns will stay at Jeremy’s house, and it is rare that she is even with him. So assuming they stay with him, she won’t be able to access them freely, and all use will be supervised. As for teaching her proper gun use, they live in VW, which means guns are a very common thing in their community, so I do have some faith that Jeremy will take the time to teach her properly due to the love of hunting/fishing/trapping that is ingrained into kids in that area.

  25. I’m from The Netherlands and I’m always fascinated how some people are so obsessed with their guns.
    It’s not allowed to own a gun in my Country (only by strict rules I believe) and I just don’t understand why you need a license for driving or have an age limit for gambling/drinking, but using firearms doesn’t need any of that. So I personally think she’s way too young to own one.

    1. The thought that you think it’s ok for you’re government to “not allow citizens to armed” is frightening & sad at the same time. God Bless America.

  26. People are so ridiculous and ignorant. It’s like everyone thinks Addie is going to go on a mass shooting spree. Guess what? My dad (who was the kindest man on earth) was from the south and loved guns too. He took me shooting all the time when I was a kid. Not a big deal.

    1. They’re worried she’ll accidentally hurt herself or a friend. Five year olds aren’t known for their responsibility or dexterity. ?

      1. Do you really think Jeremy would let her run around with a loaded rifle? lol. How stupid. He obviously got it for her so they can go hunting together (something that Corey and his daughters have done for years). It’s not like he would let her use it without his supervision.

        1. Considering that the entire premise of his posts about Addie is “she gets what she wants,” “daddy’s a sucker for a smile,” and “I will personally bury any man who treats her poorly,” coupled with a picture of her holding this gun with her finger on the trigger (which is NOT showing gun safety), yes, I feel like he might slip on the rules and let her play with her gun unsupervised. This is the same girl who got lost for multiple hours and was walking around by herself until the cops brought her home. The same girl who eats sugar packets, frosting, and butter from the container. Her parents are NOT known for being responsible adults who supervise their child. Her dad is specifically known for being a jackass who says and does things specifically to garner himself lots of attention on social media and who enjoys doing things that will piss people off and start a fight. A man who breaks up publicaly every couple months with his girlfriend/fiancée and then bashes her online is not really known for his maturity. Why on earth should we even assume or believe that he knows or follows gun safety? We can see in this one picture where Addie has her finger on the trigger that he does not. It makes no sense to claim that Jeremy, who has zero maturity, follows no other rules, and breaks all other conventions, would be a paragon of virtue and responsibility when it comes to guns.

  27. This was inapropriate for this particular child for sure. Knowing Addie like we do, she’s totally going to do an armed robbery on the nearest Walmart! “Give me all your lipstick and long fingernails! You, over there, will you be my boyfriend???”?

  28. The whole premise is absurd, So I’m going to ignore it. As a side note, I hate when shifty absentee fathers shower their kids with gifts, and then brag about it on social media. You aren’t fooling anyone.

    1. Yes! It’s always the dads that are barely around that need to brag about how their “babies” get what they want. Coach gifts don’t make up for you not being around, Jeremy.

  29. Maybe you should master the basics, like teaching your child not to eat butter by the spoonful, before you try and teach her more advanced skills…Just a thought

  30. Being from a law enforcement family my kids were raised around guns and yes they even got their own rifles but not at the age of 5. My husband’s gun and all of his guns were kept in a gun safe even though my kids knew never to touch Dads gun or guns you never know or who may come upon them at your home. That being said I hope and pray that Leah and the girls are going to be safe and Jeremy keeps the guns at his house.

  31. Man Addie is so tiny, I think she is too young honestly to really understand how dangerous, deadly, powerful and the responsibility of a firearm.

    If it was a BB gun – thats a different matter, even though BB guns can be lethal also.

      1. No for real, this past June a 15 y/o from Antioch CA died from being hit in the chest from a BB PELLET. So yeah, don’t shoot your friend’s eye out or shoot them in the chest.

  32. Totally support her learning to shoot at a young age. Hell, there’s little girls her age at the range I shoot at that could rival the shooting abilities of anyone there. But I agree she should be taught basics before ever touching the gun. Her trigger finger gives me anxiety. The first thing anyone, old or young should learn is never point a gun at something unless you are planning to shoot it and only put your finger on the trigger once you are set to pull it. Otherwise. Good for them. Proper gun use is a great hobby and teaches confidence

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