‘Teen Mom’ Catelynn Lowell Announces She’s Heading to Rehab For A Third Time

Catelynn Lowell shocked some Teen Mom OG fans on Wednesday when she announced via Twitter that she is heading back to rehab to treat her anxiety and depression issues. The announcement comes just three weeks after Catelynn left an Arizona-based treatment center after spending six weeks there.

In her tweet, Catelynn thanked her husband Tyler Baltierra and their daughter Nova for their support.

“Well they say third times a charm… I’m going back to treatment people for 6 weeks to work on my trauma and getting on different meds,” she wrote. “THANK YOU @TylerBaltierra I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! You are my light!! And nova you are my sunshine #KeepTalkingMH”

In follow-up tweets, Catelynn clarified that the trauma she is working on stems from her childhood.

(As The Ashley reported in her 2013 book, Teen Mom Confidential, Catelynn’s mother April had alcohol issues and Catelynn was moved around as a kid, staying with various relatives. In 2001, Cate’s father David Lowell attempted to get custody of Catelynn, claiming she was being neglected by April, but the judge dismissed his claim.)

This will mark the third time Catelynn has gone to treatment to deal with her mental health issues. In March 2016, she stayed at an Arizona facility to treat her anxiety and depression issues. In November 2017, she returned to rehab after posting a startling tweet, explaining that she was suicidal.

“Well today I thought of every way to kill myself…so I’m going to treatment,” Catelynn tweeted, using the hashtag #MakeChesterProud, a reference to Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, who committed suicide earlier this year.

Tyler has yet to publicly comment on his wife’s return to rehab. However, on January 15, he posted a sweet message on Twitter to Catelynn, commending her for her strength.

“I am SO PROUD of this woman!” Tyler wrote. “When you have been fighting your whole life to survive…it doesn’t just make you a survivor…it makes you a damn WARRIOR! I love you babe.”

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. I love this beautiful family ❤❤❤I wish them Always the Best!!! They are all Amazing and Inspiring and lovely! If I met anyone famous I wish it would be them!!! They are my fav!!! I’m glad they get support for what they go threw and aren’t perfect but still soo wonderful! I’m not perfect too!

  2. I really think Tyler is not right. I don’t see him as very manly and I swear I don’t know if he is gay but he also looks like someone transitioning. That’s all. I realize that when people don’t agree w your opinion they gets lots of nasty replies but sometimes it’s better to say something then keep it in. Yikes. Sorry. Especially after his weight loss. Haha idk. I’m holding my breath for the mean things to come to me. ??

  3. Just read an article that Tyler lost 26lbs in the past month. No wonder she’s headed back! She’s probably so depressed with the fact she’s so big and now that Tyler’s actually doing something about his weight-it has to be super depressing for her. I feel bad for her but seeing her lay in bed all day is gross. I have my own kids and I don’t have the option nor would I ever choose to lay in bed all day if I could but come on. It’s like those NyQuil commercials where parents can’t take sick days. Apparently she can and a lot of them. I wish her all the best but I don’t see her getting better without some drastic changes.

    1. Now it make sense why she went to rehab she was jealous of Tyler for loosing weight, while she continued to stuff her face…She began to get scared because he was losing weight he’d leave her so she went back to rehab in order for him to stay

  4. Seriously. I started watching this show in 2010 while I was 16 and pregnant with my first baby. Since then, I have had two more kids, left my abusive partner, finished nursing school and got an amazing job. I have my own home, car, pay all my bills, and manage all my shit on probably one tenth of the income that these crybabies have, not to mention I actually parent my own kids with little to no familial support. And you know what? I’ve had depression. I’ve had anxiety. I’ve had a miscarriage, I’ve lost my best friend. Shit happens. Life happens. I genuinely do hope that Caitlyn or someone close to her reads all of these replies. Wake up to yourself.

