Has Jenelle Evans Been Fired From ‘Teen Mom 2’? Here’s The Latest Info (EXCLUSIVE)

“They’re gonna call…yup…any minute now they’ll be calling…”

It’s been over a week since David Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2 and, so far, his wife, Jenelle Evans, has remained silent on her own employment status and her future with the network. This has caused some fans to wonder if she was given the boot, too.

In an effort to right the wrong info that’s being churned out by various tabloids/clickbait sites, The Ashley is answering your questions regarding the status of Jenelle’s spot on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Q: Did MTV fire Jenelle?

According to all of The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes sources, the answer to this question is NO! Jenelle was not fired by MTV, Viacom or the producers of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ She is still employed and still has a spot on the show. David was indeed fired and will no longer appear on ‘Teen Mom 2’ or be allowed to attend the show’s reunion tapings.

“Anything in regard to the Jenelle situation is being kept pretty hush-hush,” one source tells The Ashley. “But she is not fired, 100 percent, no matter what’s being put out there online.”

Q: Did Jenelle quit the show?

Again, the answer is no.

“Jenelle has given the [producers] no indication that she’s planning to quit if and when the show gets renewed for another season,” a source told The Ashley. “She did not quit when David was fired, as some sites reported.”

Q: Is Mackenzie McKee replacing Jenelle on ‘Teen Mom 2?’

Again, no.

The Ashley broke the news several weeks ago that MTV was considering replacing fired ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Farrah Abraham with either Mackenzie McKee (of ‘Teen Mom 3’ fame) or Mackenzie Edwards (the wife of Ryan Edwards). Neither girl was going to replace Jenelle.

As to whether or not Mackenzie is replacing Farrah on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ The Ashley can only say that it’s almost guaranteed to be happening. However, as Roundup readers know, The Ashley will not confirm something like this to be true until her own sources confirm it, or MTV does. Despite the fact that this has been circulating on various news sites as confirmed, it has not been confirmed by MTV, and The Ashley’s sources say they haven’t heard it’s for sure, either.

The Ashley believes, again, as she did several weeks ago that Mackenzie McKee will be getting the spot, but she will not post it as fact until she gets 100 percent confirmation.

Q: What’s been happening with Jenelle since David got fired?

As The Ashley told you last week, Jenelle was getting the cold shoulder from the show’s producers and crew, and that those associated with ‘Teen Mom’ weren’t even returning her calls and texts when she was scared her job was in danger.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that this continues to be the case.

“In a sense, Jenelle is cut off from communication for the time being,” one source tells her. “[Production] is hoping that freezing Jenelle out will make her realize she needs ‘Teen Mom 2’ more than the show needs her and that will put them in a better place to negotiate if another season is in the works.

“I think they are hoping that the girls will see that the show can go on without them, and they can be replaced,” the source added.

Another source tells The Ashley that last season’s tumultuous ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion taping was the last straw for the producers.

“Finally, after all these years, the show’s bigwigs said, ‘Enough!'” the source said. “They love the drama but are tired of the girls’ entitled and rude behavior and have made the decision to start really cracking down on them and putting a stop to it. They want a better work environment for everyone. Farrah’s firing was already in the works, but that’s another example. They are just tired of the girls running the show and they are trying to take back some control, finally, which is a godsend to the show’s crew.”

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Jenhell and UBT will pilfer those children’s bank accounts. Once they lose the LAND they will then be another number in the welfare system. Nathan get off your ass and get your child NOW!!!Kaiser has been in danger ever since Uncle Bad Touch has been on the scene and anyone who can’t see this is blind. CPS has been to see J 30 times according to her and need to help that poor boy. This situation has gone on too long as it is.

  2. Well, Janelle won’t be filming for long. David controls her like a television remote so when he tells her he doesn’t want her to film a particular scene, she won’t do it. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Janelle with a black eye or some type of bruising from David. I feel so bad for those children.

  3. Well, Ashley, Jenelle is in full Twitter meltdown today, so did she indeed get fired and is trying to save face?

  4. But you said before that Mac Edwards, not McKee, would get Farrah’s time on OG…oh NO! Could TheAshley be wrong??? but you are perfect…

  5. David is completely unhinged. This will not end well and I pray to whatever MTV God will listen that they take those kids away before it happens.

  6. 9 years in and just now MTV thinks they need to get in control of this trainwreck?!?!?!

    9 YEARS IN!

    Fire Jenelle. She’s no better than Farrah. Boot one diva from each show and the rest of them should shape up. Then maybe we can deal with real issues that are far more interesting.

  7. Jenelle will continue to film, someone needs to bring in money on the land. My fear is for the crew.. something about David seems very dangerous , I put nothing past him.

  8. Saw that myself in multiple sites definitely got visitation today! Crazy! I lived in NC for a few years and I can tell you cps or dcs whatever you want to call it sucks! Sad. They shouldn’t have guns in their possession and I can tell you in NC a DV case or anything violent will exclude you from legally owning a gun! Everyone report these insane idiots! Maybe then they will really investigate them!

  9. Did anybody else read about David still getting to see his son Kaden despite breaking the terms in their visitation agreement and the mother’s fears for her kid? What is going on with the law enforcement and CPS down there? Nothing can stick to these two it’s sickening!

