EXCLUSIVE! David Eason’s Baby Mama Backs Down: Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Will Keep Custody Of His Son

“Add another kid to the heap!”

Score another victory for Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason!

The Ashley has learned that David was victorious in his quest to keep custody of his son, Kaden, despite Kaden’s mom, Olivia Leedham, filing emergency court papers last month in an attempt to keep the boy away from David and “The Land.”

The Ashley can exclusively report that Olivia has closed her case in the New Hanover County, North Carolina, court and plans to comply with the custody order in place.

(In the custody papers she filed last month, she claimed that David was exhibiting “erratic and concerning behavior” and that she was scared to send Kaden to “The Land” to be cared for by David and Jenelle.

An insider close to David’s second baby-mama tells The Ashley that it basically came down to cold hard cash.

“She doesn’t have the money to go to court and fight [David and Jenelle] in court,” the insider tells The Ashley. “She cancelled the scheduled mediation and court dates and is going to follow the schedule that was in place before she filed [the emergency custody papers] in February.”

The insider tells The Ashley that Kaden has been on “The Land” visiting in recent weeks, getting to know his stepsiblings Jace and Kaiser, and half-siblings Ensley and Maryssa, but starting next week, David will be allowed to have Kaden for the whole weekend.

“David will get to have him for overnights which hasn’t happened before,” the source said. “The original rules will stay in place, and Kaden will not be filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2.’

As The Ashley previously reported, David’s relationship with his son (who is four) has been strained since the boy’s birth. Olivia obtained sole legal and physical custody of Kaden after David was found guilty of having committed domestic violence against Olivia while she was pregnant with their son.

“[David] endangered the life of the child by pushing [Olivia] when she was eight months pregnant and leaving her in the middle of the road at night when she was seven months pregnant,” the court papers from the incident stated. Olivia filed a restraining order, and David was not allowed to have contact with her or Kaden after that. In March 2016, David was arrested for approaching Kaden in a grocery store and violating the restraining order.

In February 2017, The Ashley broke the news that Olivia had a change of heart and was allowing Kaden to visit David occasionally. Things came to a head last month, though, when David was fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ after going on a homophobic Twitter rant. That incident, among others, caused Olivia to file the emergency court papers.

“[Olivia] and her family are worried still,” the source added. “Right now it’s all new and a novelty for Jenelle and David to have him there, but it’s too soon to say if things will stay all happy and fun.”

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. All of these kids with different baby mamas and baby daddies!!! How do these two nasty trolls find that many people that will sleep with them??!!!!!!!! YUCK

  2. I know this is way O/T, but I just saw the pic of Janelle with a gun that she posted the just hours on the same day as the Florida school shootings. Does anyone know if that is David’s gun? I really think he could hurt Janelle. I know he had a knife a one of the reunions.

  3. I wish MTV would give Kaden’s the mother the money for a lawyer. You can’t tell me those producers/production assistants have not witnessed the abuse against poor Kaiser. They surely can see it is an volatile environment.

    1. Kaidens mom changed the agreement, and now the child has to go for overnight stays.

      She should have left things as they were then lurch wouldn’t be seeing this poor kid.
      So Olivia has put her innocent son in a volatile situation.

  4. Normally I don’t like the term, “trailer trash” HOWEVER, I think it fits these two perfectly.

  5. They better have a gate around that pool! But seriously, you buy the b.s. drowning story that Casey’s lawyers came up with? She smothered that poor baby with chloroform and killed her and then went on a party bender. How the F that girl is walking free is a disgusting miscarriage of justice.

  6. Jenelle posted a picture of the kids, including Kaden, on Instagram. Didn’t David agree that he wouldn’t do that? I thought that was part of their agreement, which still stands. Not shocking that Jenelle felt the need to prove to everyone that they won Kaden. I say won because this is just one big game to them. The kids are just trophies to be won.

  7. Money really is evil sometimes. David and Jenelle get away with a thousand times more than others could b/c Jenelle has the money to get slick lawyers and probably pays off people too. Those poor kids.

  8. So both Jenelle and David have three kids each but none have the same mom or dad. These poor kids.

    My biggest fear is they have an in-ground swimming pool and we all know these kids are not watched. Remember when Jace was lost in the woods for hours, makes me wonder how long he was missing before they noticed.

