‘Teen Mom’ Catelynn Lowell Reportedly Swears Off Drugs & Alcohol & Vows To Lose Weight Following Rehab Stay

“I’ll be hawking FitTea on Instagram in no time!”

It looks like big changes are ahead for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra in 2018.

According to Radar Online, now that Cate is home from The ‘Hab after a six-week stay to help her anxiety and depression, she plans to continue on the sobriety path and also hopes to lose weight and get a little healthier in the process. (The Ashley can’t confirm this so please file it as a “report.”)

While ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans have seen Cate struggle with her weight in the past, a source says that her husband Tyler Baltierra plans to join Catelynn on her post-rehab and weight loss journey this time around, as he is also looking to make some healthy changes.

“He said he’s going to be with her every step of the way in terms of her working the steps, staying on top of her therapy session and not missing any days of her outpatient treatment,” Radar’s source said.

“Tyler will be joining her when it comes to losing weight! He’s admittedly gained a bit of weight over the past year and he’s unhappy with his appearance. He’s been wanting to lose weight for a while now, so they’re making major changes as a family.”

Over the past few seasons of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ viewers have criticized Tyler for not being supportive of his wife’s attempts to lose weight. (Who could ever forget Tyler on-camera proclamation that he “don’t want no heifer for a wife!” as Catelynn snarfed down a giant quesadilla in front of him.)

The source added that while in treatment, Cate detoxed from marijuana (which she admittedly used as a crutch for her anxiety) but that she is also sober from alcohol now, too.

As The Ashley previously reported, Catelynn entered an Arizona treatment facility on November 17 after she admitted to experiencing suicidal thoughts. On December 30, she returned home to Michigan.

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. This may sound rude, but is she being treated for FAS as well? If she has that–which I’m quite certain she does based on her facial features, mental illnesses & her mom’s long history of alcoholism–her anxiety & depression likely won’t respond to the same interventions as other types. There’s no specific “treatment” for FAS but it would be helpful to know whether it’s contributing to her anxiety & depression.

    FAS is nothing to be ashamed of; you can still be intelligent & live a full life with it. But it can impact your mental health & decision-making skills. It’s a spectrum disorder caused by drinking alcohol while pregnant that persists throughout the lifespan. There is no safe amount of alcohol while pregnant & I have a feeling her mom continued drinking while Cait was in utero.

    I just hope she’s getting it addressed off-camera because it would be a shame for her to commit suicide or something due to inadequate treatment. Every case of depression is different.

  2. so attractive Cait over weight rolls smoking a cigarette to go get her birth control removed so much for being healthy and not having a kid right now so gross

  3. I honestly wish all the best for her, and Nova. Tyler, on the other hand, can go kick rocks. He has *never been supportive, he has never encouraged her to get help, he has witnessed all of her issues and only contributed to all of them.He IS her worst enemy, no matter how much she may love him, regardless of the connection(s) that they have. I do hope he learns from his own mistakes, but I really don’t see that happening. What if she has a relapse, or slips up? While it’s fantastic to hold people personally responsible, playing the blame and insult game is his go to MO, and that will, absolutely, cause serious harm.

    She has the means now to get the help she needs, and I truly hope she finds it all, and so much more, because it will open doors for her that she thought she had sealed for good. I’m not taking her own responsibility out of the picture, she has had a hand in a lot of her own issues, but I’ve seen so many people spiral down to the point where they truly can’t see their own contributions to their problems. Sadly, most of them don’t have the means to get PROPER help. As easy as it is to tell others to get off the couch, stop any and all drug use(and let’s be honest, weed isn’t even remotely on the same level as countless other drugs including prescriptions often given for various ailments that have a myriad of negative side effects), get active, etc…the DOING it part isn’t always nearly as easy. We can all say what we’d do, or what we’ve done, but no two people are ever alike. She now has the ability, the means, and most of all, the DESIRE. Those three things will definitely help her tremendously.

