‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Maci Bookout Reveals She Miscarried a Baby in 2017: Watch the Clip

Things got awkward when Maci revealed a family secret to the camera crew…

In a new sneak peek clip of next week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney reveal that they are planning to expand their family yet again. However, the conversation quickly turns sour when Maci exposes a secret that Taylor is not comfortable talking about on-camera.

Even though Taylor obviously doesn’t want to discuss it, Maci tells the show’s producer and film crew that she suffered a miscarriage in 2017.

The conversation started out with Maci and Taylor discussing their plans for their family, which already includes Maci’s nine-year-old son Bentley (with Ryan Edwards), and two kids with Taylor (daughter Jayde, 2½, and son Maverick, 1½ ).

“We are not having another baby,” Maci tells Taylor in a sneak peek clip of next week’s episode of the show. “You really want another child, like for real?”

Taylor tells his wife that he loves kids and would be open to both adopting a kid and having another biological one. Maci reveals she wants to adopt within the next year or two, and both she and Taylor agree that they’d like to adopt a child that’s around four to six years old instead of a baby.

“If you seriously want to have another baby then I’ll do it, but I still want to adopt too,” Maci says in the clip. “But if that’s really what you want, like naturally, then I want to do it now.”

Maci then tells Taylor that he’s “forgetting something,” and at first he doesn’t seem to know what his wife is talking about. It suddenly clicks and he gets very quiet and excuses himself to the bathroom. Although Taylor obviously doesn’t want to discuss on-camera whatever Maci’s referring to, Maci has no problem telling the producers about it while Taylor is gone.

“I had a miscarriage,” Maci tells the producer, confirming that it happened in 2017.

She then tells the producer, “Her name is Dandy, Dandelion.”

Taylor is not happy that his wife has shared such personal news with the production crew.

“I think it’s important for people watching that we talk about it,” Maci tells Taylor.

Taylor then reveals that those closest to them don’t even know about the miscarriage.

“I’d like to talk to our parents about it first,” he tells Maci.

Maci did not reveal when exactly she miscarried, or how far along in her pregnancy she was when it happened.

Watch the sneak peek clip below:

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(Photo: MTV)


  1. We all have our opinions on Maci, but can we PLEASE stop accusing her of causing her miscarriage? It’s a slap in the face for those who have suffered through the loss of a child or who struggle with infertility. I get that there were questionable photos, but there has been no definitive proof that she knowingly drank while pregnant, so preaching it like it’s gospel is cruel in this situation. Blaming her is essentially blaming every woman who has gone through this heartbreak through no fault of their own. Let’s be adults here.
    Even though some of these opinions are boiling my blood, I love seeing those on here who are so supportive & encouraging to those who know this struggle in one way or another. I’m glad there’s still some kind-hearted people left on here.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more. I’m pregnant right now and have suffered miscarriages before. After talking to my doctor and doing research, it’s highly unlikely you do something to cause a miscarriage. Unfortunately most are chromosomal abnormalities that a person has no control over. No that anyone should knowingly drink or do drugs during pregnancy.

  2. I never understand the hate people seem to have for Maci. Why shouldn’t she have more kids? She and Taylor are great parents. So she drinks. Big deal. You guys are very judgmental.

    1. Drinks while obviously pregnant how fucking sick! Go look at children who suffer from FAS! She’s a disgusting selfish alcoholic. And her alcohol abuse is what killed “dandy”.

      1. Shut up mackenzie. U loser. U married a heroin addict who would rather shoot up and screw randoms behind food city. Than look at ur ugly rat face. U are a fool. And guess what hes still not sober. But mark my words when he is he will leave ur pathetic ass. Maci is a good parent. She has enough sense to keep her kid away from a self destructive drug addict and a groupie. Kick rocks smdh

