EXCLUSIVE! More Details About ‘Teen Mom’ Catelynn Lowell’s Latest Trip to Rehab

“My crew rolls with me everywhere.”

Catelynn Lowell headed to rehab for the third time earlier this week, telling fans that she was hoping to work through some of her childhood trauma. However, emotional baggage is not the only thing Cate is bringing with her on her trip to rehab!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Catelynn arrived at her Tuscon, Arizona-based treatment center on Friday with a full film crew, ready to tape at least some of her stay at the facility for Teen Mom OG!

And, The Ashley can confirm that this is not the first time Cate has had her rehab stay filmed. According to The Ashley’s sources, at least part (if not all) of Cate’s previous stay (in November) at the treatment center was filmed and will likely be shown on this season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’

The Ashley’s behind-the-scene source tells her that there’s a reason Cate has been so accommodating, allowing the film crew in on what should be a very private time in her life.

“MTV pays for her to go to the treatment facility every single time,” the source said, “under the agreement that we are allowed to film her while she’s there as much as we want. This place costs $50,000 a pop each time she goes, so yeah, they’re gonna get their footage.”

That’s likely why Catelynn continues to return to the same treatment center each time she enters treatment, the source tells The Ashley.

“From what we’ve heard, and I can’t be 100 percent sure, they keep going back because the treatment center works with MTV, [and] will let them film there,” the behind-the-scenes source said. “That’s why Leah Messer went there too to treat her anxiety issues. It’s no coincidence. But MTV still has to pay.”

As The Ashley previously told you, this marks Catelynn’s third stay in the rehab facility in under two years. While at the facility, Catelynn can take part in their specialized “Trauma Recovery Program,” which includes daily yoga, group and individual therapy, horse therapy, mediation and more. (The Ashley can’t confirm if Cate is doing the Trauma Recovery Program.)

Catelynn’s previous stay in treatment was for six weeks, but it’s unclear at this point how long she plans to stay this time.

She did respond to fans on Twitter who reacted negatively to her announcement that she’s already returning to treatment, just weeks after she left.

“For all u haters- YOU DONT KNOW EVERYTHING IVE BEEN THROUGH!” Catelynn wrote on Thursday. “Quit acting like you know what I should be doing or shouldnt!! I’m NOT running away from my family! Those are the people I love the most!! you ppl are ignorant.”

The source tells The Ashley that some of the crew feels “wrong” filming Catelynn in treatment.

“Not everyone is happy about it,” the source said. “Some of us feel Catelynn needs to be there long-term, without anyone from the show filming or interacting with her. Not everyone felt it was right, but it is what it is.”

Catelynn’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-star, Amber Portwood, seems to support the idea of Catelynn having her rehab stay filmed. (Amber has stated that she, too, suffers from mental health disorders.)

“You are such a brave person for sharing this with the world!” she tweeted to Catelynn on Thursday. “People will look at this and see that they are not alone!! WE are not alone! I love you babe.”

(Photo: MTV)



  1. He was given two weeks to live, and a choice between surgery or hospice. Fortunately, surgery went well, and the rest of the tumor was killed with laser knife treatments. We’re on a tough road, but hopefully soon I can get my SSI benefits back. I’m fighting to get them back, but it’s not easy. Apparently, CP doesn’t matter, but if I had ADHD I would be approved again.

  2. Yeah, I know. Like I said in another post, I am unable to work, and we’re barely getting by. My husband is working, but we are drowning in medical bills from the brain tumor that he survived a few years ago. These girls really don’t know what hardship is. Stuff like this makes me angry!

  3. I feel like eventually Tyler is going to break. I believe worrying and taking care of Catelynn constantly, Nova, and his dad (which is obvious Tyler was the one paying for his dad’s rehab when it was discussed on the show) is going to cause Tyler to break down himself. He is always strong for everyone else and it has to be an emotional toll. Catelynn needs to get herself together or I’m sure her marriage is going to be in trouble next.

  4. Until Teen Mom, I had never heard of the practice of going to some pricey “Rehab” joint to treat mental illness. Or are they all just using it as a Leah-inspired cover for substance abuse treatment?