    It would be wonderful if, a year from now, she can report that she’s healthier in mind and body, loves herself as much as she loves her daughter, has an active lifestyle, and generally has improved ten fold. That’s what I really hope to see, and I think, of any of those in this franchise suffering from any number of addictions, ailments, issues…she probably can do it (sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to realize how far that journey down actually was, and why you’d never want to repeat it). I actually also hope that she sees Tyler for the jerk that he’s been, and if he doesn’t straighten up and fly right soon, she eliminates one more unnecessary speed bump from her journey. He’s the primary reason that the open adoption terms that both parties agreed to haven’t really been satisfied(from either standpoint, something that all four of them have agreed to, countless times…that what they ALL want simply can’t be, or hasn’t been anyway). He’s the driving force behind all of the negativity, and he’s the one driving a wedge between Brandon, Theresa Carly…and Catelynn and Nova. All five of them could have a really great relationship, if Tyler wasn’t in the picture at all. I truly feel that they all want to, as well.

    So, yeah, ditch all of your vices Cate..including Tyler, and your life will improve drastically. You’ve taken one giant step, just keep going, even if it’s baby steps, even when you stumble, those moments will make it all worthwhile. You just have to be motivated enough to actually eliminate, not just reduce, ALL vices and as much negativity as you can. That also means ditching the TM franchise-which at this point(though long before now really) is not doing anything to help you.

    1. Sorry not buying its all Tyler. As for the mess with Carly and not seeing her yes that was Tyler mouthing off last year but this season all on Cait. How dare she get pissed off that because they are all in the same town and T&B won’t spend the day at the beach with them. They had their beautiful daughter there and it was all about Carly couldn’t enjoy the getaway with your replacement kid. Then Cait gets angry Carly is not hers she gave her up and she is damn lucky they allow them to see her with all thee crap they have done when specifically asked not to. Sorry Tyler isn’t all to blame and Cait is no angel

    2. Tyler has actually become pretty supportive of her desire to do basically nothing.

      He even managed to get himself a “clothing company” to run, so he doesn’t have to go to college and have an actual career. Gotta love capitalizing off that “celebrity” following to sell ugly clothes.

  4. Sometimes I feel bad about dragging all these mentally ill people.
    Cate, Amber, Jenelle, Farah, Leah, & Kailyn, all have pretty serious issues.
    Leah did some work on herself & seems to be doing well mentally, still no education or job.
    Kail & Farrah are wrecking balls, Amber is Bipolar, Cate’s suicidal. Jennell is a druggie/undiagnosed mental failure.
    Like I said, sometimes I feel bad, mostly I’m just amazed that this shit is still on tv, & I’m still watching it.

    1. Farrah is a psychotic, narcissistic bitch. Jenelle seems to have some serious borderline personality disorder, and Amber has been diagnosed as having borderline too.

      Leah’s improved a lot, but should probably find a school/career path she’ll stick to.

  5. I hope they can adhere to their goals, I am not sure how they hope to achieve this, but with the money they make – hiring a fitness trainer, and/or signing up for gym classes, and consulting with a nutritionist would be a good foundation.

    It’d be easy to take the lipo way but without changing your lifestyle, it doesn’t seem effective in the long run. I knew two people who got the lapband yet failed for them because there was no change in their eating patterns nor did they become more active.

    They need outside encouragment for those days when you get so frustrated you want to give up, many people can’t afford this so I hope they take advantage of that mtv money. Cate has struggled with her weight for years so, and if you watched that past episode of Ty eating with his mom, they ordered alot of fried food with sodas.

    I dunno, i struggled with weight also so I get it. It may be hard at first to cut sodas, pasta, bread, processed food. But once you get into the habit of mainly cooking with fresh vegetables, majorly cutting down sugar, watching carbs. It get easier and the food tastes so much better. It isn’t like you have to deny yourself fast food/sodas/candy forever. It is moderation and portion control.

  6. I’m happy that she wants to make these changes, and hope she does fully commit to them and succeed. But I also feel like it just isn’t going to work out. In order for someone with the types of problems she has to accomplish these goals, they need a lot of support. Tyler may be a trooper for sicking with her through all of her struggles, but just because he’s an accepting partner, doesn’t mean hes a supportive one.