    You’ve got one shot at life and you’re spending it whining on the couch, getting paid by MTV. Do you have any idea how bad that makes you look? No one begrudges you the depression, the PTSD, the regrets you have about giving up Carly. But you are a FOOL to not take advantage of the position you’re in. MTV won’t always be there. Instead of letting them pay for you to sit on your arse day in and day out and for rehabs that clearly don’t work for you, get them to pay for school. University, classes, hobbies, hell, go backpacking around the world and find yourself because god knows you can afford it.

    Just. Do. Something. Many among us have had horrible childhoods but at your age, in your position, using that as an excuse for your crappy adult life is nothing but offensive to those of us in the real world. Get a grip. Otherwise, look forward to coming out the other side of this MTV stunt looking like a joke to the whole world.

    1. Props to you for finishing nursing school. That is a very hard thing to do even if you don’t have kids. Amazing job. Keep up the good work. My MIL got a nursing degree and out of the entire class she was the only one graduating. So, again, good job. Some lucky kids you have.

    2. You sound like a very motivated person, that’s the thing that Cate and Ty lack, motivation. If only they could read your comment and have the foresight to realize that they are throwing great opportunities away by wallowing in self pity, they would have a much better chance at a bright future. Congrats to you for making the best out of your situation and becoming a successful, contributing adult.

    3. Cait needs a mentor like you in her life. These MTV teen moms incorrectly think they’re better than their social media followers simply because they’re on tv, but they’re only there for our pleasure. If we didn’t like looking at train wrecks, then they’d be out of a job.

      This is what they need to understand: their lives are a house of cards about to come crashing down at any moment. When the MTV paycheck goes away, so do the fancy houses, cars & rehab stays. Even the girls who seemed to start businesses aren’t successful (Farrah – we know you moved back in with Daddy & got back into porn because your businesses are failing – you need to be involved in your business every day to make them successful).

      I really do hope that Cait reads these comments. She needs a really big wake up call or she’ll be bouncing back & forth to inpatient hospitals for the rest of her life. The only difference will be the quality of the hospitals she stays at when the paycheck goes away.

  5. Honestly she just breaks my heart. You can see how much pain she is in. While placing Carly was selfless it also broke her. She was already damaged to begin with and that was just too much more pain to take on. I really hope at some point she is able to be ok.

  6. I have a theory. I think that she is already pregnant and having difficulty coping without pot. And adjusting medication for pregnancy.

  7. I don’t think Cate knows how to cope outside of treatment. Everything is scheduled on a daily basis there, right? She has structure and a routine whereas at home, she doesn’t have that. She doesn’t have any hobbies or a job that she has to go to everyday. She doesn’t have much support at home either. Like I get she has Tyler, but I don’t think he’s so supportive.
    If she wants to get better, she needs to start doing something aside from sitting on the couch. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just trying to speak from experience. I literally did the same thing as her.
    I’d come home from work and just sit all day and smoke weed. My relationship fell apart because of it and it really kicked my ass into gear. I still smoke but I don’t sit around all day. I got back into art and focused on that as well as making sure my house is clean.
    It’s easier said than done, but she needs to focus on herself and be a parent to Nova.

    1. You are right. In a real psychiatric unit, not a profit based ‘treatment center’, they would never let someone like her stay more than a week because they know she will become dependant on the structure and care that is provided.

  8. I am wondering if Cate is getting to the point where she associates in patient rehab with feeling better and then when she goes home, she can’t figure out how to feel better there because every time she feels bad she just leaves rather than processing and learning to cope within her real life with her husband and child.

    I also don’t understand why they let April watch Nova if Catelynn has such childhood trauma she has to recover from. I have no doubt that Catelynn has dealt with childhood trauma and trauma from the adoption, but you would think that would make her cleave more to her child not run away every time she feels depressed.

