‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Reveal Their New Mental Health Diagnoses

Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have always been open about their mental health struggles, so it’s no surprise that the longtime reality stars shared the new mental health diagnoses they each recently received.  The pair appeared on the Voices For Change 2.0 podcast earlier this week to discuss their battles with mental health issues.

Catelynn, who recently returned from her third stint at an Arizona treatment facility, revealed that she was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“My official diagnoses because I have a few…it’s panic disorder, PTSD — I like to call myself a trauma survivor – and it’s depression, but it’s co-occurring depression or something like that,” Catelynn said. “It will go away and it will come back with the panic disorder. But it kind of surprised me to know that I was diagnosed with PTSD. I was really shocked by it… but it makes a lot of sense too. That’s my newest diagnosis.”

As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Catelynn had a very traumatic childhood. Her mother, April, spent years dealing with substance abuse issues, and Catelynn has battled mental health issues throughout her time on ‘Teen Mom.’

While his wife was away dealing with her issues, Tyler stated that he attempted to get more information about his own mental health struggles. He revealed on an earlier season of ‘Teen Mom’ that he first attempted suicide at age 11.

“That’s where I first started feeling depressed,” he said, explaining how he was acting out in school. “And, obviously, my dad going in and out of prison all the time. At 11, though, that’s when I attempted suicide and failed. After that my mom started to take me to therapy. I was on anti-depressants a bit.”

Tyler talked about his surprising new diagnosis.

“I’ve been diagnosed with depression here and there whenever I’ve gone back to therapy and whatnot throughout my whole life,” he said. “ Recently, I went to a new place and based on a couple of sessions I had with them, they said, ‘Look, looking at the snapshot of your symptoms, we think you may be on the bipolar spectrum as well.’

“That was pretty shocking to figure out, but also it made a lot of sense back to when I was younger,” Tyler added. “[I felt] this weird, random wave as a kid. But that was a lot to obviously digest that day. But getting back into therapy, I’ve been managing that stuff.”

Catelynn also talked about why she was willing to share her mental health struggles on ‘Teen Mom OG.’

“I talked a lot about it with my therapist when I was in treatment…my whole thing about me being vulnerable and sharing it [on the show]… I could have said no to the producers and the people who work on the show and they would have totally understood. If I was like, ‘Listen I’m going through a rough time and I’m not filming it and I don’t want it to be aired’ I could have [not filmed it].

“But my whole thing is, if I can save somebody’s life and show them that it’s OK to not be OK sometimes and there’s things that you can do to get help, that’s the only reason I did it,” Catelynn said. “I wanted to bring awareness to the mental health issues and show that it’s real. Some people think, ‘Oh you’re depressed, get the hell out of bed’ but, no, that’s not how it works. I just wanted to shine a light on that.”

Tyler and Catelynn will next appear on the  Coffee & Convos podcast, which is co-hosted by Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry.

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. Things in the TV synopsis of TM tonight: Amer is beginning to get pissed because Gary and Katrina dare say she’s not the world’s #1 mom. Delusional as ever, Amber, outside of biology, you’re not a “mom” at all. Mother maybe, “Mom,” never.

  2. Sorry for the long post but here it goes: The good thing about this is sometimes people actually figure out what exactly it is that is bothering them and heal on their own. This happened with me, and it was just issues I couldn’t face because I don’t like to make waves with people. As soon as I was able to open my mouth and it finally all came out, things got so much better, I made peace with myself and no longer cared what others thought. I think Tyler is dealing with something like this. I don’t think he ever wanted to marry Cate as seen on Couples Therapy, otherwise he would have never admitted it. Tyler seems to be fine as long as he’s not dealing with everyone else’s problems. He does complain too much about doing everyday things (like running his clothing line, something HE wanted) so he better get a handle on that before this TM $$$ goes away, or stop complaining “sh*t or get off the pot” – Cate on the other hand seems to be highly messed up from the Carly drama. She probably looks at Nova every day and sees Carly, knowing she gave her up and that she probably could have made it work. Deciding to have another child is not a great idea right now, and maybe will ever be a good idea for her as she’s still going to have to deal with Carly again when she turns 18 and what if Carly rejects her then? It’s like a never ending cycle for her so she’s going to need to accept these things even before it happens, so she’s not shocked if/when it does. I have even wondered if Cate keeps going to rehab as a way to make Carly’s parents feel bad for her so she can continue seeing her, since it clearly seems they were against visits for a while but have now seemed to be having them again since Cate started rehabbing.
    Whatever happens with these two, they both need to stay a lot busier than they are or else this will always be their life. People actually made a fund for these 2 to go to college and as far as I know, they never even registered.

