‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Explains Her Bad Behavior on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Admits She Wasn’t Sober

“I swear I’m a nice person!”

Amber Portwood came out swinging on Friday’s Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition premiere! The Teen Mom OG star showed some of her old personality traits during the episode, frequently swearing, screaming and starting trouble with her housemates.

In the episode, Amber even admits that she doesn’t have the control over her anger issues that she once had. After it aired, Amber attempted to explain her actions, admitting that she was not sober last year while she was filming the show.

“I was heavily drinking on top of my bipolar and borderline medication,” Amber tweeted. “Obviously something you shouldn’t do with medications like that. However it happened and I went through hard times in order to be truly happy finally.”

When Amber filmed the show last summer (right after her breakup with Matt Baier) some fans suspected that she had fallen off the wagon, due to her frequently going on social media and ranting into the wee hours of the night. On Friday, though, Amber reassured her fans that she was no longer the angry person they are seeing on ‘Marriage Boot Camp.’

“No matter what struggles I went through a year ago on ‘MBC’… I’m now happy, healthy and sober,” she wrote. “The struggles & anger I went through are real & I’m happy to have ended such a horrific time in my life! Ready to live life clear headed and full of love. The future is finally bright.”

Amber has stated that she had an ‘awful’ experience filming ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ and that she did not get along with most of the other people in the house, particularly reality star Brandi Glanville.

However, Amber can thank the show for one thing: she met her current boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, on the ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ set. They are now living together in Indiana and expecting a baby boy in May.

Watch Amber explode in this clip from the first episode of her ‘MBC’ season:

(Photo: WEtv)


  1. I believe she suffers from a serious personality disorder at the very least- Borderline Personality Disorder then probably Bi-Polar, which is a chemical imbalance. BELIEVE ME, NOBODY would EVER claim they suffered from either of those disorders if they did not have them. However you’re right that she uses her mental illness to justify her poor choices; when she acts out, curses, and throws a fit, she needs to take ownership-things don’t just happen to us, we make choices. It’s actually more empowering to take ownership of ones behavior because then you’re not a victim and you can make changes. Amber is perpetually stuck at the age she began to use-a teenager and I fear for her baby. What happens when she looses interest in this one?? Who will take care of it? She didn’t see Leah, ALL last summer. I was gobsmacked when she admitted that. She was too involved traveling and sitting in bed with the new boyfriend. It made her, “sad” to see Leah so she didn’t.That’s pathetic. Who would have thought Gary would step up to the plate-she also has a great step mother fortunately. Who will the baby have?

    1. Yea the personality disorder is called “ being a whitetrash bitch”. I love how now she thinks she is better then other people because she has money. If she didn’t open her legs up at 16 she would be the same person with the same problems in a section 8 apartment living off food stamps and a wic card. Now since she is almighty and makes 500k a year for acting like an asshole she believes that she is an intelligent business woman or how she puts it a “boss”. Well time is running out I hope Matt didn’t take all her savings because they are going to need money to feed this beast of a woman and the Sasquatch know as Andrew. Not to mention her 10 dogs and her son who I am hoping Gary will raise even though it isn’t his. The real question should be whose life is more fucked up in 5 years Amber or Matt’s. Andrew will be alright since he can live off jack links beef jerky like other Sasquatch’s in the world. Once white trash always white trash

  2. As if we didn’t see her drinking with Matt all last season. She always had wine bottles on the counter in the background.

    She hasn’t been sober in a long time. She may only be now because she’s pregnant, but she’ll start drinking the minute the baby is born. She doesn’t think alcohol is her problem. If she’s not doing pills she’s “sober” in her mind.

  3. Yup still filming Teen Mom either laying on a sloth (Ambo’s spirit animal and I must say she hit the nail on the head with that one) or laying in her bed. That poor baby.

  4. Oh please, she is still ranting on this season’s Teen Mon episodes. I think she uses mental illness as an excuse for everything and I don’t even believe she suffers from mental illness. I think she is just a miserable person who behaves badly. I used to feel bad for her and really supported her but the older she gets she is clearly just not a likable person.

    1. Well I was drunk filming this show about my relationship with a guy who I met on Twitter and moved in after a few days. Then I found out he had secret kids and was stealing all my money. I was so sad I couldn’t even bring myself to visit that little girl… what’s her name?? Leah something. Your dad was holding a light for the cameraman and he was instantly attracted to my violent behavior and screaming. That’s how I met your father 🙂

  5. I seem to remember Amber saying when she was with Matt that she couldn’t have any more children because the medication she was on caused birth defects! WTF! Either she lied then or she has the chance that she will have a child that has medical issues. That’s ALL she needs since it’s only a matter of time before this child will need to take care of AMBER! I can’t see Amber caring for a goldfish, much less a disabled child! What a tragedy that there are thousands of women that want children and can’t conceive but Amber, Janelle and Briana manage to bring children into the world that they can’t or don’t take care of! At least cameras will be around to save Amber’s baby if she goes on a toot and leaves the kid somewhere and forgets where it is! Andrew will bail the moment he realizes that HE is elected to be the responsible parent!!!!!

