‘Teen Mom OG’ Couple Ryan & Mackenzie Edwards Are Expecting A Baby (Exclusive Details!)

“I done knocked her up, y’all!”

Amber Portwood isn’t the only Teen Mom OG star that’s pregnant: Mackenzie Edwards, the wife of Ryan Edwards, is also expecting!

In a teaser clip for next week’s episode of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Mackenzie, who is already the mother of son Hudson, waves around a positive pregnancy test.

Although some viewers thought that it was a “fake out” scene, The Ashley can confirm that Mackenzie and Ryan are, indeed, expecting a baby. 

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Mackenzie and Ryan (as well as Ryan’s parents Jen and Larry Edwards) were gushing about Mackenzie’s pregnancy backstage during the recent ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion taping in New York City.

“That’s when most of the cast and even some of the crew found out Mackenzie was pregnant,” a source tells The Ashley. “Mackenzie and Ryan don’t know the sex of the baby yet, but are finding out on April 20.”

“She is due about the same time as Chelsea [Houska].”

“Ryan is actually really excited about this baby,” the source added. “They were trying to keep it quiet in the beginning, though, because they knew that [viewers] would have a lot of negative things to say.”

This will be the second child for Ryan as well. He shares nine-year-old son Bentley with Maci Bookout.

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. The only thing I’m surprised about with this whole situation is that Mackenzie is not in her 30’s. I really thought she was some 31-32 yr old who had a few rough years and that’s why she looked like a wore out 36-37. Damn.

  2. He’s just so darn excited that’s he couldn’t wait to share with all his friends on Tinder!

  3. Lord…Rhine just got himself arrested for heroine possession….And his delusional wife decided to make a baby with him.

    1. Came here for this! It seems like he violated probation. When was he first arrested and put on probation? Also, was this arrest just for the probation violation (and how did he do that) or was it for the violation AND heroin possession? The Ashley, we need answers!

      I hate this for Bentley, but I can’t help but love that this will wipe the stupid, smug look off of Mack’s face. Is Maci still petty and jealous, Mack??

      1. I agree! Mack wanted to sit there and blame his addiction on Maci, MEANWHILE She lives with the man, and he gets caught and arrested with heroine! And then this chick made a baby with him?! Never thought I would see the day where one of the teen moms would give Jenelle a run for her money i regards to STUPID, piss poor decisions, while playing victim. This is in the top 5 worst decisions by a cast member….Really she owns about 3/5 of the worst decisions. 1. Marry Rhine while he was HIGH HIGH 2. Marry him AGAIN when he was DRUNK and 3. Making a baby with him after he was “cured” of drug addiction after 12 days in rehab. He needs to get rid of her. she’s taken a turn for the worst since he got with her…the girl is a TOTAL enabler!

        1. His whole family enables him! It’s crazy! Larry was pushing for them to have a baby. They’re ALL trying to pressure and guilt Maci into letting Ryan seen Bentley unsupervised. They all pretend like he’s sober. It’s truly disturbing how delusional they are.

          1. I think the reason Jen and Larry wanted them to have a baby was because they’re worried Maci will cut them all out of Bentleys life at some point. I doubt she would cut out Mimi and Papa though, she knows how much Bentley means to them and that Bentley loves them as well. But Their time with him was impacted by Rhines choices, and I think they’re just looking to love another grandkid.

  4. Oh my gosh, y’all! I just read an E online article where Mackenzie is gushing about how great everything is. The article is hilarious! She’s freaking crazy!

    1. Yes, please, more details. Ryan has looked absolutely OUT of his mind in every scene all year. STOP for the LOVE of God, Larry and Jenn from enabling your only child into the grave. I know they have Bently and this new demon spawn coming out of Mac, and they might be done with their son, but put Ryan in jail or rehab and stop pretending he is fine for his MTV segments. STOP!

    2. i keep trying to post the link to the mugshot. go to right to know chattanoga and look at the recent mugshots. hes there. Simple possession of herion. right to revoke is mentioned too.