        1. And one more thing i wouldnt be surprised if ur ok with the drug use. I wouldnt even be surprised if u were using with him. Just so he wont leave. What a desperate, sad sad girl u are. U can sit behind ur computer and type lies. But let me tell you one thing…. karma is a bitch. And its headed ur way. And dont be jealous of macy because ryan will always hold a flame for her. Everyone who watches teen mom hates u. And everyone knows its u saying these types of things on literally every website that has a story about her. Shes one of the only good moms on the show and its ur quest in life to make people believe otherwise. Shows how desperate, calculating and pathetic u are. Get a life. Looks like someone feels threatened. Pathetic

        2. not Mackenzie I just don’t condone killing a baby by drinking… Maci is a alcoholic and doesn’t give a damn about her children she drank and smoked while pregnant with Maverick and shes the reason she had a miscarriage…She should be investigated by CPS. People lose their children for drinking while pregnant

          1. Dont worry cps will be knocking on your door. When they take a look at your husband. And u take such good care of your other kid. Bringing him around a man who is addicted to heroin. Hope u hide all the needles when hes around.

          2. You have no clue what happened. Birth defects and chromosomal problems occur due to many reasons other than drinking. You’re a horrible person for assuming you know what happened. You weren’t there. I have a friend who struggled with a 2nd trimester miscarriage and has a baby with spina bifida. She doesn’t drink or smoke. Saying women cause miscarriage is beyond cruel…you need to stfu!

          3. what a horrible thing to say she caused the miscarriage god forbid you have one or bury a child. funny people claim to be so righteous and you say something like that disgusting

        3. No kidding! Hey is it me or did Mackenzie get that double chin sculpted away? I was looking at her instagram. And so the plastic surgery begins

      2. You know this how? Ummmm someone must not have a life?!?! I mean come on. We see about 5% of these girls “real lives.” I always love when people think they know the TM girls whole from 1 hour a week. None of her other children had fetal alchohol syndrome. Right? It’s just funny how passionate you are about the lives of strangers! Hilarious!

          1. Lala aka mackenzie. Why dont u have custody of your son? Why are u so worried about maci? Dont u think u have bigger things to worry about? Like ryan screwing everything but u? And pretending like u didnt know ryan had a drug problem. Your face when he admitted doing heroin on camera was priceless. Also worth noting ryans mom likes macy better than she will ever like u. When u were so petty with those invites to ur secound wedding. Her face says it all. You had to have a secound wedding because ryan doesnt remeber the first one. Your a joke dont u get it???? U are tied with matt and adam for being the most unlikeable so. Keep reaching honey

          2. Im not usually mean to people. But people like u make my blood boil. Ur not getting over on anyone. And the fact that u think u are is hysterical. Also note that braces wont help u grow a chin.

          3. Ugly and pathetic. U are the fakest person who has ever been on teen mom and that says a lot.a calaculating money hungry attention staved bitch

      3. Do u know what fetal alcohol syndrome look like????? Its unmistakable. And almost certainly would require a cps investigation. Stop stealing lines from my comments about fetal alcohol syndrome because i dont even know what it means. Stfu.

  3. It doesn’t matter how far along, if the child was planned for or not a miscarriage feels like part of you that you loved was ripped from you. Talk to each other or someone in the professional field. You will NEVER forget but you can get help coping with this horrible loss. I’m sorry for your loss.

  4. I am so sorry to hear that Maci had a miscarriage. That has to be incredibly heartbreaking and difficult, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    That said, I’m extremely irritated by her suddenly being hunky dory with having more babies. Here’s why: when talking about her pregnancy with Jayde, she claimed over and over that it was a total accident and complete surprise due to a PCOS diagnosis. When talking about her pregnancy with Maverick, she backtracked and said something along the lines of ‘Jayde wasn’t 100% unplanned because we really wanted a baby so we stopped using protection, but Maverick was a total surprise.’ I remember her insisting to Dr. Drew et al that she was DEFINITELY done having kids and saying that she was taking PERMANENT measures to prevent pregnancy in the future. Now this.

    I wish her the best and am sorry to hear the news, but she needs to shut up and quit using definitive phrases then backtracking, especially when it comes to pregnancies. It’s insensitive to women who actually do struggle with infertility, not to mention embarrassing for her to be caught in so many lies that were filmed on TV. Plus, if they want ten kids, who cares? That’s totally their business. Why they feel the need to act like “whoa, more kids?! No thanks! I’m on my way to get permanent birth control as we speak!” and call their kids “sh*theads” while simultaneously revealing one new pregnancy per year is beyond me.

