Jenelle Evans Says Her Kids Will No Longer Appear on ‘Teen Mom 2’

“Kiss your MTV careers goodbye, kids!”

Jenelle Evans‘ husband David Eason won’t be appearing on Teen Mom 2 anymore (due to MTV giving him the boot earlier this month), and now Jenelle is declaring that most of her kids are staying off-camera as well.

In a series of tweets posted Sunday morning, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star (who has not been fired from the show and has not quit, despite tabloid reports saying otherwise), made the announcement about Ensley, the one-year-old daughter she shares with David.

“Ensley will not be appearing on ‘Teen Mom 2’ after this season,” Jenelle wrote. “Keep up with me on IG for updates of the gorgeous little babe.”

(Season 8B is basically in the bag. The other girls are currently filming the last few parts of the season, but Jenelle has not been filmed since David was fired several weeks ago. Ensley is featured prominently in the footage that was shot before.)

In another tweet (that has since been deleted for some reason) Jenelle stated that David’s nine-year-old daughter, Maryssa (whom he has sole custody of) would not appear on the show any longer, nor would Kaiser, the three-year-old son she shares with her ex-soulmate Nathan Griffith.

“Nope [Maryssa will not appear], and not Kaiser either,” Jenelle tweeted. “Maybe Jace but idk.”

(Jenelle currently doesn’t have custody of Jace, her oldest son. Her mother, Barbara Evans, is the boy’s legal guardian and therefore would be the one to make the decision on whether or not he appears on television.)

Removing the children from ‘Teen Mom 2’ will result in the kids losing money. As The Ashley has previously reported, each child on ‘Teen Mom 2’ is paid independently of their parents for appearing. Most of the main girls have stated that, after eight seasons, their children are all financially set for college thanks to the money they’ve earned for appearing on the show.

As of right now, MTV has not announced if it will renew ‘Teen Mom 2’ for a ninth season or not; however, The Ashley will update this when she finds out!

To read the latest on Jenelle’s employment status with MTV, click here!

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  1. Janelle is a ticking time bomb and obviously has no care for the safety of her children. Very selfish and tries whining her way out of self destruction when police are involved. The cameras do not lie. She prepared to shoot the man in the white truck,so she followed him home.

  2. I am a 66-year-old mother and grandmother. I am delighted to see the way that Jenelle has changed her life around! Did anyone hear her mother call Janelle an “effing bitch” on the reunion show? Anyone see the fact that she decided to go against her daughter and join with Nathan‘s grandmother to cause trouble for Jenelle? Barbara herself has talked about needing to use her cane because she’s going to “have a few drinks at the end of the day“. This young couple looks like they are doing a wonderful job with their children. That little boy belongs with his mother !

  3. Oh Trashelle, we don’t want YOU to be on the show anymore. Uncle CREEP is gone ,finally!!! Poor kids,its time to grow up and get jobs. MTV spoils trailer trash way too much

  4. I think they should fire Jenelle and just film Barbara and Jace ! That would really get to Jenelle and serve her right for treating Barbara so badly ! I,m not so sure MTV could do that because the show is supposed to be about teen moms !

  5. GET RID OF JENHELL NOW!!! What’s she going to do all by herself on camera? Smoke weed in the bathtub of a Motel Six? Drive thru a Starbucks? KEEP HER CASTMATES let them enjoy the TM moneytrain without her. Next stop for the Eason’s – collecting government assistance that taxpaying citizens get to pay for. Thanks LURCH for burdening society more by being a useless POS.

  6. Leave Jenhell. We like ur kids not you. Bye bye have fun being a welfare mom. Cut off your nose to spite your face so
    It looks like hubbypoop

  7. The kids may have earned enough to have college funds, but I think the idea that any of Jenelle’s kids are going to college is a stretch. With the environment they’ve been born into and raised in they’ll be lucky to get through high school without drugs/pregnancy derailing them. These issues are usually generational. Monkey see, monkey do.

  8. Leave it to Jennelle to do something that will only hurt her children in the long run, while trying to win a losing pissing contest. God I hope this show just gets cancelled soon. These girls need reality.

  9. Cps and animal rescue needs to step in and remove the kids and animals from that house, I saw also Farrahs dogs shut up in tiny cages.