    I do think it’s good for her to take time separately to take care of herself. If you’re going to rehab twice in a month though, I think it’s time to consider whether that is a strategy that is healthy or working. Her child needs a mother. And I know Tyler is always on social media shouting about how happy he is for her and how much he loves her and this and that, but I have to wonder if he’s not at least a bit resentful that she’s never there recently and that she’s taking for granted how much she’s missing with their daughter to go on these extended swanky rehab stays…

  9. Being sloven and lazy will make you depressed. It doesnt help that she has a death grip on her husband who is an attention seeking simpleton that looks at like a sister Catelyn not as a wife. I see why she’s depressed.

    1. I dont think tyler is straight.i swear caitlin is a beard.i also think she knows it and that is causing part of her depression. I think she really loves him and is terrified of losing him. Its sad because she hasnt been with anyone else pretty much her whole life. So she has no idea what else is out there. She really needs to lose tyler but she wont ever do that. He on the other hand is rumored to have cheated on her. Remember that story about New orleans when he trying to be an actor

  10. It’s amazing that the rest of us can function with depression, anxiety, and an average or below average income. I had PPD and the best thing I did to help myself was…get out of the house once per day, even if just to the grocery store. Shocking. Sometimes I wonder if access to a small fortune is the problem, like it becomes an enabler in and of itself. ??‍♀️

    1. I think you are probably on to something. The vast majority of us do not have a choice; we have to function despite depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. because we need to keep a roof over our heads and food on our tables. The MTV money has ensured that Catelynn does not need to work in a real job to survive. All of her basic needs (food, clothes, shelter, transportation) are taken care of already. The real test for her will be when the MTV gravy train ends. She will find it damn hard to get a decent job with only a high school diploma and reality TV star on her resume.

  11. Most people with mental illness don’t get the chance to pause their whole life and go on what’s essentially a vacation from their life and the issues they’re dealing with….this is honestly getting ridiculous. She’ll never get better until she has a purpose in life and takes her health (both mental and physical) seriously. I’ve been there and dealt with debilitating depression and anxiety but I pushed through and made my well-being a priority. Her whole life is depressing because she has literally no purpose and no goals. Ugh just irks the shit out of me

  12. I really wish people would stop referring to Catelynn’s treatment as “rehab.” She is seeking inpatient mental health treatment. In the healthcare world, “rehabilitation”’ or rehab for short has very specific meanings, and I doubt Catelynn is receiving any actual rehabilitation services.

    Catelynn also needs to learn that there is a statute of limitations on childhood traumas. I am not saying she will ever forget everything that has happened to her or that it will someday magically stop affecting her. But she is well beyond the point where she can rely on her past to excuse all of her poor decisions in the present. Instead she needs to do the hard work of changing herself and her life circumstances.

  13. The best thing she could do for herself is not have another child. I’m not coming from a mean place. It just makes sense that another child would be detrimental to her health between her trauma, history of severe post partum depression, and her other mental health struggles. I hope her and ty wise up and see that.

    1. I agree. Cate had such a hard time with nova as a baby. She constantly had panic attacks. She needs to get better before another baby. I think she senses deep down that Tyler isn’t with her for the right reasons and it adds to her mental issues.

    1. The three people who gave you thumbs down must be very sad in their own lives to feel negative about you wishing Caitlyn well.

  14. Man, sometimes I’m just so sad for Catelynn because she had a rough childhood, put her kid in adoption which she CLEARLY still hasn’t recovered from and then such unsupportive environment…..from April (&Butch) drinking/in and out of jail to Tyler saying ignorant stuff and then she had another baby which she was NOT ready to have…I hope this time she sticks to it and gets better…..I don’t want to hear in a few months how she ended her life.

  15. She is probably going back to treatment so she doesn’t have to do anything or be a mum for 6 weeks, probably got home, missed being kid free so decided to back.
    Here’s hoping but she’s stays on birth fintrol, there’s no way she could handle having two kids in her care

  16. She’s a waste of space
    Maybe if she stuck to it the first time, she’d be on her way to a normal life, these two never stick to anything, they have accomplished nothing since they gave up Carly, the best decision they ever made was to give up that child, they constantly break the wishes of Carly’s parents, and disrespect them.