      1. They better have a gate around that pool! But seriously, you buy the b.s. drowning story that Casey’s lawyers came up with? She smothered that poor baby with chloroform and killed her and then went on a party bender. How the F that girl is walking free is a disgusting miscarriage of justice.

        1. To this day it’s still bothers me her lawyers were so sleazy I don’t know how she manages to live with herself

  9. So, did they refuse a drug test by the court like they did with CPS? How the hell is this happening?

  10. Thanks a lot MTV! This is what happens when you throw money at trailer trash. Now another child is in danger. I never understood why they have to be paid so much money. Even if MTV cut their pay in half, what are they going to do, say no thanks , when the alternative is working a 40 hour a week job for minimum wage? These girls all think they hold all the cards, when clearly they don’t. It’s time for MTV to either cancel this shitshow, or stop throwing so much money at these aholes.

    1. That’s a really good point actually. MTV could probably pay them $30k a year and they’d still do the show. It’s either that or McDonald’s.

      1. Amen!! And who does David think he is pay me to film on The Land lol
        I wish David and Nathan could do a boxing match
        Steroids vs Meth and I wish David would get slapped like a little bitch

        1. I’m not into boxing, but I would totally buy a ticket to that. Could we use the proceeds to help Olivia?

  11. Other than Jace , it’s devastating that not one of these children have an advocate. Gary was a grown man and the state stepped in, as did cps, when he was being abused. Where is everyone now to protect these innocent kids from the abuse clearly happening. Sadly raisers main lesson is d not bother telling grandma David hits you. Shell drop her case.

  12. This just proves that the court system only works if you have an obscene amount of money. That’s why these two get away with everything.

  13. With the exception of little Ensley, each child connected to this boiling hot mess involves either a court battle, custody issue, physically abusive conflict — or all three.

    My heart totally breaks for these kids.

    And that’s because the huge sums of money and resources being thrown at these two druggie LAND DOPERS who call themselves parents will apparently never end—until like Farrah, Jenelle becomes a porn star.

    TFSFW (Too Effing Sad For Words)

    1. Ensly will it’s just a matter of time. Also Farrah is selling her shoes and purses now. Guess she needs cash

  14. How, WHY?! So that he can be abusive to him just like he is to Kaiser, calling his own son “a little bitch” and everything else?! I just hope these courts won’t intervene before it’s too late, I’m sure Olivia is scared now for her son’s safety……..should have kept the restraining order intact, this man is dangerous and who knows what he can do to Kaden.


  15. I’m sure Janelle is THRILLED to have another kid on the land, one she doesn’t particularly like or know. She and David don’t seem to care about any of their own. This child’s chances are right up their with Kaiser’s.

  16. I think the court should’ve started with daily visits first instead of forcing a small child to go to a stranger’s house for days at a time.

    1. That is what the article says. He’s been visiting and will be staying overnight for the first time soon.

  17. If ever there was a cause to Kickstarter, this would be the cause.

    At the very least, I hope Olivia is holding David’s ass to the fire with child support. Force him to pony up every last nickel allowed by the State of North Carolina. If her lack of money is keeping her from legally keeping her son from that monster, I sure hope she used that to get child support.

    When is karma going to get Jenelle and David? Aren’t they due for some exceptional bad karma?

  18. Wtf is wrong with you judgemental lunatics. I FOUGHT WITHOUT A LAWYER because i was being truthful and he had no argument against me. But he lied and FOUGHT like hell while his parents paid for his lawyer.I STILL WON. SHE’S obviously making shit up. If he pushed her while she was 8 months who into say she didn’t provoke him? Second of all, the kid is 4 that means over 4 years ago that happened. People do grow up! You dont see everything on t.v. maybe he has a temper but so could the person passing you on the street. Person walks by and could go home and get shit faced and beat their family but you would never know. Y’all are so damn ignorant. Oh wow who gives a shit if he doesn’t agree with LGBTQ community. It’s our right to exercise freedom of speech. Fucking snowflakes. He has a point. Most of us were raised where your a man or woman and you marry the opposite sex and have a family. Look at all the people doing insanely erratic shit, taking hormones to alter their biology, taking steroids to get buff, have surgery to change their sex……YET JENELLE AND DAVID ARE out of their mind. They’re trying to live in fucking peace, enjoy life and raise their kids. It takes REAL MEN/WOMEN to raise someone else’s kids so good for them. If they didn’t have all their kids you would still bash them so get a fucking life. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

    1. I didn’t read past “who into say she didn’t provoke him?” You’re either, David (which is what I’m leaning towards), a troll, or just flat out stupid. But David IS all three rolled into one so ??‍♀️

    2. You are what’s wrong with today’s society. “Maybe he has a temper” “that was 4 years ago, people grow up” … have you seen his erratic, scary behavior on the show? He acts like a complete psycho, and that’s either with the camera’s rolling, or witnessed by other people. If he acts like that in public, then what he does behind closed doors is worse, and no child should be subjected to that.