      1. Wow. This is the worst timing for him to get caught. Right when the news of their pregnancy broke and less than a week before the teen Mom episode showing her positive pregnancy test. I wonder if he started reading comments and articles about the pregnancy online and it freaked him out as he realized what everyone was saying: this is a horrible idea! You shouldn’t need to have bandaid babies this early in your marriage to distract from the total lack of chemistry with your wife and total lack of sobriety on his part. Maybe it pushed him over the edge and he relapsed, but I think it’s 100 times more likely that he’s been using this whole time. He has never looked, acted, or sounded sober since he got out of rehab. Plus, I find it highly unlikely that he would get caught and arrested the first and only time that he decided to use—just in terms of probability, it makes more sense that if he’s been using and buying heroin everyday for months that he would get caught on one of the 100+ days he’s bought, as opposed to getting caught on the 1 day that he bought.

      2. Old Rhyyyne, just hanging around with some simple heroin…that mug shot, all the drugs turned him grey by 30. What a waste..You would think him nodding off on heroin while driving would have lead to a serious intervention? Not only didn’t it do anything, he got married completely drunk non national television, continues to see Bently while on drugs, and now has a new baby on the way with no job, no career, and an active drug addict.

        1. I wonder if on the day he sobers up (we know it will take him years and the child will already be a toddler) he will realize that:
          1. he got married
          2. had a baby
          while being high.
          I’m sure by then he will realize who he got married to. She’s such an enabler, unbelieavable. (Remember few weeks back when she INSISTED he is sober……..yeah, sure, Mac.)

      3. He looks terrible in that mugshot. TERRIBLE. hopefully it’ll be his and his nutzo wife’s wake up call.

    3. Hot damn, Y’all!

      I am so glad I am on vacation! I’m going to have a breakfast Bud Light and get ready to read what Ashley has to say about this shit!!

      Also, I hope Mack is shitting a solid gold brick right now. She is FUCKED!

  5. WHY do these people feel the need to bring a child into the world right now? Husband fresh out of rehab which he didn’t even do the full recommended time for. She doesn’t have custody of her first kid. He isn’t the greatest father to his first kid. Why not work on themselves a bit more before bringing another innocent life into their world?

    1. I agree with you 100%. My guess though is Mack is wanting fame & money. Ryan wants the money to support his drug habit She is going to look like a fool after she has the baby because Ryan will treat her just as bad as he treated Maci. Maybe worse since drugs may be involved because I think he is still using.

  6. I can’t be the only one who reads these comments trying to decide which Ashley commenter is which Twitter hatter. ? ?

  7. I think the only reason Ryan is “actually excited” by this baby is because it’ll leave Mack tired, busy, and distracted while he does drugs (because we all know he’s not sober) and finds a new floozy on Tinder.

  8. Ugh last night’s episode showed Mack telling Hudson that he was acting just like his dad in a negative context. That is the sign of bad parenting when you have a kid that young and you are portraying their other parent as evil.

    Can’t wait for Rhine to cheat on her again when she has her big pregnancy belly.

    1. I know right! She talked all that shit about how she handles things, acting like she’s gods gift to coparenting, and then did that on camera! Like way to cast his dad in a negative light and reinforce that bad behavior is typical of his father. She looks 42 but has the entitled snooty mentality of a 15 year old.

    2. Mac gaining anywhere btwn 50-100 pounds isn’t exactly going to excite old drug eyes..She is also a crap mother, leaving her son strapped in his car seat as she berated him for being like his father, was actually abusive.

      1. I wanted to come through my tv screen during that scene.

        What a great Mom, strap your son in a seat and then psychologically torment him until he breaks.

        That is how you make a man who hates women.

  9. I turned 46 a couple of months ago, and I’ve been watching everything from the beginning. My husband doesn’t get it, but that’s fine. I laugh at all of the stuff on here sometime, and he looks at me funny.

  10. Why not have a baby, as long as we keep Maci in our mouth and she’s keeping us relevant on the show, we can afford 1, right? Yet I continue to act like u are the greatest man that has ever walked this earth and ur driving under influence that could have killed us that I didn’t want the world to see is just nonsense ?

  11. So basically, Mackenzie thinks that somehow Ryan will be a great father to her kid even though he was MIA with Bentley. I can just see it now- baby is born, Ryan can’t open his eyes or get off the couch and Jen takes care of the baby while Mackenzie complains that it’s all Maci’s fault that Ryan can’t be a good father.