    If mtv were not paying these lazy pos so much money, they’d be drug addicts with nova removed and in the care system.

    In the early days these two were my fav teen parents, but they have gone from hero’s to zeros.

    They are no role model for Carly or nova

    Time to cut these two loose

  17. I think the best gift carlys parents gave Cate & Tyler was cutting them off 2 years. Open adoption should have an end date to visits. Most agencies only suggest them a few years & then photos. Going to see Carly put Cate in a spiral. She got desperate for a baby replacement #2 to see Nova play with a sibling & has now within a few months (assuming that was filmed this summer) been in serious rehab clinical depression twice. It’s clear by the sense of entitlement they have with Carly they don’t know boundaries & seeing her is unhealthy for Cate.

  18. A while ago I read a blind item on Enty Lawyers blog which claimed that a TM star was raped by a family member that she still has to see on a daily basis and whose husband is cheating on her every night. A few of the comments that were being throw around were trying to guess who it may be, quite a few said Catelynn. I really do hope that it is an untrue rumour, no one deserves to have gone through that and have thay hanging over their head every day.

    Regardless of what issues Catelynn had has in the past and present, being seriously depressed is no way to live. I do hope she is able to find what will help her depression while in rehab.

    1. Its funny how she was at the mtv awards…. thought she was depressed. Looking like saturday night fever or something lol. She had on quite the get up. Lololol sorry its kinda mean but that outfit

      1. Holy cow you guys do realize that the show we watch on tv is not in real time. This was recorded last year. It’s magic.

  19. MTV should cancel TM and TM2 asap! This has become a place for these girls where mental illness and abuse gets them more money and fame. This isn’t healthy for any of them anymore. They all need to move on now…

  20. I’m glad she’s getting help and I’m glad it’s not on tv (like Farrah does). Yes she has issues that we have all seen- but with the right help she can get better. I do think she does need to take a break from filming once she gets home and needs to focus on her family. Some of these comments are horrifying, she is trying to get better.

  21. It seems km to me that April benefits from watching Nova all the time for Catelynn because she can have a “do-over” from being so shitty with Catelynn and her little brother. And Catelynn gets the benefit of having a child and saying she is a mom because she can’t have Carly and it’s like poor sweet Nova is her do-over baby for her past too. Sad all around. I get the depression part as I suffer myself as well. But it’s time to get real about what she needs in her life. A Job, .aybe some part time classes toward something, volunteer work just something! And she needs to be a better parent. Sadly it doesn’t seem like she tries that hard and she is fine with or without Nova around all the time. She is the poster case for someone who needs inpatient hospital therapy for many many weeks.

      1. Given how volatile, violent, and strung out April and Butch were for all of Catelynn and Tyler’s childhoods, I seriously question their judgment when it comes to how frequently they leave Nova with one of their parents. Nova admittedly spend days on end with April and was watched by Butch for a week while C&T were on vacation. Those two were literally the reason Carly was given up for adoption, but now they can watch Nova whenever? It’s a serious lapse in judgment (much like almost everything C&T do).

        1. I wouldn’t leave a goldfish with April or Butch. They seem to have no problems doing it. Remember they left Nova for a weekend with Butch fresh out of the slammer. And I was horrified to watch him cut off his grandson’s cast. The child had a broken leg. Why in hell isn’t CPS called if he has no follow up after. I can’t for the life of me.

  22. What is going on with the comments here lately? I feel like this used to be a place where things were fun and funny in the comments, where people were generally good natured and supportive, but my god, the majority of the comments now are so ignorant and mean. And not just gossip-site snarky, but flat out mean and degrading. I don’t understand how anyone can be so callous about the type of crippling depression and anxiety that Caitlyn faces from years of childhood trauma plus trauma and guilt at getting pregnant at 16 and having to give the baby up for adoption, plus having to see herself looking not at all how she wishes she would look on T.V. each week, followed by every internet commenter calling her a fat ass, lazy freak, horrible mother, who just needs to get a job. Mental illness is a real thing. It’s not just laziness and it’s not treated by losing weight and getting a job. People complain that all she does is complain and she does nothing to fix herself, and then she checks in for back-to-back treatment and people say she’s just a whiner looking for attention and trying to avoid her child.

