‘Teen Mom’ Kail Lowry Sets The Record Straight About Reuniting With Her Ex Javi Marroquin

“Not even for Instagram?”

Teen Mom 2 exes Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin have been getting along well since Javi split with Kail’s rival (and co-star) Briana DeJesus in January; however, it looks like the former spouses’ relationship may be going off the rails…again.

Kail was heated, and took her feelings to Twitter on Saturday after Javi shared a click-bait article that claimed he was “hinting” that he and Kail were back together. The article followed Javi discussing a possible reconciliation with Kail during a recent appearance on a ‘Teen Mom’-themed podcast.

“We have our own private discussions, me and her,” Javi said on the podcast. “But a lot happened between us in the past. On my behalf, I’ve moved on from all of that…it’s just me, Kail and the boys.”

Kail responded to the click bait articles that kept popping up after Javi made those statements, making it very clear that she and Javi are never (ever) getting back together.

“Javi and I are not getting back together so whatever you’re reading is all bulls**t,” she tweeted.

She followed that statement up with a series of tweets (some of which have since been deleted) about why she would never give Javi another chance.

“If you have a child with someone [I don’t care] how bad it gets you don’t let someone go after the other parent,” she wrote, obviously eluding to what went down between her and Briana while Bri was dating Javi. However, that wasn’t the only reason Kail gave for not wanting to try again with Javi.

“How can you get back with someone who didn’t have your back when y’all were together?” she added before praising her first baby-daddy Jo Rivera. “And the only one who truly had my back was Jo.

“That all being said, I wouldn’t go back to Javi,” Kail tweeted (then deleted). “That man f**ked me over time and time again. And I’ve kept all his dirty little secrets, never defended myself when I should have…and then he has the audacity to go on Instagram and Twitter as if we’re working things out. Well, my friends, I’m sorry that’s not true. Don’t click on those articles.”

This is not the first time that Kail has had to shoot down rumors that she was reuniting with Javi, whom she divorced in 2016. In January 2017, she told fans the same thing, with Javi adding on Twitter, “I don’t know where the rumor started about me and Kail getting back together. No. Never…Not tryna disrespect but we are much happier apart.”

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  1. Honestly, in that photo Kail looks like she just swallowed two or three rotten oysters on the half shell, followed by a jumbo size jar of fish guts with a Kaopectate chaser.

    Without liking her in the least bit as a person, I do hope for her kids’ sake that one day she can find SOMETHING in this life that can make her far less manipulative — and miserable AF.


  2. Jo had his bad moments like all cast members have, but overall I feel he has been a good co-parent. Think back to when Kail was living with him and lying about Jordan. Jo lent her $600 to pay for her school because her financial aid was late. I don’t think she has reciprocated that level of co-parenting with Jo. I feel like she has complete control of the kids and the dads either do things her way or they don’t see their kids. Maybe she’s getting better at least with Jo if she can be friends with Vee, but I still get a vibe that she runs the co-parenting show. Of course we don’t see their whole life so maybe I’m wrong, but I definitely see a black widow pattern with Kail.

    1. It definitely happens. My sister is like that. It’s her way or the highway, and if her ex-husband challenges it in any way, he’s a “bad dad.”

    2. I’m sure she’ll always run the co-parenting show, as long as they let her anyway. I think in the case of Jo, he simply chooses not to rock the boat, though. It’s probably a smart move on his part, to be honest. He’s definitely the most stable of the lot, by far, and has been for years.

  3. She’s said out of her own mouth that they have talked about getting back together, several times. Why does she act like it’s Javi one sided, making this up?

  4. Was Jo supporting you when he said “you don’t deserve the sun”? Every time I think of that I laugh. I can’t help it. Best quote on TM.

  5. These two love going tit for tat…this is what happens when you don’t have a real job….you have nothing better to do with your time than get into twitter wars with your ex.

  6. They’re both drama queens but I could see both of them fucking with each other’s emotions this way. Isn’t that exactly what Kail did the last time Javi deployed?

    1. Not only did she f*ck with his emotions, she f*cked another guy!! Lol She’s a special kind of bit*h! And ugly too…outside & inside.

  7. Note to self do not attempt to drink Tea whilst reading this, ????? spat my ☕️ Over myself ( crap goblin) ???dying here.

  8. Oh Kail, I almost forgot what an ugly crapgoblin you are for a week. Just keep that wildebeest jaw shut mkay?
    You have actually made Javi the likable, sane person in your stupid relationship. Way to go.

      1. Aw thanks 🙂 I learned it from The Ashley’s recaps honestly. It is a great phrase 🙂

  9. Yeah Jo had her back when he kicked her out of his parents house. And he had her back when he held her possessions hostage because he said she owed him money. Jo has always been a great dad and he has come a long way but I still remember clearly when he called her a nasty name in the parking lot on one of the early episodes. I’m not saying she didn’t deserve some of it because of her actions but Jo has not always had her back by any means.

  10. Kail never loved Javi , just toyed with him. It’s so sad how he loved ( loves) her and she salts his wounds. Jarvis good out weighs his bad… kids feelings and emotions don’t lie and Isaac LOVES Javi like his own father.. if not more! Kail have him false hope when she was jealous of Briana, now that there’s nothing of that anymore she can go back to treating him like shit.

