‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 7 Episode 15 Recap: A Stressed-Out Hubby & A Chat With Bubby

“I’m so glad I don’t have to take Amber and Billy on this trip. Thank the Good Lord his leash won’t stretch across the state line!”

Juice up your electronic felon-anklet—it’s time for another episode of Teen Mom OG! This is our first episode without “The Big F” so things should be a lot less hostile (but also a lot less glam, given that we won’t get to see what jeweled crop tops Debz OG has added to her closet recently!)

Fresh out of the Nicaraguan jungles, Maci makes her return to Tennessee and is greeted by Taylor and the assortment of youngins. After they leave the airport (and hopefully after Maci was hosed down in the front yard to make sure she didn’t bring back any varmints, critters or body lice) Taylor tells Maci that their leather pocket T-shirt business is growing fast enough that he needed to open a new facility in Florida.

“I spent the last two weeks eating sticks. You best have left me a few cases of Bud Light in the fridge or there’ll be hell to pay, Taylor!”

Taylor is going to Florida to see the new facility, and wants to take Bentley on the business trip. Bentley is excited to go and Taylor offers to pay him if he works hard.

(This will officially make Bentley more employed than at least half of the adult clowns on this show, sadly.)

And speaking of the unemployed…

Next we check in with Ryan as he Mackenzie talk about their future, or rather Mack’s future, because evidently Ryan is taking the whole “gap year” concept and stretching it into a gap decade or so.

Mack says she’s looking into going to school for nursing, and honestly, Ryan shows more interest in that than pretty much anything Mackenzie has ever said. (I suppose it will be convenient to have a medical professional in the house, should Ryan find himself, you know, on the business end of a court-ordered anklet at some point.)

“And, before you even ask, no, nurses can’t write prescriptions, Ryan.”

Mackenzie’s new career plan will kind of clash with her hankerin’ to “make a baby” with Ryan. Mackenzie’s fixin’ to get the Spawn ‘o’ Ryan into her womb, and Ryan is, as per usual, indifferent.

“I mean, now’s as good a times as any,” he slurs.

Yes, Ryan. There’s no better time to bring another kid into the mix than when you’re fresh out of rehab, jobless and barely allowed to see the son you already have. Why not throw a couple more kids onto the heap of failure that is your life?

Ryan says he’s not interested in changing diapers or being involved with his kid until it’s about 2 years old. Mackenzie giggles, but deep down she seems to know she’ll be taking care of a baby and trying to make sure that Ryan is turned every two hours in order to prevent him from getting bed sores during his frequent naps.

Mackenzie and Ryan leave the room to “go snug.”

While you may think that this is code for “go to the bone yard for at least two minutes of baby-making pleasure,” it’s actually code for “lay on the couch and talk crap about our exes” because that’s exactly what they do.

“Can’t we do both?”

Mackenzie talks about being pressured into marrying her first baby daddy when she was a teen because she was pregnant.

Ryan chimes in and says he thanks the Baby Jesus (God Leah) that he didn’t marry Maci because it would have been a disaster. He’s under the impression that Maci is still sore at him for pumping and dumping her, though, and says that he doesn’t think Maci’s over their past history.

“That’s sad,” Mackenzie says in a way that makes it seem like she thinks Maci still wants Ryan.

Giiiirl, no one is trying to snatch your slack-jaw-yokel-of-a-husband away from you! Also, if you want to see the definition of “sad,” look up the footage of your husband saying “I do” out on the cement after speeding down the highway higher than Kieffer after he found Jenelle’s secret stash.

“I’m quite the catch, Mackenzie. I can nap on command and spit chewin’ tobaccy up to 15 feet away!”

Ryan is upset that Maci is still “holding grudges” over his head about stupid stuff…like him being HIGH! HIGH! for the majority of his kid’s life and him bailing out on being any type of parent to Bentley unless his parents forced him to…and stuff. What a buzzkill that Maci is!

Next we spring over to Michigan, where Tyler is still trying to make Tierra Reign clothing line “happen,” despite the fact that Catelynn is still away getting treatment. He’s also trying to take care of Nova, who is begging for a bath. (Hey, he may want to to throw his sister Amber in the tub too. A good scrub would do that girl good!)

Tyler fills up the trough to appease his screaming daughter, and mutters about how tired he is.