    I used to love reading here and I used to love commenting and reading the comments. I upvoted so much more than I ever downvoted, but now it’s like some toxic wind has swept in and everyone is trying to trump each other by saying the most hurtful, shaming, ignorant kind of crap.

    1. People call it like they see it. If she doesnt like what people have to say get off tv. Its that simple. Everyone has trauma in there lives. I had a terrible childhood. I suffer from anxiety and depression i still get up off my ass and do what i have to do. And i dont have money for a fancy smancy rehab. Or even a shrink. This girl has all these things at her disposal. She needs to develop some sort of skill because if she thinks this is rough.she is in for a rude awakening when the teen mom ship has sailed. I dont dislike caitlin i dont know her. but from what i see on tv. She doesnt do a damn thing except sit on her couch. Yeah depression is hard but u obviously arent listening to these people who are trying to help u. She needs to get rid of tyler. But dont worry once this show is over he will leave. Sorry to say that but its the truth.

      1. And i have a 4 year old so dont give me that crap. Its very ridiculous and angering. People in the realworld dont get the luxury to dip in and out of life because they are depressed. And the sense of entitlement they have about carly. I dont think they are smart enough to know how adoption works. Go to school kids!!!! Because people are starting not to care

    2. Hard to be supportive of grown women in their mid twenties, given luxury and wealth for a mistake, who haven’t been able to get their lives together in any reasonable capacity….maybe the good natured comments are gone because it’s just not funny/humorous anymore. Too many children involved with too many adults who are still behaving the way they did on their 16 and pregnant episodes…..if it were any other reality tv star it would be the same. When you start approaching 30, it stops being so cute…..js ??‍♀️

        1. It actually doesnt…. people may be like wtf??? at the amount of money u guys make for popping out kids right and left and getting a bonus for it. and going to rehab. But not jealous of your actual lives.

        2. I would LOVE to be as financially well off as these ladies without having to work for it. Who honestly wouldn’t? But easy money comes at a steep price, Catelynn is finding that out now isn’t she? All that money and “fame” and she’s still a hot mess who is obviously extremely unhappy with her current situation. Not to mention she isn’t using that easy money very wisely to benefit her, her child, or her husband… Soooo nah brah, I’m good ??

    3. Part of getting better is to make changes to your situation. Caitlyn and Tyler are not helping themselves as they are in the same place they were when they gave Carly up. The only difference if they have Teen Mom paying them while they whine and cry over life not being fair to them. I can tell you the hand I was dealt was similar to Caitlyn’s and people would not have blamed me if I turned into a serious duck up from it. Instead of being a victim I busted butt and did better. I didn’t continue to wallow in my past like Tyler and Caitlyn do. The medicine can only do so much and then you have to take the physical steps to help yourself. I do feel bad for her at times but it is also pity for not trying to fix herself. I don’t think she will ever find true happiness until she leaves Tyler.

    4. It’s called saying it as it is.

      Cait doesn’t bro herself, many people in the world suffer with depression, but still manage to get out of bed and look after their kids and home, doing that alone would make her feel better about herself, many people with depression also work a job too.

      They put their lives out there, so expect opinions wether good or bad, she’s a lazy ass woman, nova alone should be her reason to get up in the morning and accomplish things

    5. I hear you, but I think people are running out of sympathy for Catelynn. No one denies that she had a horrific childhood and a crappy mom. But, she relies on that same mom now to watch her daughter, which really brings Cate’s judgment into question. There is also the fact that she doesn’t take rehab or therapy seriously. She wants to abide by the fun parts like horses, but ignores the harder parts like giving up weed and alcohol. And, she bought a horse that she rarely sees, which is unfair to the animal. She also talks about having another baby when she barely watches the one she has. To top that off, she keeps going to rehab only to leave early every single time. At some point, people stop being sympathetic and start wondering what’s really going on.