  12. This is to The Ashley and all the regular commenters, just wanted to say you guys are the best. I love coming to this site to read all the snark from the articles and the comments, it really helps to breakup the mundane workdays. I honestly laugh out loud at some of the things on this site and gotten a few strange looks in the office. The shade on this site is brilliant, thanks for the laughs guys ~

    1. Glad we could put a smile on your face today!

      (You know only suckers have jobs, right? I don’t know what gender you are but my advice is to either get pregnant or impregnate someone else RIGHT NOW and quit that grind.)

      1. F/26/Nova Scotia: I actually use the articles on this page about the Teen Mom garbage barges as a form of entertainment and birth control. Also I don’t have: a collection of ex-soulmates, commercial molds of my lady-bits, meth face, a photo album of mugshots, a menagerie of animals, a multitude of baby-daddies, a non-existent work history (minus my clothing line), an imprint of my ass on the sofa, a different car every fortnight, backwoods-speak (Jesus God)(Leah), parents with shady pasts and/or lengthy criminal histories, a Dr. Miami ass that has devolved into looking like squirrels fighting for an acorn underneath my ever-present sweatpants, or a current soulmate with an inordinate amount of body and facial hair; therefore, I don’t think I’d ever make any money off of being on a show like this.

  13. Please tell me I am not the only 49 year-old woman that watches this show. My boyfriend is giving me a hard time laughing at me. I honestly started watching after flipping channels and seeing Maci is in Chattanooga. I live about 30 miles from Chattanoogaand enjoyed seeing the places they visit. And then, before you know it I have been watching it for the past nine years. Lol!

      1. Lol! I know how you feel. My boyfriend asked me a few minutes ago what I was typing. I was embarrassed to tell him and he just laughed and shook his head. I just kept typing away.

        1. We’re like old people discovering a new civilization…. And failing to understand why they all have these bizarre plastic surgery butts.

    1. I am in that age range (no comment). I used to mock my niece who used to talk about watching this show. I said these types of shows are garbage. Fast forward to one summer when MTV played some older episodes in the afternoons and i have been watching ever since. I won’t ever admit it but I have.

    2. Oh no I’ll be 49 in September… this show is my guilty pleasure plus it just makes me feel superior to their generation

    3. I’m 50 I love this show! I laugh my Ass off at how dumb these girls are. I wonder if we were ever that stupid? I think not. I secretly deep down pray it doesn’t get cancelled. This better than General Hospital!

      1. So you remember the Luke & Laura days and anxious to get home from school to watch the last 15 minutes. Lol. Oh, those were the days. I really don’t want the show cancelled either, especially since Mack is pregnant. I want to see her eat her words.

        1. Yes the Luke and Laura days!! I got home at 2:30 GH came on at three. Yes the evil Mac has replaced Helena Casadines Bwhaaaaaa!! Yeah this is not going to go well at all for Mac Truck. She thinks she has scored. But someone will end up blowing up her Island before its over lol

      2. They had better not cancel it! This show is proof that every uncomfortable lecture I gave my kids about not being stupid whores was worth it.

    4. 47. I only watch OG and I love it. My wife makes fun of me for watching it but she always seems to watch it with me when it’s on. I especially love coming to this site for the recaps and comments. Snark rules.

  14. Mack is like a villain from a lifetime movie. Her level of manipulation is impressive. It was so obvious in the first wedding episode when she was feeding Ryan all that crap about how they have to get married right away to help him with his custody case for Bentley. Um….
    1. What custody case? Has anyone ever heard of any actual legal action taken by Ryan? If he has apparently passed all these drug tests for his lawyer then what’s the hold up? Also, Ryan being married to this harpie isn’t gonna help any case.
    2. It’s clear she found out Maci was going to go public about his drug use which would force him into rehab so she wanted to rush him through the marriage paperwork ASAP before he could sober up enough to ask for a prenup or maybe even decide he doesn’t really want to marry her.
    3. Now that she got him to marry her with no prenup she has to throw in a trap baby to ensure she will have money coming from both him and MTV for the foreseeable future.
    4. Are we really supposed to believe that she’s just thrilled to have a baby with this guy who is clearly so drugged out of his mind he’s practically drooling on himself and off diddling food city floosies on the regular? I think not.
    5. I will never understand why people like Ryan, Amber, Jenelle, etc. have more children when they are not even parenting the child they already have.
    6. Can I for one say that these “lifesaving” asshats are an insult to nurse’s and other real medical professionals everywhere.

