Jenelle Evans Rants After Her ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Star Leah Messer Talked About Her On Kail Lowry’s Podcast

“Maybe I should start carrying a knife at Reunions too…? Safety first, guys!”

Jenelle Evans came out verbally swinging at her Teen Mom 2 co-star Leah Messer on Monday, accusing Leah of being “dramatic” and warning her co-star to keep her name (and the name of her husband David Eason) “out of her mouth!”

Jenelle was apparently fuming when she found out that Leah had spoken about David during an appearance on Kail Lowry‘s Coffee Convos podcast last week.

(The Ashley wrote about the conversation and Jenelle admitted on Twitter that she found out about it via The Ashley’s article.)

On the podcast, Leah declared that she was “terrified” during the last ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion when David pulled out a knife and began slashing balloons. Leah also admonished David for drinking too much while filming a New Year’s Eve party scene with the rest of the cast.

“I don’t even remember if [David was mad] because they were not serving any more alcohol or…but we were there for work!” Leah said on the podcast. “I mean, you can have a few drinks socially but, it’s not that appropriate.”

Kail declared that she would never allow her kids to be around David, and Leah agreed that her kids would no longer attend Reunion tapings.

Jenelle was not happy when she found out what Leah had said, and she used Twitter to make it known. She came at Leah in a series of tweets.

“Hey Leah, last time I recalled… the kids weren’t at the New Years party we were ‘working at,’ Stop being so dramatic,” Jenelle tweeted. “My name or my husband’s should never come [out of] your mouth, but for a podcast and ratings?! Of course. #Fake”

Kail and Jenelle have been at odds for years, and Jenelle implied Kail had convinced Leah to side with her. When a fan suggested that the girls should “learn to get along,” Jenelle pointed the blame at Leah and Kail.

“Yeah tell [Leah] that,” Jenelle replied. “Whatever Kail tells her to do she does it LOL.

“Kail uses anyone she can to gain whatever she can,” Jenelle added. “Remember that.”

After retweeting a tweet that declared that “no one listens to podcasts anyway,” Jenelle suggested that she get her own podcast to spill secrets about her co-stars.

“Why is my life your everyday topic for your show?” Jenelle wrote. “Maybe I should be the one with a show then…”

Briana DeJesus–who has frequently feuded with Kail herself on Twitter– also jumped into the online fight.

“F**k em,” Briana told Jenelle of Leah and Kail.

At press time, Leah and Kail had yet to respond to Jenelle’s tweets.

If you want to read the article that started the drama, click here!

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94 Responses

  1. I do believe the girls are making a big deal out of nothing. So David had a knife and pulled it put to pop ballons Big Deal Kail… Uou turn everything into drama.. Grow up Kail you big trouble maker this is all your dping

  2. Why not just worry bout your life and not other peoples stop trying make money off other cast members you should look at ur own life’s because your life ain’t any better having how many different dads to your kids and little girls watch the show and see what use are doing I wouldn’t want my daughters watching it

  3. I can’t believe that these girls get paid for having kids young girls see this and think wow maybe if I get pregnant I might get on mtv and get paid and get nice cars and houses it’s fucking crazy what people are putting on tv

  4. Dude David loves me! He is just fine. Stop talking shit about him dude before I give you all a C&D! He loves me and he is the best father to Jace, Kaiser, Ensley, and Maryssa. He takes care of the kids when I get mad and want to take a bath and lay in bed all day! At least I didn’t buy my kid a gun for Christmas ?.

  5. Yes, but Aleah WAS there. She’s the only one of Leah’s kids who went. Jenelle is a fool for defending UBT.

  6. Jenelle is under David’s complete control. He has her isolated out on The Land, and she has burned all her bridges. He has shown that he will be wildly inappropriate ON TV. I fear for Jenelle’s safety, and that of her kids.

    All the Teen Moms should absolutely refuse to participate in any activity with David. He is dangerous. MTV should be consulting their liability attorneys about David.

  7. Soooo Jenelle and Lurch spent the night retweeting any Blue Apron complaints like the mature adults they are. They are super salty lol. Meanwhile, Blue Apron is now learning why they should have never have had that trash rep their company in the first place.