  23. Well, good for her that she is being very pro active about receiving treatment. Her depression must be very severe and my heart goes out to her. That is awful. At least she has her family, friends and fans that are by her side every step of the way. Get well Catelynn!

  24. It’s hard for me to understand how someone who cries endlessly about missing the child they gave up for adoption can be so removed from the one she kept…..all these rehab stints, VMAs and Teen Mom stuff, her admitting to her therapist that someone else watches Nova most of the week….I mean as a mother who feels she essentially lost a child, it doesn’t seem like her time with the one she gets to hold is anymore precious. Idk. I wish she would get her shit together and be a good mother to Nova instead of wallowing away about the mother she can’t be to Carly….

  25. When will these 2 realize it takes more than a 6 week treatment to fix a lifetime of disfunction? Cate and Ryan Edwards will never regain control of their lives until they receive intense treatment. Just saying. I’m only speaking from experience.

    1. I think Catelynn is finally realizing that. I think she really does want to get well now and I’m happy she’s in that place. As far as Ryan goes…I don’t know what’s going to happen there. I think that is going to be a very messy situation for everyone involved. He just doesn’t have the self discipline to do the kind of treatment he needs.

      1. There’s no way he is sober and “cured” after his 21 days in rehab. Serious drug use isn’t fixed that fast.

  26. My question would be WHY ON EARTH is Tyler pushing for another child, when Cate obviously hasn’t conquered the present demons regarding her mental issues?

    Yes, even though we rightfully can’t see a full image of Carly against her parents wishes, we know that little Nova is beyond adorable. But Tyler’s seemingly “I make cute babies, therefore… I ROCK!” implications just don’t wash with a mom who’s been battling depression since Nova was born.

    And clearly, the very LAST thing that mom needs is another screaming baby with a loaded diaper — added to this already impaired mix.

  27. Out of all of the moms on the franchise, I think Caitlin will be one of the ones that crash an burn really hard. She has no concept of reality. With no skills, education or work experience, coupled with her mental issues and inability to function like a normal person in spite of them, I can not imagine what she will do when the money dries up. Not to mention the fact that Tyler will get fed up with her nonsense (we’ve seen bits and pieces from time to time already) and if she loses him, she won’t survive. Someone in her life needs to get her a life coach (not fancy two-week vacation-rehab) that will put things in perspective for her as far as coping skills, financial responsibility (one probably shouldn’t buy houses without going inside them), healthy physical well-being (exercise maybe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) and community service. It sounds like she did have some trauma as a kid, but my God it could have been so much worse. I just think if she stopped marinating on the couch all day doing nothing, she could get out of her own head and she could put that money she’s wasting on fancy-rehab away for the future. She seems like a nice young lady, but all her wallowing in self-pity makes her pretty unlikable.

  28. She and Tyler should take a good, hard look at their lives and do something constructive to try to improve her mental stability. I’m not knocking it, life can be taxing, but how hard is it, sitting on your couch all day long and then shipping yourself off to a swanky rehab facility when things get a little tougher? Agreed that she needs to end TM, but if she does, who will pay for rehab? $9/hour at her local Tim Hortons certainly won’t get her far, since she never bothered to get a degree…

    1. I’m 5 months pregnant and your Tim Horton comment has me totally craving some donuts! Way off topic. Yum….. doughnuts!

      1. I hear you RachyRach, I remember being pregnant with my daughter and going in for my glucose screening and thinking, as soon as I pass the test and get out of here, I am going for donuts!! ♡♡♡

        1. Haha, love me some timbits too! I’m always a little jealous when I see those coffee cups from Timmys on their tables – none nearby me in MD!