  3. I hate how all these teen moms keep pretending they are on the show to “help people”. You’re not helping anyone if you have continued to be a mess since you were 16…. what kind of example do they think they really are? Can we just admit that they are on the show because it’s a cash cow? I would appreciate them being open about their ever changing mental illness if they could be honest across the board. If they think they are struggling now, wait until TM ends. They haven’t worked a day in their lives, do they think they’re going to be set just because people know them from a reality TV show? Start thinking about your daughter. And stop leaving her with people who “traumatized” you. Really makes their claims seem less legit….

  4. And is the”cure” for any of this spending half your time in increasingly spa like”rehabs” in between vacations? Go to school, I don’t care it’s for dog grooming, volunteer, get a job, DO SOMETHING.

  5. These 2 have no idea what they are doing. and the fact that they have a kid is even scarier. They have so much money they don’t even know what to do with it and have no real problems at all. Weve watched them buy house after house and horses and god knows what else. I’m so sick of them both whining about everything. Get a job, find some purpose. No wonder they are both miserable , they just sit around all day and bitch. I don’t feel bad for any of these girls at all. They have no idea what its like for a real teen mom to struggle. And Tyler’s sister Amber and her man were high as hell throughout all those scenes. What is it with the trash they cast on this show!! they have these 2 idiots high as hell with all their kids around etc. real nice Mtv ..

    1. And is the”cure” for any of this spending half your time in increasingly spa like”rehabs” in between vacations? Go to school, I don’t care it’s for dog grooming, volunteer, get a job, DO SOMETHING.

    2. So true! Why the hell was Tyler’s sister Amber and just sprung from jail BF even featured for that long? MTV gave them like 15 minutes of air time! What-Fckd up Farrah is gone, so now they need to go EVEN LOWER and put Tyler’s Meth Head sister on there?
      Disgusting…and I’m sure MTV had to cut them a check for that BS storyline…

  6. I know many people are against antidepressants, bit I don’t think I could function without them. That said, is Catelynn not taking any medications if she is so depressed she has to go to rehab? I don’t think she is because you usually can’t get pregnant on some medications. Maybe I’m wrong and she is taking something. I know as soon as I started Wellbutrin, I couldn’t even stand the smell of cigarettes, and it appears she is a chain smoker. I would not out is past her that she continued smoking when she was pregnant with Carly and Nova. She never has followed what the doctors tell her to do.

  7. Nova is a doll. But these two need to quit breeding. You shouldn’t breed if you have all these mental illnesses. The addiction & mental health issues ate rampet in these two family lines. I think they should try to keep the depression far away from Nova. She’s going to be the next generation with PTSD from her parents constant issues.
    I’m not saying they’re intentionally harming the kid, but not everyone needs to be breeding, just because you can. If you genetically predisposed to mental health illness, it’s best to not be selfish & pass it on to another generation.

    1. OMG! They have the right to a family the same way anyone who has breast cancer or any other inheritable condition that runs in their family does. Nova may or may not inherit it. And C&T’s issue mostly come from trauma not biology. Nova while not growing up in the most stable environment does seem to have two parents who love her and do their best to care for her.

      1. If their mental illness is trauma based why do they keep exposing their daughter to the people who caused it? Because pretty sure April was watching Nova more than they were for a bit there….doesn’t seem like they are trying to protect her…

  8. Get jobs,go to school! Your baby prosta-tot line will not make it after this show is over. What made u guys think u should be clothing designers. Tyler looks like an ed hardy add from like 15 years ago and i wont even go there with caitlin. Stop leaving ur kid with april if she abused u so badly. Tyler and caitlin need to break up anyone with 2 eyes knows he is gay. They give me a brother sister or a friend vibe not husband and wife. Stop buying farm animals u cant take care of. And please stop ur depression pod cast tour. Its not helping anyone and its a kick in the face for people who actually have depression. Wait until this show is over and u have to live like the rest of us. Real people dont get to jet off to a fancy rehab everytime life gets real

    1. you are so right 100%. that’s what I said about Tyler that he is gay, and I got all the down votes from either Tyler and his male lovers or the cake boy lovers on here. Who knows, but he is clearly gay, I think that’s why he’s angry all the time, and seems so lost, it’s sad in a way, that he doesn’t have the balls to live his true self, I feel really sorry for him!