    1. First off. I love your name. I heard David say that on a YouTube ‘worst of David’ video I was watching about them, so funny. I’m glad you mentioned their Twitter, they are crazy. They will never be asked to promote a product again when they act like this. Like how much time are they spending on this,so weird.

      1. Also she is doing some interview to be aired tomorrow on a YouTube channel? I don’t know or understand much about twitter or YouTube but there’s a thing about it on janelles twitter. I hope I can find it tomorrow.

    2. They are so ridiculous in this kind of the situation they just should have kept quiet no other company is going to want to work with them due to this kind of crazy behavior

  8. I think the best response Leah and Kail can have is…none. They shouldn’t even acknowledge that Jenelle said anything. Just go completely radio silent over the whole thing. Watch Jenelle lose her shit over not getting the attention that drives her.

    As a side note, when was this pic taken, and why do Jenelle’s eyebrows look so normal?

  9. I can understand why Jenelle is mad, it must suck to hear your coworkers speak badly about your husband in an extremely public venue. But at some point she should try to pause and empathize with how scary it must have been for everyone to be in the company of a man pulling out a knife. He might not have wielded it on anyone, but he should not have pulled it out at all. She should not minimize others concerns by dismissing their reactions as “dramatic”. David should apologize personally and publicly to everyone present at that party.

  10. I know right, I remember that year he showed up like four hours late with this elaborate face paint on acting like it was all good. There is something wrong with Ryan (not just because of drug use), I don’t know if it’s because he’s been so coddled and sheltered or what. He’s like the most unmotivated person in the franchise (even Adam was motivated to be a mega-douche), he just marinates on the couch ALL THE TIME, has NEVER had a job in the history of the show, yawns all the time like he’s been working in the fields and is just out of touch with reality. Maci’s victim routine is old, but the fact that he gives her zero credit for being a great mom and single-handedly making Bentley an amazing and sweet child is very telling.

      1. Yes Ryan is so spoiled. He’s an only child and I feel like he wants more attention. Last nights episode he was throwing a fit for no reason. I’m glad his mom called him out, somewhat. He kept saying ‘my ride is fixing to leave’.. when he could of stayed to trick or treat w Bentley and his parents could of drove him home. But he can’t compromise. And about the face paint, he literally acted like he didn’t understand why time didn’t wait for him. And blames everyone else. Every time.

        1. Jen reminds me very much of my sister’s ex mother-in-law. She always spoke to me like I was a two year old, and when I asked my sister about it, she said that my brother-in-law would not say anything to his mom at all. He remarried, but he’s still a spoiled mama’s boy like Ryan.

          1. I forgot to tell you that she would introduce herself to me EVERY TIME I saw her. I wanted to be a smart-ass about it, but I was trying to think of my sister and the kids.

  11. I would really be interested in seeing the daily life of Jenelle without the cameras. I can not; for the life of me, guess what she and Lurch occupy their time with out there on “The Land”…….. Get out of bed at the crack of noon, release children from crib, have first fight of the day, place dry cereal in bowls on floor for children, plant self on couch, patrol various social media platforms, commiserate on how misunderstood we are (5-6 hours), have second fight of day, refill cereal bowl on floor for children, re-plant self on couch, have third fight of day, continue patrol of social media platforms(2-3 hours), locate children and insert in various cribs, have fourth fight of day, re-insert self on couch, commiserate on how mean people are to us, patrol social media until 4 am, have fifth fight of day, go to bed feeling persecuted, repeat cycle at noon.

    1. She also has to squeeze in time for her trashy swamp photo shoots. Did you see her ridiculous pic on twitter, all dressed up in front of a wood pile?!? Hilarious!

  12. Jenelle should tell David ‘act same, don’t act insane’.

    They deserve each other and are both dramastic drama queens living on the rubbish pile out on The Land.

    1. Leah is the classic example of a sheep. Would run off a cliff if told to. Poor mindless idiot. What’s this girl gonna do when the MTV gravy train is over?

      1. I always thought Leah would do great working with kids. She does well when talking with Ali & explaining why she can’t do some things.

