EXCLUSIVE! Farrah Abraham’s Ex Simon Saran Gives His Thoughts On Her New Relationship With Aden Stay

“Hey, maybe you can finally use that engagement ring you bought yourself!”

Farrah Abraham just went public with her new boyfriend, Hollywood stuntman/actor Aden Stay, gushing about how it was “love at first sight” between them. Aden has yet to publicly comment on his new relationship, but Farrah’s ex, Simon Saran offered his two cents on it!

Simon, who dated Farrah off-and-on for several years (and several seasons of Teen Mom OG) told The Ashley that Farrah, who was recently fired from her MTV gig, may be a good match for 40-year-old Aden.

“Good for her,” he told The Ashley. “She needs an older man in her life. Plus she needs the financial support from him. Guys like that are more willing to give [that].”

While Simon didn’t elaborate as to why Farrah needed “financial support,” he did state that he’s happy for his ex.

“I wish them the best,” he said.

Farrah and Simon haven’t had much public interaction since they got into a nasty Twitter spat last July. In September Farrah told E! News that her daughter Sophia forbid her to talk to Simon.

“I’m not allowed to talk to him because Sophia doesn’t like him,” she said.

As The Ashley previously told you, Farrah met Aden– who is a divorced father of two–in Beverly Hills and was happy to tell multiple outlets how great he is. The couple posed for paparazzi pics (as you do) after lunching in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. XYZ, Farrah’s businesses are located in Austin. The University of Texas is as well. I HATE the Longhorns, and I CAN’T STAND burnt orange! It’s not my fault that I was born on the wrong side of the Red River.?? Okay, I’ll get Off this subject now. I’m sorry.

  2. Shes such a delusional opportunist…..shes probably paying this one to pretend that they’re in a relationship so they can get on marriage boot camp.

  3. Sophia is going to be one messed up adult. Her teenage years are going to be quite formiable, Farrah may not survive them.

  4. Why does she keep allowing this “CHILD” to make grown ppl decisions. Who is the adult here. She baby talk to her and Sophia tells her what to do. Simon is a class A hater, I see he has a lot of maturity dragging behind him that hasn’t caught up yet.

    1. Because, in Farrah’s world it’s okay for children to be given such a big responsibility. She treats Sophia as if she’s some sort of an authority figure. It’s totally ridiculous.

  5. Farrah’s whole family is a bunch of weirdos. I think her sister stays off screen prob bc she is most normal.

  6. Of course Simon had a comment, how else can he pretent to stay relevant?
    He relies on Farrah to stay relevant, how sad.

    This guy dated Rebel Wilson…she is so different than Farrah, this can’t last. And for the record Rebel is a much better catch than Farrah

    1. The one thing Rebel and Farrah have in common is that they are “celebrities”. Maybe this new guy is only interested in getting his name out there. (Not unlike Simon)

      1. Rebel Wilson is talented, though, and also doesn’t spend her days shit talking anyone and everyone she can. Also she didn’t make a fake sex tape/real porno to stay relevant.

    2. I love Rebel Wilson. She’s SO funny. Farrah? There’s nothing funny about that Antichrist witch!

  7. I’ve decided this is the last Farrah article I’ll be clicking on. Unless she kills someone or loses custody of Sophia, I’m not interested in feeding her ego or validating her bad behaviour by contributing to the reasons media sites (including @TheAshley) keep giving her attention.

    If there are no readers/viewers, there will be no more stories, and eventually Farrah will fade into obscurity. She’ll still be a wackadoodle, but she won’t be living her life like it’s a performance.

    1. This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

      Farrah is the type of person who thinks ALL publicly is GOOD publicity.
      If we all ignore her, she will fade away. No comments at all would be best.
      I feel like my last comment should be monumental but then again, she wouldn’t understand or agree with what I’d have to say anyway.
      So, I will just pray she goes away, FOREVER .

      Sophia is DOOMED!!!!

  8. I think she is suing MTV and Viacom for $5 million because she’s broke and needs something to live on now. She won’t win but of course she had to try and do something to maintain her lifestyle. Glad she’s off MTV.