    Cruel bastards

  10. Could this be a ploy to get more money from mtv? Now that David isn’t getting paid anymore, they’re going to need to make up that money. I think her plan is to negotiate more money for each of her children by threatening to not have them film anymore unless they’re all paid more. Maybe there will be some clause saying that the children only get to be filmed if the parents (her and David) get paid some kind of fee for allowing them to film and transporting them to wherever filming is happening (if they’re not going to film on the land anymore). I honestly think this might be what they’re doing and I think she is such a diva, and David keeps telling her she’s the most important “star” of the show, that she can make these crazy demands. She’s always gotten away with it before. Always.

    1. Yeah you are probably right. But it’s gonna backfire. She may end up with her walking papers. I’m sure they have them drawn up already. Lurch is behind this for sure.

  11. Jenelle doesn’t watch or take care of any of her children on her own at all. She doesn’t spend any mommy-child time with them without David. She doesn’t take her kids anywhere without David. So if David isn’t allowed to film, and David is the one who is always watching the kids, then it makes sense that she says the kids won’t film anymore. Can any of us really imagine Jenelle taking Kaiser or Ensley out for ice cream or out to play on a playground, just her and the kids? No. Not gonna happen. This seems like a natural extension of David being fired.

    I think she had to take back the thing about Kaiser bc he will probably get screen time when he’s with Nathan or Nathan’s family.

  12. I saw this in her Instagram, at first she only mentioned Ensley, there was no mention of Kaiser or Maryssa..My first thought after reading this was David had banned Ensley from appearing because he had been fired and Ensley is the only child that they share together, therefore, the only child he has a say over…It’s like “Lurch no film, Ensley no film, grunt!” Jenelle must have back tracked later on and added on the other two kids! I like how she acts like she has a say over whether Jace appears! She is not his legal guardian so Im pretty sure Babs would be the one to make this decision. I’m sure Jenelle will try everything she can to try and stop Jace being filmed, just so she can spite Babs! Without Jace, who was öne of the main reason this show first started (being one of the 4 original Teen Mom 2 babies) what would be the point in filming just Babs and Jenelle when most of their storyline features Jace?! She would try and stop him filming so Babs could no longer earn her MTV money which is just spiteful! Jenelle is the most spiteful, selfish, self absorbed person on this show! I hope they get rid of her and feature Babs and Jace only! Lurch is THE most awful, hateful, controlling waste of space! I feel for those poor kids!

  13. When Jenelle first brought Ensley home, she kept telling Kaiser how cute his baby sister was. I felt terrible for little Kaiser.

  14. This girl is a friggin trip. Withholding the kids from being filmed in retaliation to David being fired…Again and again her and David keep testing MTV. She better watch it because it doesn’t seem like MTV is going to be putting up with these shenanigans much longer.

    1. Because Nathan is all talk. Most parents would be doing everything in their power to get their kids away from an abusive step-parent. Nathan can’t be bothered because the reality is that he just doesn’t care that much. Kaiser lost the parent lottery big time.

  15. So without the kids it will be just Jenelle on camera saying “dude” for half and hour. Skip!!. Get rid of her!!

  16. She probably deleted the post about Kaiser not appearing because either 1) she realized she needed the money or 2) she realized that she is not the sole legal guardian of Kaiser and can’t make that choice unilaterally. Either way, this has David written all over it. Normally, I’d applaud a parent for keeping their child away from this mess, but their children’s best interest has never been a priority for Jenelle and David so this was clearly a reaction to David being fired. Those children deserve so much better.

    1. Remember David calls Kaiser “his” child. David totally tries to farm out Nathan and Barbara, like that’s normal.

      1. Oh I remember. When Barb went over there and found the kids totally unsupervised while Jenelle and UBT were locked in the bedroom and David threatened to call the cops because she was yelling in from of “his kids” (including Kaiser and Jace). Barb called him out on that bs. He’s tried to take ownership since day one and Jenelle is too stupid to see it. While Jace was telling his therapist how scared he was of David, Jenelle prattled on about changing Jace’s last name to Eason which makes no sense whatsoever. Jace is 9 and David is not in any way, shape, or form his dad.

          1. Just responded to this above, but it’s because at the end of the day, Nathan just doesn’t care.

    2. I FULLY agree with this statement. This screams David, and his way of maintaining control. He’s such a bad guy.

  17. Someone save those poor children!!! The only highlight of their life has now been taken from them. The only people who will benefit from this is Lurchelle.

  18. So she can’t film with him because he was fired. She can’t film with two out of her three kids because you know that’s his doing. She won’t film with her mom who happens to be in charge of the one kid she doesn’t have custody of. Ergo, probably won’t film with him. I’m betting there will be no filming of “the land” anymore.