  7. Just freakin do it! Don’t “talk” about it, BE about it. I’m sick of people just always saying “I’m going to do this for this reason, etc” constantly… And they never fall through or stop as it gets tough. I think the constant public validation makes the depression worse when they fail. I think she just needs to do the work and keep her progress or digression off social media. Focus on herself, u know?
    Idk. Maybe this only works for a handful of ppl. Mental toughness is the first step and learning to depend on yourself and not your boyfriend/husband to keep u together…

  8. Cate has had a f&$cked up life & uses food (and scabs) as coping mechanisms. I refuse to hate on someone who clearly has serious mental health issues. At least she’s “attempting” to get healthier..physically & mentally. I hope she keeps it up, for Nova’s sake.

  9. I am catelynn to a tee. My anxiety and depression also makes me over eat, want to be in bed all day and have suicidal thoughts. I have so much respect for her. It’s an almost impossible journey to climb out of that hole. Good luck baby girl!!! Join yoga! That’s what I did.

  10. Cait could lose 200 pounds instantly if she dumped her tank top wearing, pot smoking, fat shaming, open adoption ruining husband.

  11. I’m afraid she will not improve over the long term, what is it ? 10 years of enjoying a standard of living of the rich and famous. The memory of their up-bringing is long long gone. Five or six more years and half their lifetime will have been spent on financial easy street.

    A TV show, trips, vacations, hotels, houses, cars, social media followers. They can regurgitate the whoa-is-me act a million times, is it not an excuse anymore given their ages, money they have earned and the access to the best mental help.

    Fact is, they like their life and wallow in the past and the re-live adoption when they need to, but that passes after the next bong hit. When they have nothing, including not having access to Carley will needed changes happen.

    1. I totally agree about getting a job! I have 4 chronic illness’, one of which requires chemotherapy every two weeks. I am in pretty much constant pain, and it’s difficult to get through each day. HOWEVER, I work full time a teacher, have 3 children aged 3, 8 and 13, and was a single parent for a long time too. It makes me a little frustrated when I see that they are “playing” being designers, and mostly sit around doing nothing, except eat, ride their horse, and play with their goat!!! All this, whilst earning a lot more than I do! I’m actually not jealous of them, as they both actually seem unhappy. If they were my friends, I’d be offering them support, and encouraging them to do things apart, as well as together. They seem to live in each other’s pockets, which isn’t healthy. My husband and I have friends together, and other friends outside. The reason that Cate and Tyler don’t is that they’ve grown up together, so are bound to have the same friends, but usually people get jobs, and make friends that way. They haven’t. I do wish them the best, I just wish someone they trust (Dawn, maybe) would speak to them and be honest. Yes, they’ve had their beautiful Nova, but they’re not showing a positive work ethic, well not whilst MTV are around!

  12. If they had kept Carly, they’d stil be the same lazy losers, sitting around whining about how everything wrong in their lives is their parents’ fault, while of course..dumping both kids on those same parents as much as possible, then running to chat up their “therapist” who seems to do nothing but enable their laziness and failure to accept any responsibilty for themselves. As for Cate, I hope someone explains to her the value of an education suitable for her abilities, then a J-O-B as a way to develop self-esteem. If the only thing you’re good at is getting stoned, dumping your kid elsewhere, vacationing, and saying ‘Oh it’s my mental illness!”…no wonder she’s depressed, overweight, and frankly, often looks plain old dirty. GET A JOB. BECOME SOMEONE.

    1. Oh yeah, Carly dodged a bullet with them! I’m sure now that she sees Nova and how she is raised, she is so GRATEFUL she got Brandon&Theresa as parents raising her. Now that they have MTV money, they would only try to buy her love and not education which I’m sure (I don’t know them well but as far as I know, both finished college, correct me if I’m wrong) what B&T are doing even if with less cash.

