EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans’ Fate on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Decided: Get All The Details

“Dude, my schedule is wide open…just saying.”

It’s been about two weeks since The Ashley gave you an update on the employment status of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans— and a lot has changed since then!

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle was being frozen out by MTV and the show’s producers following the firing of her husband David Eason. Numerous clickbait sites have reported recently that Jenelle was fired, that she was getting her own spin-off show, or that she quit ‘Teen Mom 2.’

The Ashley can exclusively report that all three of these rumors are FALSE.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Jenelle has not quit ‘Teen Mom 2’ and she has not been fired.

In fact, Jenelle and the show’s producers have worked out their issues and Jenelle is set to start filming again next week!

“Jenelle is on the books to film next week. This will be the first time she has filmed since David was fired,” a behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley. “That footage that’s shot will air in the [8B season].

“Jenelle is super relieved,” the source added. “She was terrified she was being fired because no one [from the show] would talk to her for awhile!”

With David off the show, and Jenelle and David refusing to allow their kids to film for the show, The Ashley hears that Jenelle’s segments will focus heavily on her relationship with her estranged mother Barbara. (Babs supported her daughter after David’s firing.)

“Barbara will be back to filming once Jenelle is,” the source added. “Jace will remain on the show as well.”

“And I’m back in tha gammme!”

Earlier this week, Radar Online reported that, once MTV started communicating with Jenelle again, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star (and her newly hired entertainment lawyer) came at the show’s bigwigs with a bunch of demands. One of the demands was that MTV had to pay a fee every time they wanted to film on Jenelle’s property (aka “The Land). The Ashley can confirm this is true. (The last time Jenelle made this demand–during the filming of her wedding episode– MTV buckled and wrote Jenelle and David a $15,000 check to film there!)

This time, however, MTV shot down Jenelle’s request.

“It really doesn’t make any sense to go to Jenelle’s property at all, let alone pay extra to do so,” a source tells The Ashley. “Plus, a lot of the crew was really upset and downright scared by David’s rants and don’t want to interact with him anymore. At some point [they] may have to film there, but MTV is not paying extra to do so. No way.”

That’s all of Radar‘s story that is correct, though. The story, posted on Monday, states that MTV is still freezing Jenelle out and hasn’t given her a film date. The Ashley can confirm this is false, as is the story the site recently put out claiming that MTV was in a frenzy about Jenelle starting a new YouTube channel.

“They’re not worried about it at all, actually,’ the source tells The Ashley. “That story is totally false.”


The Ashley will update this story when she has more info!

(Photos: MTV)


  1. I think Jenelle needs to see an eye doctor, that man…lurchy looking thing..and what’s that on his skin? Mange??yukyuk…ewww..nope!!

  2. It makes me laugh when Jenelle walks off set, refusing to stay…knowing she wouldn’t have a pot to piss in, if not for MTV. Wouldn’t be no “land….lol. just state benefits…

  3. Barb should refuse to Film with Jenelle, like Jenelle did to Barb.
    Throwing fits & screaming like a howler monkey “I won’t film with her EVER AGAIN, stop filming her”

    How will she be able to be away from David long enough to film?

    It won’t last, he will force her to cancel shoots & hopefully they will fire her.

    1. I’m hoping that Jenelle still refuses to film with Barb and essentially shoots herself in the foot when she screams about not wanting to film with Barb, even with it being her only option. She’ll ruin it for herself like she does with everything else in life. Just be patient 😉

  4. You know old Lurking Lurch will never let Jenelle film by herself. He will be in on it one way or another. Whether he is spying around the corner, revving the truck in the driveway, blowing the horn to make her hurry up, texting her what to say, numerous of phone calls..mark my words.

  5. So now Jenelle will all of a sudden want to make truce with Barbara since no one else will film with her. How FAKE of MTV

  6. OMG, MTV wake up and quit promoting this disgusting behavior. You’re just giving her what she wants. Anyone can see but you that you hold the ace card. She’s just going to continue to act repulsive because you’re letting her get away with it. Shame on you.

  7. That’s extremely disappointing.
    You’re still employing David through Jenelle’s bank account. Disgusted with this choice.

  8. So basically without Barbra Jenelle has no segment on the show… she better start kissing her mothers ass, if barb should stop filming it leaves nothing to film for Jenelle .

  9. Instead of bitching about this we can take care of it real quick. Start messaging the add companies saying that they should no longer support TM2, and that you will no longer be watching the show due to Jenelle’s presence, and actually follow through with not watching. They look at ratings. As for the other girls, I don’t even care if the show gets cancelled and they are without MTV money. Ther girls are between the ages of 28-24, and have never really worked for anything they have and continue making the choices they do. Time to grow up. If I can afford to pay rent, make car payments, pay my phone bill, insurance, and all of the other bills I have and still live comfortably on $35,000 per year, so can they. I say let’s get it cancelled, it’s long since time to do so.