    1. Best over all comment! Yep that basically sums it up. Life time villain? LoL I was thinking more like one of the Casadines on General Hospital but hey that works too! LoL

  15. I’ve had a few Bud Lights (don’t judge me, I’m not pregnant). So riddle me this…

    Does Mack have parents? I have a daughter that is a couple of years older than her and financially independent but I would find a way to shut this shit down if she decided Ryan was her dreamboat.

    What gives?

    1. her mum was on an episode having lunch with Jen and Larry, saying that Ryan was soooo good for Mack..The whole lunch seemed awkward and even Jen and Larry pulled faces when she said this.. Her dad was featured on the second sham wedding episode, walked her down the aisle and then was side eyeing when Ryan wasn’t showing any interest in Mack during the first dance!The whole wedding was ridiculous and forced, you could see the comfortableness in Mack’s face when one of her own best friends told her that she had just witnessed the worst first dance she had ever seen lol..Mack deserves everything she gets for being so manipulative, two faced and always talking shit about Maci. My opinion of her lowered drastically when she chose Ryan over custody of her sweet little boy! SMDH! Off topic but I could not believe Amber hired/bought a Winnebago to drive to Florida to visit Bubby! I can just see her sprawled out on the bed whilst Leah fanned her down and peeled her grapes, all the while Ambrew is in the front driving haha.

  16. I remember when this show first started and I thought Ryan was so good looking. Now it’s like he walks and talks like an old man and he still doesn’t seem coherent half the time. Congrats on having a baby with a guy that had to be high when you got married and made a fool out of you by publicly cheating on you just months after getting married and is still clearly struggling with his sobriety. Good decisions all around!!

    1. She also thought marrying a man high out of his mind was a good idea too so is it really that surprising? lol.

  17. Welp, I will start off by saying Congratulations to Larry and Jenn, I know they would like another child aka grand-child. I feel sorry for that baby having that trifling enabler as a mother and Ryan for a father. Won’t be long til Mac’s a two time divorcee with two kids by 22. But, she will get a cut of that Teen Mom money and life time babysitting via Jenn and Larry…

    1. She rattled a pill bottle whilst naked and the Pavlovian response took care of the rest.

      A love story for the ages.

          1. Charlotte, NC here.

            I have been waiting for a t shirt company to shake up the market.

            The leather pocker us a showstopper and I want in!!

  18. I cannot imagine having a baby with a man who is two minutes out of rehab on top of that he has openly cheated on you

  19. Mac needs to find someone to be with her for labor and delivery, we all know Ryan will suck! Mac was sick at their wedding and Ryan was like .. well don’t ruin my good time, walk it off. Seems you need four paws and a tail to get any affection, attention, and love from this guy.

    1. Unless your a cat.

      This guy is a total waste of space, he’s been so pampered and pandered to by Jen, that he hasn’t the skills to deal with adult hood.

      And still they hide and cover up for what he does.
      Hope she still doesn’t demand, Bentley still sleeps with her whilst he’s at their house??? That so wrong and strange, she may have did that with Rhine too at that age ????

      1. Ya I was hoping someone else remembered when he loved to kill cats. And that is who Mack wants to be step dad to her kid and father to her baby.

        1. The cat thing is what made me realize that Jen and Larry might not be babying him so much as trying to keep him from going full sociopath.

  20. He won’t help with this one either. Can’t you already hear him griping about the diapers and losing sleep? LOL! I really feel bad for Bentley, though,

  21. So Farrah gets fired in October and Mack coincidentally gets pregnant in December. Wow she will do anything to be a regular TM and go after that sweet TM pay. Especially since last week she said they weren’t going to get preg so she can go to nursing school. Just another mess for Rhine’s parents to clean up.

  22. She’s gonna be eating that garbage she was spewing last night…understanding the fathers feelings, being empathetic, and not letting her feelings impact his role as a parent ?? wait until it’s her baby and Ryan relapses (even tho he doesn’t look sober to begin with) or starts being as mean and selfish as he was to Maci and Bentley. Can’t wait to hear what that drama infested gutter snake has to say then, guarantee she will be up Maci’s ass trying to play united baby mommas. She’s so stupid it hurts. Another baby born doomed in the TM franchise. They better hope it lasts another fifteen years ?

