‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie Edwards Responds to Rumors That Husband Ryan Has Relapsed

“Dern you Facebook groups and yer rumors!”

Mackenzie Edwards insists that her husband, Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards, is still “just saying no” to drugs!

In an interview with Radar Online, Mackenzie shot down the rumors that have been flying around ‘Teen Mom’-themed Facebook groups that stated that Ryan had relapsed and returned to rehab

“It’s not true at all,” Mackenzie told the site. “He’s right here next to me.”

The rumors stated that Ryan had failed a court-mandated drug test last week, and had gone to rehab on March 3.

“If Ryan had failed a court-ordered drug test, he would be in jail,” Mackenzie added.

The Ashley can confirm that Ryan was, indeed, in attendance at the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion taping last weekend, along with his parents and Mackenzie, which means he obviously wasn’t in rehab at the time.

“He didn’t stay long at the Reunion, though,” one behind-the-scenes source told The Ashley. “His family was telling people he didn’t want to be there, so that’s why he left super early.”

However, The Ashley has heard nothing that proves what the rumor stated– that Ryan relapsed, went to rehab and that Mackenzie lost custody of her son, Hudson, because of it. (To clarify: The Ashley is not saying this is true or false; just that her independent sources told her nothing that proved that Ryan relapsed/went to rehab/etc.)

Radar stated that the Hamilton County Court confirmed that there have been no new filings in the custody case between Mackenzie and her ex-husband over Hudson. (Had Mackenzie really lost temporary custody for any reason, it would have been filed with the court.)

The Ashley will update this story if she gets more information.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Replacing heroin with methadone is just switching one drug for another honestly my sister struggles and still does till this day she went to treatment in 2007 the dr put her on methadone to supposedly wing her off her drug of choice which did not work because my sister then became addicted to her new script methadone it’s now 2018 it’s sad that this happening when people are trying to get better these drs I feel should know better methadone is not going to help anyone it’s just a replacement one drug for the other methadone is very very strong and can have the same effects of heroin eyes rolling back slurred speech nodding off exc
    P.s. it’s a trap

  2. Also – how would he go to jail for pissing dirty when he has no prior drug violations?? I can see it being part of his custody agreement, but then I’d think he’d just lose visitation… not go to jail… it’s not like he has bail conditions or probation

  3. He may not be back in the ‘hab but homeboy definitely ain’t sober!! I actually wonder if he did one of those ‘Rapid Detoxes’ where they put you under for like, 20 mins and flush your body… he could afford it and it would make sense. You don’t come off a thousands of dollars a week IV heroin habit in 21 days. The detox alone would be at least half that time, and then not to be on methadone or anything… I’m pretty convinced that’s what he did.. body healed/mind is NOT.

  4. What ever happened to the girl from behind that restaurant. Did anybody get a name, I want to look her up lol

  5. Is there ever going to be another recap for an episode of OG? It’s been weeks.
    Please, I’m dying over here. Or “dieing” as Trump tweets.

    1. Better start watching the Duggars cuz that’s the only show The Ashley recaps on a regular basis. She must like watching boring people procreate, wow how entertaining.

  6. Ratface McKenzie is a sick woman. She is totally in this for the fame and money. After she marroed Ryan she upgraded to a 2017 Lexus SUV and most likely convinced Ryan to purchase the lake house instead of his aunts house as he originally intended to do. It’s sick for her to look at this marriage to a freaking heroine addict as a financial come up. She would never let Ryan go into rehab for too long because then she wouldn’t be able to film and profit off of his fame.

  7. Still a mystery how people viewing as fas as thousands of miles away through a television screen can see that Ryan continues to have a drug issue, but Mack who lives supposedly in the SAME house as he does —think he’s clean.

    Dunno, perhaps it would help if she just sat down and WATCHED a few episodes like the rest of us?

  8. Mac looks like one of the mums off Toddlers and Tiaras.
    I don’t mean that as a compliment.

  9. I don’t watch the show, only read the recaps, but that picture of them at the top makes them look middle aged. Aren’t they in their mid 20s? Ryan looks older mostly due to the grey hair (I feel you, dude, I had greys early too) but Mac? She looks like a 40+ year old “real housewife.” Is it just an unflattering shot, or do they always look like that?

    1. Ryan is 29, and I honestly don’t even know if Mack is even 21 yet? She might be though. I know she’s a few years younger than me and I’m only 24. Either way, she looks busted for her age.

          1. So she was about 13 when Bentley was born. I wonder if she used to watch the show and think “I’m gonna marry that hot piece of mess someday.” ????

