EXCLUSIVE! A Member of Farrah Abraham’s Squad Is Planning to Sneak Into The’Teen Mom OG’ Reunion This Weekend

“I’m watching you, Dr. Drew!”

Farrah Abraham may not have been invited to attend the Teen Mom OG Reunion happening this weekend, due to her being booted from the show last October, but The Ashley hears that Farrah will still have eyes on the ground at the taping!

A source tells The Ashley that someone in Farrah’s squad is planning to attend the Reunion, despite the fact that Farrah & Co. were not invited. The Reunion will be filmed this Saturday and Sunday in New York City in front of a live studio audience. 

“Farrah obviously won’t be there but someone she knows is going to attend the reunion, just to see what is said,” the source tells The Ashley. “They’re just going to take it in, not to start any trouble or anything. The person is planning to stay under the radar.”

As The Ashley previously told you, Farrah recently sued Viacom and the production companies that produce ‘Teen Mom OG’ for $5 million over her being cut from the show. That lawsuit is still pending, but The Ashley’s source tells her that the Reunion spy has nothing to do with the lawsuit.

“It’s all in good fun,” the source added, “nothing malicious.”

While Farrah will not be featured on the Reunion, the other three girls– Maci Bookout, pregnant Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell (who is fresh out of rehab)– will all be in attendance.

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. She just looks desperate and even more stupid than usual. Seriously, middle school crap here, folks. The bonus is that this will shit all over her stupid lawsuit against MTV. Hopefully they can recover harassment damages 😉
    Farrah, even your own kid doesn’t like you. Might as well keep shoving things up your ass and selling yogurt lmao.

  2. Does Farrah even have a squad? Does anyone like her enough to do something for her? Last episode I saw Farrah’s squad consisted of Frenchie the scary looking ladies that tried to wind Brett Michaels heart! This is sad

  3. I think in order to be her friend you have to gain financially ala Michael or be heavily medicated. There is no way anyone would deal with her. She’s ALWAYS an incredibly disrespectful and downright annoying human being. Her friend should pack up the porta potties she probably makes them use and run now before she tries to invite them over for a viewing party of Backdoor teen mom 3. I’m sure she’ll invite Sophia as well.

  4. Everyone get ready for an onslaught of “I don’t need that negativity in my life or Sophia’s life” (said by the most negative person I’ve ever seen on this earth).
    Only one that will lose out by Farrah being axed is Sophia, because now she will have ZERO normal people to interact with (the MTV staff).

    1. I wish Derek’s family would step in and say this lifestyle isn’t healthy for a child and try to get custody of her.

  5. In 2012, my husband had a non-cancerous tumor on his pituitary gland. But you are right, we all go through bad things.

  6. LOL, wasn’t this supposed to be a secret?! I bet they will check everyone out before going on, prob show them her vagina mold and ask “Does this look familiar to you?”

  7. If she didn’t act like a spoiled ass b**** that she thinks she’s better than everybody and be so disrespectful & nasty ! She mite be still on the show ! In this world you can’t expose yourself and and be so nasty to other people expect to still be on a family show with children ! Be gone with your ratchet-ass! Bye-bye Farrah Does Dallas, we’re not sorry to see you go !

    1. I completely agree… We’ve all been through some form of cancer I’m sure either with our families or ourselves I really do not wanna have to watch somebody else go through it on TV It’s gut wrenching enough I’m actually surprised the family would make the decision to film… I’ve said it before but I think it’s true they could’ve just focused on the women that are already there and not have to bring somebody in

  8. Prepare for word salad with extra dressing about things that may have been said in Farrah’s confused mind during filming.

  9. Great point, Colleen. She’s SO rude and disrespectful. You just can’t do things like that. However, this is Farrah, and she believes that everyone else’s rules of courtesy don’t apply to her.

    1. I’ll take anyone over Farrah. My dream is that they never speak of Farrah again, and everyone just moves on, talks about MacKenzie and the other girls and ratings stay good – and Mackenzie and the other 3 girls become BFFs and everyone forgets about Farrah. She would be so effing mad and she deserves every bit of it. The way she treats people is beyond insane and life needs to teach her a swift lesson.

  10. Farrah: ‘As the top celebrity of the nation and the only real star of Teen Mom, they couldn’t do the show without me.’

    Farrahs squad spy: ‘Actually, they didn’t even mention you, not even once’

    Farrah: ‘They are so disrespectful. I choose to be inclusive and talk about everyone. I don’t associate with people who disrespect me or my daughter.’

    Farrahs squad spy: ‘Actually, they didn’t even mention Sophia, not even once’

    Farrah: ‘They are so disrespectful. I don’t want my daughter to associate with people who disrespect me or my child. I’m quit their little show, I am a top celebrity in our nation and a business woman, I don’t have to waste my energy on people who are so disrespectful.’

    Farrahs squad spy: ‘I thought they fired you already and you were suing them?’

    Farrah: ‘You are so disrespectful, you just talk about me all the time because I’m the top celebrity of the nation…..’

      1. Whatever Mykol, or whatever your name is, I am just promoting safe sex and I don’t appreciate your negative energy anti top business mogul sex shaming attitude. I don’t have time for people who disrespect my post. ?

