Now You Can Have ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Star Gordon Ramsay Insult Your Cooking Via Your Alexa

“You sure you really want to know?”

Have you ever been cooking dinner and thought to yourself, “I wish Gordon Ramsay was here to tell me how much my cooking sucks?”

Well, you’re in luck. That’s now a possibility, thanks to a new Alexa Skill.

The famously grouchy chef and star of Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares can now be beamed right into your kitchen to make you feel like you’re on one of his reality TV shows.

The free skill for Amazon Alexa is simple to use: just tell your Alexa what you made for dinner and Gordon will give you his best critique of the food.

One YouTuber put the Gordon Ramsay skill to the test. After making (what he thought was) a nice turkey sandwich, he asked Alexa what Gordon Ramsay thought of his dish.

“How can you do this to food and f***ing sleep at night?” Gordon replied.

The skill has been a big hit with users so far.

One Amazon reviewer declared the Gordon skill to be “hilarious” because “no matter what you ask Gordon to try out he will always be truthful and honest. Ask him how my Super Bowl party feast is and he is sure to tell you how f**king great it is in his own special way.”

“So funny,” another user wrote in a review. “I think this was a great idea and a great new way to incorporate funny and popular sound with Alexa!! Definitely recommend. Beyond gut wrenching and as funny as it can get. Hysterical!”

The gruff reality star –who once famously put two pieces of bread on either side of a chef’s head and declared it to be an “Idiot Sandwich”—says he’s happy to bring some fun into the kitchen.

“I can’t wait for everyone to have fun with this new skill for Amazon Alexa. I’ll review any dish you throw at me.” Gordon said in a statement. “We all need to lighten up in the kitchen sometimes, don’t we?!”

To get the Gordon Ramsay skill for Alexa, click the photo below:


  1. I’m really not sure. I can’t remember what he was making. I think he thought it was some kind of a shortcut. You’re joking, right? Do you really have Alexa set a reminder to tell your husband to shut up? That’s too funny! Oh, and one time he was going to do dishes and he put in liquid dishwashing soap instead of the powder. I told him that wouldn’t work, he insisted it would. I really don’t think I need to tell you that there were suds all over our kitchen floor. I love him anyway. I don’t know what I would do without him. He’s an amazing man, and he truly is a miracle. He has survived more than you could ever know. Forgive me a minute for sounding like a Duggar, but God truly has a plan for him. We just don’t know what it is yet.

    1. Hey Barbara, I forgot to mention he wanted to put liquid dishwashing soap in the dishwasher. This morning I was laughing so hard when I was telling you the story, that I left that part out.

  2. We don’t own an Amazon Echo, but I think this is hilarious. One time my husband tried to chop up raw bacon in the blender. I told him it would blow out the motor, he didn’t listen to me, and it did.

    1. You should get one. They’re pretty fun to have. Listen to music while doing the dishes.. I set a reminder on mine to tell my husband to shut’s funny. It says his name and everything. My niece uses it to help with study time. So..Why did he want to chop up the bacon while it was raw?

  3. No thanks. I’m vegetarian. Love animals hate assholes. He is not a great chef..he sucks. He just got a big mouth. Every restaurant he owns fails test. But hey..dumbasses rule the world it seems.

  4. Man, I tell you what. I used to watch Hell’s Kitchen and his intro drove me wild. Don’t judge. But he was so confident and he’d change into his chefs coat on the way in..oh girl. Haha I have problems. I will be using this.

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