‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Praises Boyfriend Andrew Glennon For Not Hitting Her or Cheating On Her: “No More Drama!”

“You’re not a lying cheater so I’m gonna look past those red pants, babe…”

Amber Portwood wants the world to know that she’s “so happy” with her boyfriend (and soon-to-be second baby daddy) Andrew Glennon!

The Teen Mom OG star praised Andrew on Twitter earlier this week in what appears to be a reaction to a scene that recently aired on the show. During the tense clip, Amber is shown yelling at Andrew because he disagreed with her about finding out the gender of their unborn child. (She even busted out her signature argument phrase, “I’M DONE!” for the occasion.)

Amber was also seen screaming at her ex, Matt Baier, in a just-released clip from the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition.

Amber used the opportunity to let the show’s fans know that things with Andrew aren’t nearly as dramatic as they were with Matt, despite what they saw in the ‘Teen Mom OG’ clip.

(Warning: Amber’s Porta-Potty mouth is not censored in the clip below.)

“No matter how crazy I get I still love my man,” Amber wrote on Twitter about Andrew. “I don’t scream at Andrew lol…we’re so happy together.”

Amber then praised Andrew while also simultaneously insulting Matt, whom she accuses in the ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ clip of hitting her.

“[Andrew] doesn’t hit me or cheat on me so yeah I treat him like a real man,” Amber wrote. “If you are a liar and cheater yeah bless your soul lol and get out of my way.

“Thank god I have a good man to lean on now!” she continued. “No more drama and no more screaming! I don’t like men who are liars and cheaters so if I’m a bitch for standing up for myself then so be it…I’m very happy with myself; however I found a man that is my rock…”

As The Ashley previously reported Andrew knocked Amber up just weeks after they started dating. The couple recently revealed that Amber is due to give birth to a baby boy on May 18. They plan to name the baby James after Andrew’s late father.

(Photo: MTV)

85 Responses

  1. Wow dating less than a year & he hasn’t hit her. I wonder if they will have a parade in his honor.
    He needs a medal for not hitting a woman.
    Been with my guy for 10 years & he never raised a hand to me, I guess we should give prizes to men if they don’t hit their women.
    I didn’t hit my husband or anyone else, maybe I should get a prize too?
    Let’s give prizes for doing the right thing now…idiots

  2. She’s so concerned to find out the gender because she’s never raised a boy before… ummm she’s never raised a girl either!

  3. You have to be prepared differently for boys vs girls as newborns? They drink from the same boobs/bottles they wear the same clothes they crap in the same diapers. She mentions a crib…..I didn’t realize your kids crib had to be specific to their gender ffs!!!!
    She’s the same amber we’ve been watching since 16 and pregnant.
    This show needs to be cancelled how many more kids will they willingly expose to abuse/horrible situations for entertainment purposes?! It’s not funny or cute anymore. It’s disgusting.

  4. I get that Amber is her usual aggressive self here…but I still think something is very off with Andrew. He is not right. I can tell he’s holding back because of the cameras. He avoids interaction with her family. He seems like he has a temper and a controlling way about him. Watch and see…

  5. Watching the video it really wasn’t that bad. She was a little testy probably because she’s pregnant. It felt more like banter.

    1. I’m currently pregnant and have had severe morning sickness for 21 weeks, and I have never spoken to my husband like Amber does. Do I get irritated and testy? Yes. Am I rude and cuss at people? No. Amber is crazy.

      1. Amber has no respect for him.
        Sounds like you & your husband have respect for each other, that’s why you don’t act like that.

    2. Banter is a PLAYFUL back & forth discussion. That was not banter, that was not playful.
      She was Rude yelled cursed & belittled him by calling him names & made fun of his beliefs & feelings

  6. She seems like such a miserable person to be around. How can anyone stand it? Just sucking the joy and fun out of everything and everyone around her.

  7. You are not happy with yourself Amber, be real. Women who are happy with themselves are able to be single for a hot minute. The fake positive social media self-talk trend is just as annoying as the social media vigilante justice trend.

  8. I don’t know why she can’t take Andrew’s feelings about learning the gender of the baby into consideration. My sister had the same situation so she found out the gender and they made a gender neutral room and then he was able to wait until the baby is born. They are east coast so it is not a CA hippie thing. I don’t know why decorating a baby’s room is worth all the fighting. Girl’s don’t NEED to have a pink room and boys a blue one. When Amber and Andrew got together, I totally thought he was going to be the villian in this pairing. But now I am almost feeling sorry for him. Meh he will end up being a full time dad like Gary once Amber can’t get off the couch post birth.