  11. OMG wouldn’t it be funny if it was Butch?
    I can hear her now using the fact that he wanted to meet her to use him as a pawn

  12. Does anyone else think it’s really weird that maci and Taylor went to Ryan and mac’s wedding? After the last reunion plus all the shit they’ve talked about one another, why would they even invite them in the first place? That had to be super awkward for everyone due to this giant elephant in the room. As far as I know, it’s not like they’ve cleared the air anything… don’t they still pretty much hate each other?

    1. Yeah, kind of, but I’ve heard of things like that before. My aunt and uncle were invited to my cousin’s ex husband’s wedding when he remarried, and they went. And, yes, I thought that was weird too.

    2. Because Mack actually thought she was going to one up Maci with her shitshow wedding and she failed miserably. Macis wedding was such a classy affair eat your heart out Macktruck.

      1. I am sure Maci and Taylor went to show support for Bentley. I know of a lot of divorced parents who invite their ex (esp if the ex is married) their wedding if they have kids.

        But I agree that Mack probably invited them to show off to Maci and Maci gave zero effs.

  13. All kidding aside; farrah is seriously mentally ill. She has no logic, or self awareness at all. She is so disrespectful and bullys everyone. She seems to think she’s a famous “celebrity”, and that she’s very important. Her comments, and thoughts are so deranged. She’s a white trash pos. Period.

    1. My aunt is schizophrenic and in her younger years she talked just like Farrah, I mean exactly. Now she is homeless and thinks the government is after her and won’t accept anyone’s help.

  14. Best decision made. Farrah is very rude and disrespectful. If she don’t have respect for her own parents why would she show any towards anyone else.

  15. Right… So the producers and Morgan created such a hostile environment and shamed her so badly she’s going to throw someone she knows into that kind of craziness… She’s just ridiculous on a side note though I am so sick of MTV dragging it out they’ve shown the same clip of her having a conversation with Morgan week after week for three weeks it’s ridiculous fire her already I’m one of the those that fast forwards Farrah’s segments so enough is enough

    1. I KNOW, that dramastic music playing at the end of the last episode was so ridiculous, and I thought “okay finally we will see this stupid scene.”
      NOPE. Next week. I’m on the edge of my seat. Not.

  16. Farrah… has a squad? Oh you must mean someone poor hapless employee! Other than that plastic woman she hangs out with, David and his old lady, or Simon. I just don’t see anyone who do would do this without some sort of money exchanging hands or bank accounts.

  17. Farrah is a whacko but the crazy thing is how they were described: pregnant Amber Portwood and Catelynn who is fresh out if rehab. Throw porn star Farrah and drinking while pregnant, trap baby making Maci and it’s truly sad what has happened to these girls. Amber pregnant outside of marriage again, poor Catelynn battling depression, Farrah desperate for fame and money doing porn and Maci shoving Taylor down the aisle. I enjoy this greasy horror show as much as anyone but really it’s getting bad. Time to let it go MTV.

    1. Omg! Frenchie! I almost died when she suddenly appeared as one of her paid “friends” on the show! Another trashy chick hanging with the Queen of trash! I never will forget her train wreck antics on ROL. Poor Paola must be off the Farrah payroll now. She’ll have to find other means to fund her plastic face/body

  18. Can we PLEASE talk about Farrah wanting the set teacher fired?? I just watched the episode, and I’m fuming!!

    1. It was so crazy to me she could not give five minutes to her daughters education… the reason for the firing ridiculous I hope it doesn’t leave too many bruises when Farah falls from the pedestal she put her self on how about the fact she literally went to somebody’s home with no appointment no available walk-through time and just thought she could go in unbelievably rude she’s lucky who the owner even let her past the door who does that!

  19. Not the first time Farrah wasn’t invited to a party that she wanted to crash!!
    It will be filmed Farrah you can watch it on TV or read about it on here.

      1. Unfortunately no I’m embarrassed to say but it was the first name I thought of after I unfortunately saw a naked picture of Jenelle on Twitter that day that will haunt me forever.
        People shouldn’t post somethings because they can’t be unseen

  20. Love, love, love the photo @TheAshley! Farrah in a box all creepy, looking down on the other 3 girls. Well done.

    On a separate note, but also on the topic of this pic – Holy Boobage Catelynn!

  21. If this is how Farrah moves on, I’m afraid to see what happens when she is lingers on something! Seriously, this is getting into stalker territory.

  22. McKenzie is replacing Farrah. I think the whole thing should be shut down. Let all of them get back to living a normal life. I feel so bad for the kids. It’s all a train wreck.

  23. Let me get this right. She’s mad and wants to sue because she got booted from a show that is kid/teen appropriate but she is no longer a teen, a grown a$$ woman. She feels like she shouldn’t be fired because she is a porn star, has a vagina molded after her,and keeps showing it, is disrespectful, has a diarrhea of the mouth and her attitude makes u wanna slap the ish outta her. OK now I see why she wants to sue.

  24. Good. I hope they report back all the deserved shit talking Farrah deserves. I hope she gets eviscerated by everyone and I hope she hears every word.

  25. I predict suicide from this girl by 30. She is in need of so much professional help, she is live in treatment crazy, and no one steps in for her or Sophia. Derek’s family or DCF at least get the kid away from her. That harem of hookers in her LA apartment. Farrah is mixed up in some bad dirty business and neglectful of Sophia. She’s a train wreck.

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