    See, where I come from, folks suffering from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc are normally treated by a therapist. And — if it’s an affliction that seriously impedes your ability to function and/or involves suicidal thoughts — you also enlist a psych MD to find a formula that can mitigate the effects of bad brain chemistry so you can work, live, parent, whatever.

    So, if Cait’s situation isn’t severe enough to require hospitalization, the Rehab routine — while it might be Good TV — seems awfully bogus. Especially when you suspect that with a decent therapist and maybe some Lithium (for the suicidal impulses), she wouldn’t have to leave her family for 1-1/2 months at a time.

    1. you are way off base with a few points here. first of all, lithium is not for suicidal impulses. i don’t know where you got that from. “rehab” is not an accurate term for what Catelynn is doing. it is inpatient treatment for what sounds like PTSD, depression and anxiety. this is really not that unusual, but most people cannot afford to take this route to recovery. inpatient treatment will catapult her much further into her recovery process than once or twice weekly therapy sessions. if she is struggling with as much suicidal ideation as she claims, then she should be inpatient. with the money they have made they should also be able to pay for it themselves and not have to trade privacy for MTV footing the bill. i question any treatment centre that would allow film crews on the property. they do have other clients to consider. i would not be very happy if a film crew showed up and disrupted my treatment, considering how much group therapy is involved it has to impact everyone in the facility.

  5. many of us went thru hell in our childhoods we were beaten with belts raped and more and guess what we went on with life we had no choice. Does it effect you every day yes do you think about it every day but you move on . Sick of her victim crap sick of her expensive rehab time to grow up. they have done nothing with her theirs lives but lay on couches eat and do drugs

  6. sorry not buying she had to allow film crew she can say no just like janelle maci and chelsea have she loves the drama. Nothing but another high priced vacation

  7. This sounds a lot like MTV is exploiting her terribly. She can only go to rehab if she agrees to be filmed? She can only go to the rehab that allows filming? I don’t think someone who has such severe depression and anxiety and mental illness should be forced to make decisions about MTV filming. It seems SO exploitive. I’m sure she could pay for her own rehab and go wherever she wanted, but I bet everyone makes her feel guilty for using any large amount of money on something that is meant just for her, and something that is not guaranteed to work. She probably feels so guilty and has so many mixed feelings every time she has to go back for treatment, and now she has MTV trying to make her be filmed, and probably telling her she’s helping so many other young people by agreeing to be filmed, and that she’s saving so much money that could be used on nova or the family by letting them cover the bill if she agrees to go where they want and film her. This place in arozona doesn’t sound very credible if they have deals with reality tv programs to “treat” their cast members in exchange for allowing filming.

    1. @Amy: She can go to rehab and not film– BUT MTV will not pay for it and she has to pay for it. If she wants them to foot the bill, she has to let them film. -The Ashley

  8. What really annoyed me about Cate in the latest episode was she had her contraception removed so is obviously planning on having another baby but when asked if she is still smoking she said yes! She said she will quit ‘cold turkey’ when she falls pregnant! I’m sorry but if actively trying to conceive, she should be making an effort to be as healthy as possible. She doesn’t seem to take it seriously or her weight issue, even when the Doctor advised her to lose a good 20lb to avoid gestational diabetes..As a mother to a 20 month old with Type 1 diabetes, this really angers me because although T1D is an auto immune disorder and cannot be avoided, Gestational Diabetes acquired through being overwight can cause harm to your unborn baby. I just think if she isnt prepared to be as healthy as she can be, ie, quitting the fags and eating healthier, she shouldn’t be trying to get pregnant..She is very slefish.

  9. Catelynns problem is that she is lazy, obese, dosen’t bath, dosen’t watch her child, and sits on her couch all day and smokes pot and stuffs her face. I think she is doing this rehab thing to manipulate Tyler so he won’t leave her. I think Tyler is getting sick of Catelynn and I do not think he is attracted to her. He only stays with her because hes afraid what she’ll do if he leaves. Catelynn is to lazy to take rehab seriously and leaves against the rehabs suggestions. I no longer feel any sympathy for Catelynn.
    P.S If April really hurt Catelynn that bad is why is she dropping Nova off with April most of the week?