    1. I caught part of the new episode and Ryan doesn’t seem super sober to me. Maybe a little less intoxicated than the past but not sober. He made me think of a person that’s high and uncomfortable in the situation and they try to talk perfectly and properly and it comes off weird…sorry I’m rambling but hopefully someone gets what I mean haha.

  23. Mack’s reasons for having a baby with a drug addict that is not sober: trap baby, fame, money, jeolous of Maci, & try to get Jen & Larry like her more than Maci (which I don’t think will ever happen with Jen). I can tell Jen does not like her & knows she is a conniving bitch. But I also wonder what is behind Ryan marrying Mack & having a baby so soon. In his mind, Maci is not over him & I think he thinks it will make her jealous. I don’t think he loves Mack. Hell, he had to be high both times he married her. Does anyone know how much time it was between Maci’s wedding & his proposal to Mack.

    1. I have no idea if this is true or not, but I have given her an elaborate dark comedy backstory in my head as a girl who saw 16 and Pregnant as a middle schooler and has been obsessed with getting on the show ever since. Like a white trash themed Ryan Murphy production. Ryan has always been low key openly disturbing, but he’s so lazy and drugged up and (at least in his youth) just attractive enough for it not to ring anyone’s alarms. I just picture their marriage is like Weekend at Bernie’s only instead of corpse, it’s Ryan’s lifeless body being re-positioned so Mack can stay at the party.

      1. Bwah ha ha ha! I have read she tried to get on the show when she was pregnant with Hudson. If that is true, she targeted Ryan to get on the show. It wasn’t because she loved him.

      2. Lol whoe! That’s dark but I can see it. I can see her now straddling Him telling,”Give me a baby dammit I deserve this spot on this show!!! Just lay there I’ll do the rest! Bwhaaaaaaaa!

  24. I just googled how drug addiction affects sperm and prenatal child development. Boy, that kid might need medical aid straight out of Mack’s baby shoot!
    I’m calling it now: Ryan won’t care about the pregnancy at all and Mack will pretend that he’s the greatest husband ever. Once the baby is born, it’ll be nothing but fighting because Ryan still won’t give a shit. Jen and Larry will have to jump in, as always. Bentley will no longer want to spend time at Ryan’s house, causing more friction between Maci and Ryan.
    I cannot wait to find out, how they’re going to blame all of their marital and baby troubles on Maci, though.

    1. I have a friend whose nephew was born with some serious health problems that they later linked to his father’s steroid and cocaine use around the time that little man was conceived. Mackenzie and Ryan honestly could be looking at having a sick child. (And yes, I’m sure they will find some way to pin the problems on Maci – “it was all the stress from her not letting Ryan see Bentley!”)

  25. Gosh I can’t stand Mack. Am I the only one that thinks she looks and acts very immature? How old is she?

      1. She wouldn’t look out of place in my social circle and we range in age from late 30s to early 50s.

        1. I know, right?!?!

          I could be a verterinary brain surgeon with a thriving practice if not for this fucking time suck of a show.

        2. I know! You can’t take your eyes off of it like a bad train wreck and before you know it, 9 years has passed by. I guess we we can call it, as Mack would say, a “hot mess express”, & right now she is the conductor.

          1. I think it’s the hair and makeup. The Mom hair cut coupled with the brassy blonde color that you see on Southern and Midwestern snotty, conservative, judgemental PTA moms and church ladies. And then she wears so much makeup and bronzer and she looks orange. Like bad spray tan, wine obsessed, cigarette smoking, laying out in the sun 35-year-old real housewife of Tennessee. She always has a snotty, judgemental look on her face, too, which reinforced the whole “I’m better than you and using my totally wholesome morals and prefect family values life to look down on you,” attitude and look. The things she’s dealing with, and trying to sell us on, and cover up for are all things we associate with someone in her mid-thirties, too. She’s a gold digging divorcee, who married a grey-haired man that doesn’t seem that into her, and then had a vow renewal/second wedding, and she’s trying to project a happy perfect life on social media and TV, complete with new bandaid baby, to cover up for his drug addiction, and his cheating, and his inability to stay awake and engage with people, including his wife and children. They’re newleyweds but they’re acting like people who have been married for 12 years: he’s totally disinterested in her and their kids (his Bentley and her Hudson) and is picking up ladies behind the food city. If there was ever a sexy spark, it’s long gone and he looks st her and treats her like she’s his mother. She’s already covering up for his mid-life crisis type problems like the drugs, drinking, and cheating by throwing flashy second weddings and having a baby. They’re living the life of 40 year old people who are on their second marriage and just about ready to call it quits out of boredom.

