EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Maci Bookout to Appear on ‘Naked & Afraid’

“Naked and Afraid? That could have been the title of the day I got knocked up by Ryan!”

Teen Mom star is heading out to the wilderness…in her birthday suit!

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that Maci Bookout, who stars on Teen Mom OG, will appear on a special “Celebrity” edition of the Discovery Channel reality show Naked and Afraid!

Multiple sources have confirmed to The Ashley that Maci has already shot the episode of the show, which places people out in the wilderness and forces them to fend for themselves against the elements, all while being naked. 

“Maci spent a great deal of time training for the show before she left,” one source tells The Ashley. “She got to bring a few extra ‘personal’ items than the typical contestant on the show, but other than that, she didn’t get a lot of special treatment.”

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Maci kept things extremely hush-hush, and that most of the other ‘Teen Mom’ cast members didn’t even know she was filming for the new show. Her contract for ‘Teen Mom OG’ was not affected.

“Because this show has nothing to do with Maci’s life as a teen parent, it was not a problem for her to do it,” another source tells The Ashley. “It doesn’t matter that it’s not a Viacom-owned show.”

The Ashley will have more info on this soon, so stay tuned!

A rep for Maci had “no comment” when asked by The Ashley.

Discovery Channel has revealed that the new season of ‘Naked and Afraid’ premieres March 11, so we can assume Maci’s episode will run this season.

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(Photo: MTV)


  1. I’ve seen that show. They pretty much blur out everything. From what I’ve heard, they don’t get paid that much and they have to sign a lot of waivers. I predict she will get a lot of insect bites all over and that is what we will see on her skin! So far, all the Teen Moms have been relying on their reality shows to pay the bills. Or they have some clothing line that they sell on line. Eventually, this will all come to an end.

  2. Can’t wait until team Farrah start complaining about this! I’ve heard the set of naked and afraid has fewer germs than the set of backdoor teen mom.

  3. Come on! This show is nothing like porn. Everthing is blurred out. I don’t think she would be doing this show if Bentley was being teased.. That kid seems well-rounded. Just a nice kid. Everyone calm down.

  4. Even i know its going to be blurred out, but i wonder how Ryan will feel with Maci ruining around flaunting her furgina?

    1. Ryan better not feel anything about it. If he does, Mack the Shrew will hit him with things until he swears he never even thinks about Maci, ever.

  5. Does she rock the ginger minge or does she go Tully Savalas on the burning bush of love? Not sure I what to see that carrot top muff, got to go Vin Diesel on the man trap.

    1. Oh my god- you must not have ever seen the show? Everything is blurred. It’s a survival show, not porn

  6. I would be terrified to be on that show. All that sticks out in my mind is Anastasia Ashley who was on the show that had to quite because of the sand flies biting her for like 12 hours or something. It looked awful and they were everywhere. NO THANKS!!

  7. I’ve always thought that rumor about Maci having a sex tape was a bit far fetched, but now I’m leaning more towards it being TRUE. She’s obviously not shy and doesn’t have much shame.

  8. So these girls get paid a very large sum to be on TMOG. You know how you know that they aren’t making the best investments or choices with their money? When they have to keep doing reality show after reality show. I’ve never seen Naked and Afraid so I can’t really judge the caliber of it, but it just seems as though these girls wouldn’t be doing other reality shows if they weren’t running out of money. The only other thing I can think of is that they are just trying to keep their name out there in the off season of TM.

  9. Remember when Maci wanted off the show because Farrah did porn…Her parents must be proud no college degree, three children, two daddies, drinks while pregnant, runs around naked on TV. She said Bentley got teased in school because of Farrah now he’ll get teased in school because of Maci…Shes a terrible mother always has been!

    1. ain’t nothing good enough for you Lala, damn! Haha no but in all seriousness- she’s not the best mom, not the worst either. She’s aces compared to her counterparts.

    2. Ya think Bentley isn’t getting teased because his dad is a druggie and his stepmom is a bitch? While I don’t agree with this choice for Maci for Bentley’s sake, I think Bentley has a lot of his plate that he is getting teased about.

    3. Im not buying that, that Bentley was teased because of Farrah. Bentley was in like Kindergarten when Farrah did that porno. Kindergarteners don’t know about TM and Farrah’s reputation. Nice try Mac.

  10. To the people arguing that nuances don’t exist with regards to nudity. 1) I wonder if they’ve ever seen Naked and Afraid and 2) would you prefer your kids watched a documentary of the Seneca Tribe or One Night in Paris (Hilton). I’ll wait.

