Former ‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham Goes Public With Her New Boyfriend

“I may even let him use their indoor toilet at my house!”

Farrah Abraham may not have a job on Teen Mom OG anymore, but she does have a new man!

E! News broke the news that the fired ‘Teen Mom’ is now dating actor/Hollywood stuntman Aden Stay. They made no attempt to hide their “love” as they lunched in a paparazzi-filled Los Angeles restaurant on Wednesday. Farrah confirmed the relationship to E! and basically busted out a statement that was very similar to the one her ex-‘Teen Mom’ co-star, Amber Portwood, gave when she went first public with her boyfriend Andrew Glennon, declaring this relationship to be “love at first sight.”

“I don’t want to say too much, but I know what love at first sight is and this is that. I can’t believe I’m even saying this as I literally thought I’d never have that feeling about someone ever again after Sophia’s father [Derek Underwood] passed away.

“I simply can’t express how lucky of a woman I am and I feel,” Farrah added. “It was like love at first sight.”

Farrah is already declaring her and Aden to be…wait for it…a “Power Couple.” Sigh.

“Aden is smart, a great father, working in entertainment and films for over 15 years,” Farrah told E! “We’re a great team and power couple. I met him in Beverly Hills and literally had a feeling as soon as I saw him…this is my man!”

Farrah told Entertainment Tonight that Aden is oblivious to her reality TV past.

“[It’s] truly a blessing to meet an amazing man who doesn’t watch my past shows or listen to untrue and negative press,” Farrah said.

Farrah’s ex-boyfriend, Simon Saran, has yet to comment on Farrah’s new dude; however The Ashley was able to dig up some general facts on Aden.

Age: 40 (This makes him 14 years older than Farrah, by the way.)

Job: Aden is actually employed, working as a stunt performer on movies such as “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” and “Pitch Perfect.” He also has “multiple businesses outside of entertainment including a construction company,” according to E!

He studied business at the University of Las Vegas and opened two business in Hawaii, including a Mexican restaurant.

Family: He is a dad to two little girls, Logan and Madison, who live in Hawaii with their mother. He appears to be on good terms with their mother.

Farrah told E! she had yet to meet Aden’s girls, but she looks “forward to having our children meet soon in Hawaii where he lives.”

Aden has already met Farrah’s daughter Sophia.

Exes: He previously dated actress Rebel Wilson. He was her date for the 2017 MTV Movie Awards, which Farrah actually attended with her daughter Sophia.


Of course, this is Farrah, so it’s unknown if her relationship with Aden is real, or if it’s simply a publicity stunt. After all, Farrah has been known to “fake” relationships in the past. In 2013, she claimed to have been in a relationship with her adult film co-star, James Deen, but James adamantly denied that.

Earlier that year, she also was accused of faking relationships with Carson Underwood and DJ Brian Dawe in attempts to get them to go on Couples Therapy with her. (She went on the show solo after the men both refused to appear.)

Anyway, to see “totally candid” photos of Aden and Farrah together, click here.

To read what Farrah’s ex-boyfriend, Simon Saran, had to say about Farrah’s new relationship, click here!

(Photo: MTV)

56 Responses

  1. And less than a week later, they have split up. And I thought this would last the ages. (eye roll)

  2. Wait didn’t she despise Sophia’s dad until she got on 16 and Pregnant and realized she could milk this for all it’s worth?

  3. He is the polar opposite of what I thought she would want her partner to look like.

    Hopefully that ex is Hawaii is DVRing every episode of TM to send to their lawyer.

  4. Why does she have to make sure they are seen at a paparazzi filled restaurant?? So fake! She will do anything for attention!

  5. If I were those girls mom, I’d refuse to have them around that plastic looney toon.
    And the ever growling clawing Sophia.

  6. Not the type I thought she would go for tho. But who knows with her, it could have been real or fake. *shrugs*

  7. Anyone who is uncomfortable with David’s trans and homo phobia should do well to remember Farrah’s “YOU F**KING BLACK PIECE OF SH**” just is bad they both should be cancelled.

    1. Yeah, I watched that whole show. Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars. The comment was aimed at Chad Johnson’s mom, Paula. It was very disrespectful, and really uncomfortable to watch.

    2. How did THAT blow over, by the way? WTF, MTV? That at the very least should have led to probationary status on the show… maybe it did? I’d like to think it was a factor in their canning her, but it sure seems to take a whole lot of long, hard effort to get fired from these shows.

