Josh Duggar Files Another Lawsuit Against Hometown Over Released Molestation Records: Says It Caused Him “Egregious Humiliation”

“Let’s try this again!”

Josh Duggar lost the lawsuit he filed last year against his hometown of Springdale, Arkansas, and some of the city’s officials that released documents to the press in 2015 that revealed Joshy’s molestation scandal, but he’s giving the lawsuit the ol’ Duggar second try!

On Friday, March 9, Josh filed another lawsuit against the City of Springdale (as well as Arkansas’ Washington County), charging that they violated Arkansas law when they released the documents to In Touch Weekly in 2015.

(The release led to the bombshell report that would become the Josh Duggar Sex Abuse Scandal and the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting.)

In the new lawsuit, Josh states that because the documents “represented the most intimate aspects of human affairs,” their release subjected him to “shocking degradation and egregious humiliation.”

Josh is suing for one count of Tort of Offense (which is basically “infliction of emotional distress”), one count of Invasion of Privacy by Intrusion by Selection; one count of Invasion of Privacy by Public Disclosure of Private Facts; one count of False Light Invasion of Privacy; and one count of Violation of the Arkansas Civil Rights Act of 1993.

In his complaint, Josh states that, although the names of his siblings (who were also four of his victims) were redacted, as required by law, other identifying info and names (such as those of his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar) were not, making it easy for the public to figure out who the victims were, especially because they were well-known from appearing on “19 Kids and Counting.”

In the new lawsuit Josh states that, because he was under 18 when his crimes took place, the resulting police documents were not supposed to be released under the Freedom of Information Act.

He claims that, because he was a minor, he was not “in possession of the full faculties of personal discretion and discernment typically available to an adult.”

In his lawsuit, Josh states that, because of the release of the documents, he suffered “severe emotional distress, mental anguish and substantial loss of income.”

(The “loss of income” is undeniable, as Joshy is no longer allowed to appear on his family’s TV show. Before the scandal, he was collecting money for doing speaking engagements and was the executive director of the Family Research Council. He immediately resigned from the FRC after the scandal went public.)

Other interesting parts of the complaint include Josh stating that he was not a public figure when his crimes occurred. (This is true; as the Duggars had not yet begun to film any TV show.)

Josh also complains that the release of the documents to the public placed him “in the light of sex offender when the records of said juvenile investigation should have remained sealed.” That false light, Josh says, subjected him to “intensely negative publicity.”

Josh doesn’t state how much money he’s going after, specifically, with this new lawsuit. However, he does write that he wants “damages to be proven at trial” including reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs and expenses and “any such other and further relief the Court deems proper and just.”

Wanna see the summons Josh sent to the County of Washington? Of course you do! 

Josh is being represented by Travis Story, a lawyer who specializes, in part, in “church law.”

The Duggars are surely hoping that Josh has more luck with this new lawsuit than they did with their previous lawsuits. As The Ashley told you last year, the four Duggar daughters who were outed as Josh’s victims– Jessa SeewaldJill DillardJinger Vuolo and Joy-Anna Forsyth– filed a lawsuit of a similar nature in May 2017, but it was mostly dismissed in October, as was Josh’s original lawsuit.

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  1. And your humiliated because…it was your sisters! Cheated on your wife! Dude don’t get mad get help. U created the monster, as a teen u needed it and obviously still do if your playing victim

  2. And to think, he was well on his way into running for political office. You gotta love how a guy can fight for conservative family rights, all the while he molested several children and was having multiple affairs.

  3. He’s hands down gotta he one of the scummiest people on planet earth. He’s never been held accountable for his actions and his family still treats him like the sun shines outta his ass. The nerve of him acting like a victim when he made victims out of his siblings by molesting them. I hope he loses any and every lawsuit, and for once is held accountable for his trifling behavior.

  4. Josh and Anna must be running out of money. Oh no they might have to work outside of the church! Let’s be honest for a second also Josh doesn’t know what “Egregious Humiliation ” means or how to used it correctly. His lawyers came up with that one.

    They are a joke and need to go away!

  5. He’s the victim here guys! All he did was diddle little girls! And ya’ll embarrassed him publicly for it? Shame!
    I’m kidding. This is ridiculous. He should be on a list, and face actual consequences for his actions. This family will literally do anything for a buck.

  6. He was a juvenile when this happened. That makes it illegal to expose his juvenile records. I hope he wins in court. As long as he knows what he did was wrong and asked God for forgiveness, and changed his ways, people should stay out of it and drop it. He was just a kid when this happened . Kids do some really stupid stuff but they grow up and change most of the time. Even his sister’s forgave him and have moved on so people drop it !

    1. He was probably doing this after he reached puberty. That means he’s a perv and knew it was wrong. He was much older than his youngest victim too. Do you think molesters start victimizing when they are over 30 or in midlife? He’s a predator and people have the right to know.