  11. Anyone who can’t understand how the nudity on Naked and Afraid is different from prn is delusional. Nat Geo ain’t phub people.

  12. I don’t care what Farrah will at about this (and she undoubtedly will), I can’t wait to hear what Mackenzie the Shrew will say. Her judgmental, self righteous social media ramblings are gonna be comedy gold.

  13. Anyone else think Viacom/MTV encouraged or set this up to use in their defense against Farrah? “Maci was naked on TV and we didn’t sex shame or fire her…” kind of a thing? I think they’ll use this to further prove that it was more how Farrah was treating the crew than the porn as the reasoning for her being fired. Just a thought.

    1. Well, doing porn and what Maci did for this show is completely different. This show is on The Discovery Channel so no nudity will be shown. They blur it out. And I’m pretty sure Maci isn’t have sex on TV lol.

    2. Good point KV, I’m not sure when Maci filmed though? I guess that might not matter since the problems with Farrah have been well documented for years. And I really do think MTV/Viacom have wanted to get rid of her for a very long time bc of her attitude. None of her coworkers defend her or even want to continue working/being associated with her at all. Her abuse of the crew is appalling (even if only partly true from all the stories we’ve heard) and it’s clear that Sophia seems to developing some odd behavior. It was just time for Farrah to go. Honestly, as much as I love the recaps, TM needs to end.

  14. Off-topic but being Britney… Why just why she’s never gonna leave that toxic environment that home seems to be ideal for all three of the woman built on man hating and mocking other people.even when they are at least trying

    1. I watched being britney. And i have to say it. I really kinda like britney. Cant stand brianna. But britney is cool. Never thought i would ever give a compliment to someone in that family. I also kinda feel bad for her she is taking care of 2 morons. But yeah britney is cool. I loved it when her mother was yelling at her telling her she was acting like a baby. And britney without missing a beat said “should have raised me better. Lol

  15. Why naked though? Why couldn’t she go on Bear Grylls show? Or Survivor or something like that? Bentley has a phone and so do his friends, and they’ll see this. I just don’t get it. But, whatever.

    Sidenote: How long do we think it’ll be before the TeenMoms are allowed on The Challenge?

    1. They can’t be on The Challenge, none of them are willing to…ya know…DO things. Mack Mc and Maci aside.

      Just imagine for a second Amber on The Challenge. Or Farrah. Or Catelynn. ?

      And Jenelle would get into a brawl the first night and get ejected.

      But actually, thinking this through – Kail would probably be savage in an environment like that. Chelsea would entertaining to watch.

      Yup, I’ve talked myself into it. There needs to be a TM focused season of The Challenge.

      1. Kail and Jem are already besties, same Javi. And she hates Briana, so imagine the drama. This would awesome. Imagine Aneesa knocking out Jennelle with her pinky like Trishelle haha. I think Chelsea is in good shape, so that could be suprise people.

        Johnny Bananas vs Farrah would be something.

        Also, not shaming Maci, just confused.

  16. Farrah’s gonna have a GREAT time Farrah-speaking before the cameras about this one, folks.

    Stay tuned.

  17. These girls have no real skills aside from being reality TV personalities, so I say go ahead and do it while your name is still relevant. Better this than a full on porno….Plus I think they learned from TM’s first cancellation that they need a legit back up plan to have a steady source of income, cuz we all know those leather pocket t-shirts aren’t bringing in the dough…

  18. You’re going to be naked on national tv, but didn’t want your son to be around Farrah?? I know doing porn is totally different from doing this show, but come on Maci. ?????

    1. Came here to say this. I totally understood why she didn’t want Bentley to be associated with Farrah/porn and Bentley was only in kindergarten back then so his peers probably wouldn’t even know. Now, he’s 9 and she’s going to go on a tv show in the nude? This won’t embarrass him??

    2. The nakedness is not sexy, there is no sexytime nakedness. There is no quivering or looking deeply into anyone’s eyes.

      And they blur out all the bits and pieces, and its incredibly unsexy. Bentley seems like one the most level headed TM kids, he’d be embarrassed him mum is on tv naked because well kids. But he’d be proud of her if she does well.

  19. I think they’re all going to try to stay on the reality show train they realize that teen mom is coming to an end I just wonder how long you could really take it? Naked and afraid seems like a bit much but to each his own

  20. I did not see that one coming.
    The whole survival thing doesn’t surprise me, but naked, Maci?

  21. Yeah Teen Mom is a wrap and they are lining up their next paychecks. That’s smart since most of these girls have a gang of kids and husbands to feed.

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