    1. True!! I’m 7 months and it’s a girl, and we have a 4 yo son, and he has a non-boy-themed room. It’s just colorful and full of fun kid things. This little girlie will have the same theme, not all pink and shit. It’s unnecessary

  9. Hey everybody, I just thought y’all would like to know that there’s a petition on change.org to fire Jenelle and David.

  10. May Andrew continue to be: The Man Above All Other Men by never beating or cheating. (Cue huge eye roll here.)

    Clearly, in addition to needing a full reality check, I’m thoroughly convinced that Amber’s “sumo bun” is pulled WAY too tight.

  11. Maybe she should talk a bit more about the abuse that did happen and you know, explain what she said about real women.
    That might help other real women in an abusive relationship.
    She basically said I real woman should be able to take a few slaps here and there by her man.

  12. I’m not a fan of Andrew but he should have known how she was (crazy) after he saw how she acted on Marriage Bootcamp. I’m not sure of his motive for being with her. And when did she go off birth control?

  13. So is Andrew allowed to say the same thing? Amber seems to forget she isn’t exactly innocent when it comes to physically abusing partners.

    Thank god for Gary and Christina.

  14. Um, okay, Amber? Are you going Jenelle on us tho? Trying to prove how “perfect” your instant relationship is even though it is not?

    I still can’t believe how dumb she is for being the oldest of the bunch. You just don’t have a baby with a random you just met. Too bad Gary didn’t have saran wrap for the occasion.

  15. I wish you only the best but I don’t think she realize she’s talking as if they’re together for like 10 years still in the honeymoon phase sweetie in six months
    You know as lots favorite saying goes 100% if he’s a hitter or not .
    I hope the best for Amber and I hope in six months for our fears will be put to rest
    Amber is 27 now and I think is more capable of dealing with an infant I don’t think it will be the same as Leah but time will tell.
    27 now and I think is more capable of dealing with an infant I don’t think it will be the same as Leah but time will tell
    I love happy endings. Godspeed to both of them on their journey .

    1. She’s older but just as lazy as she was as a teen. Who knows with Malibu Matt, maybe his mother wants another kid in the house since this one finally moved out and she can raise the baby.

  16. I wish you only the best but I don’t think she realize she’s talking as if they’re together for like 10 years still in the honeymoon phase sweetie in six months
    You know as lots favorite saying goes 100% if he’s a hitter or not .
    I hope the best for Amber and I hope in six months for our fears will be put to rest
    Amber is 27 now and I think is more capable of dealing with an infant I don’t think it will be the same as Leah but time will tell.
    27 now and I think is more capable of dealing with an infant I don’t think it will be the same as Leah but time will tell
    I love happy endings. Godspeed to both of them on their journey .

  17. I feel so sad for Amber that she thinks that a man is something special if he manages to keep from hitting or cheating on his partner. Her view of life is so distorted, her self esteem is so low and she has co-dependency issues; all of these things together are a recipe for disaster. She will NEVER have a healthy relationship until she undergoes some really intense therapy. I want to think that the latest soulmate might be a good guy, but no decent grown man gets a woman pregnant on purpose after a couple of weeks of dating and is fine with leaving his job, friends and family to move clear across the country chasing after this woman he doesn’t really know. Amber’s life will always be hard because she makes horrible life decisions.

  18. I said this before when the clip first came out. The way she acted was so ridiculous, she hasn’t changed at all. She got so mad over a stupid little thing. I worry about her acting like this with the baby. She’s legit the same as she was with Gary, only difference is I don’t see Andrew taking Ambers hits like Gary did.

  19. Wow just wow. Firstly, it shouldn’t be necessary to praise someone for not cheating or hitting. I’ve been married 6 years and it never came to my mind to say Hey husband, thanks for never hitting me!! Bizzare.
    And secondly, she doesn’t even care how he feels about finding out what they’re having. Maybe he is excited to not find out immediately, but Ambie doesn’t care about how others feel. She is so OTT with every reaction and situation, we can only pray for this new baby being brought into this hot mess

    1. Yes exactly! There is nothing different about Amber thru the years to Amber now. She has zero control over her temper and is lazier than ever. This baby will be a photo op “we have the perfect life and are so happy in love” type situation and Andrew will prob do all the work.