      And what is your point re: anyone who walks by could get shit faced and go home and beat their kid? Does that make David’s crazy behavior OK? So because anyone we see on the street could go home and beat their kid, that means we should just shut up about David’s clearly abusive behavior? If you are going to choose an argument, atleast choose one that proves a point. Your entire post is pointless and ignorant.

    3. I agree She probably provoked him…. just like Kaiser does when he acts like a little kid.

      I hope you’re too young to be dating but always remember this No man or woman has the right to put their hands on their spouse in anger. It’s unacceptable

    4. I can think of zero situations that would justifiably involve a huge ass man beating down his super pregnant girlfriend. There is not a single provocation in the world that would justify beating the mother of your baby, ESPECIALLY while she is pregnant. There is no good or valid or okay reason for assaulting a pregnant woman! What the hell!? Who even thinks like this!?

    5. Are you kidding? Who’s to say she didn’t provoke him?? No excuse. They are disgusting, terrible parents. He needs to keep his ignorant thoughts to himself. They should NOT have custody of any kids. Period.

    6. This right here, is why we don’t do drugs, kids. Just remember, you too may turn into a raving lunatic on the internet that verbally accosts perfect strangers with unintelligible drivel, while simultaneously excusing away child, partner and drug abuse, in all forms.

      Please…don’t do drugs, stay in school, and strive to be the best you that you can be!

    7. Um, there is absolutely no excuse for a man to behave violently toward a woman—especially when that woman is pregnant. I don’t care at all what the woman may have done, or any way that she “provoked” him.

      I feel very sorry for you and for any female you may be raising. This kind of thought process is incredibly sad. I hope you don’t find yourself in this type of scenario or lifestyle but if you do, j hope you remember that being hit by a man is not your fault. That blame lies entirely on the man and his misogynistic caveman mentality.

    8. Anyone who thinks a woman did something to deserve being pushed down the stairs, while being 8 MONTHS PREGNANT, is as much as a POS as a David is. Who in their right mind writes that while “trying to defend” that monster?
      If she would have lost the child, would it have also been bc she provocked him? Should she just let it go bc he “grew up”? Tell me what could a woman possibly have said or done that she deserved to be pushed down? I’ll be waiting for you response

    9. Really???? She provoked him into pushing her and leaving her in a street at 8 months pregnant?? You’re an imbecile Marielynn!!

  19. Maybe if we donate to Nathan’s mom and Olivia It might have helped.
    I know when I went through my divorce the mediation wanted money right then and the lawyer was a little better still cost $20,000 in lawyer fees and nothing major was done my ex just kept stalling and they let him

  20. THats America’s court system. DCFS will only step up when it’s too late. The whole situation makes no sense.He beat her while she was pregnant with Kaden. I just don’t understand. SMDH!!

    1. She relented and let David start having visits with him. That is where she went wrong. It sets the precedent that she doesn’t actually think David is dangerous for him to be around.

  21. Jesus god, Olivia. If you’d told us the deal we could have crowd sourced the cash for you to keep him away The Laaaaaaand.

  22. Ugh, I feel really bad for her. I can’t imagine how terrified she is to send her son there overnight. This is seriously sad.

  23. Jenelle and Lurch have unlimited resources thanks to Teen Mom, and Olivia doesn’t. Courts are biased toward bio-parents. How any judge could see what David does when he KNOWS he is being filmed, and not call it scary and abuse, I don’t know.

    I’m thankful that Jenelle didn’t lose her job, and the money will keep rolling in. Hopefully this will avoid an epic meltdown for awhile, and the kids will be safe. Safer. None of them are safe.