      1. I feel bad that he feels he cant be his true self because teen mom money is more important. But trust u me, when this show is over he will drop caitlin like a bad habit. And she knows it. Do u remember a couplw years back when tinsel town tyler thought he was gonna be an actor(???????????) and ditched caitlin to go to new orleans and pursue his dreams. Well we all know what really went down. If i were caitlin i would be doing anything i could to better myself. Because she is gonna be on her own in a couple years. Tyler seems very opportunistic. Once the show is over he will have no use for her

        1. I can’t speak of Tyler’s sexual preference, but I watched them on Couples Therapy before thier wedding (I think after they called off the first one?)… and Cate just seemed so desperate to get married/stay with Tyler. And he seemed over it, didn’t really want to get married, much less have kids. That’s why I was surprised they did end up getting married. I just think without Mtv’s interference/money, they would have split up a long time and probably would have been much happier in the long run

  9. Why can’t they just STFU???
    I have suffered from PPD after having my second child. And I still had to channel all my energy to get out of bed, attend to BOTH my kids and go to work. My husband was the best support but I still had to put some effort on my part.
    There comes a time in your life where you no longer use the excuse of “I was raised this way” or “my parents did this” or any other excuse they give, and be an actual functional adult. They cannot hide behind these excuses for ever. They have to take responsibility for their own actions. They are in their late 20s for God’s sake.
    A brand new baby won’t fix her problems. She needs motivation, a job, a hobby, something to distracte her. Instead she chooses to lay in her couch all day drowning herself in her misery.
    They were supposed to do “great things” which is why they gave up Carly for adoption. What happened to that? They turned into such a disappointment. They have the means and still chose to do NOTHING with their lives.

      1. Does that excuse her for all the horrible decisions she has made? When will Cate and Tyler take responsibility then?
        I am so tired of people making excuses for them. Anyone who does not agree with me please explain what is it I am not seeing that you guys are. Because honestly I do not get it!

        1. Nope u are right, im so tired of all the excuses and new diagnosis they get. Its like they are trying to sell the depression thing to the public because nobody is buying it anymore. How about its time to clean up shop starting with butch and april. Just because they are ur family doesnt mean that they deserve to be in ur life. Did they ever once take care of them…. nope. Do u think they would be around if the cameras and money werent around…. nope. Cut ur losses. And the icing on the cake is they send nova right on over into the arms of there very own abusers. How can u have sympothy for them. I dont care how tired or run down u are why on earth would u do that. Get jobs. Go to school. Clean ur house and organize. Go to the store and cook a healthy meal for ur family. Plant a garden, for fucks sakes do something.

          1. Thank you. That’s what I also think. A lot of people have down voted my comment but they do not explain why they feel differently. Or to make me see what I do not see.
            Their house is always a mess and they look like they do not shower. Maybe if they spend time fixing their home and maling themselves look presentable instead of going o “tour” they would feel better about themselves

    1. And she’s still smoking weed, which would make me depressed cause all I wanted to do is sleep and eat when I tried it. Catelynn was told to lose weight and quit smoking before getting pregnant, yet she didn’t. She was told to quit smoking weed by Dr. Drew because it can affect of mental health, yet she didn’t. She was told to watch her diet when she was pregnant with Nova, yet she didn’t. IIRC, Tyler said she wouldn’t go to her out patient care after the last rehab. I just hope she doesn’t start going to rehab and use it as mini vacations.

  10. I just hope they realize there is no way having a second baby is good for their mental health. I hope Cate (or Tyler) don’t talk to Amber who said “Andrew cured my depression!” because it doesn’t work that way. They need help, REAL HELP, not some random cast member spewing nonsense. Oh and DEFINITELY not Dr Phil (or Drew or any TV doctor for that matter, Oz comes to mind), lol. I honestly don’t think they were ready already to have Nova because on top of what they went through in life, giving Carly up for adoption scarred them even more. They should just focus on their mental health and not bring another human being into this world which they will not be able to take care of.

  11. Something about “Tyler and Cait reveal their new mental health diagnoses!” sounds like a baby-gender reveal announcement, or a “we’re launching a new business!” announcement, or a new pregnancy or something. Like either ty and cait, or the media is getting us all hyped up to find out what new and exciting mental health problem these poor people are diagnosed with. It’s really strange. I agree with and support them about speaking out and bringing awareness, but the headlines that are coming from them speaking out makes it sound like fun-time exciting cliff hanger, what will happen next, stay tuned to hear the big announcement! sort of thing.