  20. And it’s been what..a whole four months already? Wow. I am so impressed, but keep screaming at him and she will be back at the DMV trading in her”Ambrew” plates.

      1. Well at least if he gets a giant AMBREW that, it will be easy to change to Andrew when he realizes that there is not enough money in the world to have your balls in Amber’s purse especially when she expects you to carry it around for her.

  21. Can we talk about the look on Andrews face during this whole scene? If that’s not a face of “uh oh” I don’t know what is. I think Andrew is coming out of his California hippie bullchit haze and starting to wonder if this is quite worth it.

    1. Andrew should have heard Nathan’s words- you’re trailer trash that hit the lottery. I said above that we don’t know him well enough yet, but he is already probably regretting getting mixed up with someone who thinks she is hot stuff cos she is on MTV and went to Jell.

  22. Amber has to realize that she’s not the only one having a child here. I felt so embarrassed for Andrew, this parenting thing is his first go round and she treats him like he’s a bumbling idiot for voicing his opinion. Is it just me or did anyone else see the look of fear and “omfg what have I gotten myself into” realization cross his face? Amber couldn’t manufacture an empathetic thought if she was given a blueprint. For Andrew, Leah and Baby James I sure hope she learns!

  23. I just watched that clip and she swore four times at Andrew. She is so confrontational and difficult to get along with. I am NOT a fan of Andrew, but I have to say that he did not really say or do anything that would have provoked a response like that. I think living with Amber would be like walking on eggshells.

    1. We don’t know Andrew long enough but he seemed decent here, he has a feeling about HIS own child and amber squashes it flat by cursing and getting overly aggressive. If he said let’s find out today! – she would probably be like Noooo I don’t want to find out now! Just to be argumentative

  24. This is exactly how she spoke of Matt when they first got together. “He’s such a great man! He’s amazing!” Lol. I’m not saying that this relationship is going to end up like the one with Matt but she really falls too hard and too fast for men. It takes at least a year to really know somebody to their core. She might end up disappointed again once she hits that one year mark. I hope it doesn’t for her sake and their son.

  25. I’m praying Andrew is a better parent than Amber because he’s going to be this kid’s only hope. He’s either going to step up like Gary when Amber spirals or abandon them both. No kid deserves to be alone with deadbeat mom like Amber. It’s so selfish of her to create another human to take care of when she can’t even take care of herself.

  26. As much as I think she’s a real piece of work, it is truly sad that her bar is set so low that “he doesn’t hit or cheat on me” is supposed to make us all swoon…

    1. Exactly. It’s like does Andrew deserve a gold star because he hasn’t cheated or gotten physically abusive in the short time that they’ve been together? You should be expected not to cheat or abuse your partner, not be praised for it.

    2. And I feel like maybe he isn’t a totally bad guy, yes he’s quiet and some people say he has a ‘vibe’ but amber making comments like this makes everyone hate on him even more in a way. It implies that he isn’t that great but Hey at least he doesn’t hit me!! It gives people even more to be mean about to Andrew, which I’m not on his side, but give him a break

  27. It’s never what you say, it’s how you say it….and if Amber keeps talking to the Yeti the way she did in that clip, it’s only a matter of time before he stalks and beats the breaks off of her like he did his ex girlfriends. She needs to realize that she is no different than any of his ex’s and abusive people that old don’t change. Plus Amber is one of those girls that will “defend her man” until shes blue in the face just to prove everyone wrong, but still doesn’t realize that the only person she’s fooling is herself. Just look at how her “screaming” relationship with Matt that ended.

  28. She needs to stop defining people as “real” men and “real” women. Everyone is different. If you had standards at all, you’d know that some people are awesome and others are creepy af. You are who you attract….

  29. It seems like she hasn’t seen how she treats him based on her comments. I mean she could at least make a pregnancy hormone joke. We’re all just holding our breath to see if she’s going to have a psychotic break before the baby is born.

    1. Same, their interactions are like complete strangers. How bizarre to have a baby with some dude you spent one weekend with then got knocked up. She will once again make a horrendous mother. Hope they tie her tubes after this.

    2. So awkward to watch. He doesn’t understand her or her sense of humor, and she’s extremely close minded whereas he’s all about that “hippie bullshit” lol. Point blank Amber knows she’s a moron and can’t grasp what he’s talking about, so she gets super defensive and thinks if she’s the loudest one then Andrew might think she knows what she’s talking about. They both have some bolts loose….poor baby.