    Exactly what is left? Her sitting in her car screaming to random people on her phone?

  19. I don’t think that is good news. With MTV there was some sort of control. Nobody knows what goes on when they leave and I assume David is going insane with MTV gone and Olivia fighting him.

  20. I just got excited for a sec when the title said janelle won’t be filming with the kids.. I thought perhaps CPS took them away from these white trash, loveless home. I feel so sad for Kaiser, and ensley. As for Davids daughter who never speaks, that’s a case study right there.

  21. I remember someone made a comment ages ago about Babs having an old bed spread and ‘only’ a boardgame for Jace. The Poster said Jace should go back to Jenelle where he will get all new stuff.

    Well, you see, Babs will be the one with money in the bank and money for whatever future Jace will pursue.

    Babs is probably the smartest in the bunch – recycle older but clean items for the grandchild, save the money for the future and avoid the ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ trap so many TMs fall into.

    1. As I recall past footage from Barb’s house, there were plenty of toys. Just because her house is not a mess with stuff strewn all over doesn’t mean there are no toys for him. And if that poster thinks that toys are the reason a kid needs to be with specific caregivers, then they need to open their eyes. Lots of toys and fear of stepdad or safe environment with less toys.

      I also recall her saying that she has put money from MTV away for his future. (Older episodes so it could just be my memory). I wonder how long until we hear that David and Janelle have pilfered some of their kids’ money. This is why the retaliation to remove the kids from MTV is so short sighted as it will hurt the kids in the long run as they earn money from every episode they appear.

        1. I think grandparents interfering and trying to take children away from their mother is appalling! Nathan is going to court for domestic violence charges and you people want Kaiser to be with him? Shaking my damn head. By the way I am 66 years old

    2. Plus Barb worked a real job up until she retired a few months ago. Jenelle has worked a real job maybe 5 days total in her entire life! And that was at 3 different places.

  22. Ugh, just when I think Jenelle can’t do anything dumber, she does something like this—and totally redeems herself.

    1) Im having a hard time imagining that Jenelle’s kids will have money set aside for college when the time comes. I have no idea what the Teen Mom contract established as the rules for the children’s salary for appearing but I would bet that by the time any of those kids are ready for college, the money will be gone. I hope I’m wrong.

    2) ain’t really don’t even consider Jace to be Jenelle’s child. Barbara is his mother. She has raised him from birth. I’m sure he is far better off having Babs as a mother than poor Kaiser and Ensley.

    3) Jenelle, you are playing a crazy game of chicken with MTV and I really don’t think you will win. Never gamble what you can’t afford to lose. We all know you have burned through your MTV money.

    4) now I’m interested to see how her segments will look. She has already said (repeatedly) she has no friends. She is estranged from her family. Her kids can’t appear. Her “soulmate” can’t appear. What does this leave?! Laying on a couch, screaming Dude, and sobbing hysterically because she has no one?! This sounds appealing tv for about 2 minutes.

  23. I almost feel bad commenting on this story anymore because I genuinely believe those kids are in danger, and no one is doing anything. In fact, they’re just becoming further isolated on the land since David came unglued and got fired. This is not good. This is a red flag. Will CPS wait to step in until after something really bad happens?

    1. It’s sad how us viewers are more concerned over the children’s well-being, than the grand parents, fathers or cps.

      I seriously fear for Kaiser, the girls will be ok as their davids kids.
      But he seriously hates Kaiser and it shows, then there is the physical abuse we have seen on screen, god help what happenes behind closed doors.

      Seriously Nathan step up ffs before something tragic happens, Doris please please make your son face up to his duty as a father.


  24. Notice how Jenelle refers to Ensley as THE beautiful babe and not MY beautiful babe. Like she’s just some object or accessory to bring in the followers for more money, so sad

    1. I always noticed that. She would call Jace something like “that baby” when he was a baby as well. It always seemed so unattached and indifferent to me.

  25. What will her scenes be? No David, no kids. Better hope she’s getting along with Barbara, or else we’ll have to watch her staring at a wall.

  26. I wish it was Jace who was not being allowed to film. That poor kid is damaged enough without having his problems constantly exploited for tv.

  27. Ensley’s facial expression in this photo is making me want to cry. It’s like she already knows what a crappy hand she was dealt in life. Ugh, thes poor kids. They need to get out of that house before it’s too late.

