‘Jersey Shore’ Star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino To Plead Guilty To Tax Fraud Charges, Faces 15 Years In Prison

“They have tanning beds in prison…right? RIGHT?!”

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino‘s days of fist-pumping along the Jersey Shore may be numbered.

According to The Blast, the reality TV star reportedly accepted a plea deal with the United States Department of Justice and is planning to plead guilty to the charges of tax fraud against him. The sites reports that Mike, along with his brother Marc Sorrentino (who is facing similar charges) will enter their guilty pleas on Friday.

Mike is facing a sentence of up to 15 years in prison, while Marc is looking at up to 25 years.

As The Ashley has previously reported, Mike and Marc were charged in 2014 with failing to pay all of the federal income tax they owed on nearly $9 million they earned between 2010-2012. In April 2017, the Sorrentino brothers each received an added charge of “conspiring to defraud the United States.” At the time, Page Six reported that the brothers filed tax returns that “understated gross receipts, claimed fraudulent business deductions, and disguised income payments made to the brothers.”

“They also stand accused of commingling their business and personal bank accounts so that they could get away with spending the money on ‘high-end luxury vehicles and clothing,'” the site also reported.

Page Six reports that last week, Mike and Marc rejected the prosecutors’ plea deal (which was presented on December 19), but they later decided to accept it.

Last year, Mike and Marc appeared on Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition alongside their brother Maximo to try to work out their issues. Mike and Marc spoke about their pending charges on the show, and both expressed their fear of going to prison.

It is not yet know what sentences the Sorrentinos will receive, but Mike is due to appear on the ‘Jersey Shore’ spin-off series, Jersey Shore Family Vacation, later this year. It was recently announced that the spin-off will be filming in Miami.

(Photo: WEtv)


    1. He doesn’t owe the IRS $9 million. He owes taxes toward the $9 million overall income that was made between 2010-2012.

  1. Plenty of time to work out in prison. Think of it like a free gym with less butt rape and it will seem like fun. The years will just fly by 🙂
    If I paid taxes on my couple of years of $5k paltry income then f-you, you can surely pay yours >:(

  2. Does anyone know How did jo & Teresa from rhonj get so little behind bar time compared to these 2?? Didn’t they lie about a ton of $ also?

    1. I guess they hid some money / lied about their incomes, but the Sorrentino brothers knowingly did fraudulent things to get/keep more money. Stuff like starting fake businesses, maybe?

  3. “They also stand accused of commingling their business and personal bank accounts so that they could get away with spending the money on ‘high-end luxury vehicles and clothing,’” the site also reported. ?? This.. haha.. clothes contributed to your prison sentence..

  4. Well, maybe that’s the reason why are they doing a special……because Mike might be locked for a LONG time. Tbh, I never liked him (the only males I tolerated there were Vinny and Pauly) although he did come across as more likable when he came out of rehab but then this……dude, you suck.

    1. He was hard to tolerate the first season but the other seasons were annoying w him. I enjoyed that after the first season he had a hard time getting girls to come home w him. He was a dog who treated women like crap. Then he totally started obsessing about Snooki. It was weird. When he tried to slam his head thru that drywall in Italy and it turned out to be concrete! ?

      1. HAHAHAHA, him slamming through the wall was the funniest thing ever for me, me and my brother still have a great laugh about it. I know the walls in United States are different than here in Europe but still, how can one be so dumb LOL.

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