        Public speaking is a stretch too far for Leah – sshe doesn’t have a great message to tell. She should look closer to home & see where her strengths are ie kids ☺

        1. She needs to stay in school. She keeps dropping out. I think she could be great working with kids too. But it’s up to her to do it. She has the resources and the means to do it. Great Mom but she’s full of excuses. She freaked out crying when the college told her it isn’t take 6 years to graduate. Who cares how long it takes as long as you do it!

        2. Yeah, I think Leah would be a really great daycare/pre-school teacher. She’s very soft spoken, and patient and wants the best for her own children and loves the other girls kids. I don’t know much about the subject but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t take years of school to work in a daycare (pretty sure my cousin only had to do like 2 years/get a certification?). I think that would be a good choice for her career-wise, and it’s something I feel she’d really enjoy.

  13. I have to think this is mostly David’s influence on her. She’s always been quick to argue with her friends, but she’s never had this much of a problem getting along with the other teen moms before, she’ll fly off the handle at anything – the tweet tori posted wasn’t even against her, I didn’t think? David’s gotta be in her ear translating people’s words into really offensive bullshit meanings for jenelle….and she wants to believe he’s right, because otherwise it means her husband is a toxic person. sad.

    I know she’s always been jenelle, but imo its gotten worse.

    1. He totally tells her how to act and what she’s allowed to say. Janelle and her mom have always had problems, but David makes it worse between them. Even on the ex files show, almost all her exes said something positive about Barbara. That she just wants the best for Janelle. David has the attitude of a brat man that will not be told what to do, even if it’s the right thing. And agreed about the tori thing. There was no fight between them until David decided there was.

  14. Nut bag knife wielding aside, I wouldn’t allow David within two feet of my pet chihuahua after hearing poor little Kaiser’s account about being punched in the head by this drugged up, oafish nut cake.

    So if Jenelle and Briana (whose brains are obviously located in her lopsided derrière along with other items she rarely uses) think David’s behavior at the reunion was cute and cuddly— let ‘em.

    Would anyone really expect anything “different” from these two?


  15. If Jenelle read about the podcast on this site, I really hope she looked at the comments too. And on this one. She can’t block sane people off of this site like she does with the Twitter hatters. And no one here is hating her for her looks (so far), only on how she acts (or how she should act but doesn’t). Still, there will be a ‘woe is me’ moment happening on The Land.

  16. I think Leah and Kail are doing the right thing not having their kids come to the reunion if David is going to be there. Any normal parent would do that. No one wants their child around a knife holding, balloon killing, drunk. Jenelle is crazy and David is crazy. The girls, their children and the partners/ex partner’s are not safe when he is around. MTV needs to pull the plug on them and if not them then David. Kail and Leah had every right to discuss what happened and explain their concerns.

    1. Is that why Ali,Aleeh,Isaac, Lincoln, and Aubree weren’t there this past reunion? I didn’t know that, but it makes total sense. I think Watson and Lux were there though…

  17. Jenelle and Briana are actually children. BUT can we talk about the fact that MTV pretty much revived 16 & Pregnant and titled it Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant? This shit’s gotta stop. I was all for the original message, but this is just exploitation and a reason for young girls to get knocked up for fame and MTV money.

    1. Probably because A&E started up with Unexpected – their version of Teen Mom. I guess they wanted to cut into that action again.

  18. Jenelle, here’s a shocker………if no one else like you (except Briana who is only kissing your butt to not get talked about from you), maybe the problem lies in you?!

  19. Just read the story on radar about this and Janelle saying Chelsea is boring lol Janelle is so jealous of Chelsea she can’t even see straight. She whined everybody was happy for Chelsea being pregnant but not for her. The MTV crew only cared when Chelsea was sick not her. The fact that Chelsea had a fever and Janelle was thirsty, made no difference apparently. She cried she’s always excluded. Does she mean the things she storms off from? Janelle really doesn’t see why people lke Chelsea and not her and react positively to Chelseas life choices and negatively to hers. She truly doesn’t get it. I cannot stand this girl. Can you even imagine what her life would be without the teen mom ghetto lottery win?

