‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Says She & Boyfriend Andrew Glennon Are Not Combining Their Finances

“Keep your mitts off the ‘Teen Mom’ cash, K?”

Amber Portwood might have moved on from her relationship with ex-fiancé Matt Baier rather quickly, but in a new interview, the Teen Mom OG star assures her fans that she’s in a better place this time around… and so is her money.

As fans of the show may recall, during last year’s reunion special, Amber accused Matt of stealing thousands of dollars from her from while they were together. (Apparently he never handed over that backpack ‘o’ Ambie cash he claimed to have?)

While the relationship may have resulted in a loss to her bank account, Amber says she gained some insight after getting burned and vows to not make the same mistakes with new boyfriend/soon-to-be baby daddy, Andrew Glennon.

“With Matt, we had joint accounts, businesses together, things like that, and I’ve learned my lesson,” she told US Weekly. “My money is my money, and when we’re together, we can help each other and be there for each other and take care of this child. But you know, Andrew is really good at knowing that we both have boundaries in certain things.”

While Matt would have likely hightailed it if Amber had suggested such a concept during their relationship—in the “Mamber” Corvette, no less—Amber said Andrew actually admires her for being in control of her money.

“He’s just happy to be with a woman that’s able to support herself, even though he wants to take care of me,” she said.

As The Ashley previously told you, Andrew is probably not hurting for cash, as he hails from a well-off Hollywood family. His late father James (whom Amber and Andrew are naming their son after) was an Emmy-award-winning cinematographer. Before Andrew moved to Indiana to be with Amber, he was living in the nearly $5 million home his family owns in Malibu, California.

Amber met Andrew during‘ Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition where he was working on the show’s crew.

Sure, Andrew is undoubtedly enjoying the perks of dating a reality TV personality, but at least there’s proof that he held down a legitimate job at some point…unlike Matt, whose career experience includes being a professional conman and hunting down ‘Teen Moms’ on Twitter.

Now if Amber could just get rid of that “Mr. & Mrs. Baier” doormat she has…



  1. I guess he will live off of his parents money. He Fashions himself a screenwriter which in Hollywood means unemployed. His past work history is low pain and spotty at best. And now that he lives in Indiana, it’s not really the hotbed of the entertainment industry.

  2. Her behavior towards the sasquatch is sooo awkward/rude/bitchy. I wonder if she is somewhat sociopathic? Because she seems to really struggle with connecting to him (or anyone else for that matter) in any way outside of “he do what I say…he take care of the Amber.” (Yes, I wrote that in caveman speak because that is what she reminds me of.)

  3. She hasn’t learned anything. If she had why is she knocked up? Control baby! She feels like she is in control. With the money she kicks Sasquatch and having his baby. She controls her world and everyone else from her bed. Jesus can she do something with her hair that pulled up pink hair slob look is old. Take a bath get dressed and try being a human being Java da hut!! What a worthless waste. I feel sorry for her kids. They will have nothing! Because she can’t manage her way out of her bed much less her finances. Yeah Sasquatch will be taking that kid and living off the child support and palamony he’ll get before its over.

  4. I wonder if she is keeping all those pets. I think with Matt she was so lonely and depressed she kept getting pets to fill that void and it seemed Matt took “care” of them. I’m sure now they are being cast aside for new boyfriend, baby coming just like Leah was cast aside. Pattern… Can’t imagine what her house looks like even without all the pets as she never gets out of bed/couch. She acts like a 90 year old woman who needs a caregiver. Poor Leah and baby.

  5. He doesn’t need to worry about joint accounts with her, eventually he will be raising his little boy in a tent free family mansion in Malibu and getting paid very well from her child support.

    1. Yeeeees! Such trainwrecks those families are. Please please please do the recap of the teen mom young and pregnant episodes!!!

  6. She may have learned her lesson with money but she didn’t learn anything else from her previous relationship, no, she even took it a step further, she is expecting his child!

    Sure, Amber, you’re independent and this proves it.


    1. I think it’s probably different from Matt where he had nothing of his own, was actively stealing from her, and doing things like keeping her license and cards and she didn’t even know any of the numbers. But… that isn’t really a high bar. I think this dude is more of a moocher than a thief. But I agree, just because Amber has her debit card in her wallet now, it doesn’t mean their money is really seperate and she’s not supporting him.

  7. Just more of her pathetic and delusional “I am a strong independent woman!” bullshit from someone who collapses into an even bigger heap of useless blubber if she has to endure what, two days between the latest”I have learned my lesson, this one is a real man!” love of her life? Face it Amber, you peaked with Gary who was smart enough to find a woman who is unlike you in every way for his wife.

  8. “He’s just happy to be with a woman that she able to support herself.” Did anyone else LOL at that? Girl being filmed in bed or on a couch isn’t supporting yourself. I had such high hopes form Ambie when she left the clink but she’s turned out to be Amber 2010 2.0. How unfortunate.

  9. Hahaha i love how she’s making this her idea when we all know that he comes from a well to do family and probably set up this arrangement. But OK amber wow so mature.

  10. Interesting wording….”With Matt, we had joint accounts, and I’ve learned my lesson. My money is my money, and when we’re together, we can help each other and be there for each other and take care of this child. But you know, Andrew is really good at knowing that we both have boundaries in certain things.”

    I interpret that as “He has access to my bank account, but I make it clear to him (even if he spends it) that it’s MY money, and if we weren’t together, he no longer has access to it, (unless he justifies it as a purchase somehow related to the child of course) but he reassures me he knows boundaries are a thing, hypothetically.”

  11. “He’s not hurting for cash”. Yes he is! He’s never been on his own and is a “Hollyweird Baby”. Just because his family made strides and worked hard, doesn’t mean he has. He comes off as one of those kids who never achieved their parents’ ample success; just bummed around the house claiming to be a “free spirit.” His father probably gave him an ultimatum, get kicked off and cut off all family money, or get a job somewhere, anywhere! With family connections and a slim personality, marriage boot camp was all he could swing. The job he had was a “my son is a bum and I want him off my couch” type of deal his daddy made with producers. That 5 million dollar home wasn’t his home, it was mommy and daddy’s.

  12. Even though he may not be loaded, I think his family has money as he was living with them in Malibu before moving in the with Amber. Wonder if he is paying any expenses while living with her. If they don’t share bank accounts then they don’t share debts so he may be playing it smart by not merging finances.

  13. Am I the only one who gets massive creepy vibes from him?… Have we ever seen Amber on her own? She always seems to need a man in her life she talks a good game though

  14. Yeah right. She would give her boyfriends whatever they wanted. She does anything for a guy. Too bad she doesn’t care as much for her child.

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