  10. Easy money from MTV-check
    Play with horseys-check
    Lay around a bunch-check
    Continue to escape motherhood-check
    Well, color me surprised 🙁

    She is not going to have some sort of epiphany this time either. You know how I know? Because cameras will be around. Hard to talk about people and bad experiences when cameras are there to document it all. And honestly shame on MTV for even trying to film. I get it, they are your employees and you own them from the vag on up but it is skeezy, even for MTV.

    1. Yeah, I know. Like I said in another post, I am unable to work, and we’re barely getting by. My husband is working, but we are drowning in medical bills from the brain tumor that he survived a few years ago. These girls really don’t know what hardship is. Stuff like this makes me angry!

      1. Sorry to hear of your woes. I am dealing with my parents’ failing health and it is a heart-breaker and expensive as hell like you say. I would say they indeed have the benefit of being young and not having enough time on this planet to have a whole lot of bad things happen (hopefully). I myself did not realized the stress of having a sick loved one and all of the care, time, and money that is involved. It is kinda hard to feel bad for them not getting ponies when you are up to your elbow in your own parent’s shit. Gives one perspective. I think that is what bothers me about the series. It is sooooooooooooooooooo unrealistic compared to the average girl getting pregnant early without thousands of dollars rolling in for sitting there eating Chipotle and mouth breathing. It causes the other half of the problem where the girls hardly grow from the experience and as we see on tv, somehow backpedal and are even less responsible in their behavior.
        I am really wishing you and your husband the best, alispinkhair. I hope things get better for you two financially and you find time to enjoy each other on this planet. Hang in there and stay strong! Sometimes it seems like the world just wants our money and to have us die when that runs out. I fell into that crevasse at a low point but it does get better. If you ever need an ear, hit me up and we will figure out a way to privately chat 🙂 Maybe we can give each other strength that doesn’t reside in buying designer handbags haha.

    1. Omg I know. Posting his “weight loss” is so inconsiderate to catelyn. Save your Instagram posts for when she loses weight and you can boost herself esteem. Tyler you lost nothing really.

      1. Totally agree! Not to mention it’s so much easier for men to lose weight. My husband will,stop eating chips for 3 days and lose like 5 pounds. I stop eating carbs, dairy, and sugar and lose .06 pounds.

  11. For a lot of people, the space to engage in activities they might not otherwise have time or access for, time to dry out, a temporary reduction in responsibilies, and opportunity to receive positive attention is a critical boost to help jump-start recovery. Like a wave they can surf to get some momentum. But the variety of programs at the facility with good outcome rates might actually be a sign that this the wrong place for Cait. Often facilities that have multiple specialities are actually just offering a uniform platform with tweaks. The fine details focus on the specific problem but the overall treatment is the same for both self-perpetuated issues and purely medical ones. They work because their real speciality is helping people who want to help themselves. Cait doesn’t need fewer responsibilities, more opportunities to focus on activities, or more attention. She needs to be an rigorous outpatient program focused on lifeskills and independence. People mention Leah a lot, but they forget how many responsibilities Leah had and how acute her drug addiction was. Leah mostly needed a break and to dry out to get her over the hump. Cait doesn’t have a hump. Her lack of “real life” is her hump.

  12. So I clearly don’t have an inside scoop by any means. But if she is at the facility I think she is (Tucson doesn’t have a ton of facilities), it looks absolutely amazing. Not celebrity “rehab” like Passages Malibu where they take your money and placate you. This place literally has 5-6 different programs like the trauma recovery, mood/ anxiety, co-occurring disorders, addiction, chronic pain, etc. The variety of treatments and modalities they list are awesome- from the very traditional group processing to complimentary treatments like yoga, EMDR, art groups, etc. I live not too far away, and have considered going (didn’t know how much my insurance would cover) for the chronic pain program.

