Mother of ‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Mackenzie McKee Diagnosed With Stage 4 Brain Cancer

Mackenzie and her mom, Angie…

The family of Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee is reeling after they learned that Mackenzie’s mom, Angie Douthit, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer and lung cancer.

Angie was seen prominently throughout Mackenzie’s 16 and Pregnant episode, as well as the full season of ‘Teen Mom 3.’

Mackenzie and her mom had been using social media to update fans on Angie’s condition, and, according to a post on Mackenzie’s Snapchat on Wednesday, the bad news just kept coming for the family.

“We all sat with her the entire day and every time the doctors came in the news just getting worse,” Mackenzie told her followers.

According to TMZ,  Angie had surgery on Wednesday that revealed several large lesions covering her brain, as well as several tumors in her lungs, one of which was at least 7 cm. In addition, Angie has blood clots throughout her body.

Angie was due to have surgery to have the masses on her brain removed, but her doctors soon discovered that there were five masses, instead of the three they had originally seen.

“She was going to have brain surgery yesterday and get the three large masses removed…then the doctor came in to inform us that she has five masses on the brain, not three and they’re just not sure if brain surgery can remove five masses throughout the whole brain. That’s cutting open your whole skull.”

Angie is often seen in Mackenzie’s social media postings, running and exercising with Mac and her family. She is a school teacher who, according to Mackenzie, does not drink or smoke. She is an active marathon runner, so the diagnosis was particularly shocking to Mackenzie and her family.

On Tuesday, Angie first let her friends and family know what was going on.

“Several months ago I began having trouble breathing and for a runner it weirded me out,” she wrote on Facebook. “I was diagnosed with bronchitis which I knew I didn’t have. I waited and it got worse. Well… after a few scans, i have a large mass in my lung. And three masses in my brain…”

On Snapchat on Wednesday, Mackenzie revealed how she felt when she heard the news about her mom.

“After we heard the words ‘Stage 4 cancer’ I almost blacked out,” she told her followers. “My face turned red in anger and I couldn’t even look at my dad. She’s been the love of his life since he was 15 years old.”

Since ‘Teen Mom 3’ went off the air, Mackenzie has been working on starting her own fitness brand. Her mother frequently appears in her workout videos. As The Ashley previously reported , Mackenzie was up for the slot on Teen Mom 2 that Briana DeJesus ended up getting.

GoFundMe page has been set up to help with Angie’s medical expenses. Mackenzie wrote on Snapchat that her mom was just asking for prayers.

“My mom begged for no one to help,” Mackenzie wrote. “She just wants prayer. She never asks for anything. We just want to do what we can to help in any way.”

To make a donation to Angie’s GoFundMe fundraiser, click here.

The Ashley will continue to provide updates on Angie’s condition as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: On Thursday night, Angie posted an update on her Facebook page.

“The bone scan is clear!!! Praise God!” she wrote. “I have 8 tumors in my brain. They will begin radiation next week for two weeks. The mass in my lung is the size of an orange and I have numerous small ones scattered throughout both lungs. We will target those with chemo after the radiation treatments. Being in good health is a huge plus for me and I should heal quickly! God is in control and I’m taking one day at time. I want every day to count, life is too short to waste time. I have a lot of work to do and lots of people to share Christ with, I will fight the good fight and run the race set before me. I will be strong and do my best to get the job done God has planned for me.” 


UPDATE #2 (January 5, 2018): “The biopsy is here. I have non-small cell lung cancer that is also in my brain,” Angie wrote on Facebook. “I will start radiation Tuesday for two weeks then chemo, life is funny, I’ve always griped at people for smoking then I get lung cancer. However, I know that God has the final authority on what happens to me and his ways r not my ways. God is good. #alwaysbekind Please pray for my family… they’re having a really rough time.”

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  1. Stage 4 lung cancer is no joke. My grandfather was dead less than a month after being diagnosed. My grandmother-in-law made it 7 months with the help of chemo that made her miserable. I feel so bad for this family. I’ve never been a Mackenzie fan but this is heartbreaking and I’m very sad for her.