    1. I remember her saying that she had gotten off of her medication before she got pregnant. She tried to spin it like the only reason she needed to be on antidepressants and other meds was bc she was so unhappy with Matt. She tried to say she’s not really depressed or borderline or anything else, it was all just “situational depression” caused by being with Matt. But I thought this newest pregnancy was such a shock and not planned…..so why did she get off of her birth defect causing meds if she wasn’t planning on getting pregnant? She contradicts herself so often and tries to say whatever she thinks will sound the best and make her look like the “baddest bitch” that she thinks she is. She exhausts me.

  6. Lord have Mercy, and she’s about to be a mother again and have full custody of this baby….and the yeti baby daddy doesn’t seem like he’s wrapped too tight either….he pursued her AFTER witnessing this behavior first hand. Lets just hope that she gets her medication and addiction under control for the sake of the baby…If she falls apart, I highly doubt this new boyfriend is going to take the reins like Gary did and do whats best for the child.

    1. Part of me thinks this is why he pursued her. She was an easy target. A few glasses of wine and a disagreement he can probably have her thrown out of the house she’s paying for.

      1. That makes so much sense….according to his restraining orders he was already crazy….I’ve noticed these crazy attention whoring guys have learned to go straight for Amber and Jenelle, because they know they’re desperate and will feed into it, fall in “love” and these guys will end up on TV, and with a check. Those 2 girls fall for the shenanigans and lies EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

  7. I hate when people say they are sober but still drink and get drunk. The number one offender of this is Ryan Edwards. He has been shit faced in half of teen mom OG episodes this season after he returned from rehab for heroin. The second offender is Amber. She says she has been sober after getting “happy” with dating the Sasquatch known as Andrew, but I have seen her drinking in a couple of episodes this season also. Her and the Sasquatch were taking tequila shots before they had lunch one episode. I am not sure how happy you could be if you sleep all day and take shots with lunch. The smell in her house must be horrible. Amber has like 8 dogs that shit inside. She also has been in the same onesie Xmas pajamas for the past 4 episodes and the Sasquatch looks like he has not showered since Hawaii and in every episode he has been in he has sweat stains under his arms of his Kohl’s Ralph Lauren button down. They must of had a buy 2 get 1 free special because I have only seen 3 shirts so far this season. Also can you really call yourself a cinematographer if you hold the lighting for one season of marriage boot camp then quit to shack up with its biggest train wreck ever? That is saying a lot to since Farrah was on the show. I hope Gary keeps Leah away from the Sasquatch and Mamber as much as possible before she starts to lay in bed and not shower for months also. That new kid has no chance. Indiana CPS needs to check in as soon as that bay is brought home,

    1. Ryan pretty much traded one addiction for another. Heroin for alcohol. And that’s assuming his 21 days of treatment worked.

  8. I used to have high hopes for Amber…not anymore. So tired of watching Leah get pushed aside for random men. Amber is the same jerkoff she was on 16&p and she will never change. It was hard to watch her on MBC. She is an embarrassment to ME, imagine how Leah will feel…I’m sorry she had a crappy childhood but there are two types of people…those who use hardships to make them stronger people and those who use them as a crutch and a lifelong excuse. I’m over it.

    1. I agree. Very disappointing that she is not living up to her commitment to turn her life around for herself and Leah, and take what she learned from her past mistakes to be a better mom and human being. It seems as though she still has a long way to go in her attempt at sobriety and having a baby with a virtual stranger only complicates matters

    1. *Animals protect their young *

      What an insult to Animals referring to this crazyLazySlob as one.

      This sumo wrestling/ buddha head look alike, has not changed at all she has severe anger issues and CPS seriously need to keep a check on that child when it’s born, Garry I’d request supervised visitation with Mamber and Leah.

      She does not deserve the privilege of spending time with her daughter.

  9. Why doesn’t she just move to Malibu with Andrew and get Leah on holidays? Would probably be better for all of them.

  10. Wait, wait, wait……….hasn’t she been saying she has been sober for a long time?! Such a liar! And as far as we have seen, she is still screaming at her fans even now via social media so yeah, she has changed, sure Amber.