    1. But as with all programs, you have to work the program underneath the activities. Particularly if you are someone like Cait who is accustomed to having people ask her a lot of personal questions and figuring out what they want you to say.

      1. I agree 100%. I was just trying to say that it looks like some amazing and legit treatments. So even though I don’t agree with MTV filming it or being part of her treatment at all, she is at least (maybe) in a place that could give her a fighting chance if she takes it seriously.

  13. What a brave young women. Now, don’t be late to your horse back riding treatment, then the yoga class treatment. I heard at night they have movie and ice cream treatment. Bitch please

    1. Do you really need to use the word ‘bitch’? Leave your 1950’s bullshit at the door SIR BIBS – its childish!

  14. At least she’s going back. It’s like in the show intervention when they give you an update at the end of the episode and it says they’ve relapsed but had gone back to rehab. It’s better then staying u healthy in bad habits. True it shouldn’t be done like this but it’s something

  15. I’m so over this. Cate needs help, and I’m glad she’s getting it. But she’s never gonna feel better if she doesn’t deal with her real issues. She doesn’t want to be with Tyler, or at the very least she’s unhappy in the relationship. He doesn’t support her, makes fun of her weight, they both just seem disconnected anymore. But Cate won’t admit that because they’re “the MTV couple” who’ve been together sine they were teenagers and are strong enough to make it through putting a child up for adoption and had a child of their own, and all of that, the way that all looks is more important than her happiness. Especially to Tyler. She can be as depressed as she wants, as long as she doesn’t leave him and he still has a wife he can ignore. Cate will never get better until she stands up for herself and finally decides something for herself and not just follow Tyler like a sad puppy. Wake up Cate.

    1. Especially with the life that catelyn has supposedly been through keeping a marriage with Tyler probably seems like the only thing that she can hold together. I think she does love him though. There are most definitely strong feelings with each other. They are bonded through many life moments. Tyler is the one who is very pushy and doesn’t seem interested in her. But then again I couldn’t see Tyler really infatuated with any girl really. He just doesn’t seem like a relationship type guy. But he loves his family. Both of them have problems and they need to be fixed. They are good together but they need to be better to each other and for themselves

    2. I am wondering if she is not dealing with her issues when home because subliminally she just doesn’t want another baby with Tyler. Another baby, yes. But with Tyler, no. It is concerning that she has had 3 trips to rehab in 2 years with the last two just weeks apart. Either she is not focused on what she has learned for whatever reason or maybe that is not the rehab facility for her.

    3. I got this impression too. In fact, I felt like her new friend was pretty flirty with Tyler and vise versa. I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out that they hooked up. As much as I watch, I hope the show gets cancelled so they can deal with their life issues in private.

  16. OMG, I didn’t think she would do something like this, I thought it will be in private. Although as someone else mentioned, Leah wasn’t really filmed being IN the facility so maybe they won’t show much of Catelynn too? Hopefully because having cameras in your face and talking about traumas will make her not want to talk about her more serious issues. I don’t consider her wanting to talk about EVERYTHING on screen, she’s a very shy person so why then this?! SCREW YOU MTV for using a cast mate with mental issues for your own profit!

    1. No-one is making her do any of this and a shy person would never have signed up for any of it. I just hope she is not pregnant.

  17. Her childhood and giving up Carly caused this not myv, she’s an adult she can refuse mtv filming this, if she seriously wants the help, then she should do this in private, but she’d rather make money off a serious illness, and mtv should have the morals and the decency to not film it either, this is the 3rd time she’s gone to rehab in the last several months, so hopefully this time she will be serious about dealing with these issues, for her sake, her child’s and her husband, whom I think is the cause of some of her issues, both these people need serious therapy separately.
    Tyler has belittled and weight bullied her, he’s got major issues himself with his own childhood, he’s caused his birth daughters parents to stop visitation ( I know they allow it now) but he needs to realise he is not Carly’s parent and he has no say in her life, and he must respect the parents wishes, neither of them have done what they set our to do after the adoption, had they got the therapy desperately needed back then, and got jobs and their life together, then things wouldn’t be as they are now, poor nova the replacement.