    I’m also struck by how little really we know about the brain, mental health, and mood disorders. There are no concrete tests you can do to find out what’s the matter. It’s not like you can get a conclusive blood test that tells you exactly what your diagnosis is. So instead, people know something isn’t right with how they feel, they go to a doctor or counselor, and depending on how the doctor or counselor interprets whatever symptoms they’re presenting at that exact time, or how thoroughly or accurately the person’s self-reporting of their symptoms and history are, the person seeking help can get all sorts of diagnoses. And the more people you see, the more diagnoses you get, and each of those diagnoses comes with its own medication or treatment, and sometimes they can conflict. And rather than have the new diagnosis take over the last one (as in, you actually don’t have bipolar, you have schizophrenia instead), we get people who have multiple, hyphenated mental health issues (like depression/anxiety-panic disorder-PTSD-borderline-post partum). Sometimes, you’ll see that a diagnoses like PTSD or borderline personality disorder is getting a lot of press and attention lately, and suddenly many more people are being diagnosed with it, because the symptoms are very similar to other conditions, and because the person doing the diagnosing is subconsciously thinking “PTSD” or “borderline” just bc they’re hearing it so much more often. And each decade we learn more about the brain and mental health, and new diagnoses are come up with, and you can actually see trends in mental health diagnoses and treatments over the decades.

    I’m not trying to say that either Tyler or cait’s diagnoses are wrong. I guess I’m just making more of a general comment about mental health and how phychology and how little we really know or understand it all. I hope that Tyler and cait can heal, feel better, and make better lives for themselves and their child.

  12. here she is mother theresa omg the only reason she did it was she could help some stranger how about for you kid your husband. Lazy spoiled self entitled pot head I’m sure you will do nothing just like you did with you I want to help make adoption easier. I want be a teen advocate how did those work out.

  13. I am so thankful they shared their stories. Not only will it help them, it is likely it will help many many others.

    1. No it wont, they are lazy and entitled. What they dont realize is they are helping no one. They arent a success story if they turned there lives around and accomplished something then maybe they could help someone. They sit around and cry and go to rehab. Then come out of rehab and do nothing. To be a real inspiration to other people u need to come out the other side and have made something of urself which they have not.

      1. I worry that it will actually have the opposite effect because they’re example is not showing anybody to follow through I just feel like they always want a pat on the back yes it’s great that you realize there is an issue but stopping treatment is not part of the answer

  14. I suffer with depression and anxiety. I have 2 children. One is 5 and 1 is 4 months old.
    There are days where I dont want to do anything, and I just want to lie in bed all day.
    Guess the difference is- I don’t.
    Because if I don’t take care of my children, then they with be looked after. So in a way, Tyler and April picking up her slack, is kind of enabling her. If she had no other choice, she would have to get her butt out of bed and be a damn parent.
    My partner (the father of my children) works night shift, so he sleeps during the day and works at night. I have no family or friends support, so I have no choice but to do it all myself, and you know what ? I’m glad it’s that way, because even if I have no motivation to do things, I know I have to. And at the end of the day, I’m glad I did

    1. If only everyone with anxiety and depression were exactly the same. Guess what? We aren’t. Get off your high horse.

      1. No, everyone is different even with mental problems, however if a person with said mental issues has no other choice and no one to shuck their responsibilities off on, then what? You either do what you have to do or risk CPS getting involved or the court system. I don’t think the OP is on a high horse. She is telling it like it is. You either find something deep down inside yourself to force your ass in gear or you suffer the consequences of the law when there are children involved. There is no middle ground when there is no one to help a person out. I have problems myself and honestly don’t know what I would do without my wonderful husband, but I do know if we ever split then I’d have to find a way by any means necessary to be functional enough for my child. My issues aren’t all mental by the way, but more physical ailments and severe body pains.

        1. “however if a person with said mental issues has no other choice and no one to shuck their responsibilities off on, then what?” …Then a lot of people in that state actually end up killing themselves, that’s the problem.

          I agree with what a lot of people say, about structure and an interest/ school may help cate; but staying busy or doing it for their kid doesn’t solve the problem. My mother was the busiest, hardest worker and smartest person I knew – still one day turned around and commuted suicide. I would much rather she had disappeared to ‘rehabcation’ occasionally believe me.

  15. Catelynn and Tyler are lazy. a lot of people with mental illness have jobs and go to school without the luxury to flee to rehab to escape motherhood…..I think if Catelynn went to school or got a job she’d be a lot happier and have purpose…Instead Catelynn wines and does nothing but sits on the couch all day and wonders why she is miserable….

  16. the fact that Tyler is gay has nothing to do with his problems? I hope he comes out of the closet and lives an authentic life and doesn’t end up like Aaron Hernandez.

  17. I’m sorry that you have PTSD. I know that it can be caused by many things, not just military service. God bless you, and keep up the therapy.