  30. The sad thing is Amber cannot even have a calm, normal conversation about anything. I get she is the one pregnant and he is having his first child… therefore, they should have a real conversation about it. But amber immediately goes to yelling and screaming insults. She is crazy!!!

  31. Does he do all the cooking?
    Amber orders like she is in a restaurant lol
    She did have a point about the soup with spaghetti but give him a break he’s feeding you.

    1. Amber is not going to give anyone a break. They’ve been together for 5 minutes and the way she talks to him is already disrespectful and borderline abusive. So what if he says dumb shit? Newsflash: most men do. Amber is going to wear him down and he’s going to walk.

  32. Why can’t Amber have empathy for Andrew? This is his first child, so he’s excited and maybe he wants to be surprised. Just because she is pregnant (a choice she made) doesn’t give her a pass to be a complete bitch. She has no control of her anger or a filter, Andrew knew this too though.

    God help that poor child, at least Leah isn’t growing up around an adult who throws temper tantrums like a toddler.

    1. Not even trying to throw shade I genuinely don’t think Amber can’t have empathy if so I feel like she would try harder to at least have a better custody arrangement with Leah I think she would see that Leah needs a relationship with her mom instead of a fun loving I’ll pop up when I can aunt

  33. He looks and acts so creepy. Both men and women can act off and are weird in relationships. This guy definitely gives me that vibe. He seems awkward to be around and also acts like a child.

    1. He never talks when anyone else is around! Something’s ‘off’ in this guy. Team that with Ambie off her meds & this poor bubba needs an advocate.

      Wonder what Brandonandteresa are doing these days?

  34. She is $&!@*ing crazy. Boasting your man doesn’t hit or cheat is you isn’t like something to brag about. It’s the bottom line of human decency…

  35. She says the same thing about every man she’s with I wish her nothing but happiness not only just for her but for her unborn It just seems like all too familiar circumstances

    1. Unborn child sounded unbelievably creepy that it just came out unborn.. Did anyone else think it was odd that she was talking about what it was like to have a baby when really after the first few months she handed all control over to Gary and went to sleep I’m not saying depression is not real it is but it’s important you’re still gonna have to keep it moving not just for one child this time but for two

  36. “I don’t give a shit about your hippy bullshit right now” from this clip alone, I am confident they will not be together after that baby is born. They’re arguing about learning the sex of their baby, how are they going to coparent at any capacity?

    1. Haha I was dying laughing when she said that and made the comment about him being from CA. I’m from CA and didn’t find out the sex of my baby. ?? I guess my hippie bullshit was in full swing when I was pregnant.

      1. But how did you PREPARE?! You can’t just go buy a CRIB without knowing the sex of the baby, don’t you know that life just doesn’t WORK LIKE THAT?! YOU DON’T UNDERSTAAAAAAAAAAAND.

        1. I was thinking the same thing
          Buying a crib without knowing the gender…just asking for trouble.
          Why do you think people become trans?
          Probably because hippie parents didn’t find out the gender before buying a crib.
          (You can’t make this stupidity up)

  37. I get why Andrew doesn’t care to learn the gender and I get why Amber wants to know. I just don’t get why Andrew can’t respect that Amber wants to know the gender and that she doesn’t only want gender neutral things…

    By all her “I’m done” I wonder what was edited out.

    1. Sometimes you can’t tell anyway. My oldest niece never cooperated with the cameras. We didn’t even know what she was going to be the night before she was born. There is nothing wrong with a gender-neutral nursery.

      1. I don’t think anything is wrong with a gender neutral nursery at all! All I am saying is that I recognize where both of them are coming from but I do not understand why Andrew is so against Amber wanting to knowing.

        There is no way they will be able to make relationship of any kind work with the poor communication and lack of respect they have for each other. If Amber wants to know the gender, great she can start purchasing things and prepair. Since Andrew doesn’t want to know then he doesn’t have to. They should be able to come to a respectful compromise without eye rolling and swearing.

    2. And why can’t she respect that he maybe doesn’t want to know? It’s a 2 way street and she is being a betch just cursing and telling him basically FU. I’m 7 months pregnant now and when my husband and i could find out the gender, we had a little conversation and each said what we thought and decided to find out. It’s called being an adult and not a whiny aggressive toddler

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