Farrah Abraham Is Fuming Over Her Mom Debra Danielsen’s Comments About Her Mental Health

“How dare you call me crazy, Crazy!”

Debra Danielsen dared to make comments about her daughter Farrah Abraham’s mental state… and Farrah is not happy about it! She came out swinging at her mom via an interview with People magazine that was full of A+ “Farrah Speak!”

The former Teen Mom OG star is denying the accusations made by her mother made last week regarding her mental health. (As The Ashley previously reported, Deb stated during an interview with Shot Talk that she believes Farrah is a narcissist who suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder.)

Farrah called her mother’s claims “evil and alarming.”

(We’re low-key disappointed Farrah didn’t accuse her mom of having a “belligerent, anti-Christ attitude” in her statement.)

Upon hearing Deb’s thoughts on her mental stability (or rather lack thereof) Farrah told People she was sad her “own mother would say these untrue things about her own child.”

“After all these years, I still have [my mom’s] best interests at heart,” Farrah added.

While Farrah claims to have her mom’s best interests at heart, she didn’t miss an opportunity to place the blame for some of her own problems on Deb. At least… we think that’s what she was trying to get say via “Farrah Speak.” (Farrah’s quote has been left intact to preserve said “Farrah Speak.”)

“Clinically and honestly, none of my TV show therapists and personal therapist have all said I’m balanced,” Farrah told the magazine. “I started therapy in my past at the age of 14 due to my mother and I not getting along as our family therapist sided with me about my safety and my life choices that my mother has never been supportive or caring to help guide her own children.”

Farrah added that according to her therapists, Deb is jealous of her.

“I always wish my mother the best as I attended her wedding supporting her,” she continued. “Saying horrible things about your own child after I’m the only one who has ever strived to overlook her demons she fights daily against this brings sadness to our family and I wish her all the best for the sake of my health and safety I wish her all the best.”

Umm… what?

The (now) former ‘Teen Mom’ star said her mom rode her coattails during their time with MTV.

“I hope she has enjoyed the Teen Mom MTV ride that Sophia brought to her as I’m moving on from that toxic environment she dwells in,” Farrah said. “I hope she ceases talking about me since she does not love me she does not need to speak about me to stay relevant in a disgustingly hateful way. God Bless.”

Farrah’s father (and Deb’s ex-husband) Michael Abraham came to Farrah’s defense on Twitter.

“Debra has NO business throwing Farrah under the bus publicly….” Michael wrote. “If Farrah wants to discuss her life including her health that’s her place NOT DEBRA’S.”

Uh-oh…it sounds like Farrah & Co. could use another season of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition!

(Photos: MTV)


  1. I wish Farrah and her lovely feet and her daughter all the best and I’m to miss her on Teen Mom. And her feet! I hope she and her mom work things out because her mom seems contrite.

  2. Farrah is absolutely crazy, watching her makes me want to climb inside the tv so I can just tell her to shut up, the sound of her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. At any given moment she looks like she’s about to snap and just go off. She thinks she’s so perfect and let me tell you that you are far from it. You are a piece of shit you think people try to make you look like your the bad guy no you make yourself look like that. I just had to get this off my chest. Thanks Bye Bye!!

  3. The only reason Michael is coming to her defense is he is affraid she will cut him off financially as well! Farah is a psychotic bitch she really needs to grow the fuck up! She will learn when Sophia starts treating her the way she has treated her parents all her life! Lord knows she has seen & heard it all!

  4. I saw her old 16 and pregnant episode. And i kind of get why she treats Deb like crap, because wow … I had totally forgotten how awfull Deb was on that show .. No excuse for Farrah, but I kinda see why she is the way she is, at least towards Deb. The apple don’t fall far from the tree ..

  5. Ok let’s just look at the picture of Deb above. She is as crazy if not crazier than Farrah and we all watched how mean she was to Farrah back when Sophia was born…she pretty much threw her out to be alone. How Farrah is such a b*tch and narcissist has been helped along by Deb for sure. I’m a mother and don’t think mom’s should be blamed for eveything, and I really do not like the way Farrah treats people, but Deb IS riding her fame from her disgusting Debz OG videos and everything else. STFU Deb, stop borrowing money from your daughter and then putting her down for how she made it. Crazy train city.