  2. Hope your family is one of the lucky ones, cancer is a tuff road to walk.
    Many prayers to Miss Angie, and her caretakers

  3. I hope someone prepares them for what is getting ready to happen. I know they are asking for prayers, but I hope they say all the things they need to say now. I hope her mom writes letters to/makes videos for her grandchildren or does something that they can hold onto if they choose to. Even if people don’t like her/her daughter, this is something that is going to rock them to the core, because their life is about to get really rough. I hope they stick together and grow from this. I’m sorry to her and her family.

  4. My heart just breaks for her. I went through the same with my dad. He was very healthy, eat extremely well, was a runner and never drank or smoked. He ended up with a very rare form of cancer and it ultimately lead to his death. I would never want anyone else to experience that and I hate that so many people do. Thoughts and prayers to her and her family as they experience this new normal (for now at least). My heart also goes out to those leaving comments who have experienced the same loss. <3

  5. Very sad. I lost my husband to cancer within 3 months. She may go very fast due to the brain tumors. Even if they had caught it when she was told she had bronchitis months back, she still would’ve been too far gone. One or the other sets of cancer are metastasis. So sorry for their family.

  6. Sadly, MTV continued to waste their time on Briana. Just think if they would have chosen Mackenzie, she could have been a voice for cancer patients everywhere. As a cancer survivor, I know how much treatment cost. The money her family would have earned could have helped them. Instead, we have Brianna who is on a whore mission and her man hating clan

    1. I don’t think she would want this to be filmed anyway. I don’t like MacKenzie, Josh or the deJesuses but this is not the time to talk about it. No Mtv money can cure this kind of cancer.

  7. How horrible. My father went from fine to stage 4 in only 2 months and passed 3 months after his diagnosis. I hurt for them

  8. I follow Mackenzie on Snapchat and hearing what has been going on is so heartbreaking. Her mom in the snaps tries so hard to be positive. I don’t know how she does it.

  9. She went to the doctor months ago and they diagnosed her with bronchitis? And then she went to the doctor a few weeks ago, and they just said they were blood clots? Idk who her doctor is – I understand people make mistakes – but this mistake is going to cost her her life.

    As immensely hurtful as this is, I can also understand why Mackenzie is livid with the doctors too.

    1. shes not that old and in great health. I doubt the doctor would jump to cancer immediately. If anything this proves to do your own research and push for further tests if things don’t feel right.

      1. I’m all for not being 100% dependent on someone, but absolutely not ma’am

        1. It is the doctor’s job – and they take an entire oath
        2. Not 1 doctor visit, but TWO resulted in a failure of accurate diagnoses.

        I (a non expert. A layperson) need to work overtime and be my own doctor because TWO doctors did not do their due diligence? Nah. They dropped the ball entirely on this one and if you can’t see that, then I can only hope that you’re not a doctor yourself

        1. Unfortunately, this is the way it goes sometimes; a lack of immediate diagnosis doesn’t necessarily mean malpractice or negligence. From personal experience when my mom was diagnosed, it seems that it totally depends on your symptoms. I.e. a lump on the breast – the doctor will automatically run tests for breast cancer. But headaches, shortness of breath, and fatigue don’t necessarily scream lung and brain cancer, especially in a young and healthy nonsmoker. It wouldn’t make sense to run dozens of invasive tests on every patient who complained of a headache. My mom was experiencing stomach pain for two months before the doctors discovered ovarian cancer. Because she was so young and otherwise healthy, they first were concerned about Chrone’s disease, colitis, etc. Unfortunately, it’s common to not be diagnosed immediately; doctors aren’t perfect, and testing isn’t always easy or clear-cut, especially if you know exactly what you’re looking for. It sucks.

  10. It doesn’t matter if you like Mackenzie or not, this is truly tragic and heartbreaking. Prayers to her mother and family.

  11. Hopefully the healthy lifestyle she leads will help her stay strong and fight as long as possible. Sending prayers

  12. I can relate. We just went through this with my dad. It’s heart wrenching. I know exactly what she means when she says that the news kept getting worse. That’s what we went through and it’s hell. I wish her mom lots of good vibes.

  13. Can I thumbs down this story? Angie seemed like a very good woman, and mother. This is awful. I couldn’t even imagine getting that news about my own mother. Ya’ll are in my thoughts.

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