      1. Exactly. And we know this to be true based on The Ashley’s reporting of the behind the scenes interactions with David after his remarks. They tried everything they could to keep David. They didn’t fire him for his remarks, they fired him because he wouldn’t play nice after the fact. I’m about at the point of boycotting MTV because it’s clear they don’t care. It’s about the money for them. Like, have some effing morals.

    3. They all conveniently forget that on this site and in these comments. They constantly overlook and make side bar jokes about discriminatory things that are said. But get pissed about everything else

  8. I have no idea if this is a real relationship or not but what an upgrade from Simon. This guy looks like he’s a country man and that is so much more appealing than whatever Simon was trying to dress as. But if it is real than he is crazy.

  9. I don’t buy it. I’ve just googled him and he doesn’t look like her type AT ALL. Probably another desperate attempt to stay relevant

    1. Farrah’s only type is what she sees when she looks in a mirror. THAT is her “love at first sight.”

      Like many women drawn to cam-girling and other types of sex work, Farrah has always stuck me as not being all that into sex. She uses “sex positivity” to gain cash and attention.

      Her Loooove reference to Late Daddy Derek is especially mendacious, as the relationship primarily consisted of him knocking her up.

  10. It’s always odd to me when one party in a relationship is super chatty about how great it is and the other is dead silent

  11. Anyone else think that Sophia would be the worst stepsister ever? Like Cruel Intentions, Cinderella, or any stepsister in any Lifetime movie ever?!?! I feel like she would be a worse stepsister than Farrah would be a stepmom. Heaven help those poor little girls. May their biological mother do her job and keep her kids away from the Abraham’s.

    Also, I hope it doesn’t make me a terrible person to criticize an 8 year old. Sophia’s awfulness isn’t her fault. That blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the “adults” charged with raising the poor demon child.

    1. 100%. She seems like she’d feed their hamster to the puppies or something. And I agree with you, it’s not her fault, Farrah and a legit mentally ill person who manipulates this child as a weapon against her mother. Also she has been witness to the way Farrah treats people, so she will inevitably think it’s normal. I hate to say it, but I think Sophia had 0% chance of growing up to be a normal adult. Sad.

  12. I can’t imagine anyone being this stupid or possessing such a huge desire to be tortured to want to be with Farrah. God help those little girls. Let’s hope this is yet another paid boyfriend.

    1. Hopefully you’re correct that he’s a paid “boyfriend”. He is a stuntman so it does make sense – this might be his craziest stunt yet.

  13. WTF is she wearing in those pictures?! Is it a top made out of panty hose or is it a shirt that has a bra graphic? She’s one classy lassie ?

  14. Of course she had to mention Derek… Let’s all just forget how she treated him like scum. Love at first sight my ass.

  15. Somewhere in Hawaii, Aden’s ex-wife lets out a bloodcurdling scream that Farrah is going to be in her daughters’ lives.

  16. No. Not real, its contractual/publicity or some other angle.

    And he can’t be normal if he is willing to ‘date’ Farrah and is the daughter of two girls.

  17. I feel like this is partly a stunt so she can act like her life is becoming so much better without MTV in it and that the show was holding her back or whatever BS she comes up with…?

  18. He looks like a halfway decent person, but you know he must be no account if he’s with that crazy bitch.

  19. There’s something seriously wrong with this bitch. She is an absolutely vile human being. He sounds like a decent guy; therefore, this can not be a real relationship.

  20. Sure Jan. This is convenient timing with the episodes of her firing now starting to air. Oh and he lives in Hawaii. He is a stuntman (maybe it is the clothing but doesn’t look in that amazing shape which stuntman usually but he could be a stunt driver). Uh huh. Must be pretty solid if he lives in Hawaii and his kids are there but with all her travelling she has yet to get there to meet them.

    “I love that he’s Hawaiian, an amazing father, business entrepreneur and we have many similarities,” – Define “Hawaiian” pls. He is a ginger so it would be unusual to refer to Hawaiian as an ethnicity. So proud!! So many similarities!

    1. Also he is pretty active on FB and no mention of her and she isn’t even a FB friend of his. Must be love

    2. Haha that was my first thought – she doesn’t even have a clue that living in Hawaii doesn’t make you “Hawaiian”!!! God she is a moron.

  21. Ok, but in those pictures, the “admiring gaze” she’s giving him looks so forced. But that could just be a result of all those surgeries…

  22. Farrah you are bat shit Crazy/ Go away You are the meanest and most negative woman on the planet. And to new boyfriend — good luck . You were prewarned

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