    1. She noticed. You could tell she noticed. He was having a difficult time talking. Then she started crying because life is all about him right now and not her and how great she is and how she sacrificed her job (wait…she’s on TeenMon, she doesn’t have a job) to support him through his failed attempt at rehab and here he is apologizing for what he did to Bentley and Macy and why can’t it be about her for once? Waaaaah! I’m sure he was out of his ever lovin mind at his second wedding too. But then you have to be to be married to her.

  13. Tyler, helping your wife doesn’t mean saying “Babe, you need to lose weight!” And I hope this means no siblings for Nova for a while!

  14. Healthy diet and exercise has proven to help depression. Even if they decide to have another baby later, the decision to get healthy is the best choice she could make for herself.

  15. Sadly she will probably be announcing a pregnancy soon. Wish these kids would take a moment to get themselves together before making major life changes.

  16. Sorry, but I can’t see Tyler being supportive. He’s been such a jerk in the past about Catelynn’s struggle with her weight. Him being on her about sticking to her diet and losing weight with her likely means nasty comments when she struggles with it. And I can’t see Tyler giving up pot/not smoking around her, which would make her fall off the wagon. I really think they’re still together just because of the bond of not being able to deal with placing Carly up for adoption, and staying together is easier than making a big change.

  17. I though Cate and Tyler were seriously talking about getting pregnant again. So how is that going to help her (in the short term anyway) with weight loss?

  18. I just looked out the window and saw a pig fly by.. ?

    But in all seriousness, there is absolutely no reason why both C & T can’t put in the effort to eat healthily and exercise.. they have nothing else to do aside from going on “well earned” vacations and buying old farmhouses.

  19. also she didn’t complete her rehab she quit after a few weeks so she could have her holiday and then went back for 2 weeks not the same thing

  20. Please too selfish and lazy. I’m sick of these two. Sick of their disrespect for Carly’s parents. They don’t understand how lucky they are to have had an open adoption and still allowed in her life after all their stunts. it made me sick to listen to Cait bitch about them not wanting to go the beach with them for the day as both couples were vacationing in the same are. She is the birth mom she gave her up for adoption and they are constantly messing with the families wishes. They seem to think when Carly becomes 18 she will magically walk away from her family to be with them. Funny they were all we are the face of adoption we are so adult we wanted this. Now last week it was well we only did it because of how our parents were now its the parents fault. No its your fault you had sex, you chose adoption. Many of us had messed families with abuse in them doens’t mean we get to blame them for everything. We don’t get to lay on a couch, get high and not hold a job. These two need to build a bridge and get over themselves they keep it up the adoptive family will cut all ties till she is 18 which they should have by now.

    1. Amen we’ve all had struggles some more unbelievable than others but the strongest ones of them all are the ones that don’t continuously blame mistakes made as an adult on a messed up childhood… At some point you have to take a step back acknowledge it might’ve been messed up then not make the same mistakes you feel were made in your childhood Not hold onto it like blanket and pull it out whenever convenient

    2. I truly believe if they knew how 16 and Pregnant would take off and end up with a spin-off, they wouldn’t have given Carly up for adoption. I think that really torments them, and that is the main reason Tyler (especially) has issues with Brandon and Teresa. Sadly, their actions now prove that they made the best decision for Carly. She didn’t just need the financial support, she needed the stability and love she has at home with her “real” (Brandon and Teresa)parents.

    3. Speaking from personal experience, Carly will probably not want anything to do with them once she turns 18. My biological father has and continues to act very similar to Tyler in regards to entitlement and a fantasy relationship between myself and his family because I’m his biological child. I am now 24 years old he still refuses to accept that I do not want to be a part of his family, and even gave his other daughter(14) my phone number to call and text me as she pleases because he has it in her head that I am her big sister and want a relationship with her, which I don’t. He does not care how uncomfortable his actions make me, and does everything he can to force these bonds, even bringing his daughter to my grandmother(my mom’s mom)’s funeral in an attempt to “reunite” his other daughter and myself, which he had absolutely no right to do. They’re severely hurting their chances of preserving a relationship with Carly, and only hurting Nova by raising her to think she’s entitled to a relationship with Carly, the same way my bio dad raised his other daughter to believe I want a relationship with her. I have literally told him I do not want contact with his family other than him every time I’ve seen or spoken to him over the past few years, but it doesn’t matter because “we’re blood!”. He also does not respect my parents and feels he’s entitled to a better relationship with me because he’s a biological parent. As a result, I have not answered his calls/texts in months. I hope B&T pull the plug, and Carly will be able to choose on her own if she wants to contact them again one day, which she definitely won’t after seeing TMOG, which she almost certainly will.