  6. Both mom and daughter seemingly have MAJOR mental issues
    As they say, “if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…”

    1. GG: that’s not the way the saying goes. It’s actually, “if Farrah looks like a duck…” ???

  7. My most favorite part is where Michael doesn’t deny that Farrah has mental health problems or is a narcissist. He just says it was wrong of Deborah to talk about those things in public.

    In deb’s defense (kind of), she was responding to a direct question from the interviewer. It wasn’t as if she called a magazine and just said “my daughter has borderline personality disorder and is a clinical narcissist,” she was specifically asked about those two things and she agreed that Farrah probably had those conditions.

    Now that Farrah is off teen mom, do we have to keep hearing about her? I was hoping that once she was off the show, people would stop interviewing her, and she wouldn’t be in every gossip magazine episode, or have 10 online articles a week written about her and the newest thing she’s said. It seriously seems like every si god time Farrah speaks publicaly to anyone at all about anything, an article is written about it.

  8. I mean… I know Farrah is batshit crazy, but what she’s saying (poorly) is pretty true. Deb definitely caused her a LOT of issues, and you can see the change, in BOTH of them, with the fame & money that MTV brought. Deb used to be a power suit wearing strict mother who thought her daughter was the anti Christ, then switched to wearing clothes from pre-teen stores and kissing Farrah’s ass all the time so she could get money from her, and now that the money & fame has (somewhat?) dried up, she’s back to being against Farrah and ensuring she makes public comments to keep her relevant.

    I will never say Farrah isn’t a very crazy, horrible, negative, messed up person, but the reason she is, is because of how she was raised combined with sudden fame & fortune (imo).

  9. “Clinically and honestly, none of my TV show therapists and personal therapist have all said I’m balanced,” Farrah told the magazine. none

    1. So is it “all” or “none”? I am betting they have ALL told her she is unbalanced. She changes therapists when they say something that doesn’t fit or agree with her. I am glad she is no longer filming, I hated seeing her segments and mostly FF through them all.

  10. As a mom I have to say,it was wrong for Deb to talk about Farrah’s mental problems. That is her DAUGHTER. She was obviously using it to get attention. Now, as a person with an IQ over 20,I have to say…It is no secret Farrah has mental issues. Perphaps the problem is her leather wearing, attention seeking mother.

    1. Perfectly said… It doesn’t seem like she has a motherly bone in her body when it came to that comment because everything in her would want to protect Farrah and not just throw out things like that in public privately there is something off with Farrah but it needs to be dealt with and it shouldn’t be about how many likes or Instagram post or views on a videos you can do about it truly sad for both of these women because this cycle is just going to continue and Farah is the one that will pay the price

      1. I think both Deb and Farrah has some sociopathy in them as they seem to have no concept of empathy and they seem to be play acting when it comes to dealing with feelings aside from anger. Also both talk to Sophia with baby talk which is annoying and bizarre. They are both very similar and that is probably why the butt heads.

  11. Good for you Deb,
    Not saying anything we didn’t already know about Farrah she made herself look bad she did that to herself. As for Michael her needs to grow a pair.
    To let your daughter talk to you (a grown man)the way Farrah talks to him and not say anything, shame on him. (I believe it’s called pushover). Before you know it Farrah will be treating Michael’s new wife the same way she treats everybody else if she isnt already and maybe then, Michael will grow a pair and at least stick up for his wife.
    Farrah is way out of control (and I have to blame Michael for that as her father he needs to teach respect)
    with her mouth and body, and by the way Farrah isnt as hot as she thinks she is..I see trouble arising in her daughter Sophia in her upcoming teen years…Good riddance to that family!
    You will all be greatly missed………………. NOT!!!

  12. Of course she has some sort of mental impairment. Not just because of the way she speaks, also they way she treats people. It also looks like Michael co-signed it by saying she will discuss her health if and when she feels like it, not denying it.

  13. Please tell me that this entire disfunctional family will be off MTV forever? I don’t want to hear or see any of the nasty, ill mannered women in this family and that includes Sophia. Good riddance.

  14. The only reason Deb is saying anything is to get attention for herself now that she can’t ride in Farrah’s MTV train anymore. My personal opinion is that yes Farrah has some disorder judging by how delusional she is about her own importance but I leave the diagnosis up to professionals. I find it odd that if Farrah has these disorders, that her mother never used them before to explain Farrah’s bizarre behaviour. Now that Deb’s MTV money has ended she has repeatedly said that Farrah is ‘not right’s mentally because Deb’s has no MTV money source to protect.just my opinion tho!