    1. Exactly Katie! I just left a similar comment below. I hope the DeBoer Family Giles a cease and desist against this idiot

    2. Teen Mom ghetto lottery lol that’s great well said! Now we get to watch a whole new generation of losers!I can’t wait for the where are they now reunion shows if teen Mom half will be in jail. Half would have lost custody bla bla bla. I have to say though Chelsea needs to step up the drama though she is a little in the boring side lol. But she seems to be the only one with a moral compass but that doesn’t help ratings.

  20. Uhm did anyone read about tonight’s episode.. where Ryan is pissed when maci is late for trick or treating. I’m dying. He’s usually late or doesn’t show up, and now he acts like he’s a bad ass parent bc he does the normal thing for once. Had to vent when I read that.. like I’ve said 4 billion times, his drug use makes me insane bc of my ex use and my sisters current use. His bullshit irks me bc he’s still using and his excuses and king act is too close to home. He has it so easy.

    1. LOL I could not get over how funny it was because just last year he didn’t show up to trick-or-treating until after it was over he always acts like he’s given the short end of the stick but he doesn’t actually try to ever fix that so I don’t have much pity for him same thing with the drug test results if maci wants them and does not have them what on gods green earth is stopping Ryan from going over there and giving it to her he just wants to come across like the good dad he is not

    2. Seriously. And Maci has two toddlers to get out of the house, being late is understandable. What’s Ryan’s excuse?

      1. You’re right. I didn’t even take that into consideration about her having the other kids to get ready. And Ryan being so Whiney when they showed up like maci was supposed to feel bad. I can’t wait for the recap of last nights show. I’m trying to hold back but I have so much more to say… maci literally texted his mom and said at 5 or 5:30 she was going to trick or treat by her parents, then after meet up w Jen, Larry and Ryan.. so them showing up at 6 was not being late. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

  21. Off topic, but I still can’t even get over Janelles wedding. Girl, you’ve got to have SOME money. The best you could do was to be laying sod the night before and olive garden catering? I’m not saying it had to be this 10’s of thousands of dollars affair, but really. I’m embarrassed for her. Then to top it off with a white trash scene that security needed to be involved in. The ghettoness these two pour out, is overwhelming.

    1. I feel like David wouldn’t let her hire anyone else to help. Maybe he didn’t want any men workers there, or for whatever reason. I agree though, she did things strange. The whole fight w tori and her bf was dumb. In the clip, at the end, tori and Janelle agreed to call each other and seemed not mad at each other. So weird that it escalated later on Twitter.

  22. A mature person would Apologize for how her husband acted. Acknowledge how the others felt when her husband was the one being over “dramatic” and Hostile… pretty much feel embarrassed. But Jenelle can not take responsibility for their outrageous behavior. Its them against the world, and in a sick way she enjoys it. Jenelle is a lost cause,and I wish MTV would cut her off. Plain and simple… Jenelle is a B****.

    1. Let’s not forget a mature person would also try to get their husband help and if he wasn’t willing to take it they would get out of there with their children as soon as possible

  23. Wouldn’t it be crazy to see Jenelle actually take responsibility for her own actions just ONE time? Like can you imagine her being like “Yeah that was really bad and I understand that it maybe have affected people.” That would be so mind blowing. Never going to happen though.

  24. Jenelle, do yourself and the rest of us a favor and go contribute to society by getting a job. Putting all your time and energy into fighting with people on social media is only making you look more pathetic than you already do. And just a word of advice…if you don’t want people to talk about you or your husband, then don’t act like psychos. It’s that simple.

  25. After Jenelle tweeted that Leah just does what Kail tells her, a fan tweeted Jenelle saying “her and Chelsea [do whatever Kail says], right?” And Jenelle replied “Chelsea doesn’t trust any of us.” If you needed proof that Chelsea was smarter than the rest of the cast, there it is. I wouldn’t trust any of them either!

    1. I agree! Notice how Chelsea is never involved or pulled into any public feud these ladies always have. Chelsea is my spirit animal. Appears and says just enough to comply with the show and collect her coins. After that direct deposit hits, she goes home, tends to her family and minds her own business. You can tell Cole doesn’t play any foolishness either. They all could learn from them.