Producer Kiki shows up the next day and Tyler tells her how hard it is taking care of Nova (who’s sick) without Catelynn’s help. He’s planning to take Nova to Arizona the next day to visit Catelynn in treatment, but still has to deal with his clothing company crap…and make sure that his dad Butch doesn’t somehow end up on the Michigan’s Most Wanted list again.

“Really! I’m FINE!”

Kiki can see the beginnings of Tyler’s mental breakdown, and seems to be concerned that he won’t be able to handle all of the stuff he’s got going on right now.

Next, it’s time for Amber to head to Florida to go visit her brother Shawn (aka “Bubby”). Amber is thrilled that her new boo Andrew is finally going to get the meet Brother Bubby. She’s even bringing Leah along for the trip. (There’s no word on whether or not she hitched her trusty couch to the back of the rental car and brought it to Bubby’s with her, though.)

Back in Indiana, Gary and Kristina are stressing a bit about Leah being with her mom and some random dude for a whole week. Gary admits he doesn’t get all chatty with Amber.

“I keep it short for her because…I think she’s watching Netflix or something,” he says.

GARY.FOR.THE.WIN. I see that little dig you took at Amber and her couch-dwelling lifestyle, Gar…and I like it.

When your one-liners are on-point and you know it…

Gary’s concerned that, with the excitement of seeing Brother Bubby, coupled with being with her new man, Amber will forget to spend time with Leah while in Florida. (Or maybe he’s scared Amber will forget Leah in Florida? It’s hard to understand Gar when he mumbles.)

Amber, Leah and Andrew check into their rental house and Amber explains that Brother Bubby helped her alot when they were growing up.

Producer David pops out from behind a potted plant to ask Amber some questions.

“What is it that you think Bubby wants to learn about Andrew?” he asks. (And, kudos to Producer David for keeping a straight face while getting that sentence out!)

“Can we talk about this ‘bubby’ thing…it’s honestly just embarrassing.”

Amber says Brother Bubby just wants to make sure Andrew isn’t as big of a piece of garbage as Matt. (Hopefully she’s checking all of Andrew’s backpacks frequently to ensure he’s not stashing her cash in his Jansport!)

Back at Maci’s, we learn that Jayde has been breaking out of her crib at night and sneaking into Maci and Taylor’s room. (I wonder if Ryan breaks out of his bedroom at night and goes over to “snug” with Jen and Larry at night?)

“You’re learnin’ habits from Bentley’s daddy, ain’t you?”

Taylor and Bentley leave for their business trip, so Maci decides to take Jayde shopping for a “big girl bed.” (Maverick is nowhere in sight, but he’s like two now, right? He should be fine on his own for a few hours.)

It’s here that we notice that Maci’s wearing a brace on her knee. Either Taylor got a little too wild in the sheets (trying out something he learned from watching Farrah’s “Backdoor” special movie, perhaps?) or she got injured in the Nicaraguan jungle.

Maci lets her rugrat run all over the store, crawling into all of the beds like Goldilocks on a Pixie Stick high.

“Um, ma’m? Can you please remove your Oopsie Baby from our display beds?”

Over in Florida, Amber, Andrew and Boo Boo get to Brother Bubby’s house (try saying that five times fast). Amber is stressing that Brother Bubby won’t like the newest specimen she’s bringing home.

Brother Bubby is happy to finally meet the dude who knocked up his sister after knowing her for about a week. He tries to ask polite questions about them shacking up together.

“Didn’t it suck going from California to Indiana?” Brother Bubby asks Andrew.

“No it’s nice,” Andrew replies. I mean, who would want to live in a multi-million dollar house in Malibu when they could move into Amber’s crib, what with its dog-pee-covered floors and rooms haunted by Matt’s presence (not to mention his dirty-sweatsock-like stench)?

Once inside the house, a Nerf gun fight breaks out. Leah pegs Andrew in the side of the head, but he doesn’t really feel the pellet hit his noggin because it’s covered in all that Muppet fur.

“That’s what you get for knocking up my mother.”

After the toys are put away, the adults sit down and Brother Bubby immediately begins grilling Andrew. He asks for an explanation of what Andrew actually does for a living. (He doesn’t actually say the J-word—you know, “job”—so MTV didn’t have to bleep it out. That’s basically a swear word on this show!)

