MTV Voted Worst Network To Deal With In Recent Survey of Reality TV Producers

“I wonder if they’re hiring producers for ‘The Amazing Race?’!”

It’s official: reality TV producers have named MTV as the worst network to deal with.

In a recent poll conducted by NPACT, the trade group that represents non-fiction TV producers, MTV finished dead last among 46 networks and platforms, earning the title as producer’s least favorite network to work with overall.

(This should come as no surprise, of course. As The Ashley has told you, the producers of one of MTV’s biggest franchises– the Teen Mom shows– are put through the ringer while on the job. Of course, these results are based on MTV as a whole.)

Forty-eight production companies took part in rating 46 different networks and platforms in 11 categories, including pitching, development, executives’ understanding of their network’s brand and content needs, business affairs, editorial oversight and notes, production management, finance and scheduling and promo support.

While MTV received the lowest scores, it landed only slightly ahead of Amazon as the producers’ least favorite network to deal with.

Showtime was voted “Best to Deal With,” despite having very few reality TV shows on its roster. CBS and A&E nabbed the second and third spots, respectively — an impressive feat given the amount of reality shows each network boasts. CBS is home to longtime hit reality shows such as The Amazing Race, Big Brother and Survivor, while A&E’s reality show lineup includes Escaping Polygamy, Intervention and Storage Wars, among many others.

Across the 46 networks and platforms, A&E and ID were ranked in the Top 10 across more categories than any of the other networks. Those networks, along with Netflix, also landed in a three-way tie for “Most Respected Network.”

Oxygen was voted as the “Most Improved” network in a sampling of 54 producers.

To see the complete survey results, click here.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. I just watched last night’s episode a little bit ago. Amber really knows how to pick them, doesn’t she? I don’t understand what she sees in the guy. Gary, please don’t let Leah visit these two losers.

  2. I don’t get it. Instead of presuming what producers see and blaming them for not notifying cps, why aren’t concerned viewers notifying them? It’s seems just as passive of a response. I don’t really watch the show I just read about it, so I haven’t seen anything disturbing, but if I did, I would definitely do what I could to protect children.

    1. I don’t totally disagree with you but it could be argued that the viewer sees an edited version of events, whereas producers are actually there in person and witness an event in its entirety.

      1. Well, then there is also issue with that while viewers can call and report what they see, we’re delayed in seeing things. This stuff is filmed months prior to it airing.
        These producers witness this first hand and they can, and should report neglect/abuse right away.

  3. RANDOM…..But all I know is…Amber better get OUT or watch how she talks to that Yeti of a man of hers. When she was condescendingly yelling at him about a natural birth and learning the sex of the baby….that man’s eyes were looking WILD, like he was doing everything he could to stay calm and not pick her 5’2 body up and toss her across the room. She needs to watch it, because this man CLEARLY has no problem putting his hands on and stalking a woman.

  4. I literally don’t care what your job’s “rules” are or policies, if you see a child being mistreated, abused, or living in poor conditions, you have a duty to call CPS. Children cannot advocate for themselves and they need others to do it for them. It makes me sick if that’s MTV’s policy.

    1. Anyone that sees abuse is a mandated reporter in North Carolina. So all those producers that saw what happened on The Land was responsible for reporting suspicions of child abuse. I’m positive there was more that we didn’t see on TV.

      And we know that The Land denizens read this – hi Jenelle!

  5. I just got an idea for a Teen Mom special. Hear me out for a minute, and let me know what you think. What if we put Farrah and Janelle in an escape room challenge with no one else? Can you imagine that?

  6. The molds for my leg braces were made that way, but they were always cut off in the brace shop. It’s like getting a cast cut off the proper way. I’ve never had anything done the way Butch did it.

  7. CPS should have been called when Butch cut off his grandsons cast with a saw because Tyler’s sister didn’t bring him for follow up care. Definte drug addict behavior all around.

    1. She lives rent free I believe? How can she not have the money for necessary medical care at all?
      Why did she not take him and payed that bill off like many people do? Seems like she doesn’t care enough. The boy will need that arm for the rest of his life. It’s neglect.