          1. I didn’t even know they had Tim Hortons in the states until I saw Cait and Tyler with the cups on their table.

            I cannot bash someone who is suffering. I will never kick someone when they are down.I think it speaks to ones character.
            God bless and good luck Cait.

        2. Ummm people that are downvoting RachyRach and I for loving donuts while pregnant…seek professional help along with Cate.
          PS we know that Tyler comes on here to downvote every article about him and Catelynn. Heeeey Tyler! 😉

  29. I just wish we had a betting pool going for this one. Complete…something, Catelynn. You have to be a mom at some point. Can’t keep getting horses and dipping out to Trembling Pines every time Netflix is buffering.
    That being said, I wish her a speedy and full recovery so she can get back to enjoying the kid that wasn’t given away.

  30. Well yeah, doing nothing all day every day would be super depressing. Get a job, go to school, exercise, take a class, DO SOMETHING.

  31. maybe she should actually stay there and complete thee program instead of coming back for holidays. Of course nothing like getting attention because she feels she isn’t getting enough grow up . Some one should cancel the show then she won’t have the money to go to fancy rehab everytime she doesn’t want to deal with life

  32. And they wonder/even criticize Brandon and Teresa for wanting to shield Carly from them. Given her mental health issues, their disregard for Carly’s privacy, respect of parental boubdaries, alcoholic and drug addicted grandparents.. wow..It makes me wonder if they’re really THAT oblivious to their own life.

  33. The facility where she goes in AZ is $36,400 a month and it’s quite swanky (I live in Arizona). Like others have posted, most people do not have the luxury of going to a premier rehab center multiple times. I think Cate is looking for a magic bullet that will magically make her a happy person. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

    1. right a nice fancy vacation while everyone else takes care of her kid. Maybe she should have stayed the full time. How many of us in real life can’t get medical help let alone a beautiful vacation type rehad

      1. Oh crap. What I meant to type was that maybe she’s seeing someOne in Arizona. Not seeing one as in a therapist. What I typed sounded rude but I didn’t check it before I hit sibmit. Again, I was joking that she may be seeing someone else in Arizona, as in a guy. Haha sorry.

  34. I hate to judge anyone going through a tough time, especially having dealt with depression and suicide in my own life, but dear god, where does it end with her? Regular people are lucky to get one shot at rehab or be able to afford regular therapy, and still have to keep up with their jobs, school, and family demands. She does NONE of that!! There’s a reason good counselors suggest exercise and doing classes/getting a regular job: because those things friggin’ WORK! Believe me, all I wanted to do was lie around and feel sorry for myself but it wasn’t til I got off my ass, went back to school, got a job, and joined a yoga class that I actually started to feel better! Why can’t she do that?

    Why are the therapists at her rehab not suggesting that she get the hell off MTV, make a break from wallowing about Carly, and get a proper job. She bangs on about loving horses- go get a job as a stable hand or something. Anything to get you off your ass and live your life!

    Sorry for the rant but her and Amber drive me crazy blaming everything on mental illness. It’s like they think no one else had traumatic childhoods/addiction etc. Newsflash: people do, they just don’t get paid to sit around and moan all day! They actually have to go and get shit done so their rent gets paid and food is on the table! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  35. How many times until she takes this seriously? I’m all for getting help, but if you have to keep going over and over again in such short periods of time, it makes people wonder what the heck are you doing in there?? Do you take it seriously?…or are you going as a quick break from home life?….She probably needs to stop making excuses and go for an extended stay…like 3 months and not 15-30 days…because she clearly needs some intense therapy. Maybe she should go to the rehab Leah went to??