As Andrew begins to tell Bubby about his camera work, Amber interjects and informs her brother that Andrew is a cinematographer. She’s obviously very proud that 1) she knows a word that contains that many letters and 2) her boyfriend has at least one credit on IMDB.com that isn’t ‘Teen Mom’-related.

“I don’t know what cinematography is, but it sounds like a fancy word for unemployment to me.”

Andrew decides to really go for the gold in his lies. At the beginning of this conversation, Andrew was a cameraman…and then he became a cinematographer. Now, Andrew adds that he’s also a screenwriter.

“I think everybody should be writing,” Andrew says. (Dude…half the knuckleheads on this show can barely write their own names. Don’t get crazy.)

Brother Bubby ain’t buying it. He knows that when someone from LA says they’re a “screenwriter,” that basically means they’re unemployed and spend an hour or so a week at Starbucks, having their friend take pictures of them while typing on their laptop so they can post the photo to Instagram. #WorkingOnMyScreenplay #Coming2019

“So in between writing screenplays, directing movies and cinematographering stuff, you STILL found time to knock up my sister?”

Brother Bubby wants to know if Andrew watched Amber on ‘Teen Mom’ and Andrew denies knowing anything about her prior to meeting her. I actually kind of believe him because… I mean, would you date Amber after watching her kick Gary down the stairs, go to prison or, worse, makeout with MATT?!

Brother Bubby points out that Amber got with Andrew (and got pregnant) immediately after breaking up with Matt.

“I feel like Amber has to have someone in her life,” Brother Bubby says.

Amber gets all offended. Girl, you didn’t even have time to get rid of the personalized doormat you had made for you and Matt before moving Andrew in! Let’s be serious here!

Amber gets all huffy, protesting, “I was single for four years before I was with Matt!”

Of course, for 17 months of those “four years” Ambie was in prison. And for the rest of it she was HIGH! HIGH! But…congrats?

In Michigan, Tyler packs up Nova and heads to Arizona to go visit Catelynn, who has been at the treatment facility for a week. Cate’s aunt and parents, April and David (who rarely, if ever, films for this trash-heap of a show), are also along for the trip.

April is nervous that her past will be brought up in Cate’s therapy sessions.

“Does anyone want to ‘go snug’? I’m feeling vulnerable.”

Tyler and Cate sit down to talk, and Tyler basically wants to know when Catelynn will be back home and available to help him roll kiddie clothing orders. Cate tells Tyler not to stress out, which is exactly what a stressed out person wants to hear.

In Tennessee, Maci wrangles her block-throwing children while Mackenzie enjoys a MTV-paid-for meal with a friend. Mack tells her friend about her plans to go back to school and brags about Ryan wanting to put a baby in her. They talk about when Mackenzie and Ryan are going to “start a family.”

Um…you people already have two kids between you. I think that ship sailed.

Mack says that she knows that Ryan is going to be the best dad.

Sure…and Gary’s going to start teaching Jazzercise classes.

How did the cameraman keep the camera from shaking as he filmed this and laughed his ass off?

Mackenzie’s friend then asks the required question about Ryan and Maci’s co-parenting relationship. Mack can hardly control her excitement as she declares it’s a “hot mess expres.” When her friend mentions Ryan’s past wrongdoings, Mack quickly comes to his defense.

“He might not have been like, the perfect dad, by any means… but he’s never been an absent father.”

OK, who’s going to tell her?! Perhaps we should just leave a bundle of early-season ‘Teen Mom’ DVDs on her doorstep and let her find out for herself…bless her heart.

“Lord have mercy if I tell her what he did during the first few seasons of the show, she’ll get mad and refuse to let MTV pay for my enchilada combo.”

Back in Florida, Amber and her crew are enjoying some fine dining at a joint called Stumpknockers, which is coincidentally the name Amber usually gives to her boyfriends.

They start discussing Amber’s upcoming baby birth, and Brother Bubby warns Andrew not to look at Amber’s lady bits while she’s heaving out his kid, unless he wants to be scarred for life. (Or, you know, he could just watch his girlfriend on the current season of Marriage Boot Camp. I feel like either act would be terror-inducing.)

“And then all this crap just oozes out…Can you pass the rolls please?”

Bubby then asks the happy couple when they’re going to tie the knot. Amber gets uncomfortable at the mention of marriage.

“We haven’t talked about that yet!” she protests.