    2. It’s the way she styles herself. It’s old farty and not attractive. I think Maci is pretty hot but Mack, not so much.

  10. I don’t believe Ryan has ever been clean! He may have done the very minimum to pacify his parents & maybe the MTV people after the 1st wedding debacle where we held our breath hoping he didn’t kill somebody while driving & nodding off. So, I agree, there needs to be somebody other than Mack the grifter to speak about Ryan’s sobriety! As long as she can prop him up in a sitting position, she’s gonna tell us he’s sober.

  11. Is there anyone less reliable than Mackenzie to confirm a relapse since he almost passed out behind the wheel of the car, with her in it, while she pretended nothing was happening? ?

  12. Is it a bit misleading to call Mackenzie “the star” of TMOG? It kinda seems a little like calling Farrah’s toy line a “star”of the show. We know it exists but feel a little icky anytime you think about it too much.

    Like everyone else, not sure I believe the girl who had no idea her husband/fiancé/boyfriend was shooting up $10K on heroin a week. And who continued to ride in a car with a guy high off his ass but was more concerned over shutting off the MTV cameras than forcing him to pull over the car and hand over the keys.

    Gotta say, the Ryan/Mackenzie wedding was one of the saddest weddings I have seen. The lack of love between them was truly depressing. Mackenzie seemed like she was only marrying Ryan so she could be on tv and get past the that stigma of being unmarried with a child. Ryan seemed like he was marrying Mackenzie to get her to shut up and stop nagging him (haha, jokes on you, Ryan!). Or maybe he married her because he could one day of heavy drinking without getting called out for his lack of sobriety.

  13. Why would Ryan go to jail if he failed a drug test; is he on probation for something? Because that’s the only reason he would end up in jail for testing dirty. I realize he needs to take a test for Bentley’s visitation but failing a drug test for a custody case wouldn’t land him in jail, that’s not a criminal offense. He’d probably have his visitations with Bentley immediately suspended and ultimately end up back in court fighting to get those visits reinstated, but that’s it.

  14. Here’s my take on why Ryan looks high still, why he won’t take drug tests, and why he spent such a short time at rehab to begin with: I think he’s on a methadone maintenance program. These can be incredibly successful in getting people off of their opiate drug of choice without going through withdrawals. You are replacing your expensive, illegal addiction with an affordable, legal, doctor monitored addiction The problem is that sometimes, they over prescribe, so that he could be getting A LOT of methadone and still look, feel, and act high, especially right after taking it. Also, not having to go through any withdrawal, and feeling fine all the time, you may not find it such a big deal to relapse or continue using, and most methadone programs will not kick you out of their program for opiate relapses, bc they are treating your addiction and know that relapses can be a part of recorvery, I guess. Being on a methadone program would also explain why he spent such a short time in rehab. You can literally go from using illegal drugs one day to getting on methadone the next, without having to spend any time at all in a treatment facility. Maybe the rehab that he went to got him on methadone, waited until his dose seemed correct and he seemed stable, then released him. It would only take a week or so. I also think the reason why he doesn’t want Maci to see his drug tests is because he doesn’t want her or the general public to know that he’s on a methadone program instead of just being completely sober and off drugs altogether. Maybe he is worried it will get out. Generally, methadone shows up as itself on drug tests and when you’re drug tested for court or for work, it is legal and okay to have methadone in your system if it is prescribed by a doctor as part of a methadone maintenance program for addicts. It would not be considered a “dirty” or failed drug test, as long as he had no other drugs in his system. If he is on methadone, he shouldn’t be drinking though, as it’s very dangerous. That’s just my take—it could be a possibility, or he could just still be using his regular drugs.

    1. Been on methadone for 2 years and haven’t relapsed once. I don’t think he’s on methadone I think he’s on suboxone or subutex. I was on that for years and always was and looked high. On methadone I never feel high. My guess is one of those drugs. He can get a whole months worth at a time but methadone you have to go to a clinic daily! It took me 2 years of passing every drug test just to get a weeks worth of take homes.

      1. I’ve always seen the opposite—methadone making you look and feel high while sunoxone doesn’t nearly as much. But I’m also wondering if the rumor that Ryan is at rehab was started when someone saw him going into the clinic. Bc you’re right, he would have to go every day to get his methadone. I’m thinking maybe someone at the clinic or someone who saw him going into it and didn’t really know what the clinic is or does could have thought he had relapsed and was going in for rehab. Or maybe they assumed his being at the clinic meant that he had relapses and was now trying the methadone route of getting clean.

        Congratulations on your sobriety!

      2. I don’t personally use any of the above mentioned drugs, but I live in an area that has a notoriously high rate of opiate addiction (Scranton, PA), so I’m no stranger to the outward appearance of someone who uses suboxone. Oddly enough, I don’t think methadone is available here. I remember working for a print shop in the south side area of the city and there was an entire shift (3rd shift) that was made up of people from the work release program (being in jail, but allowed to work for anyone who didn’t know), and I remember most of them seeming extremely high most of the time, and it was the suboxone doing it to them. So if I had to guess, I think there’s a good chance that Ryan is probably using suboxone to help with his addiction.