    1. Javi was used for the military health benefits for lazy jo’s Son, as jo wasn’t paying for Issacs medical insurance.

      So this bitch used Javi andib exchange she let him knock her up.

      She is a horrible selfish b I t c h.

      She will reap what she’s sowed

  11. Javi didn’t have her back? When? When he was deployed & she cheated, is that when he didn’t have her back?
    Or when she said she wouldn’t have another kid and a couple months after he returns from being deployed she is pregnant by some random guy?

    Why should he have her back?
    She didn’t have his back when she cheated him

    1. Not defending Kail here, god knows she’s not my favor TM actor, and she’s done some shitty things in her life…but, would YOU want to have a baby with someone that blamed you for miscarrying?

      Seriously, that was fucked up as all get out. I would *never* want to have a (in this case, another) child with someone that could even say such a heinous thing to someone else. There is no apology in the world that could ever make up for saying something like that to a woman. There is no taking it back once it’s left your lips.

      Kail’s no saint, so far from it, it’s unreal But Javi is just as tainted as the rest of them. Why are s many of you defending his sorry ass? I really don’t get it. Hell he could have been a complete saint before and even after making that comment…but it all gets negated by that one thought process, that one line. Ugh, So damn disgusting.

      I honestly don’t even know how any sane woman would even want to be with someone that could say something so horrendous to a woman. Then again, there’s a whole world of crazy out there, I suppose.

      1. Never once did Javi blame her for miscarrying. I don’t know what show you’ve been watching. He treats Isaac as his own son. Lord knows Kail isn’t making any money other than from the show so he joined the army and was deployed only to find another man in his house. Javi and Kail got divorced because he wanted another baby and she didn’t and then what happens? She’s pregnant with another man’s baby and isn’t even in a relationship with him anymore. Now she’s salty about Javi and Bri being together.

  12. How can you respect someone enough to have a child with them but then not respect them enough to bash them even chance you get? I don’t understand this at all.

  13. They’re both fame whores and air way too much personal drama. Poor, sweet Isaac is old enough to realize what’s going on and Lincoln isn’t far behind. They both need to just shut up and focus on co-parenting. I’m over both of them.

  14. Of course he’s going to post those click bait articles. He and all the rest of the cast including her GET PAID FOR IT! Each click gets a kickback to them.

  15. LOL, why is this still news?! They will ALWAYS have Lincoln who will be their son no matter what. At least they are in good terms (and thank God not banging like Leah and Jeremy are) and that’s the best for him. I hope in front of him they are also not acting like a couple anymore, just parents.

    Hey Kail, this story is getting old, you have another baby daddy so maybe try to make the news about you getting back together with Chris? Or is this year already the one when you will be with your 4th child by 4th baby daddy?!

  16. The reason she won’t get back together with him is because he went out with Briana and they both said thing on social media, but Kail is the mother of his son so he should of shut that down? This girl went out and slept with the first guy who said he likes her tattoos. If that wasn’t bad enough she got pregnant from this loser who was so embarrassed to be seen with her he wouldn’t even appear on camera for 5000 an episode. All of this while your husband was deployed and about to come home, but it was Javi’s fault. He even gave her the time of day once this wilderbeast gave birth to her third kid with a different guy. This Wilderbeast couldn’t even name her third son for a couple of months because she was on social media bashing Javi. Yet Javi still wanted to be a family and even raise your bastard son who was still nameless and now fatherless. I’m sorry, but Javi you dodged a huge bullet here man, and I mean HUGE Wilderbeast HUGE. Do what you have to do for your boys and let this piece of whitetrash destroy her life. MTV will not be around forever and this beast will be begging for a man to come around once she has no money.

  17. white trash and just like janelle its always some one else not her. When it doesn’t work i need a protection restraining order. How about you be a mother to your 3 kids from 3 differnt dads instead of going on vacation after vacation oh wait you need a story line for next year kail gets knocked up on vacation

  18. She said he didn’t have her back when they were married? Wow, apparently it was okay for her to cheat and get pregnant while he was deployed. Kail really had his back. She’s such a martyr.

  19. She’s mad bc his flavor of the month talked ? about her and back to her and he didn’t defend her, but you can cheat on your husband while he’s deployed and get pregnant by someone else?? ?? ok, got it???

    1. Yeah that and also that Javier won’t roll over and give her her way like Jonathan did. But, in all fairness Javier is a fame hungry thotty man. He does very annoying b*thlike petty stuff.

  20. I am sure the boys will love reading how their mom trash talked their stepdad/dad all the time to the general population.

    No passive agressive facebook post/tweet for her, no ma’am! She airs it all out!

  21. As usual Kail spits lies and half truths when it suits her. Javi this and Javi that really this coming from someone that had a baby after she said she wouldn’t have one with him. Kail is narcissistic and is only in it for herself. She doesn’t like it when Javi doesn’t follow her rules. It’s all about Kail. The hulk is very angry. ?

  22. I wish these two would just get it together and focus on coparenting they seem to play ridiculous games with each other and for a what grow up they are way too old for the patty back-and-forth tit for tat antics and Lincoln deserves better

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