Geez people, it’s not like they are serious and already made a HUMAN BEING together or something.


Amber tells Brother Bubby that she’s not in a rush to get engaged…again, given that she’s already been engaged four times. Despite her stellar record, Amber tells her brother she wouldn’t make Andrew sign a pre-nup. (Apparently she wants to lock down his “director” salary?)

“A pre-nup? I’ve known him almost FOUR MONTHS, Bubby. Come on!”

Back in Arizona, Tyler, Nova and Cate’s family get ready to sit down for dinner at their rental house while Nova chews on some raw onions for an appetizer (as you do). April shares with Tyler some of work she and David have been doing with Cate as part of family therapy week. April flips through the packet of goals and commitments they drafted up and only seems mildly confused by the process. In her defense, she didn’t know this free vacation required any reading or writing.

Over at Ryan and Mackenzie’s house, Mack tells Ryan that if all goes as planned (and no one has to go back to the ‘hab for driving while higher than Cheech and Chong), she’ll graduate from nursing school by 2021. Ryan doesn’t seem confident that his wife will be able to get through nursing school, though.

“That’s a lot of rulin’ and schoolin’ just fer a ding-dang nursin’ degree!”

Mackenzie plans to go visit the college and Ryan is heading to meet with “his person” (who we can assume is either his drug counselor or his therapy horse wrangler?) They both exclaim that they’re excited that this will finally “give us something to do” and “keep us busy.”

You know what else gives you something to do and keeps you busy? Having jobs.

Ryan says he’s still struggling with his attempt to stay off the vein candy. He has big plans though.

“I’m thinkin’ I’m gonna go do that counselor…whatdya call it, what is it, counseling?” he tells her.

“I’m fixin’ to get me one of them there counselors.”

“An addiction counselor,” Mackenzie offers to which Ryan grunts in agreement. Ryan also says he’s planning to go to a few Narcotics Anonymous meetings. He hasn’t actually gone yet, but he does have plans!

Meanwhile in Florida, Amber claims Brother Bubby’s bed as her own and tries to find out what her brother thinks of her newest baby daddy.  Amber’s brother says that, while he doesn’t know Andrew too well, as long as he doesn’t have 12 kids and a pile of unpaid child support bills, Andrew is a winner in his book.

“No, Amber, I’m sorry but I’m putting my foot down here. You can’t take my bed back home with you.”


“Well,” Brother Bubby offers, “Andrew’s different than any person you’ve ever been with. I can’t think of one other person you’ve been with that didn’t have a million skeletons in his closet and wasn’t shady.”

Well…yay, that pretty much sums things up.

Back in Tennessee, Taylor and Bentley return from their trip and Maci welcomes them by making Taylor assemble Jayde’s new bed. While up to his ear in various furniture pieces and instructions, Taylor asks Maci if she’s ready to have another kid. Maci’s ovaries clamp up at just the thought of shooting another kid out of her baby cannon. The thought of staying sober for nine months a few months while pregnant must be terrifying for Maci.

She’s got Maverick screaming and Jayde running around in a diaper full of poop, but Taylor still asks if that’s a “no” on wanting more kids.

The baby talk is too much for Maci. She chugs down a bottle of hard cider as she takes Maverick to bed.


“If the babies get bottles before bed, then so do I!”


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(Photos: MTV)


  1. Nova requesting onions and ACTUALLY EATING THEM RAW is the best thing I’ve seen since Addie’s sugar packets. She is the cutest thing! I thought that was adorable and she’s giving Addie a run for her money as the Teen Mom kid with the most personality.

    Amber is such garbage. Seriously. And it grinds my effing gears every time I hear her say “Bubby” or “Bew-Bew”. Although I laughed a little reading “Brother Bubby” throughout this article. Thanks @TheAshley for keeping up with the recaps!!!

    1. I agree, I thought it was just me ! Amber, GROW UP !!! Does that mean the giant Muppet has to call him Bubby as well ? I know Matt called Leah BooBoo.

  2. I still don’t understand why Amber felt SEEING HER DAUGHTER wasn’t the BEST possible medicine in this world for her depression.

    Honestly, Gary should not have to “count” the times that she sees Leah, whether it be two –or three.

    Be there EVERY TIME, Amber.

    Leah is at an age where she truly needs this.