  8. Forget this, can we talk about how sad it was to watch Tyler’s sisters children last night? Clearly she is as addicted as Butch is. I found it horrible to watch what was going on in that house. It was clear Tyler wanted to get out of there in a hurry. Why are these producers not reporting this to Child Protective Services. Everything about his sister screamed DRUG ADDICT!!!

    1. An ex camera man for Teen Mom said in a reddit AMA that protocol is for them to report child abuse to the higher ups at MTV instead of CPS.

      Here is what he said: “every shoot i would want to call CPS. filthy houses (dog poop on the floor, bloody tampons sitting in a corner for months, weeks old food everywhere, etc) one of the worst is Leah, filthiest person i’ve met.
      when feeding her twins she would spill a bunch of cheese puffs on the nasty carpet and the girls would crawl around and suck up the cheese puffs, no hands involved.
      this made me cry a few times.

      the production company rule was to file your complaint with production manager. if the production manager felt that they were legally bound to submit the complaint to the authorities they would. of course they never did. it took a lot of alcohol to fall asleep. i couldn’t take it half way through the 3rd season and quit.”

      1. What I don’t understand is why they don’t report to CPS anyway. It’s anonymous and no one could find out who made the report. If I saw what I thought was abuse, I’d report it. If they (MTV) questioned me, I could always deny it and tell them it could’ve been a neighbor, friend, family member, etc.

        1. I’m sure MTV makes the crew sign NDAs so maybe the threat of being found out and sued is enough to dissuade them? I think what it comes down to is the Teen Mom crew cares more about their paychecks and their careers than the rampant child abuse they witness. I don’t think turning a blind eye to the abuse of others because you care more about your paycheck and your career is as rare as you want to believe. Especially in the entertainment industry. Look at Hollywood and all the people who are complicit* in systems of abuse because they cared more about advancing their careers than doing the right thing. I think that’s basically what is happening here.

          (*I am not talking about survivors. I don’t think any survivor is complicit in the system that abused them. I am talking about the people who knew about the abuse and continued to work with/for predators.)

    2. I feel terrible for Tyler he is literally taking care of his entire family. He is also afraid to leave Catelynn because she might hurt herself. I feel terrible for Tyler….

    3. I wonder if viewers ever call CPS ? I know the show is “edited” and courts can not use this film info. If you see something , SAY something . No job is worth watching child abuse live and in person. I am looking at you : camera man/woman, producers, guy that holds the mic………..

      1. Viewers can call CPS and they will investigate. There was an episode of “Wife Swap” that had so many people upset they called, faxed, emailed and wrote letters to CPS. Because of that, they did open up an investigation.
        Some changes actually took place in the home to ensure the safety of the children.

        We can make a difference.

      2. They do. Jenelle told viewers to keep calling, according to her, CPS enjoys visiting them.

        What I don’t get in this case, why is everyone mad at MTV? Shouldn’t Tyler, Kim or Butch call this in?

    4. There’s no way that I believe the power was just turned off that day. If the account was really in Butch’s name and he wanted it turned off before he went to rehab, they could’ve lined it up so it switched over to someone else’s name immediately.
      Butch has no job and no credit, how did he get it in his name to begin with?
      Why wasn’t it in his daughter’s name since it was her house?
      Obviously, they are not being honest with that situation. They are probably afraid CPS was going to be called so they made up a story.

    5. You are so right.

      I had seen Ty’s sister in a few past episodes, and after seeing her last might I was hoping she was just having a bad day. Or, at least — something that would explain why she looked like such a boiling hot mess.

      I guess I just didn’t want to believe she was just as stoned off her ass as her dad and just plain STRUNG OUT.

      What a shame.

    1. The production company that films Teen Mom did not have any employees left that were willing and allowed to go to Farrah’s house.
      But these ratings are for all the MTV realities. All the shores, bachelors and exes on beaches, Made, Catfish, etc etc.
      Basicly MTV pays peanuts expects the best.

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