    1. Wanted to clarify that I don’t think she should shut up about her miscarriage. That part of the convo may actually be helpful to viewers, and I hope it can be. The only thing I’ve learned from her baseless “accidental pregnancy, never happening again” claims is not to go to her doctor for birth control. In all seriousness, I believe she’s scared of what people would say if she admitted she got pregnant on purpose twice within a year’s time before marriage. But, at this point, it’s moot. It’s strange to go from “we are NOT having more kids” to “okay, if you want to, let’s get pregnant now, and by the way, I still want to adopt two” within the same conversation. Seems to be the story of Maci’s childbearing life.

  5. My heart goes out to all the commenters who have suffered any type of pregnancy loss or stillbirth. I have miscarried as well and that was one of the darkest times of my life. The emotional breakdown is so real and it’s so hard to see what seems like every other woman around you getting pregnant while you’re mourning a loss. Wishing all of you who are trying for a baby much love and luck ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  6. What is up with these men acting like miscarriages are so taboo?? I’m so glad shes talking about it, and commend her for it. They’re more common than some would think, and if people would talk about them more, I feel that they wouldn’t be so taboo, and women wouldn’t feel so bad if it happens to them…I in no way think he’s a bad guy for getting upset, but if she feels the need to talk about it, then let her talk about it. It happened. Miscarriages are no ones fault.

    1. Maybe he’s sad that he lost his baby and thinks their families should know about it before it goes on tv? My husband was really sad when we lost our baby. He did not want to talk about it At All & shut down for a long time. Miscarriage is hard for everyone involved.

      1. My Fiancé still doesn’t like to talk about the miscarriage I had 4 years ago. He gets really upset about it on occasion and opens up about how he wished the baby had been born. I’ve held him while he’s cried about it years after the fact a handful of times. Miscarriages are hard on both partners. I don’t blame Taylor for not wanting to talk about it publically. I don’t think my Fiancé has ever talked to anyone about the miscarriage but his sister.

        1. Your husband sounds really sweet and caring though. He is lucky to have you to share and talk about and to cry and you are lucky to have him in each others lives

      2. As much as I love Maci, I don’t think it was right that she pretty much ambushed him about this in front of cameras. Especially before they even spoke to their parents about it. That’s too sensitive of a subject to do that with.

  7. They want to adopt a 4-6 year old child? Do they realize that children who are adopted at that age haven’t had, generally speaking, happy or well adjusted childhoods up to that point and will need a lot of attention, support, and patience? Something tells me that they may not be the best equipped to deal with that, especially with three other children, two of whom would still be toddlers.

    1. I totally agree w/ you. They may want to try being a Foster parent 1st. Many states have training and lots of help. Because Foster parents are in demand. It is so sad, I work w/ special need kiddos and have for over 20 years. I have drove home from work crying, used my lunch money to buy shoes for a 6 year old (sent to school w/ holes in shoes) It’s the most rewarding job ever……..

  8. Heavy alcohol use will make you miscarry. She drank while pregnant before. When is MTV going to get her professional help for her alcoholism like they did for Ryan and his drug abuse?

    1. I am so sick of people making an accusation that has never been proven. Maci said she didn’t find out she was pregnant until January 2016. Those photos that were taken where she was a beer in her hand were taken before then. If you choose not to believe her then that is your choice but you can’t be going posting “she drank while she was pregnant” like it is a proven fact when it’s not. That is not right.

      1. oh PLEASE. She didn’t get the nickname miller like macie for no reason. with her body frame, there is NO way she did not know she was pregnant for that long.

        1. Sorry mack try again. I cant wait when u get pregnant and cps is involved because ur husband cant stop shooting up. All they have to do is watch the show.