    1. I have adblocker on when I watch online – does anyone know of a list of companies that we could contact????

      1. I think Hersey still advertises and so do TacoBell and Garnier Fructis. A handful already pulled their ads after the David thing, but these stayed, which sucks because they’re the big ones.

    2. Exactly! As long as we keep watching, and giving them the ratings, these entitled idiots will continue to rake in the $$. MTV only cares about the bottom line, so we all have to stop watching! I haven’t watched one episode this season. I just read gossip sites.

  10. I think I’d feel better if they’d just stop calling the show TEEN MOM… I was a teen mom and this isn’t resembling reality for anyone anymore. Just call it BABYDADDY DRAMA or something bc that’s what it’s really about now.

    1. Or Peter Pan syndrome I really think being on the show as young as they were for as long as they have been has stunted their growth… javi and kail repeat the same seventh grade drama over and over again Amber has pretended to be sober since she left rehab Farrah is delusional cate Doesn’t seem capable of looking outside herself and seems to think she can fill a void by buying new animals Maci seems to have a fictional problem conceiving It’s literally like they’ve yet to grow up because they don’t have to

  11. Not shocked. MTV has already established that they will overlook child abuse and neglect, drug use, domestic violence, felonies, etc. They figured David was disposable, but Jenelle was not. They don’t care what her kids go through.

  12. I don’t get it, teen mom is based on a Danish concept, we have had that show for many years now, and the girls on that show NEVER get paid, they might get a free meal and a box of candy at christmas .. It’s insane what these girls get paid ..

  13. So with no kids and David being filmed, all we will see will be Barbara bringing Jace on THE LAND, or her coming to them, Jenelle saying “MOM, give me my son back!”


  14. David has proven to be a narcissistic limelight seeker, as well as just flat out off the wall.

    So hopefully one of MTV’s fewer trips to THE LAND won’t involve filming Jenelle calling the cops after being choked within inches of her life like his son Kaden’s mother.

    Or even worse, being threatened by one of the “guns” she now seems so proud of as indicated by her Instagram account.

      1. He was SO SMILEY. It was incredibly weird. Also she was just being so ridiculous and thoughtless to say “Well we’re STILL not going to use condoms!”
        That’s real nice dinner conversation there.

    1. Thank you for bringing this up. I thought it was teen mom not teen moms and their whole family. I don’t get why they are showing her. She seems to be another Jenelle. MTV is all about the money. Another 6 years or sooner they can be grandparents. Crazy.

  15. Ashley, I have a question. Clearly some of your readers have strong feelings about wanting MTV to cancel both Teen Mom series. What is your read on MTV’s future intentions with the show? Is it on the cancellation bubble? Are there mom’s who are unlikely to sign future contracts to continue the show? What is the behind the scenes vibe right now? Are there Mom’s who are worried about their future with the show? It’s been made clear that several Dad’s want to be done with the show and have dramatically reduced their presence and availability for filming, but what about Mom’s? What about extended family members, like Randy or Barbara? I’m super curious right now.

    Thanks for the effort you put into the site. You are truly hilarious and I love reading your articles.

    1. MTV seriously need to end this Bs show.

      As much as Rhine’s family enable him, mtv enables them all .
      They are lazy work shy, entitled vile tempered, Sloven, pos..,,,,

    2. @Curious– Thanks for the kind words. As far as the cancellation happening for either show any time soon, no way. I’ll have more on the other topics soon, stay tuned. -The Ashley

  16. Of course she was worried about getting frozen out by Mtv, how else would this sloth of a “Mother” ever make money, what with her medical school application being rejected and all. I predict that she won’t last past the next season though because Lurch will be lurking in the bushes during filming, he’ll come up with crazy demands and they’ll try to pass them off as Jenelle’s ideas and his ego will be busted because she will be the one bringing home all the bacon. This will not end well, she and everyone associated with her need to be off the show.

  17. Way to go MTV! This will really show Jenelle and David whose the boss! This will show them that no matter how many tasteless insulting pictures they take and no matter how much they cuss people out and insult their sexuality they will ALWAYS HAVE JOB SECURITY!! Jenelle was already on her way to becoming Farrah 2.0 and you have sealed the deal. You thought she was a spoiled childish brat before? Oh boy you guys have really fucked up now. I think that I’m officially done watching this show. They only want it to be all drama and not actually show anything positive. Jenelle is a piece of garbage and I hope she rots out on the “land”.

    1. Just like Farrah. All that drama about she got fired. No, she really didn’t. If she agreed to not do web cam p0rn, they’d have kept her despite her treatment of production. She technically quit. Mtv is a joke in general, but when it comes to these girls, It’s over the top.