  24. Kids’ welfare doesn’t seem to mean much to the system in whatever Carolina they’re from. How sad.

  25. Yet another example of how broken our legal system is. This case regarding a child’s safety in the presence of a KNOWN ABUSER came down to who could afford to go to court. Olivia is already saddled with the expenses of raising a child as a single mother, and simply can’t afford to fight to keep him safe. I am utterly disgusted, and so concerned for ALL of the children involved. I feel like it’s only a matter of time before MTV ends TM2 and we see these psychopaths resurface as criminals for harming these kids.

  26. Why is it that the scum of this world always seem to end up on top?
    I can handle these illiterate degenerates having beautiful big houses, cars, and tonnes of money for nothing other than being illiterate degenerates, but when the wellbeing and potentially the lives of innocent young children are at stake, and still they never seem to lose, my blood boils.

    1. I used to believe in karma, but not any more, because you’re right, it’s nasty scum like these 2 who always seems to come out on top.

    1. Exactly. She willingly changed custody with David. A judge had nothing to do with that. Now all of a sudden Olivia has a problem with David seeing their kid?!? It sucks and David should be around ANY kids, but this is what happens when you change your mind every 6 months.

          1. That’s what I think. He manipulated her and threatened her. He probably threatened to sue for full custody of more time now that he has a ton of money, a job with teen mom, a wife, more kids under his care, a home, a car, and LAND. Olivia probably was scared and couldn’t afford to fight against him in court so she agreed to limited visitation. Maybe Jenelle and David even bribed her and gave her cash payments. She let her little boy go there for awhile and then changed her mind, realizing that David hadn’t changed, and that just bc he had money and a house and a nice car, didn’t mean he was suddenly a better, kinder person, deserving of being around kids. She really should never have relented in the first place, but I highly doubt it was her idea or suggestion, and I bet she was facing a lot of emotional and financial manipulation and threats.

    1. This is a really good point I don’t know if you watch teen mom two but Chelsea and Taylor did the same thing when it came to Adam I feel like when they were able to do that it helped both of their cases that by themselves were already strong

    1. It’s not a judge. She dropped it so the judge is going to rule on the original agreement. Olivia should have gone pro se but I’m sure she was worried he may have gotten even more time with her son.

  27. Somethings are just too sad to even comment on I don’t know how anyone could justify this kind of ruling how on earth could this be in the child’s best interest

  28. Nathan might be a dumbass but he got it right when he told Jenelle “You’re trailer trash who hit the lottery”.
    I’m utterly disappointed that another child is going to be in danger by these two idiots. However I do think Jenelle will be jealous of Kaden sooner or later and maybe that will keep the poor kid away from them…
    They remind me of Amber when she was hoarding all those puppies and cats, except they do it with children. All of Amber’s pets were running around amok, pissing everywhere, neglected and not taken care of. Same goes to Jenelle and Lurch. So sad and tragic, I wish there was a way to rescue those children…

  29. It is such a sad situation for all of these children. Lurch and Jenelle look at them as pawns to play against the other “parent.” The statement saying that this is all happy and new to them says it all. I predict that “The Land” will be foreclosed on by this time next year and the mud slinging between these two garbage bags will be epic. I also think that Lurch must have something he’s holding over Olivia’s head, because all the evidence showing that Lurch is a lunatic is irrefutable.

    1. First thing I thought. David has dirt on her. Unfortunately, I think David and Jenelle will soon be using their daughter in their wicked games. No way they’ll stay together.

    1. They were losing until Olivia changed her mind. That’s the only reason why a judge sided with David. Olivia and David had a legal custody agreement in the eyes of the court. She went against it, and that’s why she lost. He would never of won if the original restraining order and custody wasn’t dropped. It sucks, and I’m sure Olivia is going to regret every letting David manipulate her

  30. Please Olivia, I’d be more than happy to contribute to a go fund me account helping with legal fees in order to keep him in supervised visits. Random hair follicle drag tests for both of them (JE & DAVE), I can guarantee without a doubt, she wouldn’t need any more court hearings!! When will these poor children welfare be top priority over $$, SAD, SAD DAY!!

    1. Kaidenskeeper’s comment right here is everything!!!! Random follicle drug tests (not done by them–they’ll cheat) are crucial to these kids welfare. Why do you think the clown shaved & cut all his hair, hmmmm!!! God Nathan, step up and let’s do testing for Kaiser!

  31. Let’s start a go fund me for her. I will pony up some money to help get any of those kids off the land and away from lurch.

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