Police Called to Home of ‘True Tori’ Star Tori Spelling Over Domestic Dispute; 911 Caller Claimed Tori Was Having a “Breakdown”

“I wonder how fast we can get a camera crew here to document this?”

There’s (more) trouble in Tori-land!

Police were called to the home of Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott on Thursday morning due to what police confirmed to be a domestic dispute.

The incident happened early Thursday morning, with the caller (believed but not confirmed to be Dean) stating that the True Tori star was being “very aggressive and going through some sort of mental breakdown.”

The Blast reports that, in the audio of the 911 call, the caller described Tori as “mentally ill.”

The call on Thursday morning marks the second call this week made to 911 from Tori and Dean’s home. Page Six reported that Tori had called 911 herself on Wednesday night to report a break-in at her home. However, it turned out that the “intruder” was just Dean coming home.

On Thursday morning, Dean was photographed pacing the pavement while speaking to police. After the police left, Tori’s “gusband” (gay husband) Mehran Farhat showed up to comfort her. Multiple media outlets are reporting that Tori was not taken the hospital.

One day before Tori’s alleged “breakdown,” she had been hanging with Bachelor alum Corinne Olympios and filming a segment for “Secrets of the Sauce.” Corinne says that Tori discussed being overwhelmed by having had so many kids in a short time. (Tori and Dean are the parents of five children: 10-year-old Liam, nine-year-old Stella, six-year-old Hattie, five-year-old Finn and one-year-old Beau.)

“She actually sat there quiet for a little bit,” Corinne told TMZ. “Then the host of the show that we were all shooting for came in and then we all started chatting….maybe [having that many kids] is just really stressful on her, I don’t know, but she seemed OK.

“She had made a joke about how she was sticking around [the set] a little longer so the husband could take care of the baby a little longer,” Corinne added. “Maybe she was just, like, feeling stressed out at home, I’m not sure.”

Motherhood may not be the only thing Tori is stressed about, though. She and Dean have been in the press for several years due to their financial issues. In April of 2017, the IRS drained the couple’s bank accounts over back taxes. In September, Dean was reportedly so behind in paying his $1,500-a-month child support payments to his ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace for their son, Jack, that he was almost jailed.

In November, Tori was ordered to appear in court over a $220,000 loan she and Dean had defaulted on.

Tori and Dean’s reality TV show, ‘True Tori’ hasn’t aired since 2014. Tori guest-starred on various reality and talk shows in 2017, but hasn’t had an acting role since 2016.

While Tori hasn’t posted to her social media accounts since January, Dean wished their son, Beau, a happy first birthday via Instagram on Friday. He did not make any mention of the incident that occurred at their home the day before.

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  1. This is a tough situation. Although I understand it must have been hard for Tori to have grown up with everything and then have to go without, but at some point we have to stop blaming our childhoods for our actions and be responsible adults. She has had a multitude of children with a deadbeat asshole and never really seemed intent on looking after them herself by any real means. Roping her sad-looking kids along to D-list events doesn’t count.
    She is just as capable as Dean of getting a normal job and actually taking care of her family, but the fact is that neither are willing to do so. While Candy may have landed on her feet financially, she should not be expected to pay the way of two adults who have nothing stopping them from working. I think she has done more than her fair share by ensuring her grandchildren have everything they need. Doing any more would just be enabling a lazy lifestyle, and they would be ten times worse were Candy to pick up after them that way.

  2. I agree..I go back and forth on this one because on the one hand, I can see Candy’s point, this is a guy that used her daughter to become rich and famous. But Aaron screwed them good, no money in the Will. They had kid after kid after kid after kid after kid to shake Candy down. Candy knew this, did NOT relent, has not handed over any actual cash money, but she has always paid for the roof over Tori’s head and the children’s private school. Dean and Tori were to earn the rest…that never happened.