    I really do hope Catelynn gets the help she so needs and gets better for herself to be a better mom to nova.

    But she must stick to the therapy and stop running away.

    You can do it cait, you need to want to get better yourself too. X

  18. I think Cate keeps going back is because she is not addressing the real trauma. I know I wouldn’t feel comfortable having my rehab filmed (should I ever need it) and with cameras there Cate would likely omit the darkest things so the whole world wouldn’t find out how bad her trauma/s really were.

  19. This is really messed up. You cant focus on healing if u have a camera crew filming the whole damn time. Now i know wht she keeps going back. The place is probably like fucking disney world. 50 grand a stay????? I wonder how everyone else in the facility that are there trying to heal w/o a camera feel about that. I would be pisssseeeedddddd

  20. So she has to share very private stuff at a very vunerable stage in order to get good free treatment.
    She might think she is doing something good, which awareness is.
    MTV however, doesn’t do this to create awareness. They want Teen Mom to make a lot of money for them longer.
    This is like offering water in a dessert for an absurd price. It is not right.

  21. This is gross. MTV is using a mentally unstable young woman for profit. They have blood all over their hands.

    MTV should pay for her treatment and give her privacy. They’re the ones who created this.

  22. MTV not only enables these deadbeat moms and their “issues” but they encourage it. Shame on MTV. I’m not sure a rehab center can cure laziness. Amber and Cate are both lazy deadbeat mothers, and they use mental illness as an excuse. Get off your couch and take care of your kid!

    1. I’m sorry are you a mental health professional? It’s because of judgemental people like you that many people don’t get help when they need it. This “Laziness” you talk about can be a symptom of depression and other issues.
      You’re right about MTV though. All they care about is money and not the well being of the girls.

      1. Is it really “judgemental people like me” that prevents some people like Cate and Amber from getting help, or could it be that they actually don’t need help? They need to help themselves, get off the couch, get out of bed, be productive, get some exercise, shower, clean their homes, take care of their kids, spend time with their kids, get a job or some schooling, and live a fulfilled life? It’s people like you that make excuses for them and feed into their nonsense that prevents people like them from changing and growing. They have so many people that enable them, and because of that they lose when the day is done and they have nothing to shown for it.

    2. I cringe when I hear people compare Cate and Amber. Amber is a disgusting excuse for a human being and a true deadbeat parent. Cate, on the other hand, I do believe is a good person inside. Being on TV and in the extraordinarily rare position of growing up in chaos followed by a financial windfall for doing nothing as a teenager/young woman has obviously had a tremendous effect on her, as it rightly would on anyone.

      The main difference between Cate and Amber is simple. Cate genuinely loves her child(ren) and longs for a stable, loving home environment. Amber only genuinely loves Amber; she longs only to be validated. Sitting on her couch surrounded by her dozens of animals, while the man she’s currently using to validate herself cleans up the piss. She throws in how much she “misses” her child to gain sympathy, and uses the same said man to do all of the work with her child so she can have poor Leah validate her some more. Leah’s only purpose in Amber’s eyes is to manipulate others into pitying her, have others tell her what a “damn good mom” she is, and then hear Leah tell her how much she loves her mother. (Her *real* mother is Kristina and Gary.)

      1. Yup. Obviously Cate has a TON of issues, but it does seems like she genuinely cares for those around her and loves her children. I don’t think she neglects Nova out of apathy. Amber on the other hand is emotionally manipulative, even to Leah. She cries fake tears every time she gets called out to elicit sympathy. She clearly cares very little for Leah’s well-being and hardly thinks about her when there are no cameras or man around. They both have issues, but very different issues.

      2. Hey, be fair, her latest loser did remind her she has a kid and “they”” (cough cough) should buy little what’s her name a trinket from their vacation.