    1. Oh but what about her many businesses ??? (Sarcasm). She needs to be careful because if the judge finds it is a frivolous lawsuit then she may be on the hook to pay for MTV’s legal costs.

      1. I read the froco reviews one day. just out of curiosity. They’re awful! I have something to say, but Farrah wouldn’t get it anyway. Oh, well, BOOMER SOONER!

        1. By the way, y’all, what I just said is basically I swear word in Austin. They hate the University of Oklahoma.

          1. LMAO! I was trying to figure out what exactly we had to do with it. Guess it’s similar to “Go Pokes” on the OU campus and the opposite.

  9. Ugh she is gross. On another note where are the teen mom recaps i really miss them. I skip the show sometimes and just read the recaps. Please bring them back.

  10. Farrah, stop trying to make Sophia relevant. She does not boss you around.
    You were fired, now go away. We don’t want to see you on Celebrity Boot Camp. That’s what this is really all about isn’t it?

  11. “Not allowed to talk to Simon because Sophia doesn’t like him”. Bitch, last episode you told your child she couldn’t have a phone/tablet because she hadn’t read her book. So when exactly do you decide if you’re going to act like the parent? Also, Farrah is broke. I’ve seen it reported on multiple sites. I think she’s finally accepted that without TM money, her failing businesses and outrageous spending habits need funding, so she’s settling on a man who can support her. I also think it’s funny that Farrah slammed Amber for dating someone in their forties(of all reasons to mock Matt), but goes and does the same thing.

    1. Oooh, good point! Wonder if we will hear Simon calling him a senior citizen and what was it Farrah called Matt , child molester?? Something of the sort.

  12. I don’t know, I just can’t get myself to hate Farrah. It’s like hating a dog for eating your favorite pair of shoes. Neither of them know better. There’s clearly something wrong with Farrah’s mind. Not to mention that no matter how much people hate her, Farrah will always hate herself more. It’s obvious from the way she’s constantly trying to change how she looks/acts. Also, the way she speaks really weirds me out. Like I literally get chills sometimes. I’ve never heard anyone speak like that before. It’s not like Leah or Catelynn where you can tell they didn’t have great educations but are still coherent. Farrah literally speaks like English is her second language and she doesn’t know how to put basic sentences together. How does that happen? Can she think normally or that all messed up too? Anyway, I hope Farrah gets some serious mental help and some random relative crawls out of the woodwork and takes Sophia away from all that mess.

  13. Why does Farrah act like she lets Sophia run her life? She isn’t allowed to talk to Simon? And she wasn’t going to go to her moms wedding because Sophia didn’t want to?! That’s a recipe for a spoiled brat devil child.

    1. “Recipe for a spoiled brat devil child” EXACTLY!!!!!!! Just the glimpse we get of her and how she behaves…….She is HORRID!!! And I hate to talk about children that way. She is a mini Farrah!!!!!!

  14. It could be fake, and she’s trying to get on a reality show, because her Teem Mom gig is over!

    1. THIS^^^^^ She is working on a Kendra kinda show. Probably pitching it to VH1 as we type lol. Can’t remember if they are owned by Viacom too, but I assume so. Sooooo, probably no contract for a show since they are currently in litigation with Farrah for 5 mill.

      1. WE will probably pick up whatever show she tries to hawk next. That channel always picks up the left over reality rejects. That or there will be a few new editions of back door mom coming soon, lol.

        1. My cousin has worked with her before and she said she’s just like that in real life. She said she’s done phone conferences with her and said Farrah just throws in a bunch of words to sounds smart and my cousin said to makes her sound like an idiot.

  15. Sophia forbid her mom to talk to Simon, yeah ok farrah, like she would let her child forbid her to do that, that would be the one time farrah would tell her child, grow up its mommy’s life and stop being a little heathen, mommywill do as she pleases as she’s the boss.

    1. In the real world 8 year olds don’t tell their moms what to and what not to do. Farrah is totally delusional. Get ready for the train wreck.

  16. Lol, Simon is just like Matt, without the extra kids and all other sh*t he did. And smarter too. But dude, she replaced you, go away now please.

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