    And yet, Andrew found this ideal and wanted to have her baby. He must be completely dumb or he just doesn’t care enough. Anyway, I’m still so sad for James, in about 2 months he will be born to this mess.

  11. so sick of her so all of us that said she was on drugs were wrong but are now right? she says she never had anger issues till matt sorry trash bag wamber go back and watch all previous seasons. you low class trash and its funny we thought matt was the bad guy and you dodged a bullett nope other way around

  12. Amber just has to have things her way or she turns into the hulk..”you’re pissing me off” like she’s giving warning that she’s going to turn. Andrew really wanted to be surprised of HIS FIRST born child’s sex.. there was not even a thought of compromise from her, just “ your pissing me off”

    1. I don’t understand how this was even a problem. Like, one can know and the other one can’t, that’s not possible? Even if she painted the nursery of certain color, she could have left it neutral or just didn’t let him go in until he is born. I think compromise is not something Amber ever heard of.

      1. Apparantly you can’t be ready for a baby until the room is painted the correct color. Or you have gender specific clothing ?

  13. How many times is amber going to find this fake,”true happiness,” in her life. Quit with the men and get your shit together for your kids!!

  14. Not going to lie still wish she would have beat Farrahs butt.
    Did you see the artical Deb did about the stars Farrah should be with?

    Zac Efron and Kenny Chesney, Jake Gyllenhaal and I don’t remember the other ones. The whole family is delusional.

  15. What explains her nine years of being an angry,foul-mouthed abuser with time for everything but her daughter and BTW, another one filmed drinking while pregnant.

  16. So…she met her baby daddy Andrew while she was filming this show and after he actually saw her terrible behavior he still was like “Hey, I want this chic to be the mother of my children”…..WTF??

  17. Yeah Andrew, I can TOTALLY see why you fell in love with Amber: raging, angry, abusing alcohol while on some heavy medication. She’s such a winner ? Dude is an opportunist. And she just keeps digging a bigger hole for herself. One minute she was in a “good place” the next she was self medicating with alcohol. She is in nooo place to have another kid, so pathetic.

  18. So when they first met on the set of Marriage Boot Camp, Andrew took one look and was immediately attracted to this?

  19. Last year? She filmed this in July, so not even close to a year ago. Also, she went on a Twitter rant less than 2 months ago, basically going nuts on Gary and Kristina, but she wants to pretend that her anger issues are in the past? She is pathetic and it’s so obvious that I can’t even feel bad for Andrew. That trainwreck is what he “fell in love” with on MBC? I doubt it. He saw how unstable she is and how easily Matt took advantage of her. She might as well write “FOOL” on her forehead.

  20. Amber and Farrah are tied for first place ( out of all the girls) for the least class. I question this Andrew .. a normal man wants a LADY, amber is nothing but a bully, no class, ignorant excuses for everything. Self induced alcoholism is not a viable excuse amber ! Also, with her always posting blame for her abusive behavior on a medical condition, she shouldn’t be around children ! Amber goes off at any given moment, not in the best interest of any child to be alone with her.

    1. Hey, don’t leave Jenelle out of the running for Trashiest Teen Mum. Those bongs don’t smoke themselves you know. Being high needs 24/7 commitment. Just like parenting ?

      1. I don’t consider Jenelle a total loss, not YET? I see all these girls getting some kind of therapy except her, she’d benifit from professional help. I think Jenelle is extremely messed up being so codependent, etc. however, she knows the truth within.. Farrah and amber do t really want help- they want to hear themselves talk and have someone agree with them.

  21. Yes she admits to be rude crude loud & nasty while on Marriage Boot Camp.
    So this is when Andrew fell in lovr with this trailer park mess of a woman.

    I would love to know which part of this hot mess made him fall in love

    1. It wasn’t love. He hit it raw once and she ended up pregnant. So he is stuck with crazy Amby for 18 years plus college lol.

  22. I don’t think it has anything to do with the drinking. She’s always been like this. She is a ticking time bomb. She needs serious therapy to learn self control and anger management.

  23. She had to know you can’t drink on her meds no sympathy when she wants to pretend she’s sober when she’s not been for a long time amber has an amazing ability to justify her behavior

  24. Amber is such trash and will never, ever change, no matter how much she tries to prove otherwise. Don’t try to pull the ‘I wasn’t sober’ card Amber, unfortunately this is your true personality. I’m actually speechless that people like her exist.

  25. Amber you couldn’t proved that guy’s point more than if you had rented a billboard on the highway that said:

    some are scripted

    If you didn’t see the entire clip, a guy said that reality tv shows are mostly fake. Amber FREAKED OUT. She then ripped into Matt claiming that she had never had problems with anger or depression before she met him. LOL.

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