    1. she doesn’t want to do therapy but she doesn’t want to do real life so lets go to therapy hopefully one of these times the place will say no. She comes home day smokes pot, goes back but needs to be home for the holidays she needs a swift kick in the ass and to grow up. Love to see mtv cancel and see all of them have to deal with real life

  36. I just wonder, from watching this new season after she took her iud out, if she’s having miscarriages or something that’s causing her to be suicidal. There has to be something triggering it. Even thought having another child isn’t going to solve her problems, I think that their lives are revolving around getting pregnant to make up for not having Carly and it’s not happening as easily as it did when she got pregnant w Nova. Regardless of what we see on the show, any marriage faces struggles and we really don’t know what goes on, other then what we see one hour a week.

    1. I can’t imagine Tyler or Caitlyn to be the type to keep a miscarriage a secret. They are pretty open about all of their problems.

  37. I don’t take Catelynn seriously anymore anytime someone comforts her about losing weight for her health or doing something with her life she goes to rehab….then leaves before she is suppose to… what she needs to do is get a job, and go to school , and take care of her child she’s just lazy point blank! She also manipulates Tyler by going to rehab because she knows he won’t leave her if she’s in rehab. Catelynn needs to quit being lazy period that’s her problem!!

    1. I’ve gotta agree with you….I didn’t even think about that last part….but it does seem like every single time someone tells her to get motivated and leave the couch, she leaves the couch and goes straight to rehab. I know it’s not easy in any way, but if she’s serious, she needs to go to rehab and learn and grow from what they have to offer….and she has enough money to go to a decent facility.

      1. I feel like Cate and Amber both use their depression as an excuse. Amber uses it as an excuse to not be a good mother and make poor choices. Cate uses it to not work, go to school, or do anything productive.

        1. oh absolutely…just like Leah used that same anxiety and depression excuse when she was hooked on pills…but it looks like Leah actually took the rehab seriously. She doesn’t use those excuses as a crutch anymore like Cate and Amber do, and she is at least attempting to be a motivational speaker. I think that why I’m having a hard time taking Catelynn seriously this time around because she literally does nothing but sit on the couch, smoke weed and cry…when she has been given so many opportunities…Last rehab she went to they told her to cut out the weed and alcohol….and she refused. It’s like she uses these rehab stays as a 2 week get away, because 2 weeks is about how long she stays.

  38. I think she opened up about her trauma in rehab and since she isn’t self medicating, she feels it so deeply it’s overwhelming her. I think she should remove herself from Teen Mom and spend the time she needs in rehab. Constantly talking about Carly is only making it more painful.

  39. Jesus. She needs an intensive three-six month stay and stop waffling on this. She knows she needs serious help, so just buckle up and do it!

  40. Heading back to rehab? Well it’s a good thing you had your IUD removed. There’s no better time to try for a baby than when you’re struggling with crippling depression and suicidal thoughts. Because pregnancy, postpartum, and a screaming new born do wonders for ones mental health.

  41. This makes me so sad. I really hope she finds a facility that teaches her coping skills and helps her work through her trauma.

    1. What she needs is for TMOG to be cancelled so she can stop talking about Carly all the time, and allow herself time to heal, and learn healthy coping mechanisms in private without being judged by the world. I guarantee she would be much better off at this point in time had Teen Mom never airred.

    2. they can’t teach someone who doesn’t want to learn. She went to a very exclusive place and laughed as she smoked pot the day after her release. She went back in and came home for Christmas because she felt she deserved it. I’m sick of her using depression and going back to rehab when she doesn’t want to deal with real life. She had no business taking out the uid but because everyone else has had a baby she needs to. No she needs to get her lazy ass off the couch, stop smoking pot, get involved in the life of the kid she has who always looks dirty. Stop making ugly toddler clothes no one liked her 70s outfit for the mtv award what would make you think someone would put a toddler in it? So over them

  42. These people treat rehab like a vacation from their lives. She won’t get better until she stops trying to blame others for things going bad in her life- Brandon and Theresa for not letting her see Carly, for example.
    She’s lucky she has any contact, if I were B&T, I would have cut off access to Carly years ago.

    She will only get better when she takes her meds, exercises, eats better and generally looks after herself instead of sitting on her couch, smoking weed and letting everyone else raise her child.

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