      1. Actually a lot of single parents do everything, while holding down a job,and without family nearby to help or a huge paycheck for allowing themselves to be filmed now and then.

  18. I am trying to be sympathetic to their mental health issues. Yes they’re real issues but they are also being defined by their diagnosis. Catelyn feels her entire identity is a trauma survivor and that’s not who she is. And yes it does help if you get your ass out of bed and do something you enjoy. It doesn’t cure you but it does help. I know for a fact. Been there done that but it’s not my life sentence. It’s not my excuse for being lazy in life.

  19. If they want to be normal/stable why not act normal. Get a job/education. Raise your child yourself. Stop smoking pot. Sorry I feel neutral about them. I don’t dislike them. I don’t understand why they are on the show. Be a productive citizen. Sorry.

  20. Ugh I have several feelings on this. On the one hand, I think it’s great to talk about mental health, because like Catelynn said, being open could really help someone (not to mention it’s good that C & T themselves are getting help). On the other hand, I have personally been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, both stemming from a general adjustment disorder, and I’m going through several major life changes, including moving, death of a parent, and a long-term physical separation from my SO. With everything going on, I am incredibly stressed and my old, previously-controlled symptoms have been going full-force; HOWEVER, I have a child who needs me, and I simply can’t lie down and refuse to get out of bed. It sucks sometimes when I’m feeling on the brink of a breakdown, but it’s also a distraction from myself for a while. Idk, I understand C & T had really traumatic childhoods, but maybe at some point maturity would be less about leaving their kid with their various unstable family members to go on podcasts and tours to promote mental health, and more about buckling down, raising their child, and maybe even getting a job.

    1. Agreed. Not everyone with mental health issues have the luxury of not going to work and escaping their responsibilities. And sometimes those things that can bring you out of a depressive episode so I’m not surprised these guys can’t escape their depression.

  21. Now that these two have diagnoses that are clearly related to the people from their childhood are they finally willing to cut bait with these people or are they still going to expose their child to the these very same people for days at a time while they “take breaks”?

    Sorry if this is harsh, but I have had it with these two honestly and I am shocked that they can go on interviews admitting these things and let Nova stay multiple nights with the people that damaged them so badly. Hell no, would that ever happen in my world. Thoughts?

    1. Exactly. Catelyn has PTSD from April’s parenting (or, perhaps, her lack thereof), yet she lets her own daughter spend time in her care? That doesn’t sound right. Poor Nova.

    2. This sums up my feelings as well. If she has PTSD from the horrific childhood April inflicted upon her, how could she let Nova spend so much time over there? At one point, Nova was spending most of the week at April’s. Even if April is sober now, I don’t think I could trust her with my child like that. Especially since Cate is still dealing with that trauma. Why risk your baby like that?

      Same with Butch. C&T left Nova with him for a week when they left the country. As we now know, his sobriety was not long-lasting. After everything they’ve gone through, they apparently don’t seem to care very much at all about protecting Nova from a similar fate.

  22. So sick of these two with the mental health storyline; the therapy, the therapy horses, the adoption concilor YEARS later. Did these dingbats ever consider that infertile people watch this show and would kill to have the experience of a pregnancy? I am a survivor of child molestation but I never made it my identity. People in other countries go through way worse. I don’t bring up my past and collapse every time life deals me a crappy hand. I DEAL with it.

  23. I think we do see some grandiosity with Tyler sometimes on Teen Mom. So that would fit with a BP diagnosis, manic symptom. It’s good he’s getting it under control while his child is still so young and marriage intact. I grew up with a BP parent who never got it under control. It tore our lives apart.

  24. I think it’s great that they’re willing to be so open about this but sometimes it’s hard for me to understand why they are able to put a name on everything they are going through but don’t seem so willing to work on themselves and continue a treatment program

    1. I agree, my mother has been to a clinic a few times for mental issues and put us through a lot. she first was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, then psychosis, then paranoid schizophrenia….. she likes to let everyone know about it all but doesn’t really do anything to maybe better herself. I don’t get it

    2. I agree, hopefully this is a turning point for them. I understand it’s hard to get up and do things (I had depression and anxiety myself), but they have the resources to get help and do something, so I really hope they use it.

    3. Yep, it’s like they (and amber, and Jenelle) all think that coming out and saying “I have PTSD/BPD/Bi-Polar” somehow will make it better. No, you identify it and THEN you have to work on it. But that’s the hard part so it doesn’t surprise me none of them get better because they couldn’t be bothered to actually help themselves.

  25. I was diagnosed with PTSD- when people ask what I go to therapy for and I tell them “PTSD” they assume I’m in the military

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