    2. Shut up mackenzie. Like u care. And she drank before she found out she was pregnant! moron, if she drank all the time while pregnant dont u think the kid would have fetal alcohol syndrome. U need to shut ur fugly trap. U married someone soooooo high he probably didnt know who u were and almost killed u and him. It shows how desperate u are. This wont last for u. Ryan if ur reading this wrap it up. Because shes trying to have a trap baby. Shes so crazy that she will probably poke holes in the condom… ruuuunnnnnnn ryan.

  9. Almost all early pregnancy losses occur because of a genetic anomaly and there is absolutely nothing you could have done to prevent it from happening.

  10. Miscarriage is terrible and so hard to go through and I wish her well on that front. but I think she should come out and apologize for claiming fertility troubles as it mocks those who truly do have problems conceiving.

  11. I really hope they are being truthful about this.

    Something felt super weird about that clip especially when Maci said the name… and Taylor’s lack of words/timing…. if it’s true my heart completely breaks for them. But at the same time it seems like someone may have suggested this to them to stay relevant and keep attention on themselves.

    I really hope this is an honorable sharing of information.

  12. Probably ,because she is known to heavily drink while pregnant….Well just goes to show you Maci is still lying about being on birth control, she already can’t handle the ones she has yet is continually getting pregnant.

  13. I don’t really see the problem. Family planning is a personal choice between a husband and a wife.They are married, seem stable, and kids seem happy and healthy. If they want to expand their family I don’t understand why that is irresponsible. My husband and I have 5 with a fraction of their income and they all have a good life.

  14. I am very sorry to hear about this loss. Such terrible news. If Maci & Taylor wish to expand their family naturally, through adoption, or both, I wish them the best of luck. They are a married couple and can plan their family as they see fit. I believe that to be true whether it’s a poster on this board, a 16& Pregnant participant or a Duggar, although I’m sure that opinion will be unpopular.

  15. I had a miscarriage about a month ago. What is does to you mentally is far worse then what it did physically. It was me and my husband’s first pregnancy for either of us so we were very excited and it was something we planned on the night we got married. I found out I was pregnant a month after we got married and lost the baby just before this past Christmas. It was so heartbreaking. Especially since we don’t drink or smoke and I had no stress or I wasn’t overworking myself and was eating right. I still lost it. We are trying now and hopefully I will find out if I am pregnant again in about a month. I feel for the moms who have to go through multiple losses.

    1. Idk if this will help you, but 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. You did nothing wrong, it just happens sometimes and for the best. Something was wrong and that’s why it wasn’t viable. You did get pregnant and that’s a good sign, try again. Don’t get discouraged and as heartbreaking as it was, don’t live there. Don’t live in fear. Know when it’s right, everything will be fine. Good luck to you!

    2. Awe. I’m so sorry. I had a stillborn at 32 weeks. It was the hardest thing I ever went through, but it does get better. Take some time to heal and try again.

      1. I was pregnant with fraternal twin girls in 2013. Unfortunately, one of my girls was stillborn when I delivered them at 34 weeks. Hard as hell having one live and one stillborn. My emotions were all over the place. Miscarriages and srillbirths are terrible and a hard pill to swallow

        1. I’m very sorry that happened to you. I was very emotional too. I’d go cry in my walk-in closet so my children didn’t see. It’s still difficult on her birthday and when I see her name.

        2. I am sorry that happened. I could not imagine going through a stillborn. You are very strong okie dokie. I pray you and your family are blessed with what you dream for.

          For any other woman eho reads this while your pregnant or before you get pregnant know what others said about miscarriages being very common is the truth and there is no way in stopping one even if you are healthy.It was so upsetting feeling like you did one thing and you do think you have done something because it’s your body. But shit happens and you will be sad and you will cry but it gets better when you think positive. What really helped me was getting an angel ornament for our Christmas tree or putting the card I got my husband saying that we were expecting and putting it on display in a nice angel frame. Things will be said or you will think something and it all comes back but you have to stay strong for yourself.

          I am very excited to start having children. They are a blessing I see. I wish you all healthy lives.