  15. Don’t you actually have to be ON the wagon to fall off of it?
    I’m pretty sure RHINE never took getting sober seriously, and whatever stay he had at rehab before, it was very short lived.

  16. I doubt he’s in rehab, he would never agree to go back. So she might actually telling the truth about something – whoa! But everything else that comes out of her mouth is lies, lies, lies. She’s a horrible liar and still keeps it up – so much second-hand embarrassment. Ryan is still using, 100% guaranteed. He’s not just drinking alcohol, he’s still on drugs. And probably still hooking up with random young chicks and asking them how pink they are down there while his 50-year-old-looking wife tries to fool the world into thinking their marriage is just A-Ok. Hahaha. She is so beyond pathetic.

  17. How can Ryan and Mac afford the lake house and all the new cars? JS. Jenelle and Kail both have modular homes. I don’t understand.

    1. I think mommy and daddy still support ryan, the man-baby… Is kail house a modular home? I didn’t think it was…

    2. I’m pretty sure the lake house was owned by Ryan’s parents, so they probably didn’t actually pay the price value on it, they’re renting, or it was just given to them. Ryan’s parents would never do anything that taught their son how to be responsible or make him live in the real world.

  18. I don’t believe a word she says I swear her house could be burning down she would be like that’s fine I wanted to make Smore’s

  19. He was drinking on TMOG and my understanding that if you have been to rehab for drugs then you can’t call yourself sober if you drink alcohol. Also his eyes are so bugged out and he has so little energy that he rarely gets off the couch. He is also appears to be so obsessive with that dog of his. Considering he is a self confessed cat killer, I fear for that pup.

    1. Is it me, or does the dog not seem to have grown much? I have a similar breed of dog and they grow much bigger! I wonder if they get a new one each time it gets too big?! ?

      1. Its true. That dog is so small and very docile for a puppy. And he is always petting it, even in the car. I feel badly for the dog as while I am sure he is well taken care of, it looks like he is a prop for Ryan to deal with stress. Poor dog. I hear most of the pets on the Teen Mom’s shows end up being dumped or rehomed.

  20. She’s not the most credible source when it comes to finding out if Ryan is sober or not…..she did let him drive/swerve/put lives at risk/and marry her, while he was totally zonked outta his mind…all in one day…However if he is working on his sobriety and doing well, I wish him nothing but the best. Bentley needs his dad.

    1. I agree but honestly I don’t believe one word that comes out of that woman’s mouth. There’s always been speculation about Ryan still using. Why did she come out and deny this now??? It seems fishy to me.

      1. Although I hope that he is, I don’t think that he’s taking his sobriety seriously, especially because he kept refusing to take a simple drug test for Maci…Plus if he left the reunion early, he was probably getting pissed at Dr. Drew’s questions…as for that wife of his, she needs to STOP enabling him before she assists in him killing himself. Ryan’s never been held accountable for his actions and it’s honestly the women in his life’s fault.

        1. His parents, and big Mac are total enablers. He also looked high as a kite, and still drinks at the 2nd wedding. He’s not sober. Sad.

  21. I can’t stand this girl! She’s an attention seeker. Poor Bentley, I feel sorry that he has this ditz for a stepmom.

  22. You mean the last few shows haven’t proven that he is still on drugs? Please!! You can see that he is trying so hard, to hard,to look sober. She knows it. You can see it in her facial expressions. Sad.

  23. Why does snakewife always have to speak for Ryan? He’s a grown ass man. If he wants to clear up a rumor about himself, he should be the one to do it.

  24. Is it a relapse if he never stopped doing drugs in the first place? Mack and Ryan’s family are in such denial. Ryan has never been clean.

    1. Exactly this ^^^^^^^
      He skipped out of rehab early to continue his drug use.
      His wife is to stupid to understand that because of that “letter of lies” no one, and I mean no one, believes a word that slops out of her mouth.

  25. Totally off topic, but I follow Javi on Instagram & he just posted an older picture of him & Kail during happy times, and captioned it “It’s you & me no matter what” click link in bio, etc.
    I’d laugh if he’d get back with her without some serious family counseling and maybe therapy for him & her individually. But knowing how TM rolls, probably just a misleading incident to drawl attention to them

  26. a person in one of those groups said they knew the edwards and thats how they know its true..we shall see..

  27. Go away, woman, you’re not helping him at all! (I certainly hope he hasn’t relapsed but I don’t trust her word)

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