      1. omg yesss.. it looked liked she pretty much told them to get stuffed and quit.. After weeks of pumping up the whole “she’s getting fired” scenes. Massive let down/lie.

        1. That was all built up drama for the show, Morgan didn’t HAVE to travel to Texas to see her in person.. I think this was a case of “ if you can’t fire them then push them out” if love to see the contract as that’s what the Farrah bullshit is all about. Think about this… if she truly quit on her own then why the law suit for being fired??? There’s a whole lot more to this.

  18. No land? That’s okay they can just film her at work, or volunteering, or hanging out with friends. Sorry, this phone auto corrected “traveling out of state for drugs, driving impaired, and lying about fighting for custody of her son’s.”

  19. “They’re not worried about it at all, actually,’ the source tells The Ashley. “That story is totally false.”

    That sounds like Jenelle is “the source“.

    I’m not pregnant at all, actually“.


  20. oh the irony! She wanted Barb off the show and now she has to depend on Barb to film with her to get her segments on the show. Sad her other kids won’t be getting any money for their future since they won’t let them film.

  21. So disappointed, so what about Nathan is he done filming too? I won’t be watching TM2, Jenelle’s a complete loser & I refuse to support her spoiled self.

  22. So disappointed, so what about Nathan is he done filming too? I won’t be watching TM2, Jenelle’s a complete loser & I refuse to support her spoiled self.

  23. So the crew are downright scared to film on The Set of NC Chainsaw 2018, but MTV is super cool with giving this double wide swamp pussy bitch more money? Wow.

  24. Why do hou pY them. They are only in for the mooney.th
    Ry dont want real jobs just like the duggars. I wish youd not put them and farrah on ever again

    1. I’m trying to get my dead beat daughter in law investigated for neglect and CPS told me the child pretty much has to have something really awful happen to them in order to investigate. Sadly they’re overwhelmed and can only send someone out if there is “active” child abuse that can be proven I.e. bruises, drastically under nourished, or dead.
      So sad. Lots of kids are being failed by the system bc their parents have gotten good at hiding the abuse.

  25. How could she have possibly thought she was punishing MTV, or the public, by not having her rugrats on TV?

    Oh – It’s to hide the embarrassing abuse and neglect Nevermind……

  26. MTV should have fired Janelle. Now we are supposed to consider it a treat to put up with sctream fests between Janelle and Barb? Poor Jace…we have to see his tortured face too. Yep, this will be entertaining. She should have been fired. These shows need to be retired – permanently.

  27. Jenelles life is a dumpster fire. You should have fired her. I find i watch 5 minutes of her segments then i change the channel. It was fine when it was just her and her pos. Boyfriends but now there are kids involved and it just hard to watch and makes me feel terrible. I think this show is on its last legs anyway.

  28. Can you please recap this weeks episode of Teen Mom OG?! I’m sure I’m not the only one dying to hear your opinion on Tyler’s sister!!

    1. I’ve just watched it! I’m not sure why she got so much air time? Please don’t tell me she’s replacing Farrah!! ?

      1. I think the show is coming to an end and therefore the cast is filming scenes they never would have before and other characters meaning Tyler sisters is coming out of the woodwork to get ratings It’s hard to watch she needs rehab more than anything else in her life right now

        1. Didn’t Tyler say that he offered to pay for her rehab too? It’s very sad that so many people in their family have addiction issues. Nova is surrounded by it, her mum, grandad, aunt, grandma plus I’m sure more. I hope they teach her strategies to cope when she’s older, and give her something to aspire towards. Not everyone gets through life being paid to be on tv, most people go to collage, work whilst they are there, then get a job. It’s hard work in real life

  29. David will never let Jenelle film alone. MTV may think they have a deal.
    Until they see they don’t.

    Just fire her lousy, stupid self.

  30. I was really hoping she’d be off the show too. I generally fast forward through her segments… the constant yelling and fighting stresses me out and I’m pretty sure it’s raises my blood pressure… I’m constantly shaking my head..
    Does anyone remember how she said she’d rather see her idol Ke$ha than serve a short jail sentence to get her off probation?!
    Smart choices…

    1. That was possibly the best thing TM2 ever filmed.
      “That’s why I have all these feathers in my hair!”

      Seriously though, I get very upset watching all the screaming and abuse. It makes me feel shaky and I have to turn the volume off or skip her scenes altogether.

    1. You’re talking about the Ashley’s book, right? I don’t know why you got so many down votes. Maybe ppl thought you were talking about Jenelle and her “book.”

  31. Wow! I wonder how long filming will be a peaceful event on the land I give it two days tops… I don’t know how she keeps getting involved with crazy incidences and walks away still on top no consequences for her actions ever I’m surprised MTV would let her dictate to them as far as who she will and will not flim with

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