  3. GREAT recap !!! Did anyone see Kail on the after show last night ? She was mad at Gary for telling the truth about Leah’s egg donor. A parent is the 1 who is up at night with a sick child, or a child needing to finish a school project. Amber … ?? how many ? Christine how many ?

    1. Seriously? Kail isn’t even in much of a position to talk! Remember when Jo went to Isaac’s soccer game and she later was trying to get Isaac to say Jo never shows up? “Isn’t it so surprising he showed up? He never comes, right?” She did that to Isaac and has the gall to be upset at Gary telling the truth about Amber to his wife? At least they’re both adults unlike poor little Isaac.

      1. Not a big Kail fan either. She seems to be trying to keep her name out there. I think she knows teen mom is getting close to being a memory, and maybe re-runs. It is SO done, MTV needs to end it. Right now they are still young enough to go to school, get a job. Amber, she will be having a big garage sale & living off that money. Could you imagine Amber as your new co-worker ? hahaha

  4. The most hilarious part of the episode is Ryan talking like he’s the one that left Maci and that she still wants him. Can you and your snake wife be anymore delusional? lol.

    1. Yes! I was like… UHM I remember very well her leaving the engagement ring on the dresser and heading out of there. But OKAY Ryan, you can think it was you (and continue to picture her in wedding dresses). Drugs have messed with his memory.

    2. Maybe the drugs told him that. I also think Mackenzie has him convinced of that. She seems to be trying to paint Maci in a very negative light. She thinks she’s so much better.

  5. Has…has Ryan always been this dumb? I mean back in the day he could float by on his good looks with grunts and not much dialogue.

    Now though, was he always this dumb or did drugs honestly kill most of his brain cells? Even Butch seems sharper than Rhine.

    And how does Maci keep her stomach flat? I love Guiness Stout but its like a heavy meal. Not hatin’ just amazed.

    Amber, Amber is the worst and delusional. She can’t hear a single word of criticism. Thank God Amber isn’t raising to keep that cycle going.

    1. Amber on last night’s episode was ridiculous. “How dare Gary say that I saw Leah twice over the summer?! I saw her 3 times!!” Ummmmm that’s not really any better and it’s pathetic to even say it. But, she’s such a terrible mom that she doesn’t even realize how deadbeat that makes her look. Gary apologized on Twitter (probably for Leah’s sake) but he was totally right and we all know it. I can’t imagine having to “co-parent” with that sloth. Especially when she cries that she’s a “d@mn good mom” after you’ve done alllllll the work.

      1. It wasnt twice, it was 3 times. Was my FAVORITE part. Damn good mothers have custody, even mediocre mothers can’t count on less than one hand how many times they saw their kids in a summer. Amber is a garbage mother, period. All the twitter meltdowns in the world can’t change the truth.

  6. I watched this episode and did not even realize that Farrah was gone until I read this. I guess the show can go on without the CRAZY!

  7. hey, don’t ‘knock’ Stumpknockers, it’s a great restaurant 🙂

    I did google where Bubby lives and turns out its right around the corner from my moms. Interesting!

    I love the comment about Bentley now being more gainfully employed than most of the adults. So true.

  8. Ryan is heading to meet with “his person” (who we can assume is either his drug counselor or his therapy horse wrangler?)

    Drug… counselor. Yeah! That’s it, that’s the ticket. It sounds so much more credible than “totally-not-my-drug-dealer”, and it’s shorter to write, too.

  9. HAHAHAHA, the image of grown ass Ryan sneaking to his parents’ bed at night is priceless!!

    Mackenzie is delusional. But sadly, they are having a baby. I don’t think she is getting that degree tho.

    I hope Maci and Taylor have no more kids, what happened to the “I can’t have kids so I had two oopsie babies!”

    Tyler, if you actually did any parenting from the beginning, you wouldn’t be so overwhelmed now. Welcome to 2018 when men help their partners with parenting, shocking, isn’t it?! And you think you are ready for another kid.

    I still can’t believe Amber had a baby with Andrew before introducing him to any family member. Wasn’t Leah not too thrilled with Matt too? (I remember the scene with her wishing he would disappear or sth when she got a magic kit for birthday). Now shooting a nerf gun at Andrew, this kid knows what’s up but does Amber even care what her daughter thinks? Nah!