  28. Oh man is she going to hate herself when this is all over. Every season we’ve watched her get hooked up with loser assholes, ditch her kids and screw her mom over to appease them, and MTV was there to paint her as the victim when it was all over. But here she is biting the hand that feeds for her current soulmate! I love that she’s doing this to herself, and the time is quickly approaching where no one will be there to help her back up. No better karma than her ruining her one and only meal ticket for another temporary stooge. Girl never learns ?

    1. Agree 100%. David will be out like a flash once the paychecks stop and they have no way to pay the mortgage on The Land, then she’ll be incomeless, perk-less, soulmate-less and “stuck”, alone with two kids and no place to live. Zero sympathy for her.

      1. What’s even more ironic is that when David leaves you can bet he’s going to fight Jenelle for the baby….so when the MTV money for lawyers and court fees is gone, she’s going to have to fight someone for EACH of her kids: Babs for Jace, Doris/Nathan for Kaiser, and David for Ensley. With little money and a terrible reputation she’s going to be up shits creek.

  29. Jace is the only one of “her kids” I care to see anyways… I think most people don’t really care about seeing Maryssa or the baby, and they only want to see Kaiser to make sure he is ok.

  30. Ummmm …. Must be a new season of TM2 to air soon…all this dumb drama… Happens every season. 😉

  31. This is hilarious! Maryssa will no longer be appearing on the show…….however will TM2 survive?!? Jenelle is so freaking stupid it’s funny. Mtv has been calling her and the other girls “Talent” for so long, she really believes she is. You can bet your ass Jace will still be appearing on the show because Babs isn’t an idiot and knows the $ will be useful for his future. I feel really bad for the children because their garbage can parents have allowed them to be exposed on tv for this long and are all of the sudden pulling the plug because David is throwing a hissy fit. I’m sure they threatened to take the kids off the show as a bluff thinking that they would re-instate David; not going to happen numbnuts.

  32. Just like Farrah. LOL!! Someone should call the BFRO, because Jenelle married Bigfoot. Seriously, though, who will save those kids now?

  33. Well then why do they need her? The only ones needed is Jade and Barb and I’m good with that. Bye Felicia! She puts way too much importance on herself. Um they don’t need you at this point you Moron. Get a job and get a life! See ya wouldn’t wanna be ya!

  34. David and Jenelle are the biggest idiots. They are using this as a tactic to get back at MTV to “show them who is boss.” But do they even realize that she will have no storyline? Her husband and her 2/3 kids won’t appear. That only leaves Barb and Jace and we all know David won’t let Jenelle have a relationship with Barb. So who does that leave her to interact with on camera??? Just Trashy Tori I’m guessing. That’s all I can think of.

    1. If MTV threatens us with Mackenzie (s) then I demand Barb and Jace replace Jenelle. Give them Jenelle’s money and send Babs to St Thomas to find a fella with a boat for sexy times! ?

  35. Great! Now to get rid of Jenelle…..?
    One of the problems is that Jenelle likes to think she’s some huge celebrity that can make demands until she gets her way. Much like a Farrah, Jenelle thinks that she is indispensable when in fact she is disposable…much like the trash she is. (Also, just like Farrah)

  36. So, we’re going to watch Jenelle take her pixel-ed out kids to daycare, and then smoke dope all day? While David rants in the background in boxers and beater?? Might be a ratings bonanza, who knows! That MTV, they’re always onto the next new thing!

  37. I bet this is all David, its the only control he has. “FIRE ME?! Well I’ll show Mtv!”

    They are just losing money though. I doubt they could use it as a bargaining chip to get David back on the show. He might actually have to go back to actual working if they keep f’ning their meal ticket.

  38. Fabulous news-I think Chinelle will finally be fired because of this!! This will totally backfire on her hillbilly meth brain! She can be free to breed mutants on the land in the double-wide trailer with that knuckle dragger husband of hers, without involving the public. No more fake Good Housekeeping shots. Finally, phew.

  39. She is gross. “My accessory baby won’t be on TV anymore, but you can still witness me pimping her existence on social media!” Classic Jenelle. SMH.

    1. I’ve noticed her head, too. To me it looks like she may have needed to wear one of those baby helmets for plagiocephaly, but didn’t…

  40. Big deal Jenelle. Who cares? Does she think she’s hurting anybody but herself? She has pretty much lost her power over the producers and MTV. They’re not taking her shit anymore and she is desperate to stay in power but the thing is no one cares about her kids not being on the show because the kid that is relavent to the show is not under her control. I don’t quite think they’re dumb enough to quit the show and lose any paycheck but you never know!