  15. GOD BLESS. I really hope she ends all her future Farrah speak messages with that. It makes no sense and is completely random after a rant and that just makes it perfect.

  16. She might actually be the most pretentious person. Like does she actually think she is smart. Her grammar is horrible. My 7 year old nephew can form a better paragraph than her.

  17. Easy solution for Farrah for putting a stop to her mom’s sudden bad-mouthing;

    Start paying for all of Debz’s butt and face lifts again.

    No doubt, Debz will immediately become “Team Farrah” again ( and wearing the goofy T shirts to prove it) just like she did a few years back when Farrah was still rolling in MTV paychecks.


  18. I can see why farrah talks like that though. She probably gets really nervous being confronted and has a hard time making the right sentence come together. I don’t blame her. I would do the same. I get really nervous in public speaking or stuff like that. But it also might come out because she is angry and irrational.

    1. Right Tracy, take all the dislike we have and put it aside, if we didn’t know nothing of Farrah at all… how would we feel knowing that your mother is making a fortune off you getting pregnant as a child, you allowed her to go along for the lavish ride, you have now come to the end of it yourself so mom is going to trash you at any given chance she gets for her own gain. It’s really horrifying what deb is doing , without Farrah’s name there is no interest in deb once so ever.. I’ll say it again, this is why her daughter hates her!

      1. Anyone who agrees with Debra inviting amber to her wedding was ok has something wrong with them! A mother doesn’t do that to their own child, deb is a selfish , fake, pig that doesn’t deserve respect… I’d be worried sick that eventually someone is going to beat my kid to near death or kill them the way Farrah acts… as a mother you go to the end of the earth to get your kid help and tell them the truth… not deb

    2. But the thing is most of her incoherent ramblings come from Twitter and other social media where she actually has time to think about what’s she’s saying/typing. She’s not at some spontaneous debate coming up with replies.

  19. Deb takes no blame for her daughters problems, pretty obvious that Michael had no say in his daughters life as a minor- controlling Debra is responsible for it all!
    Farrah needs to throw a C&D against her mother, it’s disgusting what she’s doing. Deb had to put her cridentals in her wedding invite( that was so ignorant) .. take your degree and earn your OWN money already lady!
    Deb can’t seem to keep sucking the the money out of her daughters name! Farrah needs to throw a suit against her for the money her mother is making off using her name, throw that asshole husband on there too! While they say bad publicity is better than none… not for a DOCTOR !! Something needs to shit this woman up- she gets me sick!

  20. First…hi Mykol!

    Second…Farrah stated she thought her Mom had Asbergers Syndrome. I can’t imagine how a person who has significant trouble with basic English would know what Asbergers is, but maybe she thought it was Ass..bergers and it peaked her attention.

      1. Farrah definitely seems to have some sort of Autism or Asperger’s disorder, she doesn’t look at the people she speaks to, she speaks in a halting bizarre flat tone. Also, Farrah’s tendencies are toward schizoid and paranoid and delusional. There is a lot there, I am not sure why DCF has not taken Sophia from her yet. Farrah looks like a suicide case to me because no one will get her the help she needs. Shame on Deb and Micheal..she should be in treatment not making porno’s to support their freeloading a$$es..

      2. I have Aspergers myself so it’s possible and I didn’t know how Debra used to be so now I understand Farrah’s attitude a lot more.

    1. I have Aspergers myself so it’s possible and I didn’t know how Debra used to be so now I understand Farrah’s attitude a lot more.

  21. If there is, I bet it would break our phones. After reading this article, my brain hurts. I need to go listen to a fairly intelligent person.

  22. I feel that Farrah must have taken it especially hard up the ass at some point, joggling her brain, thus damaging her ability to form coherent sentences.

  23. I feel that Farrah must have taken it especially hard up the ass at some point, joggling her brain, thus damaging the her ability to form coherent sentences.

  24. If you want to see how MTV influenced all of them (and most of them not for the better) then just look at a photo comparison of Deb, circa season 1-2, until now. I loathe Farrah and her entire family (except maybe stepmom) but she will NEVER take responsibilities for her own actions. Her family needs to get off social media. Just ugh. Michael… you’ve been kissing Farrah’s ass for years because you are legitimately terrified of her. Right?!!!