    2. Also, I wish Chelsea would file a cease and desist against Jenelle. Kail and Leah don’t seem to have some sort of eerie obsession with her like Jenelle does. Think about it: Jenelle wants to be like Chels so bad and can’t stand that they were pregnant at the same time and that Chels got all the love and she got all the backlash. I really think that still messes her up. But I wouldn’t dare want my name or family’s name in the mouth of a known hot head and drug addict. Watch, PaPa Randy will encourage it one of these days

  26. Leah was only stating facts…David was intoxicated and acting like a total buffoon getting drunk and popping balloons with a knife at a work event. That just shows how entitled him and Jenelle are…trying to justify his behavior as being ok, and once again complain that people are picking on them. And of course Briana jumped in….birds of a feather flock together, and she’s equally as insane and Jenelle.

  27. Jenelle has deluded herself into believing that Lurch’s behavior is normal. No one brings a knife to a work party and slashes balloons because they get cut off at the bar. But, that’s just another day for David and Jenelle. They also don’t give a sh!t about their kids (unless they want to rage against Barb or Tori) so they don’t understand why other people find them terrifying. If you act like an insane person, people will talk.

        1. When that happens (and we all know it’s inevitable) the whole place will be filled with upper cut, table jumping, mason jar tossing and high heel throwing.

  28. Jenelle is so delusional, it’s frightening. She looks for a chance to bash them all any time she gets. She brought Chelsea into it for absolutely no reason. Get over yourself girl. ??

    1. Lol that was hilarious. She tried to make it seem like she and Chelsea don’t trust any of the girls. As if the two of them have anything in common. Ummmmm Chelsea wasn’t part of this and it’s pretty clear that she just doesn’t trust you, Jenelle.

    2. I really do think it’s strange the amount of times Jenelle brings up Chelsea for no apparent reason other than I really do feel like Jenelle thinks she should be treated the way Chelsea is… Chelsea who constantly puts her kids first who doesn’t go on vacation every two minutes who was not willing to put her child before a random man and does not have enough drug arrest to paint the ceiling with mugshots Jealousy does not look good on Jenelle

  29. Haha. I really do not like Kail and have no interest in her daily opinions about getting pregnant and treating men in her life like they have no value… that being said, I’d love to listen to a Janelle podcast. Her and David ranting about raking the yard and Barbara… yes it would be incoherent but totally entertaining. ..I just hated seeing Kail treat jo badly and Javi badly and get mad bc they weren’t at her disposal as a babysitter at any given second. And making PFAs a joke by putting one on Javi just to have it removed so he could watch the boys or so she could go on vacation. Janelle is nuts and an addict and terrible to Barbara and the kids, but I’d watch or listen to her rants any days over Kail.. if anything maybe Kail should partner up w Mackenzie Edwards.

    1. I would think any podcast by Jenelle will just be fuel for Barb’s lawyer especially if Lurch participates. Those two speak first and think never. I am surprised that Jenelle doesn’t have a podcast already since she never stops shouting.

        1. Thanks guys… one time I said something semi positive about Farrah and how nice it was to see her get along so well at her dads house w him and his fiancé. Someone said I was Farrah on here commenting, and literally from that day, the downvotes have been pouring in. My husband says the way I am w teen mom is the way he is w watching football. Lol.

          1. I am so happy to hear you say this because I really do think people will down vote you just because of comments you’ve made from previous articles glad to know I wasn’t the only one feeling that way!

  30. It sounds like kail and we Leah we’re stating their own opinion so I’m not sure what her problem is because of course every parent wants their child safe why would that even be a question I wouldn’t want anybody putting a knife anywhere near my child or me Jenelle needs to take several seats It really does weird me out that she doesn’t seem to think David’s behavior is odd

    1. Yeah totally, David is crazy. I’m dying to see the clips from that incident, which were so nicely omitted from the end of the year show. I’m glad Leah is talking about it. But I still wish she’d given the interview to The Ashley or anyone else other then Rotten Kail.. haha I imagine a bag of Kale from Walmart being recalled bc it’s so rotten… and can get you sick..

      1. @Barbara…did you see Kail’s Blue Apron commercial?? She literally had kale something, but all I could think is: “That’s probably some wilted, stinky kale”…and I wasn’t thinking about the food. 😉

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