    1. Are you sure? We know they always post pictures pretending they’re recent but then it turns out they’re months old.

      1. I just read an article from “Radar Online” that says David gets visitation and it starts TODAY!!
        They still need to go to mediation though. If they can’t come up with an agreement then they will have to go to court for final decision.
        Article is from today.

  10. Interesting to see if David will actually allow MTV cameras to continue filming on HIS LAND.

    Otherwise, Jenelle’s segments seem sharply limited to yelling fights with Barbara in parking lots, at Barbara’s house, and on the side of the road.

    Ironic that from fiercely wanting her “effing bitch mom” Barbara fired from the show, Barbara is now one of the people KEEPING her there. Also looks like the real bitch here is Karma —and not Barbara.

    1. If David does not allow filming on His Land he will likely not be living on The Land they will not have be able to afford it without MTV income.

    2. I unfortunately have a feeling they might finagle a way to get paid for MTV filming on The Land, much like they did at the Swamp Wedding. If Jenelle was smart she would ditch Dead Weight David and give the viewers what they really want, her and Babs.

    3. I wish they’d replace Jenelle with Barbara. I bet, since she’s retired, she’s more interesting than Jenelle couch sitting on her land.

  11. You all know they will be using Mackenzie D. just because of her mom’s cancer. When she and Briana competed to get back on the show, she wasn’t interesting enough and now suddenly she is. At least she will be able to pay for her mom’s recovery with the money she will get from MTV but the idea still disturbs me.

  12. I really hope they don’t replace Farrah with either of the Mackenzies. They’re both nothing but attention seekers. I’d rather the show be cancelled. And frankly, I’m hoping Teen Mom 2 doesn’t get renewed for another season. These shows need to stop.

  13. Hummmm. Jenelle segments are going to be incredibly awkward. Lurch is so…controlling I can’t imagine him letting her film without being in his presence.

    He didn’t even let her go to a restaurant in public to meet with Nathan alone.

  14. She may be shaking in her boots now, but once this blows over she’s going to go right back to being the entitled bratty snot that nobody likes. Especially is she keeps David around.

  15. I would like to see one season go on without Jenelle, just to see her gnash her teeth and show her ass.

  16. When they finally decide to fire her, they’ll bring out all the good Chinelle footage they’ve been withholding!

  17. Hell no, Jenelle won’t quit the show, how will she make a living (open her own law practice maybe)? It’s about time they start cracking down on these entitled girls, but what I will say about Jenelle is that she wasn’t nearly as disrespectful to the crew and others around her as Farrah (who is looking more and more like a caricature of herself each day). Also there’s some about McKee I can not stomach. She was one of the most naïve of the bunch on 16 & P and then she started begging for money for new boobies, please. I know this whole trash bag franchise is based on rewarding bad behavior, but enough already.

      1. But I actually want her instead of Ryan’s Mackenzie. We get enough of her on TM I don’t want to see her on TM2

        1. She would be on Teen Mom OG, not teen mom 2. One of the Mackenzie’s is supposed to replace Farrah, not Jenelle.

      2. Thank you!!! I totally agree. She’s not an example or role model. She put herself and kids at risk by constantly getting pregnant and not managing her diabetes all while chasing after a guy that for years and even after marrying her doesn’t seem to want to be around her even though she nearly got beaten up while pregnant and ran new car into a ditch trying to hunt him down. She used to talk to TMZ a lot and had her own cheating scand, “sex tape@ story and keys not forget her gofundme to pay for her boob job. If things are this bad with these girls why even bother adding new people. It should just finish up and be done before they are too old to figure out how to survive in the long run.

  18. I’m not saying this lightly or to be funny but hallelujah I think the two of them feed off of each other she knew who she married and I guarantee she has come to believe everything he says… That said remember two weeks ago and they were upset about blue apron letting them go I can’t imagine what Twitter/Instagram storm is ahead they will find a way to blame this on Barbara

  19. Aw, MTV finally cares when it directly impacts them. The CEO of MTV is gay along with her flavor of the month finally going completely out of bounds (being a felon aint illegal!!) … David posted gun videos and pics of him and jenelle the same week and/or day a school shooting happened. But gee-wiz i’m so glad they’ve ignored jenelle’s abusive behavior, animal abuse, child neglect/abuse, rapid anger, drug addiction, her homophobic slurs, degrading behavior and all the trash men she’s brought on camera for almost a decade. As much as I enjoy watching this train wreck throw it off the rails!! This show is basically run it’s course. The real drama will begin when MTV stops paying these girls!!

  20. Why is this trash bag of a show still on. They are grown and all they do is talk abt their exes. They no longer are in struggle mode and making damn near more than a president in 1 season. They have new houses and switch cars like crazy. Jenelle will quit because DAVID SAID SO!

    1. It has gotten to the point where I have thought this series has the reverse effect with some young girls they look at that and see well all I have to do is get on TV with my baby and then it’s super easy and 95% of the time that is not how it goes that is not real life and honestly a lot of it the girls on the showare still in dysfunctional relationships

  21. I see this show ending after this next season and I don’t believe for a minute that David will let Jenelle film without him or go to a reunion.

    1. I’ve wanted her gravy train to come to an end ever since she insulted her mom for working at Wal Mart!

  22. Shut down all the Teen Mom shows. Enough is enough. Drugs, physical and emotional abuse,lazy moochers, liars,pOrnography and disrespectful daughters….what is this teaching young girls?

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