  25. Farrah is insane, but she does make some good points. I do think Deb is jealous of Farrah, she definitely used Farrah for fame and money, and even though it’s totally true that Farrah is a nut job, it’s kind of a low blow for her own mother to blast that all over the internet. There was no reason for that except that Deb wanted more attention. Deb is a big part of the reason Farrah is the way she is. Plus, someone who threatens her daughter with knives is never going to look sane in my book, so take a seat Deb.

    1. Eh, yes it’s her daughter, but Farrah has treated her like complete crap for a couple decades now – at some point you probably get to the point where you just don’t care about holding back anymore.

      1. Shea, I totally agree with you. She has been beyond disrespectful, rude, and just plain awful to her parents for yearrrss, I’m sure. She’s a vile POS that needs to be put in her place. As for her mom talking about farrah; let’s not forget she said her mother has asburgers, and also says way more nasty mean comments then Deb. I still think Deb shold have stabbed her. Lol

        1. Well I have Aspergers and there are worse things to say,not that I’m politically correct! Say whatever you want. I just hope we will continue to see Farrah’s fair feet! More Farrah feet!

  26. “none of my TV show therapists and personal therapist have all said I’m balanced,” So they all said you are unbalanced?

    “Debra has NO business throwing Farrah under the bus publicly” but she is right to do so privately?

    This family really needs to understand sentence structure and the use of words.

  27. Narcissistic and Borderline personality disorders, that’s a hell of a combination. It would basically boil down to “It’s all about me, but I don’t know who that is.”

    1. I believe Farrah has these issues. People who have bpd are extremely insecure and have volatile relationships…sounds like Farrah. I think you may be thinking of multiple personalities. Which, she’s evil enough, who knows

      1. No, not all of them do AT ALL. I have BPD and I seriously do not like how this label is bandied about in complete speculation. Just because you have BPD doesn’t mean you’re a bad or selfish person with volatile relationships. I go to therapy every week to keep my BPD in check and have a wonderful relationship with my husband and family, and have tons of friends.

        The problem with Farrah (and amber. And catelynn. And Jenelle) is that they have serious mental problems and DO NOT WORK ON THEM. Don’t tar us all with the same brush, some of us actually address and deal with our mental issues.

        1. I never said anyone with bpd was a selfish or bad person, but without therapy, help or understanding, they often have volatile relationships and are insecure. That’s just the way it works. Extreme fear of abandonment provokes these things. I have bpd also. So, I do know the symptoms. Farrah Seems like a bad person, but I believe she is extremely insecure and it makes the underlying mental issues much worse.

        2. I also believe Farrah has an extremely low amount of empathy. That of course compounds and makes her attitude really awful.

          1. I have always thought she had some kind of Autism, she was never all there, even in pregnant and 16. Just lived in a la la land that didn’t exist. On her 16 and pregnant she was trying to date while still pregnant with her dead ex-boyfriends baby and…it was so beyond insane. Both her parents trying to tell her, now isn’t exactly the time to date. Then on Teen Mom she dated a guy twice and flew herself to Dallas to meet him and she demanded an engagement ring and he left her at a restaurant DURING a date…she’s tragic.

      2. With multiple personalities, you would think 1 personality might be kind and I’m not seeing that. So in my expert opinion, that’s not it lol.

    2. And also, let me manipulate every single person I can in order to make it all about me.

      Ironically BPD is developed during childhood, when your parents are distant, absuive or both.

    1. As evident by how he acted in the car going to a house his daughter was not welcome to to nor was it scheduled for an open house… I thought it was sad that Michael didn’t say anything about Sophia needing to have an onset teacher at least worry about your granddaughters education It truly showed where his priorities lie and it’s not with anybody except for his daughter commonsense be damned

  28. Well I did know shit was going to hit the fan when Farah comprehended what her mom had said but honestly I find it hard to believe Farrah took any amount of therapy seriously and if so why would you be so willing to share with a magazine what was said between you and your therapist honestly I’m surprised any therapist would come right out and say that to her but sometimes reading what Farrah has to say gives me a headache because I try so hard to make it make sense when it’s just not supposed to

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