      1. Thank you for sharing and my heart breaks for you. I hope B&T do so both cait and tyler are obnoxious and think they can do and say what they want. All Carly will have to do is look at these episodes and she will be destroyed. Family isn’t always blood in fact your blood family can hurt you more. I’m glad you have a great family and you should be able to make the choices that work for you not have something forced down your throat

  21. “She plans to continue on the sobriety path and also hopes to lose weight and get a little healthier in the process.” Although The Ashley can’t confirm this. Neither can Catelynn. ???. High five on that disclaimer The Ashley!

  22. Of all the Teen Mom couples I really thought these two would make something of themselves after witnessing so much disfunction growing up; sadly they did not. I really hope she stays off of the weed and alcohol and does take the weight off in a healthy manner. Maybe if she and Tyler has real jobs where they got up and went to work every day or attended college they wouldn’t have problems with dependency.

    1. I jus tposted pretty much the same thought: get up and DO something, and I don’t mean “online clothing!”. If all you do every day is sit around and moan about your ‘mentl illness’ you are just going to deepen that spiral. All that crap about how after giving up Carly, they were going to MAKE HE PROUD!” …went by the wayside as money started flowing in for doing nothing more than contantly whining about your decision to give a child up for adoption Now that they have one they kept, they don’t seem to be interessted inspending that much time with her, or even keep her dressed and clean. As I recall, they did manage to finish high school and then attend a few classes fora few weeks at some community college, but that is it in terms of “making something” of themselves. Pathetic, But at this point..also boring. Given every opportunity in the world to get an education, or learn a trade, and become SOMETHING…they elected to just do nothing instead. Carly is FAR better off where she is, C&T rich, or C&T poor, are still a couple useless wastes of oxygen in my book.

    2. She also prob wouldn’t have severe depression either. I would get depressed too if all I did was sit on my couch all day & chew my fingernails.

  23. If she legit stays off pot she will notice a difference in her weight by just doing that. And if she gets exercise and eats better it should be easier on her at her age to drop some pounds. Also I felt like a couple seasons ago Tyler was wearing like spanx or a girdle. It was weird to see his shape under his shirt. Very unnatural. And last season I didn’t agree w him saying he’s not supposed to ask her about therapy, he said the rehab told him that. Seemed way too easy for catelynn to not be held accountable for follow ups. On the other hand he seems like pot kettle black only bc he acts like nothing is wrong w him and his mother is always blaming catelynn too.

    1. Everyone blames Tyler yes he is a jerk and full of himself but honestly look at Cait this episode pissed because how dare B&T be on vacation in the same state and not want to spend the day together at the beach. She is spoiled self entitled. Hey I want a pig buys one gets rid of it. I want a horse buys one ignores the daughter she so badly wanted because she gave up her fist. She is no prize she left rehab to smoke pot and to be here for Christmas. Went back for two weeks and is cured that isn’t how rehab works. You don’t get to leave so you can have a holiday. You don’t get to smoke pot and go back when you feel like it. You also don’t get to go to a place that basically is a vacation at a very nice hotel in the real world when you to go treatment. In all honesty they are both lazy horrible and self entitled