  10. So, Nova demands that Grandma give her an onion (AS YOU DO.) and she actually enjoys it………. welp, I’ll just leave it at that. I’ve heard folks say that Mack is fame-hungry and I was on the fence about that until this episode, because she can not possibly believe that Ryan is/will make a good father. What qualities has he ever shown that would convince anyone that he is father material, he’s rarely around Bentley and the times that he is he can’t even be bothered to peel himself off the sofa to greet him. These pitiable, delusional souls really think the Teen Mom gravy train will last forever (two more seasons tops) and that money will never become a problem. I don’t think Mack is going to get that nursing degree; for a number of reasons, and Ryan is absolutely ill-equipped for adulting and totally unemployable. Bubby is on point with everything he says. I know all of us who have been watching the show were psyched when he mentioned how Amber always needs a man in her life (grrrrrrl, the co-dependency is real!). I think the best she will ever do in her life will be Andrew, because after their inevitable breakup and Amber’s subsequent twitter rants about how he’s a piece of s**t, I don’t think he’s the type that will engage with her in public. And for Maci, her segments have literally become commercials for her stupid clothing line, but I do have to say I think she’s a good person and if she can get the free advertisement good for her.

  11. Hey Bubby…What skeletons or shadiness did Gary bring to his relationship with Amber? Nothing sticks out in my mind but that’s not surprising . Can anybody else think of any?

    1. I think he always disliked Gary because the two of them were friends first, that’s how he met Amber. Also there is a two or three year age difference between Gary and Amber which is huge if you are teenagers.

  12. I can’t stand Mackenzie! She’s so self righteous!!! Ryan hasn’t changed in 9 years, so what makes her think things will be different for her?? Whilst it’s good that she has aspersations to be a nurse, it’s highly unlikely that will happen now. Plus, she’s not exactly the most caring of people, is she? It does drive me crazy that the majority don’t actually work. My son sees me working hard, and knows what it means to have to work hard to earn money. (He does chores daily, washes the pots, feeds the animals, he even made chicken risotto by himself!) During the school holidays we have a budget that he has to plan what we do, using the small amount we have. Whilst it’s great that the teen mom kids will have a nice lump sum of money when they are older, I fear that the majority will not have proper jobs. Other than Cole, who actually works? What does Gary do?

    1. Amber mocked Gary for buying houses and renting them out, while she, being a smart business woman, invested in vacations and new fancy cars for herself and Matt.

  13. Bubby looks like he’s going to jump on a Huffy and pedal off. Anyone else notice his odd new look? Thanks for the trusty couch comment and also thanks Gary for the snark!

    1. Her daughter Jayde is absolutely adorable. The other ones are cute too, but that little Jayde is my favorite kid on either teen mom.

  14. Its kind of funny that amber changed her look to a more relaxed style because andrew is always super relaxed looking and loungy in his clothes. If only she can have nice relaxed hair out of her super tight ponys that would be great. I seriously want to know what it looks like after a shower.

  15. That f**king Maci, I can’t get enough of her buying beds and wondering what Ryan’s doing! Shit its like watching paint dry , but sllloooowweer.

    1. But it is fun to watch her try to hide her alcohol.

      The “hard” in Henry’s Hard Soda means booze, Maci. You ain’t foolin’ us, lady!

    2. Ok, first off i honestly dont think maci gives too shits what ryan is doing as long as he isnt oding or dead for bentleys sakes. Secound, yeah she drinks so what??? Shes 25 she isnt dead yet jyst because u have kids doesnt mean u cant live ur life and have fun. Third. I have never seen her drunk on this show and it has never interfered with her ability to parent. Have u seen bentley? Hes a really good boy. But do u know what i have seen ryan so high that he couldnt operate a vehical on the wat to his own wedding and mackenzie putting her child in danger by having him around someone who is Still high as a kite. Sit down and shut up

    3. Ok, first off i honestly dont think maci gives too shits what ryan is doing as long as he isnt oding or dead for bentleys sakes. Secound, yeah she drinks so what??? Shes 25 she isnt dead yet jyst because u have kids doesnt mean u cant live ur life and have fun. Third. I have never seen her drunk on this show and it has never interfered with her ability to parent. Have u seen bentley? Hes a really good boy. But do u know what i have seen ryan so high that he couldnt operate a vehical on the wat to his own wedding and mackenzie putting her child in danger by having him around someone who is Still high as a kite. Sit down and

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