          2. Excellent synopsis! I couldn’t figure out what these two reminded me of but you hit it right on the head!I think if she keeps saying everything is perfect she will eventually believe her own load of Bullshit she is trying to sell to everyone else.

  26. Mack’s got herself a TM anchor baby now, we’ll never be rid of her ?

    And Maci is out there thinking “shit, people are gonna be asking me about this all the time now…”

  27. Is it safe to assume her nursing career is on hold again? She whines about how hard it was with her first kid, this ain’t gunna be any better Mac! What a sh*t show.

    1. I’m sure she is. I don’t think she intended to ever go. Girl couldn’t pass nursing school if she is dumb enough to marry a drug addict that just got out of rehab and appears to be still using.

  28. We all knew it was coming…but I can’t imagine being born to these two dimwits. I feel bad for the kid…having Ryan and Mack as parents will be hard.

  29. Remember, he doesn’t like changing diapers. He just reminded her of it last week.

    I, for one, can’t wait to see this play out on the show.

    1. Me neither! I will be drunk as Cooter Brown if I take a drink everytime he leaves her alone at home to change diapers and everything else.

  30. You’re a soul floating around in the ether. Two wombs are available – Amber’s and Mac’s. Which will you choose? WHICH WILL YOU CHOOSE?

    1. I love dysfunctional Halloweens as much as the next person but I’m going to opt for none of the above and volunteer to reincarnate as a dung beetle.

    2. It hurts to say it, but Mac – at least I’ll have Mimi Jen and Papa Larry to save me while my daddy is out buying pillses and screwing random Tinder dates behind the Food City and my mama is chasing after his worthless ass. If Ambie was my mom, I’d be raised by her dogs while she’s upstairs sleeping. (I’ll assume Andrew will be long gone by my first birthday. With the TM money.)

      The sad part is, no matter which set of the idiots I came from, I’d be a loser in the genetic lottery.

  31. Wasn’t Ryan threatening to divorce McCrazy last year shortly after he married her and drove her to their first “parking lot” wedding high? Just before sending d*ck pics to other woman he was asking to meet him behind the Food City supermarket in Chattanooga?

    Based on this and to anyone with clear eyes looking through a television screen, the very LAST thing Ryan needs right now is a screaming newborn in a loaded diaper. Especially with someone who’s willing to prop him up and pretend to the world he’s clean and sober — when he is not.

  32. The way she was talking in last week’s episode about how great of a father he is and how he definitely NOT an absentee father made my head spin… Are we talking about the same Ryan Edwards, here?!? FFS!!

  33. Oh yeah it’s always a good idea to bring a child into a marriage where the husband is a junkie and hooks up with random chicks while his wife isn’t home. Nice try Mackenzie and Jen, trying to take everyone’s minds off the facts of what Ryan and your marriage is really about. Poor kid.

    I hope Chelsea has her baby on the same day so this attention whore gets completely glazed over.

  34. Well she went for the money so now she has it. If she divorces him he will not get custody without sobriety testing and he will never pass. I don’t think Jen and Larry are actually excited. I think they are scared to death to lose another grandkid because of their son.

  35. The real question is, how was she able to get the dog off his lap and peel him off the sofa in order to make this baby?

    1. If i recall, chelsea is due late summer. I had late summer babies and found out the sex mid april. I got pregnant both times mid December

  36. Not surprising. Only Mackenzie is crazy enough to get knocked up by a guy that has a heroin addiction and has only been clean a few months (Idk if he’s even been clean at all. Where is the drug test for Maci?). And only Ryan is crazy enough to knock up a woman that is clearly a gold digger and used him to get herself on television. I feel bad for that kid already.

