‘The Bachelor Winter Games’: What We Can Expect To See

We can definitely expect a whole lot of this!

The Olympics are currently bringing the world’s best athletes together to compete against each other and become the pride of their countries. While the Olympic competition happening in PyeongChang, South Korea, is important, prestigious and inspiring, we here over at The Ashley are looking forward to an upcoming athletic competition that is anything but important, prestigious and inspiring– The Bachelor Winter Games, which premieres tonight on ABC!

As The Ashley previously told you, ‘The Bachelor Winter Games’ will pit the global franchise’s most beloved (and/or most annoying) former contestants against each other to compete in Olympics-style events, all while attempting to find true love.

ABC has not yet revealed all of the fame-seekers that will be taking part in this made-for-TV trainwreck, but the network has released some of the cast list, as well as a small sample of the guest stars we can expect to see.

Sports Betting Dime has posted its odds for certain couples lasting, how the show will do competing against the Olympic games and what ridiculous hi-jinks we can expect.

According to the site, the over/under number of couples that will end up together at the end of ‘The Bachelor Winter Games’ is only 3.5. Although there will be at least 25 cast members (which makes for plenty of potential pairings), the site points out that, based on past history from similar ‘Bachelor’ shows, the odds are slim that many couples will even make it to the end of the Games, especially since this is only a four-episode series.

“There could be as many as 12 couples at the end of the mini-season, but the chances of four or more genuinely pairing up are slim,” the site states. “Full-length seasons of Bachelor in Paradise don’t always produce more than a handful of couples, and this four-episode series is much shorter. Expect a lot of flirting, a lot of fun, and a lot of canoodling by the fire, but don’t expect too many true-blue partnerships to blossom out there on the slopes.”

(Not to mention a whole lot of blubbering from Franchise Crier, Ashley Iaconetta…)

Recently, news leaked that two ‘Winter Games’ participants– Dean Unglert and Lesley Murphy— were dating.

The site only gives Dean and Lesley (Lesan? Deanley?) 12/1 odds of making it to New Year’s Eve.

“‘Bachelor’-formed couples do not typically have much staying power, and there is a lot of time left in the year. If Dean and Lesley make it, kudos to them! Unfortunately, the under is the heavy favorite,” the site states.

The site predicts we have better odds of seeing Chris Harrison give the ‘Winter Games’ gang a “Code of Conduct” pep talk at the beginning of the show (8 to 1), in hopes of preventing another scandal like the one that rocked ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ last year.

To see all of the predictions for ‘The Bachelor Winter Games,’ click here!

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