    3. Do not give up! I had four miscarriages before I was able to have a happy and healthy child. Keep trying! As another poster said miscarriages are a normal part of pregnancy that is taboo unfortunately so it is not known just how common it is. I had no idea and after I had one miscarriage I was emotionally broken so I started talking to family and friends and come to find out, almost every woman I spoke to had a miscarriage or stillborn. You are not alone. Your rainbow baby will come and he/she will be perfect. 🙂

      In regards to maci and Taylor wanting to adopt a 4-6 year old? I suggest they do some seriously thinking before jumping into that. I’m just assuming they want to skip the “baby part”, diapers, spoon feeding, etc and raise a child. While I commend them for adoption, it’s harder than raising your own children. A 4-6 yr old that is not in a permanent home already is bound to have emotional and abandonment issues, maybe even boundary issues. Bringing an older adopted child into a home with toddlers is not a wise move as that child will need extra and special attention. It’s not like picking up a new toy at a Walmart….its a human being. I adopted and raised my own SISTER (I’m 19’years older than her) and let me tell you that was a nightmare 15 years (she is 20 now). Raising children is hard, raising other people’s chikdren is even harder.

  16. I’m sorry for their loss but they don’t need more children and holy hell for someone who said she had fertility problems she gets pregnant easy

      1. Ok lollypop, maybe they should focus on getting stable careers because mtv won’t keep teen Mom forever. Once that’s done they have nothing and can’t afford a boat load of kids.

        1. I agree with the need for stable careers, but understand that it’s her body, and their choice. I’m super sick about random citizens thinking they can tell a lady (MARRIED lady, at that) how many children she can carry or have. It’s her body; she can do with it as she likes. If what she likes is to have more babies, she can. Her body, her choice.

  17. I can’t believe it. I know I should feel sorry for her, every miscarriage is horrible but it’s just amazing how IRRESPONSIBLE they were again, I don’t know how soon after Maverick it happened but obv it was soon after him. HOW IN THE WORLD IS THIS SHOW SUPPOSED TO TEACH YOUNG GIRLS ANYTHING ABOUT PROTECTION AND NOT HAVING UNPLANNED PREGNANCIES?! I’m flabbergasted by them, sorry but Maci is just as dumb as the other ones but at least she’s a good mom.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. Maverick was supposedly an “oops” too. Maci was drinking well into her 5th month with him. You want to adopt, Taylor wants another bio AND adoption? Time to slow down, girlfriend. That 6-figure MTV money isn’t going to last forever & when it’s gone who’s going to pay for all those kids?

      1. Macy was not drinking 5 months into the pregnancy. Maybe she was until she realized she was pregnant. I honestly dont believe this about her.

          1. This bitch is relentlessly trying to make people believe something that obviously isnt true. Dont unthink cps would be involved if she gave birth to a child with fetal alcohol syndrome? Your not very smart honey. U should be thankful macy is stable. And takes care of her kids. Just look at bentley hes a good boy. No thanks to your deadbeat drug addicted selfish husband. Your just on the show so it looks like hes more stable than he actually is. Ur desposable honey. Go ahead get pregnant. Nobody will care and i can guarantee u people are going to go all the way in on you. Cause ur so transparent its laughable????????????

          2. If any of her kids were born with or had FAS doctors would know. And so would everyone, FAS causes facial deformity for 1 thing

    2. At this point it’s not that unusual for a married woman who’s turning 27 this year to want to have more children, and there’s a big difference between a 16 year old kid being irresponsible and getting knocked up, and a 20-something looking to expand their family.
      I was “looser” with my BC with my husband for a long time, not actively trying to get pregnant, but also not actively trying to prevent myself getting pregnant, and we had 2 children that way. I also have PCOS and was led to believe I probably wouldn’t get pregnant, but my little “accidents” proved the doctors otherwise.

      I think it’s pretty clear that they probably planned this pregnancy to some extent (given they named her, and are having serious conversations about conceiving NOW), but she just doesn’t want to admit it because she keeps saying she’s 100% done and it makes her look like a twat to continuously back track.

      Regardless, losing a baby is HARD, and she deserves our sympathy.

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