      1. Yes, this is VERY true! Just more like blinded by whatever they see in these guys until the baby comes and have their eyes opened. Only a matter of time until Mack realizes what Maci has been going through with Ryan

  37. So she is going to have a man’s baby that had to be high as a kite both times he married her? She is all about the fame and money, regardless of an innocent baby most likely growing up with an absent and drug addict father. Ryan hasn’t even been sober for a year. Even though I think he is still using, the stress of a new baby will most definitely relapse. I hope the baby is born healthy. As a side note, I do not think Jen likes herAT ALL. I don’t even think a new grand baby will make her like Mack. Jen sees right thru her. I can see it in her eyes.

  38. Um, I thought the Ryan/McKenzie wedding was a big old mess. And that’s supposed to be a happy, joyful day. What is 3 am feedings and poopy diapers going to look like at their house?

    All that said, I don’t think it’s entirely fair to use the Dad Ryan was in 16 & pregnant as a measure of the way he will be this time around. I would hope that in 9 years Ryan has grown up and is now ready to have a parent do-over. Certainly we have seen on the show that Ryan has a long way to go as a parent, but I want to give him the benefit of the doubt that he might be better this time around. My dad was a very different Dad to me than he was to my sister.

    In a lot of ways it seems like Ryan is more of an older brother or uncle to Bentley than a Dad.

  39. OMG!!! I just hit me like a MACTRUCK, this has to be why she enabled this joker to stay high!! Mac wanted what she thinks is going to be a little money maker to help her try & fill Farrah’s spot!!!! She ain’t fibbin on these balls!!! What female in their right mind wants to be a mom of 3 while both being unemployed & a husband you had to marry twice who is a also a drug addict who left rehab early????!!!!!

  40. She knows exactly what she’s getting into, but she’s too selfish and worried about her image to care about bringing a innocent baby into this train wreck. She knew that Jen and Larry like Maci better than her and it was partly because she’s the mother of their grandson. That’s why mack was always trying to start shit between maci and the Edwards, 10000% pure jealousy. It’s disgusting and sad… Everyone acting like this is a “do over” baby… You can’t replace a child MacKenzie, no matter how much you want to replace Bentley you can’t.

  41. But did he think the viewers would be more supportive the longer they waited to announce it? Nobody is happy for this deadbeat or this gold digger. They don’t raise the kids they already have….

  42. His parents “gushing” over this news just proves, once again, what clueless enablers they are. This is awful news.

    1. Weird. I didn’t realize Peter Pan or the other Lost Boys could get anyone pregnant since they’re perpetual adolescents. ?‍♀️

  43. Wow. How desperate do you have to be to get knocked up by a drug addicted jobless loser who is a shit father to his first kid?

    1. I don’t even think she did! Teen Mom will end and there is no way Ryan has any savings or has any desire to get a job. She is just too stupid to realize she f’ed up her entire life.

  44. Considering how he treated her at their wedding I assumed they lived separate lives. Cannot wait to hear these 2 nuts talk, while laying on the couch, how jealous Maci is. LOL! Cannot wait to watch this next season…Mack doing all the work while Ryan is off doing drugs or banging a random chick.

  45. Ryan isn’t even sober yet and even if he is, it’s been less than a year since he was driving stoned. He wouldn’t take a drug test to see Bentley, but he decides to have another baby with the wife he can barely tolerate? This seems like a good idea ?

    1. YES!

      I am officially rooting for her to be Farrah’s replacement. I NEED to see the smug wiped from her face after she has that baby and her plan to show the world what a great Dad ? Rhine is blown to bits.

      1. I dont want her to replace Farrah at all. It will just make money for MTV to showcase the train wreck and it’ll enable them to carry on being train wrecks. This whole teen mom franchise needs to end, maybe then everyone will stop shooting out innocent kids just to scrape some more together for their paychecks….

          1. “Rhine, Youve been gone for 8 hours and forgot the Similac.”

            (turns camera off but forgets about audio)

            “Stop nodding off, I need to check your penis for lipstick.”

            End Scene

    1. I’m super jealous, what was I thinking having another child with my stable, working, sweetest husband when I could have landed a catch like Rhine?

      1. It is never too late to flush your life down the toilet, Abi. If you can dream it, you can do it!?

    1. Yeah, she’s so delusional if she thinks Ryan is going to be a good dad. He almost acts like he really dislikes Mack in some episodes. She’s just awful when it comes to life choices. Dumb

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