      1. While it probably would have worked better for her if she didn’t go home for the holidays (do you have a source on that? Where did you hear that she left?), I think it’s great that she went back. People have relapses, they quit rehab early and then come back, they think they’re healed and better and then find out they’re not. I don’t think it’s fair to say “that’s not how it works!” A lot of the time, that’s exactly how it works. People make mistakes and then realize they need to keep getting help. Or Maybe she originally signed up for 28 days, did those days, came home, realized she wasn’t ready and went back for some extra time. But even if she left in the middle of the program, she went back. I’m not sure why anyone would be mad about that or feel like she blew her chance and should just be condemned to live a life of depression/addiction bc she didn’t do it perfectly the first time. And why shouldn’t rehab be at a nice place with spa treatments and stuff? She doesn’t have to be in some lock-down, prison like, peeling wallpaper and cement floors place to get help. A nicer, more expensive rehab isn’t somehow less authentic or real. Any rehab anywhere, no matter how expensive or cheap it is, is only as good as the work you put into it. I’m sure there are people going to the cheap rehab who aren’t into it and not doing the work, just like there might be some celebrity type figures going to the expensive rehab just bc it was court ordered but they’re only there for the massages and facials.

    2. how did I miss this about tyler spanx or a girdle now I’m going to be going back and looking. As soon as he said he wasn’t allowed to ask I thought was he told that by Cait? I’ve been in therapy and my husband was the one to hold me accountable so I didn’t slip back into that pattern

  24. i personally think tyler is the worst thing for catelynn..hes very self righteous and just a jerk..if she got away from him,i dont think shed be as depressed.i think it will always be an issue because of carly but tyler makes it worse..

    1. I think the saddest thing about their relationship was how badly every single girl wanted a boy just like Tyler after their 16&P episode aired because of how loving, supportive, and hell bent on doing the right thing he was. At that point in time he was even defending her weight to his father when Butch started laughing about her weight gain during her first pregnancy. I think fame went to Tylers head big time, and Cate is just holding onto the person he was before the money, which is heartbreaking. She’s been with him since the 7th grade, she doesn’t know how to be without him at this point.

  25. Catelynn has serious mental issues, I can’t blame her after growing up with the abuse she suffered from her mom. I know it’s hard to deal with crippling anxiety and depression – been dealing with it myself for over twenty years. Hope she can do it for the sake of her marriage and daughter.

    1. Sorry not sorry I came from a very abusive family. Beaten and worse that I’m not going to into here and what didn’t do is use it as an excuse which is what she is doing. i’m not talking about you I honestly know what its like to go to hell and back and with very little resources I and you manage to function and build lives. They have had more resources then most and have done nothing but make excuse after excuse

      1. She’s been to treatment a few times. She is using her resources to go to treatment, to get therapy, to see a counselor in the past. She’s not doing nothing. And earlier you said that she shouldn’t have gone to an expensive rehab bc that’s not how it works, but now you’re ranting about how she has all the money in the world and should use it to get help.

  26. This is bullshit. During her first rehab stay she was specifically told to quit smoking weed, but she got high like 2 days after she returned. And now she’s acting like “whoa maybe I should stop self medicating with weed?” Guuurl… You should have done this years ago.

    1. She probably knows that but wasn’t in the right place yet. She probably is more motivated now. Let’s not kick someone when they are down. If she really wants to make changes now, then good for her.

  27. Hope she can get her life together and that catelyn and Tyler form a deeper relationship through doing this. They kid of just seem like friends and that connection with only get worse as time goes by.

    1. Completely agree. They’ve been through so much together but it’s obvious the spark is gone. I feel as if Catelynn feels completely in love and dependent on Tyler and doesn’t want to lose that connection to Carly, but Tyler feels obligated for his fame. I can guarantee you if they didn’t become “MTVs adoption sweethearts” he would have broken up with her a LONG time ago….

      1. I guess they make so much money from the show they have no incentive to do it now. They don’t seem to realize the show won’t be on forever.

    1. I feel like at this point, she should really just go get lipo and be done with it. She’ll never lose weight otherwise. I know that it’s really difficult, especially when you’re as big as she is, but she gets discouraged too easily and will never stick with a diet/exercise plan. She’s still young enough that if she has lipo, her skin should shrink back down, too.

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