  7. This part is ridiculous. Even a 5 year old knows that you don’t touch people’s privates. He was 14 or so!

    “He claims that, because he was a minor, he was not “in possession of the full faculties of personal discretion and discernment typically available to an adult.”

    1. Obviously he did this, and it was a choice to do so, making it his fault, but I still blame the parents. If they didn’t have their children raising each other, and actually paid attention, this wouldn’t have happened. This is also what happens when you don’t talk to children about their bodies, or the differences between the two sexes.

  8. Ah he is a pedophile and we know he cheated on his wife. He is a sexually depraved individual! He deserves everything he’s getting and more. Anna deserves so much better than this disgusting pig!

  9. Soooo…he was a child who couldn’t make responsible adult decisions, and therefore shouldn’t be held accountable? Wasn’t it the adult Josh who signed up for the dating website explicitly for affairs, and who even paid extra for a “guaranteed affair”? I honestly wasn’t sure how to feel when the molestation news came out, because I knew he was (at the time) a minor who grew up in an abnormally strict and sheltered home, but I also thought it was disturbing. The affair news confirmed that the dude was, is, and will always be a grade-A perv. If he had really just been a confused kid who majorly screwed up, he wouldn’t have grown into a fully accountable adult who paid thousands of his family’s dollars guaranteeing he’d shag a rando while his pregnant wife sat home cooking, sewing, and raising his kids. He allowed his sisters/victims to speak out in his defense on national TV knowing he hadn’t changed. A responsible, mature adult also wouldn’t have been able to, in good conscience, go to work every day and preach about family values while shattering all of his marriage vows in such a blatant and disrespectful way. I mean, why is he still milking this?! Wouldn’t anyone else just want it to go away? I’m so sick of him getting away with this whole thing. Isn’t he working for daddy, still married to his doormat wife, and pumping out more blessings despite all of the news? Go away.

  10. Just remember, Josh will face judgment one day, and he won’t be able to lie to God. Mommy and Daddy won’t be able to get him out of that one.

  11. He was disgraced, because what he did was disgraceful. Feelings of degradation and humiliation are common for victims of sexual molestation, trying to co-opt them as the offender shows a stunning lack of empathy or awareness.

    He was “cast in the light of a sex offender” BECAUSE HE IS A SEX OFFENDER!!!! A person can’t reasonably complain that their reputation is unfairly damaged by terrible truths. It’s the truth part that makes the damage fair and just.

    But….this lawsuit might have merit. As much as it pains me to admit, Those records probably shouldn’t have been released. I’m glad Josh was exposed, sorry that his victims were, and under the letter of the law, the reports probably should have remained sealed.

  12. He should be humilated! What a scumbag. He did this not once, but twice to his poor sisters. He should be in jail. He should walk around everyday feeling ashamed.

  13. He is disgusting. Blaming media for putting him in a “bad light” and being labeled a sex offender, BECAUSE HE IS, his own actions earned him that title (much deserved). He is a pervert, and he is mad that people are aware of it. Nice try loser!

  14. I can’t even give this to seconds worth my time I just have to say he’s worried about his own reputation… He forever changed these girls lives they will forever carry this with them and continue to have trust issues I couldn’t care less about what he has had to go through unless it’s jail time I don’t want to hear about it

  15. Why won’t he just go away? Josh, Michelle, and Rim Job (thanks for that one, The Ashley!) disgust me. The fact that he is portraying himself as the victim in all of this is gross. I fear for his children because he never got the help he needed and his wife seems to be spineless and brainwashed. Joy Anna was his FIVE year old baby sister. He is a danger to children. No way in he!! I would let that man around my kids.

    I’m not familiar with Arkansas law, but I hope he loses.

  16. He makes me sick. I can only assume that his parents are paying for his attorney. He has truly fallen from grace. He is back to selling used cars now supporting his wife and 5 children! This whole family needs to get off reality TV. Derrick is a piece of work. Jana needs to move out of the house and make a life for herself!

  17. This is pathetic! He is the victim! His sisters & the fifth girl are the victims! He makes me sick – I hope they throw these lawsuits out faster than TLC booted his a**!

  18. Maybe if he hadn’t done any of this in the first place he wouldn’t be in this sort of situation. Or of had the humiliation he has had. News flash! If a molester is ever made proven guilty people will know and you will get cramp for the rest of your life. Your fault. No one else’s. You are lucky you’re not in jail and you stay home with a family and have another child. Such a sick man.

  19. This guy is a piece of shit and so are his parents. Putting “locks on the girls doors” making them feel unsafe in their own home in order to protect Josh. Instead of throwing his ass out, those girls had to live in fear. This family truly does not value women.

  20. Not only did he receive zero punishment for molesting his sisters, he would also like the city to pay him for hurting his feelings? LOL GOOD ONE JOSH.


  21. OH. MY. GOD. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS MAN!! He has the guts to try to make himself the victim while not once did he publicly apologize to his sisters for what he did or even said he was sorry. (IIRC, he only said, Satan made me do it!) Rot in Hell, you scum.

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