  23. Think she needs a longterm non-fancy rehab where they still focus on alternative things to treat anxiety like yoga, etc but more relatable to normal world. I also worry about the patient population in these high end rehabs and whether they are all committed to getting better and are getting the tough love they need at times. I am sure she has had trauma but she also doesn’t lead a normal life where she has to work, commit to getting trained/educated/etc to focus on her future and being an adult or do normal adult things. I generally feel bad for her but she needs to be in longterm treatment versus a spa. She also really needs to be off tv and live a normal life but they will never do that. Wish her the best and hope that they look into their insurance and think about investing into a program that is less like a hotel and where there isn’t a film crew.

  24. If they paid for Leah to go, I don’t recall them showing her in the facility. I remember her at the airport coming back and she was wearing like tie-dye or something that caught my eye. And when amber went we just seen one little flash of Gary bringing Leah to visit her. I wonder though, bc I had to detox off drugs twice and each time was 5 days and cost over $1000 a day. So what kind of place is this exactly. I feel like there’s a ton being left out. Like if you say you’re going there, be honest and say why, for real..

    1. I agree with this… I always assumed Amber detoxed in prison, which why I thought they didn’t show it and I never saw Leah filmed in rehab. When I went to rehab and had to detox, with a ten day treatment following, WITH good insurance, was $3600 out of pocket… I can’t imagine how much 6 weeks would have run. And I’m glad she’s getting help, but suspicious as to why she’s checking back in so soon after getting out. I had a sponsor, AA meetings set up, workouts with friends, Dr & therapy appts to manage and track my depress, etc before I even left the facility.

  25. She is never going to get better until she cuts the cord from mtv. It’s sad. Poor Nova, as she’s truly the one who suffers the most.

  26. I wish i could leave my family and daily stress for a stay in this super luxurious facilty so i could deal with my depression, anxiety and childhood traumas. Unfortunatly i dont have an mtv contract, so im forced to suck it up, wake up at 6 am and go to sleep at 12 all while taking care of my baby and daugther, a house, a dog, cooking,etc. I had to find “free” ways to deal with my problems, i dont judge Cate but this girls have it very easy honestly

    1. On the other hand, you have the luxury of keeping your trauma and issues private.

      I often wished I could work on my issues in a star facility and get trough that shit quicker too but for this price… no way.

      1. Regina Brett once said, “If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.”

        Sometimes, no matter how bad or shitty, we each deal with our own struggles. For better or worse.

    2. While I agree, such is life and the actual reality of being a teen mom, or single parent, or just poor parents, but Cate seems to have some really serious issues with giving up her baby for adoption. Now, do I believe she did the right thing and still may have pain dealing with her decision? Absolutely. But I also feel MTV intervening and making C&T’s open adoption and *sacrifice* part of her only story line forced her into dwelling over things that she may have normally come to accept. Also, I’ve watched C&T on other reality shows, she always seems sad and insecure, Tyler, on the other hand… I honestly don’t even think they’d be together still had it not been for MTV.

      1. I, too, believe that Catelynn has never accepted the loss of Carlie. I don’t think she and Tyler were able to grasp the fact that they were losing their child forever. I think this is a problem for many girls who give up their babies for adoption. I know a woman who gave up her son. It was supposed to be an “open adoption.” However, the adoptive parents soon stopped her visits. They claimed she was “creating problems.” When you give up a child for adoption, you sign away all parental rights. I believe that adoption agencies need to be sure that birth mothers are fully informed of this.

  27. Cate may have more of a dual diagnosis she’s dealing with & not really just the meds problem she’s saying. Gllad she’s using this source, I wish more of these adult moms would seek long term care for their issues instead of thinking getting impregnated will solve their problems. SHAME ON MTV, this may compromising her treatment by being there filming. The real work here will start in the aftercare program which I really hope she follows through on this time AND puts that birth control back in. 🙁

  28. I find this almost disturbing and I wonder how Serious it is and if she’s taking it Seriously at this point all the more reason to END the show where do you draw the line? I feel like this is such a private issue that she has to work on herself and the fact that she can’t do that without a camera crew is kind of scary because at some point they will leave I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet I understand when the teen mom say they want to help other people but you need to help yourself first before you help anybody else and if they can’t do that I know for certain people are not going to look up to them for help if they are not capable of facing and dealing with their ownissues

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