Luis Mendez Accuses Ex Molly Hopkins of Domestic Violence & Hogging All Of Their “90 Day Fiance” Money

“Brace yourself; this is about to get ugly!”

The impending divorce of 90 Day Fiancé couple Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez just keeps getting messier!

In a series of posts on social media, Luis seems to be accusing Molly of domestic violence and keeping all of their reality TV money for herself!

Luis, who starred with Molly on the fifth season of “90 Day Fiance,” was apparently mad that Molly asked for his cellphone back in the divorce proceedings and took to Instagram to air his grievances.

“When someone is so miserable in the heart, they ask you for a cell phone back,” Luis wrote in the caption of a photo posted to Instagram. “And that is not considering that she never share the profits of the reality show. How materialistic and low-class can someone be?”

Most recently, however, he dropped a bombshell accusation about his soon-to-be-ex-wife.

“If you want to see all about domestic violence soon follow this page it’s gonna post there,” he wrote with a link to his Facebook page. (We’ve been checking Luis’ Facebook page religiously since the original post and he has not updated it with any more claims of abuse.)

While this is the first time Luis has mentioned the alleged domestic violence, it is not the first time he’s aired his grievances about not getting paid by TLC for appearing on “90 Day Fiance.” He slammed the network last month when he found out he was not any money for doing the show, even though Molly was.

“TLC is a piece of s**t,” Luis wrote on Instagram on January 24. “They only use the immigrant people for make million dollar, they don’t pay to us in the first 90 days and they destroy our lives with bad fame, but I don’t received any money only the American people do because we are trash for them.”

Molly and Luis had a very interesting story line on the show. Molly met Luis while she was on vacation in Luis’ native Dominican Republic. Their large age difference—Luis is 26 and Molly is 41—caused issues for the couple, especially since Molly’s daughters were not on-board with their mother’s relationship with Luis.

Molly has yet to publicly comment on Luis’ domestic violence and money-hogging claims.

(Photo: TLC)


  1. He was a creep with Olivia, used Molly and was lazy. Alao, one cannot get paid during the K1 fiance visa. It is illegal. If thry were filming in their country they got paid, for ex Azan got paid.

  2. Oh he was lazy and just a disgusting husband. Absolutely childish and I would have cringed with him in my home if I had been one of her daughters. Glad he is gone and good luck to the new wife!

  3. I think it’s a legal issue for Tlc when it comes to paying the fiancés. I’ve noticed many of them say they couldn’t legally work until they get their visa and I think reality tv is considered work. He used her for a visa and expected a payday after he left her

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it illegal to work or be paid for work while on your 90 day visa? If so he’s an idiot for thinking he would be paid!

  5. Domestic abuse? Boy, please. Cry me a river, Luis.
    You did nothing but lust after Molly’s teenaged daughter Olivia the whole time you lived there.

    And if you got nothing else from this, you got a green card.

    Need money? Pick any state in the US — and get a job.

    1. I definitely don’t think he lusted after her. Her attitude was just too foul for anyone to like her but her mother.

  6. Luis must have been talking to Mohammed about playing this “abused spouse ” b.s. If my bf didn’t like my kids and visa versa; he would have been on the first plane back to wherever he came from! Deal breaker. It’s never too late to.listen to your daddy Molly. He saw through Luis and so did your daughters

  7. Wasn’t she the one who footed all the legal bills for him to be able to legally get to and stay in America?

    1. If she did, she is responsible for him for 10 years. Marriage or not. Have fun with that. I don’t even feel sorry for her. She willingly married a guy who openly hated her children. She chose dick over her children, and now she has to pay the consequences ??‍♀️

    2. It sounds harsh to put it like that, but Molly is ridiculous. Luis even told her on the show, that her youngest daughter should go live with her dad! Right then, I would of told him to get the fuck outta here. Who does he think he is telling a mother to send her kid away?!? But then she married him anyway, so now she can deal with his crap for 10 years…

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