    Now that we see that not only was Dean never going to actually WORK or PROVIDE for the kids, I *sort of* wish that Candy would have just handed over the money. THAT SAID, Candy knew if she did give Tori millions and millions and millions, Dean would have taken the money and perhaps the children and Tori would have had to pay him child support, alimony etc. So, really Candy has been in a tough spot this entire charade of a ‘marriage’. It is almost like Tori is a teen mother she is so ill equipt for mother hood or adulting..

  3. Just looking from the outside, when I see pictures of her kids, they never really look happy 🙁 it’s like they are going thru the motions for the photo ops she has them set up in.

  4. I do kind of feel sorry for Tori, the reason being she was never equipped to be an adult. She never in a million years thought the money would run dry and she therefore has no concept of how to budget. Her parents are completely at fault for that, because no matter who you are the money can always dry up. I have a feeling Candy is not really stepping in because when the leech came on the scene the Spelling name got muddied. Tori is at fault for cheating with a married man, but again she has no idea how to adult. Clearly they keep having kids to try to prove that it was true love, but I just don’t think her garbage bag husband cares anymore, because he’s realizing Candy is not going to relent as long as he’s in the picture. I watched some of their last reality show where they were going to therapy as a couple and he just seems soooooo pathetic. A man who does not support his children (all of them) is not a man. I have a feeling that if she were to dump the albatross Candy would step up. Hopefully she comes out of it alright.

    1. I agree with you that lazy Dean is not a man, but Tori has the same ability as the rest of us to learn how to budget. They both feel too entitled to do anything but acting, something they both suck at, and would rather do nothing that support their large family. Dean’s ex should have sent him to jail!

  5. Corrine can’t be completely trusted. She said that Tori told her that she had a baby last year and then got pregnant immediately afterwards and 10 months later she had another baby. She said that Tori had 2 babies at home.
    I saw the video online today. Either Corrine was confused or Tori was drugged out of her mind.
    I have a feeling Corrine got confused. They also were asking Corrine if Tori was acting out of character. They just met that day. How would she know Tori’s normal demeanor?
    Just saying.

  6. She needs to stop having band-aid babies to strengthen her marriage. Obviously they are still miserable and broke. Not to mention Dean has an oldest son he is behind on child support payments for. I can’t feel sorry for her because she brought this all on herself.

  7. They act like the Duggars, just keep popping them out. They know they have had financial issues since day 1. Her father only left her a small amount of his fortune. I know it’s got to be stressful especially with 5 mouths to feed but if u can’t afford um don’t have um

  8. And this is why I stopped after 1 pregnancy (blessed with twins). Kids cost too much damn money. And having more kids doesn’t solve marital issues

  9. I don’t feel sorry for them at all. It doesn’t take a fifth child to realize that parenting is hard and expensive

    1. it doesn’t seem like they had the money to begin with it’s not something where she got pregnant and all the sudden the money was gone not fair to the kids I wish her well though I would get rid of Dean I watched a few episodes of the original series they were on he acted like a child who never had to grow up who would want to take care of all the child then on top of all that deal with aman child?

      1. I had heard that her mom pays for all the kids expenses so more kids may not be a huge burden for Tori. But I am not sure if that is an allowance per kid (which may explain why they keep having kids and may siphon some for themselves).

        1. That’s interesting to hear because I remember in the few episodes I did end up watching she made a point of saying she and her mom did not get along Tori acted like her mom never did anything for her family and they kids even know who she was

          1. I think Tori and Candy still don’t see eye to eye but Candy steps in for the kids. Frankly, Tori was on a network series for 10 years (90210) so IMO there is no excuse for her to have to rely on her mom or inheritance. I know a lot of people who can’t budget and don’t have wealthy parents and they have to learn. Tori was an adult when she cheated on her husband with Dean and she made her decisions. Mommy shouldn’t have to wipe up her mess unless Tori would be showing signs of willing to change. But as long as Dean is there, it won’t happen.

  10. No Dean, women that tell you to get a job or get out are not mentally ill.
    Sounds like Tori finally got really mad at him, good for her.

    1. Exactly. She finally got mad and he is trying to gaslight her. “It’s not my fault I do horrible things, you are crazy.”

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