    1. Yup and considering each of her kids who appear get paid and can collect money for college, she is spiteful and shortsighted in this action. No one cares about seeing Ensley or Marissa. And people only want to see Kaiser for signs of abuse. (Maybe that is the real reason). She is just escorting herself out the door of the show all on her own.

  41. So, she won’t let the kids film but will post pretend Happy family pics/video on Social media??? If your going to exploit those kids at least let them be paid.
    Everyone knows this is just David making the decision…. Can’t have any more abuse being filmed huh???
    Just fire her. Should have been done a long time ago.



  44. I get that this is a ploy to mess with MTV but regardless….Jenelle can you stop being the dumbest bitch on the planet for like TEN MINUTES? Please I need some relief.
    Also your husband is a piece of garbage who acts like he didn’t finish 4th grade

  45. J & D: Well, we just won’t let the kids film anymore, see how they like that!

    MTV: The show is called Teen Mom, you’re no longer a Teen and if we don’t film the kids anymore, we don’t see you being a Mom. Not much point in Janelle being filmed anymore either really. Anyone got the number for one of the Teen Mom 3 cast?

  46. So let me get this straight. Ok, maybe Jace will be featured on the show but the only reason this is called Teen MOM is because you are supposed to be a mom! If you take the kids out of the show, it’s just called Over 25 and making dumb decisions.

  47. Jenelle sorry you are bat shat crazy. You don’t have a job nor does your husband. You had a easy ride with mtv but you are focking that up. Keep listening to David and you will be on the street with your next boooyfriend. Jenelle thinks shes the best thing on television.

    I would rather them be on mtv to see how the kids are doing. I am terrified for the children. Jenelle is still acting like a immature brat.

  48. It’s so selfish that you let these poor kids be exploited for your own financial gain I get it she was young but why would you NOT want your child to be set for college or whatever their futures hold? They have such an opportunity now that will NEVER happen again! If there was never a problem in the past why now??? Hmmm David? So selfish… Let’s these poor innocent kids have a decent shot at life. Especially seeing what poor role models they have… It disgusts me. I won’t be watching anymore at this point. Poor kids…

  49. LOL like it’s such a gift we just get Jenelle… On no part of the planet anywhere does anyone deserve that kind of punishment for the love of God just let her go she’s trying to do this on her terms and she knows she should be off the show regardless

  50. So I guess now without the kids, besides arguing with Barbara they can film her doing what? Smoking a joint?

    This latest brain dead move has David written all over it, and neither him or Jenelle will be satisfied until MTV says sayonara to BOTH of them.


  51. Ashley do you know any updates about Jenelle’s instagram sponsors? She removed all her instagram posts with those fit tea ads and whatnot and hasn’t posted any new ones since The Incident. Very unlike Jenelle to not be making every buck she can.

  52. Her and her “fans” also claim that she brings the biggest ratings to the show so she’ll never get fired lmaooo what

  53. I am not trying to be mean but ensley looks horrible in that photo. You can tell jenelle did so much drugs while pregnant.

  54. Oh Dumbelle, no husband, no kids, no job, no friends, no hobbies, won’t film with your mom. What exactly do you think they’re going to keep you for? What are you going to do girl? You’ve screwed up royally this time.

  55. I hope Barbara still films with Jace. She and Jace deserve anything good that comes from the show. I hope Nathan lets Kaiser be filmed with him (if that’s possible) too! Anything to spite Jenelle and David. She’s an idiot for staying with him!!!

  56. I’m not surprised by Maryssa and Ensley. I figured as much once David got the boot. It just seems like self-sabotage to limit her storyline. She refuses to film with her mother, her husband can’t film, and now 2/3 of her children aren’t allowed to film. I doubt there will be another season for her to put these threats into place.

    How ironic would it be if MTV completely replaced her with Briana? The only girl Jenelle has on her side and she ends up taking her job.

  57. She would never have removed the kids from the show. It’s all creepy uncle David’s doing because she’s not allowed to think for herself. He hit the jackpot once he got with her. Doesn’t have to work, free trips and vacations. Now that he’s booted he’s throwing a tantrum through Jenelle. I feel so sorry for those kids.

    1. I read your comment as “free trips and vaccines,” and don’t see anything wrong with that statement. Lol.

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